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Chapter 16 - The Holy Mountain in the Mist

Vincent stood up slowly and covered the grave. Tifa thought that it looked plain and bare without anything on it. Vincent seemed to be looking for something to mark the grave. Tifa dug through her sack and found the roses she had picked from a wild rosebush. She approached Vincent's back and tapped him on the shoulder. She handed the flowers silently to the sniper. He nodded his thanks and laid the roses gently onto the grave. Vincent bowed his head and stood in front of the grave for a couple of minutes. After whispering a "I love you Lucrecia. Goodbye." so softly that nobody else could hear it, Vincent turned around. Everybody stared at him.

"Um…" Cloud rubbed his neck unconsciously. "Vince? Er…what just happened?" Vincent didn't answer and examined the metal claws on his left hand.

"Vincent?" Tifa prodded. "I know that is probably very personal, but we need an explanation. I mean…well, you act all weird, then apologize, then dash off suddenly, then smash your gun accidentally while killing a monster, then...bury someone." Vincent continued staring at his left hand.

"…someone I loved dearly died." Yuffie's eye widened slightly.

"That woman…was she…was she…Lucrecia?" the ninja asked softly. Vincent looked up from his hand to Yuffie. His expression was quite unfathomable.

"Yes." Tifa glanced at Vincent, then Yuffie.

"Didn't you mention her when we found you?" Vincent nodded slightly. Yuffie flushed, remembering the clipped, short tale that Vincent had said to them. The tale which Yuffie had proclaimed as the "number one boring story". Maybe it wasn't so boring after all…

"As I have told you all before (meaning AVALANCHE, not counting Cid), Lucrecia was a scientists. She assisted Hojo in experiments. There was one experiment concerning her. She was to have a baby, and the baby was to have Jenova cells injected into it from the moment it was born. Lucrecia…agreed to the experiment. Hojo had lied to her about letting her raise the baby. The baby grew up without its biological mother. I tried to stop Hojo…"

"But you got shot and experimented on," Red finished for the gunman, looking sad. Vincent sighed.

"After I was experimented on, I had no idea of the events of the outside world, until you all came along and woke me up. I had no idea what had happened to Lucrecia…until Yuffie pushed me through the waterfall. It turns out that Lucrecia had retreated into the cave to spend the rest of her life, thinking that I and anyone else she was close to were dead…including her son…"

"What happened after that?" Cloud asked curiously.

"…I tried to make her see reason. She told me to leave. Then I came back when I knew that she was in trouble…somehow." Vincent ended the sentence in a flat tone that indicated that he had divulged enough information and would not say anymore. Cloud nodded.

"Thanks for explaining to us, Vincent."

"Uh…I didn't get it," Inuyasha said dumbly. Kagome nudged him.

"You don't have to get it, only they do." She meant AVALANCHE.

"I didn't get it either…but I won't say anythin'," said Cid, holding up his hands and backing away hastily as Vincent looked at him.

"Alright guys his fallen materia. "Let's mosey."

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

The group trekked until nightfall. They settled out on the wide, open plains. Everyone put down their belongings.

"You know…we should set a guard. Maybe two people at once. The plains are more dangerous than the forests," Cloud said, frowning. "I'll take first watch. Anyone care to join me?" Tifa smiled and nodded. "Alright, so Tifa and I'll watch for the first two hours. Inuyasha and Kagome, you guys watch the second two hours. Yuffie and Sango, you guys watch the third two hours. Er…who's gonna take the last two hours?"

"I will," Vincent said quietly. "I do not need anyone to accompany me." Cloud nodded.

"Right, thanks. So, uh, someone start a fire." Cait Sith did, with his fire materia. Tifa tried to make something out of their provisions. Cloud stood up. "I'm gonna go take a walk," he said. Surprisingly, Miroku also got up.

"Would you mind if I come with you?" he asked. Cloud shook his head. Both men walked away from the camp. "We're close to the ocean," the monk commented.

"Yeah," Cloud agreed. They walked on in silence for a while. Then, Cloud spoke. "Hey, how old are you?" Miroku blinked.

"Me? I'm twenty years old. You?" Cloud smiled.

