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Chapter 7 - The Big Switch

Shippo blinked. He bent down and peered at the flower before him. It was the weirdest flower he had every seen. Its petals were red, blue, purple, pointy, round, spotted, or striped. It's center was brown and slightly fuzzy like that of a sunflower's. Its stem had thorns, but the leaves weren't those of a rose's. They were soft and were covered in a white fuzz. Shippo sniffed the flower. It smelled very nice…much like some of the "perfume" stuff Kagome sometimes wore. It made him feel sleepy.

"Whoa…what kind of flowers are these? They look so strange." Sango prodded one of them. "Mmm…they smell nice…mmm…I feel tired." She sat down. Keeling over, she fell asleep. Shippo was also asleep.

"Sango! Now is not the time to be sleeping!" Miroku went over into the flower field to wake Sango. His eyes closed. Falling backwards, he lay on the flowers next to Sango. Inuyasha's sensitive nose picked up the aroma. His eyelids started to droop. Kagome shook him frantically.

"No! Inuyasha! Don't fall asleep!" Inuyasha fell against her, snoring. Cloud took a step back.

"Everyone, get back! Don't breathe the scent, it'll…it'll make…you…fall…asleep…" Cloud fell over. Kagome was next. Then Red. Then Kirara. Then Tifa. Then Yuffie. Then Barret. Then Vincent. Then Cait Sith. The whole group had fallen asleep from the aroma of the flowers. The plants started to disappear as the sun rose. They vanished, leaving everyone lying on the ground peacefully in their wake.

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

Shippo woke up. He yawned, stretching his thin, furry arms. He was lying on something. Something big. White. With wings. Shippo looked down.

"YEEEEAAHHHHHH!" Everyone woke immediately.

"Where's the fire?" Cloud said stupidly. Shippo jumped up and down, yelling. Cloud stared. "What's the matter Cait?" Cloud stopped. His voice sounded different. It was higher. It was sort of familiar. It was…girlish. He looked down and did exactly what Shippo did. He yelled. He was in Yuffie's body! Shippo continued yelling, then jumped into Kagome's arms. Or who he thought was Kagome.

"Kagome! I'm in a different body! I'm not in my body!" "Kagome" looked down.

"Um…you're Shippo, right?" Shippo nodded. "I'm not Kagome. I'm Red." Shippo stared. Then he jumped back onto the white moogle.

"N-n-not Kagome? Where's Kagome?"

"I'm right here Shippo." Cid's body stepped forward. Shippo squeaked.

"You're Kagome?"


"Eh…" Kagome smiled wryly.

"I'm in Cid's body."

"OH MY GAWD! Who are you?" Miroku stepped forward, towards Yuffie's body.

"Yuffie, is that you? I'm Cloud!"


"Speak for yourself!" Cloud said, goggling at her. He heard someone swearing loudly. He turned around.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE? WHY AM I IN THIS GUY'S BODY!" yelled Vincent's body. Cid's body turned around.

"Inuyasha?" Vincent's body stared at her.

"Kagome…is that you?"



"Red. Wow…it looks so weird. I mean, Vincent yelling and screaming. Except you aren't Vincent." Kagome smiled. Cloud looked around.

"Hey Vince? Where are you?"

"…here," Inuyasha's body said. Vincent actually managed to make Inuyasha's face blank and emotionless, his voice flat and calm.

"Um…Cloud?" Cloud turned and found himself staring at…himself. He blinked.

"Wha-?" "Cloud" smiled.

"I'm Sango." Sango's body came over.

"Cloud! Sango! It's me, Tifa!" Barret's body also came over.

"Sango! It is I, Miroku!" He looked at her dismally. "But…you're not a woman anymore. I can't…never mind." Sango (Cloud's body) glared at him. They heard a yell/shout/shriek from Cid's body, who was Kagome. She (or he) was staring at Shippo's body, which was swearing colorfully.

"How did I get stuck in this fricken damn $! pipsqueak's body! What the !$# hell!" Sango and Miroku couldn't help it. They started laughing at the sight of Shippo's body, jumping up and down and swearing. "Whacha all &# laugh's at!" Cid (in Shippo's body) yelled. Red's body bounded over.

"Hi! I'm Cait Sith." Tifa's body strode over.

"Yo. Hey Tifa, I'm Barret." He looked at Cloud. "Oh. So spiky ass is now the brat." Yuffie (in Miroku's body) glared.

"Hey!" Barret snickered. Tifa gaped at him.

"Wow…you're…you're ME!" Barret nodded grimly. Inuyasha and Kagome came over.

"Hey Vincent," Cloud said to Vincent's body. He blinked. "Wait…no, sorry, you're Vincent.

" He turned to Inuyasha's body.

"Hi Miroku. Hi Sango," Kagome said to the two. Red walked to them.

"We're going to have a hard time remembering who everyone is," he commented. Cid and Shippo jumped over.

"This is weird," Shippo told the group nervously. Cid growled.

"I'm still stuck in this fricken !#!& body!" Tifa smiled.

