2 weeks later……..

Early evening the salvage yard……

Chance looked over at Jake with concern written all over his face. "Maybe you should call it a day buddy." He suggested as he slammed the hood of the car they had finished working on shut.

Jake shook his head as he grabbed some paperwork. "No Chance, I'm just fine."

"The Professor said you shouldn't work all that hard for another couple of months." Chance persisted.

"I said I was fine Chance. After I look over this other car I'll turn in for the night."

Chance sighed in defeat, there was never any use arguing with Jake. They continued to work in silence as the minutes slowly dragged by. Chance put away the tool box and grabbed the truck keys from their hanger. "Well, one of us should go get those car parts for the William's car tomorrow. Do you want to go or should I go?"

Jake shrugged. "You go, I don't really feel like driving tonight."

Chance grabbed his jacket from the coat hanger and opened the shop door. "I'll switch the signs okay?" he said as he flipped the Open side to the Closed side on the front of their door.

"Alright." Jake called back as he stuck his head underneath another car hood.

Chance jumped into the wrecker's cab, turned the ignition on, and drove off towards the junkyard exit. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn't notice a green sedan sitting in their lot facing the garage entrance.


The radio played a mellow tune as Jake continued to work on the broken down car. He unconsciously hummed along with it and was so focused on the problem at hand, he didn't even hear the shop door open slightly then shut quietly.

Several minutes passed while he worked away on the engine before he got the uneasy feeling that he was being watched, and from the corner of his eye he saw a blurry, yet slender figure in jeans and a sweatshirt. He looked over to see Callie standing there looking at him with her arms crossed and a faint smile playing on her lips.

Jake suddenly became aware of his dirty appearance as he fought to find the right words.

"Hello Jake." Callie greeted him, her voice soft and gentle.

"Hi Callie." He replied nervously as he wiped off his oily paws on a shop rag. "What can I do for you?"

Callie smiled. "Well, you can tell me how you're doing for starters."

"I'm doing good." he nodded, as if trying to convince himself of that.

"That's good." Callie laughed nervously. "That's good because…umm…well…I haven't exactly heard from you to see how you've been doing. For all I could've known, you could've died." she fought to keep her voice from shaking as she looked down at her feet.

Jake couldn't help but wince to see her uncomfortable. "I didn't want to…you know…"

Callie looked up at him, her sapphire eyes flashing. "You didn't want to what?" she asked rather harshly.

"I didn't want to interrupt…..no, I mean get in the way….I knew you had a lot to take care of business wise."

"You wouldn't have gotten in my way Jake; in fact, hearing from you would've saved me from a lot of stress and worry."

"You didn't have to worry about me." Jake sighed in frustration.

"I didn't have to worry? Are you kidding me? You were actually bleeding to death in my arms…..you were practically dead when Chance, I mean T-Bone and Feral, took you away from me!" Callie cried out indignantly.

"And I'm sorry you had to see me that way!" Jake returned just as exasperated.

"I don't want you to be sorry Jake, All I want you to do is tell me why!"

"Tell you what!"

"I want you to tell me why you avoided me for all that time…why you never even took the time to seek me out or even call me………..I want to know why you never told me who you really were!"

"I didn't know how to tell you Callie! I wanted you to know who I really, was but then again I just wanted you to forget about me and to move on!" Jake yelled out in frustration.

The garage grew deathly silent as they stood there, with Callie staring at him in disbelief. "Why did you want me to forget you?" she breathed, her voice shaking hurtfully.

Jake sighed. "Look at me Callie. I'm not the kind of tom you want to end up with. I'm just some washed up enforcer who ended up being a mechanic who happens to live another life as a vigilante because he cannot stand the thought of being a complete failure for the rest of his life. You deserve better Callie, and I want you to have everything this world has to offer, and I cannot offer anything worth while to you. You don't deserve to be dragged down to this kind of life." Jake felt his ears droop as he looked directly into Callie's glossy blue eyes. "That's why." He mumbled, suddenly ashamed of himself.

Callie just stared at him, sadness painfully evident in her eyes. "Jake…"she choked as she walked up closer to him. Before he knew what was happening, Callie cupped his face in her hands and pulled him down to her and started to gently kiss him. Jake soon found himself kissing her back, and her arms were wrapped around his neck while his paws were now resting on the small of her back.

Slowly, they pulled away from each other so only their noses were touching. "Like I told you before Jake….it doesn't matter what you are, it's who you are….and you are and always will be a hero."

Jake smiled at her appreciatively and without any further words said, he bent down and kissed her again, a kiss which she returned passionately.


1 hour later on Highway 180…

The highway was seemingly desolate…a fact which further encouraged the tabby's annoyance and disregard for the speed limit, and so enabled him to ignore the current speed he was traveling without a hint of guilt on his conscious. His right foot was rested comfortably on the gas pedal while his right paw was rested at 12 o'clock on the wheel as he let his truck carry him away down the winding gray highway that ran through the outskirts of the city.

However, the remorse that haunted his being was not of his present law breaking, but of thoughtless words that just seemed to bring him down further in the world. He didn't want to give up the anger that was continuously boiling in his soul; it was his main source of motivation that seemed to get him through everything. But at the same time, he knew deep down, that this anger that permitted him do so much, also prohibited him from doing things as well, from doing things that were meaningful and worthwhile; it also prevented things from being forgiven and resolved. But what bothered him the most was that he knew Feral was right, and that he was the one being reasonable and mature…instead of it being the other way around.

