Surprise, Surprise

Port Charles was getting ready for a celebration, rather Jack Ramsey was. Jack was busy getting the Exlir ready for a surprise party for his girlfriend Holly. Holly Jessup has only been in Port Charles for a year, but Jack was crazy about her. In the time she had been here, Holly has fought off vampires, carjackers, and his own brother Chris Ramsey who still didn't have a clue that Holly wanted nothing to do with him.

" Hey Jack," Jamal Woods said as he came though the door.

Jamal just looked at Jack. Jamal at one time was a vampire and almost killed Holly.

" Jamal," Jack said, " You have to be careful, this surprise is for Holly."

" A surprise for Holly?" Jamal said, " What a cool idea."

Jack then saw Chris come through the door with Holly behind him.

" There goes the suprise," Jamal said.

" What surprise?" Holly questioned, " What's going on?"

Jack just then looked at her. God Holly was beautiful, her long brown hair flowed over her sholuders and her green eyes lit up her face.

" Chris," Jack said, " You have to get Holly out of here."

" The surprise isn't ready yet?" Chris questioned.

" Yes," Jamal said.

" Backoff," Chris said going back up to Holly, " Hey beautiful let's go for a walk."

" If you say so," Holly said.

Chris went back out the door with Holly in front of him.

About an hour later Chris brought Holly back to the Exlir.

" Why are we back here?" Holly asked him.

" Do you want to be here?" Chris asked.

" Chris I'm feeling guilty," Holly said.

" Why?" Chris asked," We're just friends."

Holly just looked at him and shook her head, " You know we are more than that," Holly said.

Chris just looked at here. He knew she was right. Chris himself thought Holly was bright and beautiful, sweet and honest as well. What guy wouldn't think so?

" I think we'd better head inside," Chris said, " After you?"

" Why does it look so dark?" Holly asked, " I don't like the dark."

" I'll be right behind you," Chris said.

Holly sighed and opened the door. Darkness filled the room and Holly stepped in slowly with Chris right behind her. All of the sudden the lights came on.

" Surprise," she heard.

Holly looked around her too see all of her friends surrounding her and wshing her a happy birthday.

" Surprise," Jack said hugging her.

Holly couldn't believe what she saw. Her friends all around her made her happy.

" This is what you were planning," Holly said," How wonderful."

" Anything for you," Jack said kissing her.

Jack then walked away, and Holly looked at Chris. This night might turn into more than one unexpected surprise, and unexpected surprise for Jack.