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Chapter 6 - The Shinra Mansion Revisited

Tifa walked along thoughtfully. They were going to Nibelheim, her home town! Although it wasn't as homey and nice anymore, with all the black-hooded Sephiroth clones drifting all over the town. Cid looked curious.

Hm…I've never been to Nibelheim before. Is it a nice place?" Shippo looked up at him.

Wow, that's the first sentence you've spoken that doesn't have anything bad in it!" Cid narrowed his eyes.

Look kid, I don't go all over the place saying say'n 'damn' and other things."

Erm…" Everyone from AVALANCHE looked dubiously at him.

What?" Barret sighed.

Nothing Cid." Tifa smiled at the pilot.

"No, there isn't anything fun in Nibelheim. It's…very quiet." Cait Sith frowned.

"I don't like that place. It's so creepy and weird."

"Yes," Miroku agreed. "It has a strange aura of foreboding." Yuffie sulked.

"I'm bored." Red glanced back at her.

"We're almost there."

"Yeah, it's up ahead." Inuyasha pointed at the shape of the houses. As they got to the town, they saw a boy playing fetch with a dog. He looked up.

"Oh! Mr. Cloud! Miss. Tifa!" He ran up to them. Cloud bent down.

"Hey Scott. What's up? Where are the other kids?" Scott looked at him sadly.

"They're all too scared to come out and play." Tifa bent down too.


"Because…" Scott glanced at the huge, dark mansion in the back of the town. "There've been really weird noises coming from the Shinra mansion the past few days. Everyone's scared that some horrible thing might be in it. I'm kinda scared too, but I was bored." Yuffie grinned.

"Same here Scotty!" Cloud and Tifa looked at each other.

"Strange noises?" Tifa thought.

"We'd better check it out," Cloud said, getting up. "Scott, bring Buddy with you inside." Scott nodded.

"Okay." He patted the dog. "Come on Buddy." They went inside the house. Cid looked around.

"This sure ain't some happy dandy town alright." Cait Sith shuffled forward.

"Wait until you see the inside of the mansion. It's even gloomier." Sango spoke.

"Where'd Vincent go?" Everyone looked around.

"…I am right here." Vincent was walking out of the item shop, holding several things. He handed them to Cloud.

"Oh, great! You took a tranquilizer?" Vincent nodded. Cloud stuffed the things into the item inventory. "Well, let's go." They walked through the gate and into the mansion. Shippo squeaked and leapt into Kagome's arms.

"Ooooh, it's so creepy in here!"

"You can second that," Kagome whispered. She clung to Inuyasha's arm. Red looked up.

"I hear things upstairs." The group crept cautiously up the stairs. As they neared the top of the staircase, four weird pumpkin-heads with transparent bodies that looked like badly dressed up ghosts appeared.

"AHHH!" Kagome shrieked. Cloud pulled off his sword.

"Dorky Faces!" he yelled. Dorky Face A cackled and opened its mouth. It used one of its main attacks, Curses. The black cloud rose and covered Barret. Red turned around.

"Barret!" Barret mouthed wordlessly. He pointed at his mouth.

"Silence!" Yuffie said, understanding. "Echo Screen!" She yelled, throwing an Echo Screen at Barret. He opened his mouth and grunted.

"Thanks Yuffie. For once, I won't call you brat," he said grudgingly. Cloud slashed Dorky Face A in the face. Yuffie threw her shruiken and Tifa boxed it. It managed to reduced the damage of the attacks by fading slightly.

"Man, they're even stronger than last time!" Yuffie complained.

"Yeah," Barret grunted as he shot at Dorky Face B.

"HIRAKOTSU!" The boomerang whizzed through the air and hit Dorky Face C. It teetered for a moment, then sprang back up.

"It's no use," Cloud said as he slashed Dorky Face A again. It now had two deep cuts in its face. "You have to hit it harder than that. You probably just gave it a bruise or something. These things are like…really strong." Cid walloped Dorky Face B on the head.

