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Chapter 3 - To Receive What You Had Lost

Kagura walked purposefully towards the building Naraku was in. Cloud and the others followed, still watchful and wary. There was something they didn't like about the place, though they couldn't tell what. Maybe it was the castle's eeriness…or the silence that filled the area. Kagura stopped in front of a large building. The entrance was dark, and none of the friends could see beyond it. Suddenly, a deathly white figure materialized out of the darkness. Yuffie squeaked and wildly grabbed onto the person (or toy) next to her, Cait Sith. The figure was a small girl holding a mirror. Her hair, face, clothes, skin, and the rest of here were deathly white, as though she was on the verge of death. Her face was blank of any emotion and she stood stock still.

"Naraku is waiting inside," she said softly. Kagura nodded towards her. The little girl turned and disappeared into the building. Kagura followed. Cloud looked back at everyone.

"You all sure you wanna come? It might be dangerous." They all nodded. "Alright," he said. "Let's go." He walked into the building, the others close behind him. Cloud saw a room up ahead. He proceeded into it. Inside the room were three people. There was Kagura and the little girl, sitting on either side of a young man. He had slightly pale skin and long, black, wavy hair. His eyes were a sharp brown and his eyelids were tinged with a bit of violet. He was wearing a blue and brown Wutainese male kimono. The man smiled up at Cloud, and then at his friends.

"Please, sit down." Cloud sat, as did the others. "As you may already know, I am Naraku, the lord of this castle."

"Lord?" Tifa asked, confused. "But then…where are the other people?" The man sighed.

"There are no other people. I am merely the lord of the castle, with none serving under me…except these two, of course." He gestured at the two females sitting next to him.

"Oh," said Tifa.

"We came here," Cloud interjected, "for-"

"Information about the sacred jewel shards?" Naraku looked at Cloud's hand, for he had taken out the two shards.

"Yeah." Naraku reached into his robes and pulled out three-quarters of a jewel. They all instantly recognized it to be the thing the shards had come from. Cloud stared.

"You have-?"

"Yes. The jewel is almost complete. I have been collecting the sacred jewel for almost a year. This was once a whole jewel." Naraku closed his fist around the jewel. "I will tell you the story of the sacred jewel, the Shikon no Tama." The guests all sat up and listened intently. "A long, long time ago, there lived a priestess named Midoriko. She devoted her life to helping people and killing demons. Demons are much like your world's monsters, except that some appear in human form and are just as intelligent, if not more. Demons can also talk. Midoriko liked to spend time in a certain cave and pray in it. One day, a horde of powerful demons went into the cave to kill her. The two sides fought for many days. It may have even been months or years; I do not know. Eventually, the souls of the two sides became trapped, one good, one evil. The trapped souls of the two sides formed the sacred jewel. Most humans have no need for the jewel because they do not understand it, but demons constantly seek it. If a demon swallows the sacred jewel, it will become stronger. You can also wish upon the sacred jewel. It will grant almost any wish you desire. The sacred jewel is one of the most powerful things in the world. Well," he smiled again. "In our world, that is."

"So that's the sacred jewel," Cloud murmured. Tifa was looking worried again. Red looked thoughtful, Barret looked curious, Cid looked interested, Cait Sith looked excited, and Yuffie had an eager look on her face. Vincent appeared to be deep in thought, though his face was devoid of any emotion. Barret spoke up.

"That woman said that you wanted to make us a deal for this jewel." He glanced at Kagura.

"Yes," Naraku replied. "As I have said before, I am collecting all the jewel shards. I am prepared to make a deal I'm sure you will all…like."

"Wait," said Red. "What do you want the jewel for?" Naraku seemed ready for this question.

"The jewel can grant us each a wish. I…want to gather up the demons that have been terrorizing innocent people."

"That's very selfless of you," Tifa commented softly. Naraku looked at her.

