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Chapter 4 - Joining

Inuyasha stopped. So did Kirara, Kagome, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku. They all stared. The people in front of them were dressed nothing like the people from Feudal Japan. The foremost person of the group was a young man. He had extremely blond hair that was spiked in every direction possible. He was wearing a purple uniform with slightly baggy purple pants with a large metal belt that had straps coming from it and going over his shoulders to the back of the belt. A large, metal, slightly rusted shoulder plate covered his left shoulder. He also wore heavy brown gloves with big metal cuffs. His feet were in large, stiff, brown boots and his startling blue eyes glowed strangely. A humongous sword was strapped to his back.

A young woman stood a little behind him. She had dark chocolate-brown hair and large coffee-colored eyes. She was wearing a very short, white tank top and a small, black mini-skirt. Her hands were in long, dangerous-looking gloves and she wore brown shoes. Standing beside her was a big man with chocolate-colored skin. His dark hair was cropped very short, and he had on a rough-looking, sleeveless jacket and green pants. One hand was in a fingerless, black glove with large metal cuffs. The other had been replaced by a machine arm. Two silver belts encircled his waist, he had on huge brown boots, and a skull was tattooed on his normal left arm.

A cat-like creature with flaming-red fur sat behind them. He had even redder fur that stuck up on his back and hung down on his head. Strange tattoos were on his left shoulder and his hind leg. His long tail ended in a burning flame. Two feathers stuck out of his "hair", and he had gold leg cuffs on all of his legs. His right eye was in a squint while his left eye observed the people in front of him. Next to the creature was a man of around his thirties. He had bright, short, blond hair that was flattened under pilot goggles. He wore a beige shirt with a dark blue coat and black pants. He had on light-brown pilot gloves and reddish-brown shoes.

A teenage girl stood to the side. she had short, brownish-black hair and brown eyes. A grey headband was tied around her head. She wore a short, blue tank top and very short white shorts. Her left arm was encased in a huge, white arm plate. She had on long socks and wore normal sneakers. One of her legs was in a thin covering, and she was holding a big, pointy-cross. Close to her was a large white creature that had small black wings sprouting out from its back. Two small fangs protruded out from the bottom of its mouth. A little black and white cat sat on its head. It had a crown perched on its head and a microphone in its paw. It wore shoes and a small cape.

Standing furthest back was a tall man that still looked quite young. This man was perhaps the most disturbing of all the people. His dark, black hair fell behind him and around his shoulders. A deep-red, wide headband tied around his bangs kept his crazy bangs from falling all over his face. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants with a silver belt around his waist. A long, red cape the same color as his headband trailed behind him. Its high collar covered his mouth, and his right hand was in a fingerless, black glove. He also had on tall, steel-toed boots. His left hand was the most interesting part of him. Instead of a normal human arm, a gold, sinister-looking claw was in its place. The tips of each finger were dead-sharp. The man's eyes were deep, blood-red and looked as thought they could pierce through the soul. Apart from his appearance, however, he looked frail and weak.

"…who are all of you? What happened to the demons?" Inuyasha asked. He put a hand on the handle of the Tessaiga warily.

"Demons?" The young man in the front blinked. "Well, I don't know about demons, but we just got attacked by crazy monsters when we were flying in our airship. We crashed, and everything disappeared. The airship and all the birds.

"Airship? What the hell is that?" Inuyasha's left eye twitched in annoyance. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo looked confused.

"Never mind that now," said Kagome quickly. She held out her hand. "Hi. I'm Kagome. This is Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara." She gestured to each of her friends. Cloud shook her hand. Inuyasha's ears twitched.

"Hi. I'm Cloud."

"Hi! I'm Tifa!" said the girl who had been standing behind Cloud.

"Yo. I'm Barret," said the big man.

"Hi. I'm Red XIII, but you can call me Red." The fiery-red creature nodded.

"Nice ta meetcha. I'm Cid," said the pilot.

"Hey! Meh name's Yuffie!" The teenager winked and nodded.