"Ugh," he grunted. "That shoulda dented it's idiotic fricken head." Dorky Face B shook for a moment, then cast Curses, but it missed. Cait Sith bopped it cheerfully on the head. It bobbed up and down like a corkscrew.

"Heehee!" Cait said gleefully. "I love watching them do that!" Inuyasha stepped forward, brandishing the Tessaiga.

"Out of the way!" he shouted. "WIND SCAR!" The wind scar whipped through the Dorky Faces and gave them slightly burning cuts. Cloud blinked. Dorky Faces A and B were gone. "HA! They're dead!"

"Um…well, you didn't really do them a lot of damage. Only a few cuts," Cloud commented.

"Yeah right. I killed them. With the wind scar."

"Uh…that's only because we weakened them first."

"Whatever." Vincent took out his gun and shot a hole clean through Dorky Face C's face. It spun around from the impact, then died.

"Wow!" Tifa exclaimed. "What a critical hit!" Miroku turned to Dorky Face D.

"Sacred Sutra!" The sutra hit the Dorky Face and…fell. The Dorky Face cackled.

"Er…what was that?" Cloud asked, trying not to sound too unimpressed. Miroku stared at the slip of paper on the floor.

"It is a Sacred Sutra. Sutras are supposed to rid evil demons of their demonic powers and kill them," he answered. "However…they do no seem to work on demons from your world."

"Right." Red rushed at the cackling Dorky Face and hit it with a D-blow attack, right before it could conjure Curses. It toppled over and rolled in midair, it's head bobbing wildly. Cait Sith pointed and laughed at it. The Dorky Face was greatly injured and battered. It was weakened, and was slower at moving. It barely had enough soul power to conjure Curses or another attack. The Dorky Face drifted forward weakly.

"DIE!" Kagome shot an arrow at it. The arrow went through it, though it didn't go through with enough force. A part of the arrow was now lodged where Dorky Face D's ear would've been if it had one. The Dorky Face stilled and hung in the air. "WHAT! It didn't kill it!"

"Nope!" Cait exclaimed. "Too weak." He jumped forward and karate-kicked the Dorky Face's head. Its head fell off, hovering beside the frayed body. The Dorky Face dissolved into nothing, as its comrades had.

"Well, that was a nice waste of time," Inuyasha said impatiently. Cloud looked left and right.

"Well, if we go this way," he pointed to the left hallway, "we'll be at the safe where we fought Lost Number. If we go the other way, we'll end up in the basement, where the library and lab is. And also where we found…" Cloud trailed off and glanced at Vincent. "Yeah. So…um…which way should we go?"

"Well, I think that anything creepy or powerful or something would probably be in the basement, so I think we should check out the safe first," Tifa suggested.

"Ya," Yuffie said nervously. "We should check out the safe cause it's safe, get it?" She laughed shakily. Nobody else did. They proceeded towards the safe, taking the left hallway. As they neared it, they saw a purplish-red goo all over the floor.

"…that wasn't there when we left," Red said slowly.

"Ew!" Kagome squeaked.

"Grossness!" Yuffie whispered. Cloud knelt down and scooped up some goo with his finger.

"This looked like…Lost Number." Tifa gasped.

"But that's impossible! We fought and killed it!"

"Now that's weird," Barret commented.

"Whatever that is, the damned thing must've come back to life. I don't know how the hell it did it though," Cid growled.

"If it's back to life," Cait Sith said, "then where is it?" Everyone looked at each other.

"The basement," Cloud said softly.

"Ugh. Not that creepy place." Yuffie shuddered. Sango looked around.