"Well…I must admit, I also have other reasons. You see…I'm a half demon. A half demon's life is cruel…a half demon is never accepted by either sides. Demon or human. Demons simply want to kill you for being half human. Demons always attack humans, so humans naturally hate them and fear them. Humans will see you as a half demon. They may not seek to kill you, but they still hate you. If I round up all the evil demons…the humans may see me as a hero." A slightly sour smiled curled Naraku's lips. "They may not hate me…" He sighed again. "But enough of me. The deal. Only special priestesses can actually see and sense the jewel shards wherever they are, if they're close to it. There are only two who can do this. "Kana." The pale girl came closer and held up the mirror she was carrying. It showed a young woman dressed in a red and white priestess kimono. She was tending a wounded person. "That is Kikyo. She is dead, but resurrected in a body made of clay and bones. She, unfortunately, has no interest in collecting the jewel shards, so she won't help you. However…" The image in the mirror turned to that of a teenage girl that looked around fifteen years old. She was walking around a town, looking around. The girl was dressed in a green and white school uniform, with knee-high socks and black shoes. Her black hair was waist-length and her eyes were dark brown.

Naraku continued on. "This girl is traveling with a group and they are searching for the sacred jewel shards."

"That girl is a priestess?" Yuffie asked incredulously.

"Yes," Naraku answered. "Kagome is not a real priestess…I believe she comes from another time. She has the sacred powers of a priestess though, for she is the reincarnation of Kikyo."

"She's a teenager, dammit! We're not going to rely on a teenager's help. She looks even younger than Yuffie! And she looks weak too."

"Cid!" Tifa glared at him. He cursed and re-lighted his cigarrette.

"Who are her companions?" Red inquired. Naraku gestured at Kana's mirror. The picture of Kagome had turned to one of a small kid with orange hair. He had tiny paws and a big, bushy tail.

"This is a young fox demon. He is still a child, and regards the girl as his surrogate mother. I believe his name is Shippo." Shippo turned into another young woman. This woman was prettier, and looked around seventeen years old. She was wearing a pink and green kimono. She had a cute little cat in her arms and a gigantic boomerang strapped on her back. "She is a demon slayer. Her name is Sango. I do not know the demon cat's name, but it can transform into a much larger demon." A young man appeared in the place of the demon slayer. He was around eighteen, and wore dark purple robes. He also carried a long staff. "Miroku is a monk, although he…ah…does things monks shouldn't. He is cursed with a void in his right hand, and though he claims it is from me, it is actually from a demon impersonating me." Last of all was another young man of about seventeen years. He had long, white hair and white dog ears on top of his head. He was clad in a velvety-red yukata and had a sword strapped to him. "This is Inuyasha. He is also a half-demon. He owns a great and powerful sword, the Tessaiga. When transformed, it is almost as huge as yours." Naraku nodded at Cloud.

"Well, what do you want us to do?" Cloud asked. Naraku's smiled widened.

"I want you all to gather the remaining jewel shards and bring them to me. I know that there is one from your world that wants to destroy everyone, and will interfere. He has become…immobile while encountering a demon.

"Sephiroth? Immobile!" Cloud yelled. "Impossible!"

"See for yourself." Sephiroth suddenly appeared in Kana's mirror.

"SEPHIROTH!" everyone yelled. He was standing, stock-still, in a position that indicated him about to slice something, though his eyes were wide and his mouth was open.

"He is taken care of. You need not worry. He will be like that for…as long as necessary."

"So," said Tifa, regaining her composure. "You want us to join up with Kagome and gather the sacred jewel shards? Then bring them to you?" Naraku nodded.

"I would also like Inuyasha, Kagome, and the others captured. You see…they have done certain things to me that are too horrible to speak of…then say terrible and untrue things about me, however innocent they might seem. Beware, for they are very convincing actors."

"What will we get in return?" asked Cait Sith.

"As I have said before, the Shikon no Tama can grant each person a wish. It can give you anything…and you can ask and receive what you had lost…"

The effect of this sentence was immediate. Everyone instantly looked eager, disbelieving, or sad.

"Wutai…I can give Wutai its old glory!" Yuffie thought excitedly.