"Hiya! I'm Cait Sith!" The cat on top of the great, white thing jumped up and down eagerly. The man at the back of the group inclined his head slightly.

"…Vincent." Kagome grinned. Inuyasha cocked an eyebrow.

"So, five humans and three demons?" Tifa's eyebrows were furrowed.

"Demons? What do you mean?"

"Well," said Miroku. "You three are obviously demons." He pointed at Red, Cait Sith, and Vincent.

"I'm not a demon!" Red said indignantly.

"I'm not a demon, I'm a toy!" Cait Sith cried, bouncing excitedly. Vincent said nothing. Sango addressed them all.

"You're all not from around here, right?"

"Obviously," Inuyasha snorted.

"Here? What do ya mean, here?" asked Barret.

"Here, as in Feudal Japan," Kagome answered.

"Never head of it," Cloud said confusedly.

"Hey, you're the ones who aren't from our world. Anyway, you just came from Nibelheim, didn't you?" Yuffie asked, looking rather annoyed.

"Yes," Kagome replied. "How do you know Nibelheim?"

"Cloud and I came from there. We were born there."

"Really?" Kagome looked at Tifa. "So…it's part of your world then?"

"Duh," said Cid, rolling his eyes.

"Not demons? How can that be?" Inuyasha looked suspiciously at AVALANCHE.

"Well…we don't have demons in our world. Except…well…maybe…" Cloud glanced at Vincent. "Never mind."

"Well, I'm a half-demon. I bet I could beat you all easily."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome smiled apologetically at them. "I'm just a schoolgirl, you know, teenager…but I guess I'm a also a priestess in a sort of way."

"I'm a demon-slayer," Sango supplied.

"Yet you travel with one?" Red asked skeptically.

"Well…Inuyasha's a good one."

"Yes, he is," Miroku interjected, smiling. "I'm a monk."

"And he does all the things monks shouldn't."

"Now Inuyasha, don't be harsh."

"I'm a fox demon!" Shippo piped up. "And Kirara's a cat demon." Cloud grinned.

"We're all part of a terrorist group called AVALANCHE, but I'm also a swordsman."

"I'm a bar hostess and a fighter," Tifa said.

"I'm Leader of AVALANCHE…well, used to be, but Cloud's the real leader here." Barret shrugged.

"I'm…the last one of my kind." Red sighed.

"I'm a pilot!" Cid cracked a smile.

"I'm the Great Ninja Yuffie!" Yuffie announced.

"I'm a…fortune teller!" Cait Sith decided. Vincent remained quiet.

"Aww, come on Vinnie! Say something!" Yuffie urged. Vincent turned to her.

"My name is Vincent."

"Whatever Vinnie. Hey Cait, poke him, will ya?" Cait Sith looked at Vincent, who was staring at him. He backed away slowly.

"Erm…I'd rather not…thanks…." Yuffie sighed dramatically.

"You're such a wimp."

"He's a sniper," Cloud informed the others. Kagome smiled. Then, her smile suddenly disappeared. She looked at Cloud curiously.

"You have two sacred jewel shards."

"What? …oh yeah!" Cloud reached into his pocket and took out the jewel shards.

"Where'd you get those!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Whoa, man, calm down. We got these from killing two of those monsters…demons…whatever." Inuyasha relaxed.


"You guys collect jewel shards, right?" Kagome blinked.

"How do you know we collect jewel shards?" Tifa mind raced for an answer.

"We, uh, heard from one of the new villages. But…can we join you?" Sango looked at her.

"Why do you want to collect jewel shards?" Tifa quickly made up an excuse.

"Um…because too many demons have them and they're harming the Planet." Miroku raised an eyebrow.


"What we called the fricken world we live in," Cid replied, shrugging.

"Oh…well, of course you can join us!" Kagome smiled. "Welcome!"

"Wait a moment! They can't just barg in-"

"Inuyasha," Kagome said warningly. Inuyasha stopped and looked at her nervously. Kagome nodded.

"That's better."

"Huh?" Cloud and the others looked confused.

"Um…don't mind her." Inuyasha said hastily. Kagome frowned at him, but said nothing.