"Then what are we all waiting for?" she asked. Cloud nodded, but before he could say "let's go", Vincent walked past him, out the door and into the hallway, towards the basement. Everyone followed. Vincent went up to the huge stone door and pressed something. The door opened. The whole group filed down the long, rickety, old, winding staircase. Occasionally, the boards would squeak and give everyone a start. The stairs lead to an underground passageway, littered with old bones of rats and other rather unpleasant things. Some Black Bats fluttered around the ceiling, but didn't bother them. They all walked past the place where Vincent had been found. An old, peeling door loomed up ahead of them in the darkness. Vincent opened it. All of them entered Hojo's lab. Kagome gasped. Shippo was shivering so much that Kagome's backpack (he'd dove into it as soon as they'd left the stairs) quaked from him.

A wave of memories hit Vincent. He could see, almost perfectly…Lucrecia's agreement to the experiment…Hojo injecting Jenova's cells into Lucrecia…the newborn Sephiroth being carried into the lab…being shot by Hojo…Hojo dragging him onto the table…the madman's wildly insane face grinning at him, holding up a needle full of Jenova's cells…having the specimen's cells injected into him…being experimented on…

Vincent knelt on the ground, clutching his head. Lucrecia…Hojo…Sephiroth…Hojo…Lucrecia…Lucrecia…

"Vincent? Vincent. Vincent! Are you alright?" Someone was shaking him. The sniped opened his eyes. Tifa was standing in front of him, looking at him worriedly.

"…I'm fine…" Vincent stood up, giving his head a little shake. He looked towards the study. "There are noises coming from the study…" Kagome suddenly looked alert.

"I sense two sacred jewel shards!" Inuyasha grabbed the hilt of the Tessaiga. Cloud grabbed his Force Stealer. Barret readied his arm, Tifa readied her fists, Cid held his spear up warily, Yuffie held her shruiken in an attack stance, Vincent gripped his gun tightly, Cait Sith turned the volume of his microphone up a little, Red went into fighting position, Sango lifted her boomerang, and Miroku steadied his staff. Squishing noises were heading towards them, getting closer and closer. Everyone held their breath. A hideous, slimy, disgusting, gigantic, red and purple monster came into view. It had two huge heads, one being spiky. Half of it was red while the other half was purple, and the eyes glared and mouth gaped at them.

"It's Lost Number!" Cloud yelled.

"It has two sacred jewel shards!" Kagome shouted. "One in each head!"

"Watch out! It's attacking!" Tifa cried as she jumped aside. The red side of the monster swung out it's thick arm. It hit Kirara and Cait Sith, sending them flying into the shelves behind them. The jars and cases on the shelves fell down and broke in a tinkling of glass, the contents spilling onto the unfortunate pair. Cait Sith got up, swaying slightly, cross-eyed. He had a big bump on his head. "CURE!" Tifa yelled to Cait Sith. The bump on his head glowed green, then sank back into his skull.

"Get rid of the magic side first!" Barret roared as she shot at the monster.

"Which side is the magic side!" Sango asked frantically.

"The purple one!" Barret shouted back.

"Right! HIRAKOTSU!" Sango threw her boomerang. It hit the purple side of Lost Number and flew back to her.

"WIND SCAR!" The wind scar zoomed through Lost Number. It didn't do any visible damage.

"No use!" Red yelled. "We need to use summons!"

"Wait!" Cait Sith sprang back up. His limit brake had broken out. His body (and the moogle he was riding on) glowed red as the white moogle shook a fist. "DICE!" Two dice fell to the floor. Each had six dots facing up. Red light flared from the dice and hit Lost Number with extreme force. The light sizzled through Lost Number's body and sent some of it flying. The monster roared with pain. Deep, burning gashes had appeared on its face, arms, and the midsection of its body. More burns dotted its back, and parts of its sides were cut off. "Whoohoo!" Cait Sith yelled. Cloud closed his eyes.