"Father…" Red moaned inwardly.

"Space…rocket…program…dreams…yeah!" Cid thought eagerly.

"Myra…" Barret remembered.

"A guy…I want a guy that I can fall in love with and stay with…" Tifa sighed.

"Aeris…I can see Aeris again!" Cloud shouted inside himself. He looked at Naraku disbelievingly.

"Can it…can it really bring back the dead?"

"If you wish for it."

"It can fulfill our wishes? Anything?" Cid asked.

"Anything. But remember, you only get one wish."

"Oh YEAH!" He yelled. Each person was now looking at Naraku happily. Except one.

"…Lucrecia…." Vincent looked up from the shadows, eyes narrowed.

"…how are we to trust you?" Naraku looked taken aback for a moment. Then he smiled.

"When you have the rest of the jewel shards, I will forge the jewel together. You will all me beside me. How can I not keep my side of the bargain? In fact…I will let you all wish first." Vincent said nothing.

"We'll do it!" Cloud told Naraku. Everyone stood up.

"Good. Just remember…do not believe anything they tell you about me. And do not mention our bargain." Cloud nodded.

"Right. We won't."

"Hey!" Tifa exclaimed suddenly. "Um…where are they?" They all looked at the mirror again. It showed Inuyasha walking down a street, and in the background…

"…the Shinra mansion," Vincent said quietly.

"Nibelheim!" Tifa looked at Cloud.

"Come on everyone, back on the airship. Let's go." AVALANCHE filed out of the room. An evil smile curled Naraku's lips. This time, the sacred jewel would be his. All his.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

Inuyasha had smelled metal and followed it. Now he was staring at an assortment of strange-looking weapons. There were huge swords made of different metals, some even bigger than the Tessaiga. There were also dangerous looking spears, lethal lances, spiky gloves, weird gauntlets, and other things Inuyasha didn't know. The man at the counter spoke.

"Would you like to trade or buy? That sword of yours looks awfully old and rusted. You would do better with this Mythril sword, for instance." The man pointed at a sword with a huge blade that glowed violet.

"Mind your own business!" Inuyasha snapped. "My Tessaiga's better than any of your wimpy swords!" He stomped out of the shop, the owner looking scandalized. The half dog demon spotted Miroku and Sango talking in the middle of the strange village. He headed towards them, wondering where Kagome was.

Kagome walked around the town, looking around. Everything was so civilized and modern.

"This is clearly not from Feudal Japan," she decided. She noticed the lack of people in the town. It was quiet, and only one or two people stood outside. There also weren't many houses, though there was a huge, creepy-looking mansion that seemed deserted. The girl heard footsteps, and turning around, she saw a young boy walking towards one of the houses. "Excuse me!" The boy stopped and looked around curiously. Nibelheim didn't have many visitors these days. Kagome ran and caught up with the boy.

"Yes?" he inquired.

"What's this place called?" Kagome waved a hand around.

"This is the town, Nibelheim."

"Nibelheim? That's doesn't sound very…native," Kagome thought. "What about that? What's that thing?" She gestured towards the small black dot in the distance that was still issuing clouds of smoke.

"That's Midgar," the boy replied, looking at her strangely. Everyone knew Midgar.


"Yeah. It's a city."

"Oh…but what about all the smoke?"

"Well, that's the Midgar Mako Reactor." Kagome blinked.

"Mako reactor? What's a mako reactor?" The boy gaped at her. She didn't know what a mako reactor was!

"You don't know what a mako reactor is? Who are you? Are you an alien or something?" The boy stared at her as though she was mad and ran off.

"Hey! Wait!" The boy ran into a house and slammed the door behind him. Kagome stared after him, bewildered.

"Kagome!" She looked around. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Inuyasha were standing together in the middle of the town. She walked over to them.

"So?" asked Inuyasha impatiently. "Did you find anything?"

"Yeah. This place's called Nibelheim and the place with the smoke is a city called Midgar. There's this thing in the city that's causing all that smoke. A mako reactor or something."