"Do you have jewel shards?" Tifa asked. Kagome signed.

"No…we used to have some, but they got stolen by these thieves. They stole them and vanished! And we had five shards too…" Kagome sighed again.

"Oh…well, we only have two here."

"Well?" Cloud stared at Inuyasha.


"What do you mean, what? Since we're collecting the jewel shards together now, give them to Kagome!"

"Why?" Inuyasha blinked.

"Cause…she can see them! And I don't trust you."

"No." The voice came from the back of the group. Everybody turned towards Vincent. He looked at Kagome. "Can you fight?" Kagome met his gaze. She froze. Her eyes widened and she took a step back.

"N…n…n-no." Inuyasha looked at Kagome worriedly.

"What's the matter Kagome?"

"N-nothing." Vincent gazed at her. Then he looked towards Inuyasha.

"If she has the jewel shards, demons will go for her. If she cannot defend herself well, it will endanger her." Sango frowned slightly.

"He's right," she commented.

"Yes…I've never thought of that," Miroku added.

"Alright, then I'll keep them," Cloud decided, and pocketed the jewel shards.

"…fine," Inuyasha grumbled.

"Let's go to Kaede's village," Miroku said.

"Kaede's village?" Barret asked.

"Yes. Don't worry, we know the way."

"Why the heck do we have to go to Kaede's village?"

"To stock up on supplies," Inuyasha replied. They set off in the direction of Kaede's village, traveling on the dusty path.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

Kagome walked as far from Vincent as possible without rousing any suspicion. She kept glancing at him nervously. She couldn't believe it. There was one here. Here! Right next to her! Well…near her. How could the rest of those people travel with him? She could just imagine…he could just grab her any minute and…Kagome shuddered.

"Hey, Kagome, you okay?" Kagome jumped and looked around. Inuyasha was looking at her concernedly.

"W-wha? Oh…I'm…uh…fine! Yeah, just fine!" she replied in a falsely cheery voice.

"Kagome." Inuyasha stood in front of her, looking at her. "What's wrong? You're quiet, nervous, jumpy, and you're stuttering. What is wrong?" He emphasized the last three words. Kagome looked down at her feet.


"What about him?"

"He's a…a…a…"

"A what?"

"A…a…a vampire."

"WHAT!" Kagome looked up, panicking.

"Shhhh!" But it was too late. Everyone else had stopped walking.

"What's the matter Inuyasha?" Sango asked. Inuyasha glared at Vincent.

"Him!" Vincent stared levelly at him.

"…do you have a problem with me?"

"You bet I have a problem with you, you blood-sucking vampire!" Vincent's gaze shifted to Kagome. She looked petrified.

"What are you talking about? Vincent's not a vampire," Cloud said confusedly.

"What? He's not?"

"No…whatever gave you that idea?" Inuyasha looked back at Kagome.

"…he's not? Really?" she said timidly. Yuffie laughed.

"Ole Vinnie may look like a vampire, but he isn't one."

"Yeah. Vampires can't walk around in broad daylight, remember?" Cloud added.

"Oh…" Kagome glanced back at Vincent nervously.

"…I am not a vampire."

"Okay. I'm sorry I thought you were one."


"Hey," Miroku spoke up. "Do any of you know what a mako reactor is?" Everybody in AVALANCHE stiffened. They all exchanged dark looks. "…what?" Miroku blinked, confused.

"No…it's just…" Cloud began.

"Those damn mako reactors destroy everything!" Barret interrupted.

"What? How?" Sango asked.

"…mako reactors suck up mako," Tifa answered. Inuyasha glanced quizzically at her.

"What's mako?"

"It's the Planet's life energy," Red replied.

"So…mako reactors are things that suck up the world's life energy?" Kagome interjected.

"Not the world's, the Planet's," Barret corrected.

"Yes. The Planet is alive. It feeds on mako energy. It's like…sucking the life out of the Planet. If the Planet dies, we all die." Red was looking very somber.

"That's horrible," Kagome whispered.