"Twenty-one. I'm older than you."

"Ah, but by only one year. It's not that much," Miroku returned. Cloud grinned at him.

"Yeah it is. Think of how much you can do in one year." Miroku nodded.

"That's true." They walked on for another moment.

"Hey…how exactly did Naraku...ah...put that wind tunnel in your hand?" Cloud asked. Miroku looked at Cloud, surprised.

"The wind tunnel? Naraku cursed my grandfather with it. It is passed down through the males in the family. My father was the only male in his family, as am I. The wind tunnel swallowed up my father…and eventually, it will swallow me up, if I don't get rid of it." Cloud looked shocked.

"Oh…why did Naraku curse your grandfather with it?" Miroku shrugged.

"I don't know…my grandfather probably defied Naraku," he answered. Cloud lapsed into silence, thinking about this. Was it true? Could Naraku really be that devious? The two men had been walking for about ten minutes, when Cloud spotted a fire up ahead.

"Look," he muttered to Miroku. They approached the fire. A man in his mid-forties was sitting in front of it, lost in thought. He looked up as Cloud and Miroku walked to him.

"Hello," he said, smiling. The two young men smiled back.

"Hi," Cloud said, as Miroku replied with a hello.

"Please, sit down," the man said, gesturing to the ground beside him. Cloud and Miroku sat down. "I'm Dan," the man said.

"I'm Cloud," Cloud introduced.

"I'm Miroku." Miroku nodded. Dan gazed into the fire for a few seconds.

"So, what brings you two into these parts?" Dan asked. Cloud shrugged.

"Oh, nothing really. Just traveling. What about you?" Dan sighed.

"I'm heading for Rocket Town. I just left Icicle Town."

"Huh? Why?" Cloud asked, as Miroku looked confused. Dan sighed again.

"A barrier's risen up on the Northern Continent. It's not exactly a physical barrier, but it makes many people uncomfortable. It also kills monsters. It seems to be a physical barrier for them. I once saw a monster hit something invisible and simply disintegrate. I could walk through whatever the monster couldn't, though."

"A barrier?" Cloud asked sharply. "On the Northern Continent?"

"It might be a holy barrier," Miroku said slowly. Cloud and Miroku stood up.

"We need to check it out," Cloud said to Miroku. Miroku nodded.

"Let's go back and tell everyone else." Dan looked confused.

"Wha-…?" Cloud turned to him.

"Thanks for the info Dan. We have to go back to our camp now," he said. Dan blinked…then nodded.

"You're welcome. If you want to get to the Northern Continent, use my boat. It's docked not far from here. Goodbye!" The two men bade their farewells, and walked back to their camp.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Guys!" Cloud yelled as he and Miroku approached the camp.

"Oh, you guys are back!" Kagome exclaimed. Tifa smiled.

"The food's ready," she said. "You guys are on time. Did your noses lead you back?" Cloud laughed.

"Nope, just a coincidence, I suppose."

"Get it hot while it's ready!" Yuffie sang. She grabbed a warm sandwich.

"We found out something," Cloud said as he sat down and accepted a sandwich from Tifa. Barret looked up.

"Huh? What?" the big man asked. Cloud chewed slowly, then swallowed.

"Miroku and I met someone on our walk. The man is going to Rocket Town. He came from Icicle Town. He left because a kind of barrier had sprung up on the Northern Continent."

"A barrier?" Inuyasha asked sharply.

"Yes," Miroku replied. "I'm guessing that it is a holy barrier, because demons disintegrate when they touch it, but humans can pass right through it."

"A holy barrier?" Sango repeated.

"Well, who's the damned person that's puttin' up this #!$!& barrier?" Cid asked impatiently. Cloud shrugged.

"Don't know. The man didn't say much. He didn't know much, actually. We're gonna go there to investigate. There might be jewel shards there, for all we know."

"How are we going to get to Icicle Town though?" Cait Sith asked doubtfully. "We can hardly swim across the ocean."

"It's not that far from here. The guy said that we could use his boat," Cloud answered. Cid sniffed slightly.

"My baby…the Highwind. If only she was here!" he growled.