"SHIVA!" He thought, concentrating. Everyone and everything disappeared. That was, everyone and everything weren't visible to the monster. They were all outside a magical summon barrier that protected them and their surroundings from the attacks of the summon monster. A bright, blinding light appeared and Shiva emerged from it. Her skin and hair were as blue as water; her skin vibrant. Shimmering lights sparkled all around her as she lifted her right hand gracefully while descending. Her hand lowered and she cast Diamond Dust on Lost Number. Great icicles shot up under Lost Number, going right through its body, freezing some of its insides. The monster roared again with pain as the icicles retracted and Shiva vanished. Everything was returned to normal.

"Whoa!" Inuyasha said. "What was that?"

"A summon," Cloud answered, attacking the enemy. He sliced Lost Number and successfully gave it another long gash.


"Yeah, when we call upon a summon monster to attack."

"…okay. I didn't get a word you said, but there's no time for that." Red was standing, hunched over as he concentrated on his summon and the monster in front of him. He willed the summon to come.

"Ramuh…use your Judgment Bolt!" Everyone, again, entered that transparent, ghost-like state where they would be safe from Ramuh. A sky appeared. It darkened, black clouds swirling across it, and bolts of lighting shot down towards a spot on the ground. A large mountain erupted from the ground. On top of it stood an old man, with a long, white beard. He wore the robes of a priest's and a talisman of bones around his neck. He was also holding a long, magic staff, brandishing it in front of him like a spear. He raised the staff. A huge, powerful, blinding bolt of lightning streaked from the boiling sky and hit Lost Number. A deep gouge was now in the monster's back. It nearly screamed with pain as everyone returned to the battle. "Yeah!" Red whooped. "That's bound weaken it a lot!" Lost Number gave a deafening roar and held out its arms. Bolt 2 flashed and struck Tifa. Her whole body sizzled and she knelt, critically hurt.

"Tifa!" Kagome shouted, about to run over.

"Cure 2!" the young woman gasped. Purple sparkles fell around her and she glowed momentarily. Her cuts, bruises, and injuring mended and she got back on her feet. Kagome blinked.

"Well…that was quick." Red light engulfed Tifa.

"BEAT RUSH!" Tifa's fists and feet glowed, turning as hard as rocks. She sped up to Lost Number and started boxing it furiously. The monster screeched in pain as the young woman pummeled it. After a few seconds, her fists and feet stopped glowing, and she had to retreat. Tifa had inflicted quite a lot of damage, though. The monster now sported bruises around the lower part of its body. Cid jumped forward, cigarette in mouth, and drove the Trident into Lost Number's side. It howled, for Cid had left a nasty-looking hole in its side. The beast kept on howling and swung its arms, like bullwhips. It managed to knock Yuffie and Barret into the wall. Tifa spun around and raised her arms.

"Cure!" she yelled. Yuffie's bruises and cuts were healed slightly. Tifa yelled cure again, and Barret was back on his feet. Yuffie's body started glowing red. Her limit brake had broken out. A smile curled her lips.

"GREASED LIGHTNING!" The deadly shruiken zipped through the monster with double speed and force. Barret also used his limit brake, Mindblow. A great blue ball of energy formed at the mouth of his machine-arm. It was blasted right at the enemy. Some of Lost Number's MP was sapped. The monster suddenly started quaking. It convulsed and stretched, then the purple side suddenly disappeared, leaving the red, spiky-headed side. Yuffie used sense. The magic allowed her to temporarily use sense vision, and she saw that Lost Number was nearly transparent, which meant it was almost at its end. It was glowing with a strong, white light though, which meant that it still had a lot of MP. "It's nearly dead, so a few more blows should do it! But it still has tons of MP!" Yuffie called. The red, gloopy, spiky-headed thing slowed for a moment.

"Oh no," Cloud whispered. Then the huge thing attacked with Lost Blow, striking Sango, Cid, Kagome, and Tifa. Vincent retaliated by shooting six bullets at it with D-blow.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha screamed as Miroku cried,

"SANGO!" Both men ran to the fallen girls.