"But…who would do such a thing?" Sango asked, horrified.

"Them $# Shinra, that's who!" Cid yelled. "They're building those damn mako reactors to suck all the mako outta the Planet cause they wanna use it for their own stupid greedy plans!" Shippo blinked, eyes wide.

"Wow…and I thought Inuyasha was greedy!" Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at him.

"What did you just say?" Shippo jumped and hid behind Kagome.


"So yeah," Tifa concluded, rather lamely. Kagome blinked.


"Midgar's really polluted. The people there live pretty badly, but they're attached to the land, so they won't move." Barret sighed.

"You guys are all too grumpy and serious-looking!" Yuffie complained. She sought to change the topic. "Um…so…uh…how did the jewel get broken?"

"Oh…erm…well, I kinda broke it…" Kagome mumbled sheepishly.

"You BROKE it!" Cait Sith exclaimed.

"Yeah…you see, there was this crow demon…it stole the jewel. Inuyasha ripped it to pieces, but the pieces stuck back together because of the sacred jewel. I got hold of one of the claws and tied it to an arrow. The claw flew towards the crow and the arrow struck it…but it also struck the jewel…and it broke."

"…" Everyone from AVALANCHE stared at her.


"Watch out!" Sango pushed Kagome aside as a Nibel wolf attacked. Kagome was saved, but Sango got slashed in the side. She fell to the ground.

"Sango!" Kagome cried, and knelt down next to her injured friend. She helped her up.

"Ugh…" Sango winced and gingerly touched her side.

"Are you alright Sango?" Sango groaned.

"I'm fine…watch out, there are more." Kagome nodded.

"Right." She grabbed her bow and the quiver of arrows. Barret fired at a Nibel wolf.

"Look, you stay outta this girl, we'll handle it!"

"No way! I'm going to fight too!"

"You can't even kill it!"

"Oh yeah? Well, watch this!" Kagome notched an arrow, took aim, and fired. The arrow skimmed past the wolf and nicked its side. The wolf didn't even noticed the injury. It kept on charging. Kagome frowned, and fired off another arrow. This time, the arrow hit the wolf, but it merely fell of its chest. "WHAT!" she gasped.

"I told ya, you can't kill it! The wolves have a damned hard hide and your weapons aren't strong enough." Barret fired off a round of shots at the wolf and it fell over, dead. "You may be able to kill 'em monsters in your world, but not in ours!" Cloud rushed past and cut a wolf in half. Red slammed into another one and speared it with the Seph Comb. Cait Sith thumped another one on the head. Tifa boxed a wolf that was trying to bite her, and Yuffie threw her shruiken at various wolves. Vincent was rolling, taking aim, and firing, shooting many dead.

"Ugh! I HATE THOSE THINGS!" Yuffie shrieked. A huge white monster with green things on its head and what looked like round wings protruding from its sides had joined the fight. It flapped its wings and clouds of black fog obscured Cloud and Vincent. It did them little damage, but…

"AHHH! I can't see!" Cloud yelled. He swung his sword blindly. Red narrowly avoided having his head sliced off.

"Cloud, watch it!" Cloud stopped.

"Sorry," he said apologetically. "Does anyone have any eye drops?" Everyone checked and shook their heads.

"No, sorry Cloud. We're really short on supplies." Cloud swore. An inhuman growl suddenly sounded. Everybody turned around warily. To their surprise, Vincent was kneeling on the ground, gripping the grass tightly, growling. His whole body shook and he was squeezing his gun so hard it looked like it was going to go off. He stood up slowly. He raised his gun.

"Oh no," said Cid, recognizing the symptoms. "Oh hell no. Everyone get the fricken hell back if you wanna live!" Everyone looked at each other, then scampered back as fast as they could. Vincent growled furiously, then started shooting. Bullets were blasted into trees, mountain sides, and thin air. Some of them hit the wolves and killed them. One by one, the Nibel wolves fell. A wolf was brave (or stupid) enough to leap at him, but he fury-induced man killed it before it even touched him. The huge white monster came up behind Vincent and prepared to strike him, but he spun around like lightning and ripped it apart with his claw. He stood still for a moment. Everyone got up cautiously. Then the red-clad figure started shaking worse than every. He fell to the ground again, ripping up the grass from the ground.