"Well, it can't be helped old man," Yuffie told him. Cid glared at her.

"Right, so get some sleep. We're waking up early tomorrow," Cloud said, yawning. "Come on Tifa, we have to take the first two hours of night shift." Tifa nodded and went over to him, next to the fire. Everyone else climbed into their sleeping bags. Soon, they all fell asleep. Cloud and Tifa sat in silence as they gazed into the flames.

"Cloud," Tifa said softly. He looked at her.

"Yeah?" Tifa shifted uncomfortably. She stared at the fire.

"Cloud…would…would you risk your life to save me, if I was in danger?" Cloud was startled by the question.

"Huh? Why do you ask, Tifa?" he questioned. Tifa frowned and looked up at him.

"I-I just want to know," she replied. Cloud thought for a moment.

"Of course," he answered. "You're my friend, Tifa. My best friend."

"That's it?" Tifa thought, pained. "Just a best friend?" Tifa turned her head away slightly, trying to hold back tears.

"What about you, Tifa? Would you risk your life for me?"

"Of course," Tifa said in a choked voice. "I would risk anything for you, Cloud." Cloud turned to stare at Tifa. She had her head turned away, so that he couldn't see her face. He frowned.

"Tifa? Are you alright?" Cloud asked softly. Tifa grimaced.

"No! No, I'm not alright Cloud! Can't you see? Can't you see that I love you?!" her mind screamed. "I…I'm fine," Tifa said, forcing out the words and trying to sound calm.

"Tifa?" Cloud rested his hand on her shoulder. A shudder went through Tifa's body. "Tifa? Look at me." Tifa rubbed her eyes, then turned to face Cloud. She put on a fake smile.

"What, Cloud?" Tifa's voice was overly-bright.

"Were…were you crying?" Cloud asked, peering into her face.

"What? No, why?" Tifa kept the fake smile plastered on her face.

"Well…your eyes are red-rimmed, and you have tear tracks on your face," Cloud said. Tifa laughed softly. Her laugh sounded hollow and a bit too bright.

"Oh, you must be imagining things!" She rubbed her face. "No wetness, see?" Cloud looked at her doubtfully, thought he didn't persist.

"Ok…if you say so. But, Tifa…if you have anything you want to talk about, you can talk to me," Cloud said earnestly. Tifa smiled, and this time, it looked slightly pained.

"Alright…thanks Cloud," she said. Cloud stole another glance at her as he pretended to be staring into the fire. Tifa's face looked sad and troubled. Cloud had a nagging feeling that Tifa's sadness had something to do with him, but Tifa didn't want to talk. He wouldn't push her.

Tifa felt like bursting into tears. A best friend. She was just a best friend. Nothing more. Cloud didn't love her. He wouldn't risk his life for her because he loved her that way. He would risk his life for her as a friend, a brother. A brother…

"I don't want to be your sister!" Tifa screamed inside. "I want to be your wife! Your lover! I love you! I love you!" Tears started flowing from her eyes. She hurriedly wiped them away, but more came. She tried to stay silent, but her body shook and she made sniffling sounds when she breathed. A warm hand touched her shoulder again.

"Tifa? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Cloud's voice asked. Tifa gulped.

"I-I'm n-not-"

"I know you're crying Tifa." Cloud wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him. He turned her around and gazed into her face. He pushed some of her hair behind her left ear. "Tell me, Tifa," Cloud whispered. "Tell me what's wrong." Tifa squeezed her eyes shut for a moment…then burst into tears, her crying muffled by Cloud's chest.

"Oh C-Cloud…it's just…I…I…" Tifa cried some more. Cloud patted her back gently. He burrowed his face into her hair.

"Just tell me, Tifa. What's wrong?" Cloud asked in a soft, soothing voice. Tifa gasped for breath.

"Oh Cloud, it's just…I…I l-…I can't tell you." Tifa pushed her away from the blonde. Cloud looked bewilderedly at her.

"Tifa?" he asked, confused. Tifa just turned away.

"Please don't ask me anymore," she said quietly. Cloud started to protest.