"Tifa! Cid!" Cloud, Barret, Yuffie, Red, and Cait Sith yelled. Barret and Cloud threw the contents of two bottles of red, sparkling powder onto them. Vincent turned to the weak warriors. He held out his arms in an almost "bow to the mighty Vincent" like way and softly said,

"Cure 2." Tifa's eyes shone as she looked at him, fully healed.

"Thank you."

"Thanks man." Cid nodded his head. Cait Sith threw two more bottles of phoenix down on Kagome and Sango. They opened their eyes weakly.

"Cure 2!" Tifa said twice.

"Kagome! Are you alright?" Inuyasha grabbed her shoulders. The schoolgirl smiled.

"I'm fine Inuyasha." Inuyasha knelt down, looking at her worriedly.

"Why didn't you hide behind me? Then you wouldn't have gotten hurt!" Kagome looked at him, eyebrow raised.

"I couldn't, with you jumping all over the place and using the wind scar. Anyway, I'd be a nuisance to you." Inuyasha frowned.

"No you wouldn't. I promised Koga and myself that I wouldn't let you get hurt like that again. Stay near me, at least." Then the hanyo bowed his head. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you…" He looked away. Kagome felt something warm spreading inside her. She smiled again.

"Oh, Inuyasha." She threw her arms around him. He started, surprised. Then he draped his arms around her and held her close to him.

"Kagome," he whispered into her hair. "Don't you ever dare get hurt like that again. Promise?"

"Promise," Kagome replied softly.

Miroku stroked Sango's hair, talking to her in a soothing voice. The demon slayer smiled up at him.

"Aw, they're in love," Tifa commented while Barret and Cid rolled their eyes. Yuffie broke in.

"Um, guys? Now is hardly the time to be getting all lovey-dovey." They all jumped in time to avoid a blow from Lost Number. Vincent closed his eyes, holding out his arms again, in that "bow to the mighty Vincent" pose.

"Odin…come help my friends and I before they are in grave danger…" The sky darkened and poured rain as a skeletal knight riding a bone-white horse with many legs appeared. The sky thundered with lighting and rumbled. The knight's horse bucked and he threw his long, fatally-pointed spear shot into the clouds. All cleared for a moment…then the spear shot from the sky and speared the red beast below. The lethal spear shot right into Lost Number's heart. It gave a ghostly cry of pain and twitched in crazy angles as everyone returned to the battle.

"Whoa!" Cloud shouted. "That was a major hit!" Barret used demi on the monster. Then Cloud and Yuffie both used bolt2. Cait Sith used ice. Miroku struck Lost Number using his staff (of course, it did little damage). Cloud jumped forward and cut straight through the monster. It roared - a last deafening roar - and disappeared. Lost Number was defeated at last. Cloud walked over and picked up the two jewel shards that were lying on the floor. He began to pocket them, but…

"Hey!" Inuyasha barked. Cloud turned around.


"How come you get to keep the jewel shards?"

"Well…we did fight the most," Red said.

"That's true," Kagome agreed. "You can keep them." Inuyasha spun around.

"WHAT!" he yelped.

"Come on, they got them fair and square. We're also on the same side, so yeah."

"Grr…" Inuyasha growled angrily, but said no more.

"So…four jewel shards." Tifa sighed. "Slow progress, but at least Scott and the others don't have to worry anymore."

"That was one hellava monster…and one hellava battle." Cid lit a cigarette. Vincent went out the door.

"Vincent?" Red looked at him.

"Let us leave this place. I do not want to see Hojo's lab any longer." Red nodded. AVALANCHE and the Inuyasha-tachi trooped out the door, weary but triumphant.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

Tifa knocked on the door. A boy opened it.

"Hey Scott!" Scott brightened.

"Hi Tifa! Hi Cloud!" He looked at all the others. "Did you get the thing that's making the noises?" Cloud nodded.

"It's gone." Scott whooped.

"Yay! Thanks Cloud, Tifa, and everyone! Please come in!" All the warriors collapsed onto the sofa, chairs, and floor. Yuffie sat next to the boy.