He growled as he gripped the wheel tighter in his paw…he hated reality sometimes. Flashing lights suddenly danced in his rear view mirror in the vibrant colors of red and blue while a whining siren pierced into the trucks cab like some howling ghoul. Chance gritted his teeth as he glanced down at the speedometer…he had been caught doing 95 miles per hour. He cursed silently under his breath as he put his foot on the break and slowed down enough to pull over to the side of the road and park.

He drummed his fingers on the wheel as he watched the enforcer step out of the squad car and swanter up alongside his truck. He cursed some more as he grabbed his wallet out from his pants pocket and rolled down his window. He heard the enforcer's footsteps crunch in the loose gravel before they came to a stop by his door and so he turned his head towards his open window but was blinded by the enforcer's flashlight beam that was aimed directly in his face.

"Will you please step out of your car." A gruff, commanding voice instructed him.

Taken aback, Chance opened his door and stepped out of his truck as directed, with his hand held protectively over his eyes.

"What's with the flashlight in my face?" he growled, a little irritated that he couldn't see the enforcer who had pulled him over.

He heard the enforcer give a brisk laugh, and the gruff tone instantly turned into a feminine purr. "I don't know, maybe I think your cute when you squint."

"What? Who in the he…" Chance began indignantly, but the enforcer shut off the flashlight and Chance immediately saw that the enforcer was, in fact, a her.

"F-Felina." He stammered, a little shocked.

Felina shook her head at him with a smile on her face. "Are you aware Furlong that you were doing 30 miles OVER the speed limit?"

"Uuuhhh…." Chance scratched his head as he took a quick glimpse of his truck behind him before he looked back at her with innocent grin on his face. "…No, I didn't."

Felina folded her arms across her chest and pursed her lips in mock irritation. "Really? Why is it that I don't believe you?"

"Probably because you know better." Chance laughed, still not believing that she actually pulled him over.

"Don't try to sweet talk yourself out of this one Furlong….that's one massive ticket and I need to fill my quota for this month." Felina reprimanded him.

"Your quota? Aren't you supposed to still be on leave?"

"You know me; I don't stay down for long." Felina beamed as she pulled out her ticket book.

Chance winced as she flipped it open and clicked open her pen. "Funny. I should've seen this coming." He sighed as he looked off down the road.

"Really? How so?" she asked with a bored tone as she started to fill out the ticket slip.

"I ticked you and your Uncle off." Chance growled as he watched her paw move rapidly across the paper.

"Ain't that the truth." She sighed as finished writing up the slip and tore it from the pad.

She looked up at him with a teasing smile on her face as she held out the ticket for him to take.

He rolled his eyes as he took it from her. As he quickly scanned the contents of the ticket, he realized that it wasn't any normal ticket slip. Instead of stating the amount he owed, written in its small space in perfect handwriting was:

Pick me up my house Friday 7;00 pm sharp Don't be late or else.



Felina smiled in satisfaction at Chance's shocked expression. When he finally looked at her, she took a step closer, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. After a couple seconds she pulled back with a mischievous smirk playing on her lips, and before he could recover, she turned and walked away towards her patrol car with a flirtatious stride. Before she stepped into her car, she leaned over the top of her door and shouted. "Give Jake a big huge for me!" And with that, she got in, turned off her lights, and drove off.

Chance stood there and watched her drive off, his ticket slip still clenched in his paw until her taillights vanished into the bend of the road. He shook his head, trying to make sense of what just happened and then read the ticket a couple more times. Slowly, his trademark grin appeared on his face as he walked back over to his truck and got in. The truck roared to life and with the screeching of spinning tires, he was cruising down the road again, and over the roar of the exhilarating engine anyone walking alongside the road could hear a triumphant "WWWWWHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Meanwhile….at the desolate ruins of the St. Michael's Cathedral.

The painted sky stretched out and became one with the horizon, disappearing as if being swallowed by the flaming ginger sun as it melted into the fathomless water colored ocean. Bright golden rays that seemed to explode forth from the vanishing point of the sinking star reached out across the forlorn Katmai mountainside, chasing away the falling twilight for spare, yet brief moments.

A hushed lullaby of bittersweet hymns carried upon the gentle breeze caressed the swaying branches of the bowing and sighing trees. The cathedral, a pale ghost of all things past stood proud and erect amidst the swaying trees, its sun bleached surface sprinkled with drops of golden, yet cold sunlight. The magic was gone from within its stone walls, and time, once again, started to take a hold of the gothic building that was once invincible from its tainting touch. As the sun set further, undistinguishable silhouettes slowly came out from their retreats and once again stalked the cracked walls and dust covered floor.

However, the cathedral wasn't completely deprived of life…that is if you'd call a time defying sorcerer as a living thing. The tiny, undead sorcerer stood in the ruins of the library with his dusty watch clenched in his shaking skeletal paw. "Never again shall I call upon my fellow magicians for assistance again!" he swore to himself as he kicked fitfully at a pile of gray dust before him. After his anger subsided, he brought his watch up to his face and wiped its surface with his purple velvet cloak. His bony jaw slowly wrenched up into a sneer as he stared at himself in the reflection of his watches face. His one good eye gleamed maliciously as he started to cackle. "Next time the Swat Kats and their queen will not get away from me!"


And so it ends……….for now. :D

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