This little ficcy is for the Fanfic100 challenge at Live Journals. Each of the fics must fit into one of the 100 prompts listed on their table. By the end of the challenge 100 stories will have been written. This fic was written for prompt #30 Death.

Title: It Wasn't My Fault
Fandom: Batman
Character: Bruce Wayne/Batman
Prompt: #30 Death
Word Count: 222
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Thank you, athenaphoenix for the beta

It Wasn't My Fault

By DC Lady

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. It wasn't my fault. That's what the police say – what Oracle says. I don't believe them. I should have done more. Should have seen it coming. Should have been prepared for every contingency.

A convenience store and a junkie desperate for cash – a deadly mix. The store was a mom and pop operation that had seen its share of violence. The older couple was determined to stay in this part of town – one of Gotham's seedier neighborhoods - refusing to be chased out by common thugs. I got there before shots were fired and had the junkie disarmed and cornered. But the owners had plans of their own. With my back turned, the husband retrieved his gun from behind the counter and fired a single shot. The bullet whizzed just past my left ear, and memories of a dark alley suddenly flooded through me. But this time I watched as the bullet made contact with another target – a clean shot through the heart. My parents were victims – can the same be said of this man who died in my arms?

I pulled off the ski mask that he hid behind and my heart skipped a beat. He was a kid – a desperate kid.

They say it wasn't my fault. I don't believe them.

The end.