"Poor you, Cid."

"You're damn right it's poor me! Whacha laugh'n at!" the pilot yelled viciously at Sango and Miroku.

"It's just-" Sango giggled.

"Shippo's body is swearing in such an un-Shippo-ish way!" Miroku exclaimed, laughing crazily.

"It's…so…funny!" Sango choked.

"Heehee…hi Red! I'm you!" Cait Sith said cheerfully to Kagome's body. Red blinked five times.

"Uh…this is…really strange."

"What caused this, though?" Kagome wondered.

"Um…" Cloud looked around.

"…if you have not noticed, we all fell asleep from the aroma of the strange flowers. They are now gone." Vincent glanced across the empty field.

"You mean, the FLOWERS caused this!" Inuyasha yelped, staring at his body.


"I think I've heard about these flowers," Red said slowly. "If you get affected…you have to wait for a week before the effects wear off."

"We have to wait a WHOLE WEEK before we change back!" Yuffie screamed. Red nodded.

"Well," Tifa sighed. "What an inconvenience. We'd better learn each other's attacks quickly, in case we have to fight."

"Not really," Miroku cut in. "I can still use my staff and fight. Cloud can still use his sword. Yuffie can still use her shruiken, Kagome can still use her bow and arrows, Sango can still use her Hirakotsu, and Inuyasha can still use the Tessaiga…or at least, I think."

"What do you mean, you think?" Inuyasha yelled. Miroku recoiled slightly.

"Well, Inuyasha, seeing as you are in a different body…well, only a hanyo can use the Tessaiga. Vincent is either a human or a demon, so I'm assuming that he can't use the Tessaiga." Inuyasha growled angrily.


"Alright," said Cloud. Sango passed him the Force Stealer. He grunted a little, but had enough strength and experience to lift it. He took a few swings. "Still good." Sango threw her Hirakotsu easily.

"Wow. You're strong," she said to Cloud. He grinned.

"I can fight nicely," Tifa said. Yuffie threw her shruiken, and the priest's robes she (or Miroku) wore fluttered around her.

"Great!" Kagome shot an arrow.

"Perfect," she remarked. Miroku frowned.

"What do I do, point my arm and fire?"

"Yeah," Barret grunted as he boxed a tree. Miroku tried. He teetered backwards and got knocked back a little. "Ya just need a little practice," Barret told him. "Amateur," he muttered. Miroku, not hearing the last remark, hesitated.

"Um…I can still fight with my staff, thanks."

"Heh." Cait Sith chuckled nervously as he looked at his claws and the dangerous headdress perched on his head. "This shouldn't be too hard…" He charged at a tree.

"Not bad," Red commented. "Since I can't really do anything now, I'll just cast magic."

"Um…" Shippo peered at the Black M-phone he was holding.

"Just shout 'attack' at the tree," Cait Sith advised. Shippo breathed.

"Here goes nothing. ATTACK!" he shouted, into the M-phone. The mog jumped forward and attacked the tree. "Yay!" Shippo shouted joyously. Cid looked dubiously at his weapon. He greatly doubted that he had enough strength to lift it.

"Well, I might as well try," he grumbled. He inserted his little paws under the gap between the spear and the ground. He heaved. Cid tugged and pulled, but couldn't even lift the weapon a millimeter off the ground. Cid gave up after a few minutes of tugging, and foul words erupted from his mouth.

"This is just FINE! DAMN THIS STUPID #&$&# THING TO HELL! WHY CAN'T I EVEN FRICKEN #$#& LIFT MY WEAPON UP! WHY DID I GET STUCK IN THIS WEAK & BODY! ARRRGH!" Everyone looked at him, feeling sorry for him.

"Ah well Cid. We'll just have to cover for ya!" Yuffie said cheerfully. Cid growled, muttering under his breath. Vincent looked at the Tessaiga. He pulled it out and handed it to Inuyasha. Inuyasha stared at the offered handle, sure that the sword wouldn't transform. Even if it did, it would be too heavy for the body he was in. He grasped the handle. He was right; the sword didn't transform. In fact…the barrier rejected him!

"What the-!" Inuyasha glared at Vincent. "So you are a demon!" Vincent said nothing. He took the Sniper CR and shot a cherry high up in a tree. He calmly blew the top of the smoking barrel.

"So Inuyasha, how did it go?" Kagome asked.

"I can't use my Tessaiga! The barrier rejected me! And you all were saying that he wasn't a demon." Inuyasha glared at Cloud and the others, who all looked innocently back at him. "This body's so weak I probably won't be able to move a boulder or something." The members of AVALANCHE stopped and looked at each other.

"Actually," Tifa began.

"You'll be surprised at how strong Vincent is," Cloud finished. "He's probably one of the strongest members in our group." Inuyasha gaped at him.

"WHAT!" He snorted. "That's probably all just talk."

"Well," Barret grunted. "He's stronger than me." Inuyasha looked at Barret's body. He raised his eyebrow.