"So Scotty, whacha got here?" Scott shifted through the board games.

"Mmmm…I have Chocobo Chase", Midgar Zolom Attack", The Great Materia Hunt", Do You Know Your Turks?", Element", and Summon!"." Yuffie squealed.

"Oooh, materia! I wanna play The Great Materia Hunt"!" Scott took out the pieces and instruction manual.

"Let's see… to play, we have to put all these pieces face down. Then we shuffle these cards and try to answer questions on materia. If we answer a card correctly, we can randomly pick a piece. If you get a piece that has a materia on it, you get the certain materia the piece says. But if you get a piece that has a monster on it, you have to fight it with your current materia. If you loose, a random materia from you will go to the previous player. If you battle the monster and win, you get all the materia it possesses. If you just a piece that's blank, you do nothing. The person with the most materia when all the cards are used up wins. Here are the materia." He held up a box full of green, yellow, blue, purple, and red marbles. "Up to four people can play. We each get two starting materia. We can choose from fire, ice, lighting, poison, or gravity." Yuffie grabbed a green marble that said "fire" on it, and another green marble that said "poison" on it. Scott took a green "ice" marble and a green "lightning" marble. He and Yuffie started drawing cards.

go, Miroku, and Shippo took Chocobo Chase". Barret, Cid, and Cait Sith played Midgar Zolom Attack". Cloud, Tifa, Red, Inuyasha, and Kagome opened up Do You Know Your Turks?". They sat next to Vincent, who looked slightly annoyed. There were two stacks of cards. One pile of cards were the photos of the Turks, with their names. The other pile was a set of questions.

"So," said Cloud, picking up a question card. "This turk loves to dance, joke around, has blond hair that falls over his face, but has a deadly shot. Who is he?" Everyone looked dumbfounded.

"Um," said Tifa, looking at the photos. "There are at least ten guys here that have hair falling over their faces, out of which at least five that have blond hair." Cloud shrugged, then turned the card upside down and read the miniscule words with a magnifying glass.

"Sterling Norman." He shrugged again. "Never heard of him." Tifa took the next card.

"This turk is known for his passion of women. He likes to drink, chat, flirt, and joke around, but he is loyal to his friends and attacks with vigor. Who is he?" She smiled. "This one's easy."

"Reno!" Cloud, Tifa, and Red said in unison. Tifa picked up the photo of a flaming-red haired turk who was slouched in a kind of "cool" way and smirking. Inuyasha blinked.

"He looks weird."

"He looks young," Kagome commented.

"Yeah," Cloud replied. "He's only 21. Same as me." He passed Red a card. The creature stared at it.

"Um…this turk is serious, was the leader, and gives out hard orders, but is also known to have a secret (or not so secret) crush on an Ancient. And he is…?"

"Tseng!" Cloud exclaimed. "I know he likes…or liked Aeris…" He trailed off as he looked at Tseng's photo.

"Right," said Tifa quickly, stuffing a card into Kagome's hand. "What does it say?"

"Er…" Kagome squinted at the card. "The one of the only women to have ever joined the turks. She gets very stressed and sometimes accidentally blurts out classified information. This woman of the turks is…?"

"Elna," Cloud, Tifa, and Red said at once. Red took a photo of a woman with short blond hair. Inuyasha took the next card.

"This turk was once the leader of the turks, many years ago. He was stern, upright, and strict, but would occasionally make jokes and hang out with friends. He was probably the best turk there ever was, for every one of his targets never lived. His steps were silent and aim was deadly. However, he disappeared one day, and nobody has heard from him ever since." Beside the group, Vincent stiffened, though this was unnoticed by anyone.

"Hm…" Cloud's brow was furrowed and he was frowning. "I remember hearing about the turks talking about their…er, cold-hearted, great leader or something, but I can't remember his name." Tifa blinked.