"I-!" He stopped and sighed. "Alright, Tifa." He turned and stared back at the flames, contemplating about Tifa's strange behavior.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

AVALANCHE and the Inuyasha-tachi ate a quick breakfast the next morning. They packed up and headed for the boat. Miroku glanced at the ashes of Dan's camp.

"Hm, looks like he left," the monk observed. Cloud nodded.

"Hey, is that the boat?" Kagome called out, pointing at a large canoe-like boat docked at the edge of the small cliff. Everyone ran to it.

"Aww, that can only fit five normal-sized people!" Yuffie groaned.

"The man we met yesterday must've had others with him," Cloud commented.

"Whaddya mean, normal-sized?" Barret asked Yuffie. She looked at him.

"Well…you count as two!" Barret glared at her.

"Then you count as half!" Yuffie stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hey hey, knock it off," Cid grumbled. "We need to figure out how to get all of us across this damned ocean. If only we had my baby…or the Tiny Bronco." Sango cut into the conversation.

"Kirara can carry three people." The cat nodded and transformed into her full form. "I'll travel on her."

"I will too," Miroku decided. Kagome looked from the boat to Kirara.

"I'll ride," she said slowly. "But…what about Inuyasha?"

"There aren't any things for me to jump off," the hanyo said, looking at the ocean as though it had done him some sort of wrong.

"There's a small peninsula that's around thirty minutes away. We can ride there with five people, and come back for the rest," Red suggested. Tifa frowned.

"But that'll still take a long time," she objected. "Thirty minutes to get there, thirty minutes to come back, then thirty minutes to go there? That'll take one hour and a half!"

"What'll we do?" Yuffie wailed.

"I can ride on Kirara too! I'm small," Shippo said. Cait Sith perked up.

"Oh, you guys can fasten my mog with a rope to the back of the boat! It can float." He hopped excitedly. Cloud smiled.

"Great, Cait Sith! So, I'll go in the boat."

"I'll too," Tifa said.

"Me too," Barret butted in.

"Hey, you take up two people!" Yuffie grumbled. Barret glared at her again.

"Well, you only take up half a person! So you can fit in, and we'll probably be able to squeeze in one more person." They all looked at Cid, Vincent, and Inuyasha.

"Er…so which one of you will ride in the boat?" Miroku asked. Inuyasha crossed his arms and scowled. Vincent stared at them blankly. Cid puffed on his cigarette and frowned.

"Not riding," Inuyasha said. Vincent simply shrugged.

"I…don't are," he said emotionlessly. Cid blinked.

"Um…" He looked at the boat. "Er…"

"Inuyasha, how'll you get across the ocean?" Kagome asked worriedly.

"I…" Inuyasha gazed at the ocean. "I'll make a raft. It'll only hold one person though." He glared at Vincent and Cid.

"A raft should be fine," Cloud said. "The ocean waters around here are pretty mild, plus it's summer now, so the waters are perfectly calm." Vincent frowned for a moment.

"I'll swim," he decided. Everyone stared at him.

"You'll swim?" Yuffie repeated, still staring.

"We have to travel for a long time," Tifa told him.

"…I know."

Cloud frowned. "Can you last that long? How about…uh…you swim for the first ten minutes, then I'll swim for ten minutes so you can rest in the boat, then you can swim the remainder of the way?" he offered. Vincent didn't speak for a moment.

"…thanks," he said, after a moment's hesitation.

"Well, that leaves me to the empty boat space then!" Cid declared.

"Hey! What about me?" Everyone started and looked at Red. They had completely forgotten about him. He looked at them all, and sighed. "I suppose I can swim too."

"What about that flame on your tail, though?" Kagome pointed out.

"Oh, that? That's not a normal flame; nothing'll happen to it."

"Oh." Kagome blinked. Cloud got into the boat.

"Well, come on guys. Let's mosey."

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

They arrived at the shores of the Northern Continent, near Icicle Town. They could see the roofs of the houses peeking over the top of a mountain wall. Miroku frowned.

"There is an aura here," he murmured. "It's very faint…"

"Yeah, something feels weird here," Inuyasha said. His ears twitched.

