Times were tough for everone, but it seemed even tougher on Holly. Alison wanted to help her, afterall what were friends for.

Alison ended up at the Exclir to help out Holly, maybe she could get through to him.

" Hey Jack," Alison said.

" Alison," Jack said, " What brings you here?"

" Holly does," Alison answered.

" Holly who?" Jack asked walking away.

" Come on Jack," Alison said, " Why won't you talk to her?"

" She almost slept with Chris," Jack said, " She can go to hell."

" Almost is not doing," Alison said, " Talk to her, Holly is heartbroken."

" Serves her right," Jack said, " For breaking mine."

" Jack," Alison said, " Give her a second chance."

" I did," Jack said, " Holly still thinks about Chris. Hey there are probably together now."

Holly went home, but didn't want to be with Chris, she didn't evr want to look at him. Holly blamed Chris for making a move on her.

" Jack please forgive me. I miss you," Holly thought.

Holly then heard a knock at the door.

" Jack," Holly said.

Holly looked out to see Chris.

" Don't you ever work?" Holly asked opening the door.

" I'm on call," Chris said, " May I come in?"

" No," Holly answered, " Go away."

" You need a friend," Chris said, " Let me help you."

" Go away," Holly said again, " Leave me alone."

" You are playing hard to get," Chris said, " No wonder why Jack doesn't want you."

Chris then walked away and Holly slammed the door, now she was angry.

Holly then again went back out the door and into the park. She sat down on one of the benches and looked around only to see Jack.

" Oh great," Jack said, " Not you."

" Who did you expect?" Holly asked.

" If you were waiting for me," Jack said, " Forget it and don't send a friend of mine to talk to me about you."

" Alison wanted to help," Holly said, " I didn't send her. I asked her to leave it alone."

" Well it didn't work," Jack said, " I want nothing to do with you. Why aren't you with Chris?"

" He's working," Holly answered, " Either way I don't care."

" Really?" Jack asked, " That's a bunch of bull you care about everything."

Holly then just stared at him, " Especially you," Holly said, " Jack I would of never slept with Chris. I told you that."

" But you wanted to," Jack said looking down on her.

Holly then got up.

" If I did I would of done it," Holly said, " I'm still a virgin and I don't want anyone else but you."

Jack didn't know what to believe, either he believed it or he didn't.

" You're serious?" Jack asked, " About being.."

" Yes," Holly said interrupting him.

" Why didn't you tell me?" Jack asked.

" If you knew maybe you wouldn't of wanted to be with me," Holly answered, " I'd better go. I know you don't want me here."

Holly then began to walk away, but Jack stopped her and pulled her to him.

" Wait," Jack said, " I'm sorry."

" I'm sorry too," Holly said, " I love you Jack. With all of my heart."

Jack just stared into her eyes and bent down and kissed her. He couldn't stay mad at Holly, he loved her too much, and that was the best surprise of all.