"Tifa," he gasped. She approached him cautiously.


"Do…you…have…a…tranquilizer?" Tifa bit her lip.

"Oh, Vincent…we only have a couple of potions, some ethers, some phoenix downs, some antidotes, and some echo screens." Vincent let out another gasp and stood up slowly.

"Fine…" Tifa looked at him, worry evident on her face, but said nothing. Vincent turned away. Cloud stuck his sword on his back and felt around.

"Aw man, we should've stopped at Nibelheim and stocked up." He stumbled and fell forward. Barret caught him just in time.

"Yo, watch out."

"Ugh…thanks Barret." Tifa glanced nervously at Vincent, who now looked like his normal self.

"Um, Tifa? Can you help me?"

"What? Oh, sorry Cloud!" Tifa ran over to Cloud and slung his arm around her neck.

"Thanks Tifa. How's Vincent doing?" Tifa hesitated.


"Mm. Let's go now." Cloud walked forward blindly, guided only by Tifa's arm. "Hey, Inuyasha? Does Kaede's village sell any eye drops or tranquillizers?"

"Nope," Inuyasha replied. Sango was limping along, helped by Kagome and Miroku. Shippo was riding on Kirara. Cloud groaned as he accidentally kicked a large rock that was sticking out of the ground.

"ARGH. Being blind is madness. I wonder what the closest town is?"

"Hm…seeing as we just left Nibelheim, I would say…probably Gongaga or Cosmo Canyon." Tifa answered.

"Hey Kagome, you're not going home again, are you?" Inuyasha asked.

"Nah," Kagome replied.

"Good," Inuyasha said bluntly. Kagome glared at him, then looked at Vincent. His head was bowed so that she couldn't see his face, but he was walking along calmly and appeared to be alright, so she decided to talk to him.

"Hey, Sango, I'll be back, all right?" Sango nodded. Kagome walked towards Vincent.

"Kagome…now wouldn't be the best time to talk to Vincent. Don't go near him," Red advised. Kagome looked quizzically at him, but decided that it didn't matter.

"Um…hi." Vincent said nothing.

"Uh…are you feeling alright?" Kagome tried again.


"What's your favorite color? How old are you?"


"Why do you use a gun instead of a sword or something? Aren't you hot in those clothes? Why is your arm like that?"


"You know, you could at least say SOMETHING!" she yelled angrily. Vincent's head lifted. Kagome gasped. Vincent's normally red eyes were glowing madly.

"…idiot," he whispered. "I do not care what you are saying, so much as the idiotic way you are saying it…and it annoys me!" He stuck out with his left arm. Kagome shrieked and leapt back. "My life is none of your business." Vincent hit Kagome on the shoulder and she toppled over, cutting her right hand open.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha rushed over and caught her. "What do you think you're doing, bastard!" Inuyasha snarled. Vincent's eyes flashed. He leapt forward, but was slowed by Cid, who had grabbed onto his right arm.

"Hey, stop this damned #$$# now! C'm on! A little stinkin' help 'ere!" Barret held Vincent's shoulders. Cait Sith grabbed the other arm gingerly. Red kicked the gunman's legs so that he fell. The sniper struggled fruitlessly against his captors. Yuffie came over.

"Come on Vinnie, calm yourself!" Vincent slowed and gasped, trying to control the chaotic fury coursing through him. Everyone released him. Red looked at Kagome, who was looking frightened.

"…I told you to stay away from him."

"…sorry," the girl whispered. Vincent straightened.

"Are we there yet?" Cloud asked impatiently, just as Miroku said:

"There's Kaede's village." There was silence. Then Cloud spoke.

"Heh. Um…sorry." Miroku nodded, but of course, Cloud couldn't see it. Tifa noticed Sango wince.

"Let's hurry guys." Everyone walked towards the small group of houses, nestled in the valley below.

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