"I feel funny Kagome," Shippo mumbled. "I'm kinda dizzy…" They all walked towards Icicle Two. Kirara suddenly reverted back to her small form and mewed pitifully.

"Oh, Kirara." Sango picked the kitten up and held her in her arms. As they arrived at the town, Shippo fell over.

"Shippo!" Kagome picked him up.

"Ugh…I feel really dizzy Kago…me…" He continued to groan. Inuyasha frowned deeply and stopped walking. "Inuyasha, do you feel what Shippo's feeling?" Kagome asked him, turning around. Inuyasha nodded.

"Red, Cait, do you guys feel anything?" They shook their heads.

"I suppose I'm not a demon," Red said slowly.

"I'm a toy!" Cait Sith said cheerfully. Tifa glanced back at Vincent.

"Vincent, do you feel anything?" Vincent didn't answer for a moment. Then, he nodded slightly.

"It's a holy barrier," Miroku stated.

"HA! I was right about you!" Inuyasha exclaimed to Vincent, despite the uncomfortable feeling the barrier was giving him. Kagome sighed.

"At a time like this, you still have to gloat."

"Well, we'd better check out this town," Cloud said. "I'll buy some supplies." Everyone headed a different direction.

Vincent entered the weapon shop. He need a new gun, after the Sniper CR and the Silver Rifle were destroyed. He spotted a beautiful, fourteen-inch, two-barrel gun on display. He looked at the handle of the gun. The name "Lariat" was engraved into the wood. Vincent walked up to the counter. A little girl shook the old man beside her awake.

"Grandpa, we have a customer!" she said happily. The old man came awake.

"Hmmf, ugh, huh? Oh, hello there! What would you like to buy?" he asked rather energetically for an old man. Vincent nodded towards the gun on display. "Oh! The Lariat? A fine choice!" He shuffled over and unlocked the case. He then took out the gun and re-locked the case. "Would you like it wrapped?"

"…no, I will take it like this," Vincent replied. The old man nodded, and handed the gun to Vincent.

"That will be twelve thousand gil, please." Vincent took out his gil inventory and fished out twelve thousand gil from his private stock. The group and Vincent's gil had swelled from Vincent's encounter with the twohundred demons and monsters last time. The team now had over one hundred-thousand gil, and Vincent had sixty thousand gil in his private stock. He handed the gil to the man and left the shop without another word, brushing past Cloud, who had just entered the shop.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Brrr…" Tifa's teeth chattered as she entered the clothes shop with Kagome, Sango, and Yuffie. "W-we really n-need to b-buy some c-clothes," she said.

"Yeah! The N-Northern Continent is just c-covered with f-freaking, freezing snow!" Yuffie chattered.

"Oh!" Kagome spotted a nice, brown, puffy cotton coat. She tried it on. "Mmm, this is warm." Tifa picked up a dark, olive-green, soft, water-proof coat. It was stuffed with feathers.

"How much is it?" she asked Kagome, examining the coat in her own hands.

"Um…" Kagome checked the price tag. "It's five hundred ninety gil."

"That's an okay price. Buy it if you want, and you have to find some pants," Tifa said as she tried the green coat on. "Oh, I love this coat!" She looked at the price tag. "Whoa, it's eight hundred gil!" Tifa paused for a moment. 'Well, I'm sure Cloud won't mind…too much."

Yuffie picked up a big, puffy, white jacket. "Heehee, hopefully not Tifa." She grinned. "I'm gonna get this one! It's seven hundred thirty-two gil."

"Um…" Sango went over to a light grey, long, baggy jacket. She put it on. "This is nice…it's six hundred gil."

Yuffie turned to her. "Ooh, get it!" Tifa looked around.

"We'll all need pants, except for Sango, unless she wants a pair."

"I'm fine; I don't need pants," Sango said, shaking her head. Tifa chose a pair of black sweats to replace her black mini-skirt. Yuffie picked out a pair of white, baggy pants with silver buckles. Kagome chose a pair of light, olive-green jeans. Tifa also took a pair of high-heeled snow boots (the thick-heeled kinds) for Sango.