"Well, I've never heard of him." Red shook his head.

"Neither have I." They all turned to Vincent.

"Hey Vince, you used to be in the turks, right? You know this guy?" Cloud asked.


"Oh. Well…I suppose we're just gonna have to look." Cloud turned the card upside down and prepared to lift the magnifying glass over it when Vincent snatched the card away. "Hey!" Cloud cried indignantly.

"…this is none of your business."

"Come on Vince, it's a game!"

"…" Red cocked his head.

"Why are you so touchy about this guy?"

"…" Tifa grinned.

"I know! You guys must've been best friends, and you don't want us poking into his life!"


"OHMYGAWD, Vinnie said SURE!" Yuffie bounded over, clutching a fist full of marbles. "What could've made Vinnie said 'sure', I wonder?" She spotted the card in Vincent's right hand, and before he knew what she was doing, Yuffie had grabbed the card and was reading it.

"Yuffie, give that to me."

"Wow, I didn't know you had a best friend Vinnie!"

"…give that here." Yuffie snatched the magnifying glass.

"Oooh, what's his name?"


"Vincent Valentine." There was a long moment when everyone was silent. Vincent was filled with dread. This was it. They would turn on him…

"COOL VINNIE!" The sniper looked up, startled. The young ninja was waving around a photo. "Your best friend looks sorta like you, acts sorta like you, and has the same first name as you! WOW!"

"Whoa, cool!"



"You guys must've been like brothers!"

"I'd say that's nice, knowing you had a best friend!" Vincent was rather taken aback. He sighed inwardly. Were they really that stupid? At least he didn't have to worry…

"I would think that this guy was you, except that you sure don't joke around and hang out with friends!" Cloud laughed.

"…right." Tifa was quiet. She stared at Vincent.

"This guy…this powerful leader of the turks…he is you, isn't he? I overheard Aeris asking you what your full name was, one night…and you answered Vincent Valentine." Cloud stopped laughing and everyone was silent. Vincent looked away.

"…Vincent Valentine…the leader of the turks…was me. Unfortunately, he is gone." Everyone was completely shocked.

"You mean," Cloud said disbelievingly, "that the turk that did all those daring, heartless, and reckless things was you?"


"WHOA. This is what you looked like before?" Yuffie asked, eyes popping.

"Make jokes?" Cait Sith repeated.

"Hang with friends?" Cid goggled at the man.

"You were the LEADER of the TURKS!" Barret yelped.

"Why didn't you ever tell us?" Red asked quietly.

"..was there any need to tell you exactly who I was before?"

"What is this guy talking about?" Inuyasha asked impatiently.

"Beats me." Miroku shrugged. Barret glared at Vincent.

'If you were the leader of the damn turks, how do we know if you ain't with em now?"

"Barret!" Tifa said reproachfully.

"What? What if he's a damn spy for the #!$$ Shinra?"

"Barret! You're-"

"Do not continue Tifa. Nothing will go through his abnormally thick head." Vincent turned to the outraged and suspicious Barret. "Just think. Would I still work with Shinra after what Hojo did to Lucrecia and I?"

"Well, that's Hojo! It ain't Shinra!"

"…Shinra supports Hojo."

"Well…um…well…that ain't…um…dammit." Cloud smiled at Vincent.

"I was in Soldier before. Not anymore though. That's nothing to be worried about. We all trust you." Cloud shot a look at Barret. He grunted. Cloud got up.

"We've got our supplies, cleared the mansion, and got two new jewel shards. We should be going." Everyone got up. Yuffie winked at Scott.

"It was nice playing with ya Scotty." Scott grinned.

"Right back at you." Scott watched sadly as they all left. "Bye Cloud! Bye Tifa! Bye Yuffie! Bye everyone!" Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie waved.

"See ya Scott!"

"Bye Scott!"

"Catcha later Scotty!" Trooping off into the wild, the group laugh, carefree and strong.

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