"Yes, this town's named Nibelheim. What a strange name. A beautiful lady in that house over there told me."

"And slapped him too, by the looks of it," Sango said, glaring at Miroku. He grinned sheepishly.

"What the hell's a mako reactor?"

"I don't know," Kagome replied, turning back towards Inuyasha. "The boy I was asking ran off. I think he thought it was really weird that I didn't know.

"What? Why?" Kagome shrugged.

"It must be one of those things…like, um…demons or something. Everyone in this time knows what demons are, so maybe everyone in this town knows what mako reactors are."

"But," Sango interjected. "None of us had every heard of anything like this before. I mean…it's like a different world."

"Yes," Miroku agreed. "Perhaps another world was merged with ours." Shippo looked really confused.

"But…how can that happen?"

"That's what we're wondering," Miroku replied.

"Well, this place's too quiet and we're not gonna get anymore information, so I say we get outta here!" Inuyasha turned and walked towards the green grasslands and out of the town.

"Yeah. Let's go guys." Kagome grabbed her bicycle and the rest of the friends left the empty town.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Man! I don't believe it! Where's Nibelheim?" Cloud yelled, frustrated, as the Highwind soared over what should've been Nibelheim. Instead, there was only grass.

"Wait! I see something." Red peered out the window. "Look." He gestured towards a small dot. The airship soared lower.

"There's Nibelheim!" Tifa cried excitedly. "And…is that Midgar? What's it doing way out here?" Suddenly, a loud thud was heard. The airship shook violently. A large dent appeared in the roof of the Highwind. A series of more thuds shook the airship even more.

"What the #&# hell's going on!" Cid yelled as he toppled over. A large round and weird-looking bird with a person sitting on it flew into the window.

"AAAAH!" Yuffie screeched. "WHAT IS THAT THING!"

"It's sitting on the bird…no, connected to it!" Red shouted back as he slid across the floor. The thing and the bird looked down…then flew straight at the lower part of the airship.

"No! THE ENGINE!" Cid roared. The Highwind stopped. In midair.

"Oh no," Cait Sith gulped. "This is not good." They fell.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Hey, look!" Inuyasha pointed at a shape in the sky.

"What is that? Some sort of demon?"

"…are those the Birds of Paradise attacking it?" Kagome asked.

"Looks like it," Miroku replied.

"Shouldn't we go check it out?" Sango asked, grabbing her weapon.

"Yeah," said Inuyasha. "Come on."

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

"Owowowowowow…" Yuffie was moaning as she gingerly lifted out a sprained ankle. "Ugh. This is SO UNFAIR! But that least I don't have to ride that killer thing anymore. If I throw up one more time, I'm gonna die."

"My baby! She's gone! Disappeared!" Cid sobbed. Where did those $/# birds take her!"

"I don't know." Cloud got out from under some branches and leaves. "The Highwind completely vanished."

"My BABY!" Cid howled.

"Owowow, my ANKLE!" Yuffie howled, even more loudly.

"Come on Yuffie, just heal it yourself," Red reprimanded.

"Hello! I don't have a restore materia, for your information!"

"Here," said Tifa. "Cure!" Yuffie's ankle mended instantly.

"Hey, why didn't you use Cure 2?"

"Because you don't need it," Tifa answered.

"Oh…" The ninja sighed. "Okay…thanks then." Vincent stood up quietly.

"…since we are all fine, I suggest we get going. It is not a long walk to Nibelheim." Cloud stood up.

"Right, let's go."

"Hey! I could use a little help here!" Everyone looked up. Cait Sith was stuck in the trees above them. Barret reached up and pulled him down. "Thank!" he said enthusiastically, hopping up again. He grabbed one of the fallen blossoms and stuck it on his head. Barret stared.

"Ooookay…" They stepped out of the trees and onto the path.

"Look! There are people up ahead," Red said. Indeed, there were figures up ahead, sprinting at them. They walked forward.

"Hey," said Cloud, recognizing the foremost person. "Isn't that that guy…Inuyasha?"

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