"We'd better buy three pairs of the same pants," Tifa told the others. They nodded. In the end, the total cost came out to be three thousand, nine hundred twenty-two gil. Yuffie gulped.

"I hope Cloud won't yell."

Tifa huffed. "He'd better not! Just because the guys can strut around in the cold and not die of hypothermia doesn't mean we can." The group of girls hauled their bags into the Inn.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Do you know the cause of the strangeness around this area?" Miroku asked the innkeeper. The innkeeper shrugged.

"Nope. It just happened a week ago. There have been rumors that the barrier came from a mountain , though. It makes me feel…weird. Not uncomfortable. More like…I don't know, air-headed?"

Miroku nodded. "Thank you for the information." He turned around in time to see Tifa, Kagome, Yuffie, and Sango walk into the Inn, loaded with bags.

"Oh, hi Miroku!" they all said at once. Miroku blinked.

"Uh…hi. My my, you ladies have bought quite a lot," he commented. Cid, Barret, Cait Sith, Shippo, Red, and Inuyasha suddenly came into the Inn.

"Oh. Hi," was what Cid offered as a greeting. The rest said their salutations. Then, Vincent entered the Inn. Everyone noticed that he was wielding a new, two-barrel gun. The sniper nodded his greeting. The door burst open one more time to reveal Cloud. He strode into the room, still wearing his normal clothes.

"Hey everyone!" Cloud looked around the room and saw the girls carrying large bags. "Whoa!" he said, eyes bulging. "What did you guys get?" Tifa flushed.

"Um…three pairs of pants for me, Yuffie, and Kagome. We all got a coat, and Sango got a pair of boots, since she can't really walk around in the snow wearing sandals."

Cloud gaped at her, his mouth open. "T-th-th-three pairs of pants and a coat each? How much did you spend?!" Tifa looked uncomfortable.

"Eh…three thousand, nine hundred twenty-two gil."

"WHAT?!" Cloud yelped. Tifa glared at him defiantly.

"Hey, we can't run around in this freezing, crazy weather like you without dying from hypothermia, you know!" she retorted. Cloud shrunk back.

"Er…ok, fine," he admitted, defeated. Tifa smiled, satisfied. "So," Cloud continued. 'I've bought some more potions, ethers, and hi-potions." He looked around. "Anyone find out any information about the barrier?" Cid shrugged.

"Nope. Barret, Red, Cait Sith, and i didn't find a friggin' damned thing."

"Um…well, we were shopping," Tifa said, when Cloud looked at her.

"Yes," Miroku said, when Cloud turned his attention to him. "It seems that the holy barrier merely causes innocent humans and non-demons light-headedness. It appeared about a week ago, and there have been rumors that say that the barrier's main core is a mountain…that it originated from a mountain."

"…my sources have also said that," Vincent said quietly. "I have found out that the mountain is supposedly a holy mountain. It is said that if you are buried there, you will be cleansed of all sins."

"Really?" asked Barret. "So…if Rufus was buried there, he would still be all sin-free?" Vincent nodded. "WHAT?!" Barret exploded. "Well, let's hope that that damned Rufus doesn't get his skinny rat's ass onto that mountain after he dies, or-!" Barret broke off, coughing.

"Barret?" Tifa bent over the large man, who was on the floor, still coughing. Miroku frowned.

"It seems that the barrier is strong," he said. "Any impure thoughts or comments, even from innocent humans, will affect us negatively."

"Dammit," Barret mumbled. Red looked up.

"Have you found out anything, Cloud?" he asked. Cloud smiled.

"Yep," he replied. "Vincent's and Miroku's findings confirm my information."

"Huh? What did you find out?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Well," Cloud began. "You see…this lone traveler was lingering near the forest next to Icicle Town. He said that he was from a village near a mountain. He had felt a strangeness about a week ago, which had suddenly emitted from the mountain. Since the barrier was so strong, the man couldn't really succeed in anything because of the light-headedness, so he left. He told me the mountain that he used to live at…the mountain that is the cause of this barrier…" Everyone looked eagerly at Cloud.

"What is this mountain?" Miroku asked. Cloud paused.

"It's called…Mt. Hakurei," he answered.

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