"Try ripping up some tree roots with the claw," Red suggested. Inuyasha looked at the claw disdainfully, then stuck his left arm into the ground and pulled up a tree root with little difficulty. He was pretty shocked at the man's strength, seeming as he did look pretty weak. Inuyasha pulled up a few more tree roots.

"I…it…grrr…" Inuyasha looked at everyone else, grumbling. "I suppose I can use the Iron Reaver Soul Stealer."

"Great!" Kagome exclaimed. "Anyway…I don't really think we should look for jewel shards cause of our current situation…" She sighed. "I hope this is over soon…how'll I get back home? But then, I just left like a week ago, so she probably won't worry if I come back like, a month later…" Kagome thought. "Does anyone know a good place to stop for a few days?" she asked.

"Well…" Tifa hesitated, then continued. "If none of you mind a little walking, we can go to Costa Del Sol."

"Costa Del Sol? What's that?" Miroku asked.

"It's a really nice beach resort," Tifa answered.

"But the villa is really expensive!" Yuffie exclaimed! "And I don't want to live in the hotel if we're going there. It's too small." Red frowned.

"How much gil do we have?"

"Um…" Cloud checked the gil inventory. "31,297."

"Only? We need at least 50,000 gil to last a whole week!" Cait Sith said, frustrated.

"How about we go for 3 days?" Sango suggested.

"Mmm…that would cost 22,500 gil," Red murmured.

" Alright. But we have to sell some stuff…I don't want us to go broke." Cloud sorted through the item inventory. "Um…we could sell a mind source, a power source, and some old weapons."

"I'll sell my Metal Knuckles! And anything else I can find," Tifa offered.

"I'll do my Mythril Sword," Cloud decided.

"Um…White M-phone?" Cait Sith asked. Everyone nodded.

"And fight some enemies!" Barret announced.

"You betcha!" Yuffie agreed. Cid grumbled some more.

"Well, I suggest that we stop talking and start walking," Miroku said. Everyone fell silent. They had gone about fifty yards when before Kagome spoke.

"Hey, Vincent? Can you…I mean, are you able to use the Wind Scar?" Inuyasha froze. he watched Vincent.

"…I have not tried yet."

"Well, try now," Sango urged. Vincent frowned slightly, but took out the Tessaiga. It transformed. He swung the sword down. A beam of light erupted from the Tessaiga and swept over the ground, gouging a long gash into the ground.

"He…he can use it," Inuyasha thought. "Grrrr…" Vincent sheathed the sword.

"You did it!" Kagome cried. She smiled.

"What's so good about that!" Inuyasha snapped.



"What's wrong with you?" Kagome asked him, looking at him weirdly.


"I'd say he's a little jealous," Yuffie teased.

"Shut up!" Inuyasha growled. "Anyway, what would I be jealous about?" Yuffie shrugged.

"I dunno." Kagome sighed exasperatedly.

"There's nothing Inuyasha needs to be jealous about. He's already jealous enough with Koga." Inuyasha stiffened at hearing Koga's name. Kagome glanced at him. "See what I mean?"

"You know…it's really weird seeing Vincent so…emotional. Except he's not Vincent. And seeing everyone else acting the way they are, like Cid being Shippo, swearing and all," Cloud commented.

"Yes. Or to see Inuyasha so unemotional. Why, it's very surprising to see Inuyasha, although he isn't Inuyasha, not yelling just by hearing Kagome mention Koga," Miroku added.

"Stop talking about me!" Inuyasha yelled.

"…" Vincent said nothing. Everyone continued walking. Kagome gasped as she suddenly remembered something.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked quietly.


"What if…I mean, what if we meet Sesshomaru? You still don't really know how to fight in Vincent's body…"

"Well…we'll just have to pretend that everything's all right."

"But…nobody knows how to act like each other!"

"Oh, I know how Yuffie acts," Cloud said, smiling.

"I know how to be Red!" Cait Sith said cheerfully. He faltered at Red's look. "Ah…well, at least I have a vague idea of how to be Red." Sango spoke.

"We don't really need you guys to act like each other. Sesshomaru doesn't know any of you. Only the people that are Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, and I have to act normal. So that means…um…Vincent, Red, Yuffie, Cid, and Tifa have to know how to act like us."

"But…who's Sesshomaru?" Tifa asked, confused.

"Inuyasha's older brother," Kagome answered. Inuyasha smiled grimly.

"We're not exactly a close knit family." Tifa frowned.

"Meaning…you guys hate each other?"



"SO. Can we start the lessons?" Kagome interjected.

"Of course," Red said.

"Alright, so Cid? All you have to do is not swear, talk…uh…badly, act cute, and smile a lot."

"And whine," Inuyasha added.

"Hey!" Shippo cried indignantly.

"Pfft. Too bad. You do whine a lot. You always go Kaaagoooomeeeee!" Inuyasha did a bad imitation of Shippo. Everyone laughed.

"Grr…" Shippo growled angrily.

"Try it," Sango said. Cid looked at her as though she had two heads.

"Try it? Try it! ME acting like that BRAT! There is no $$ way I'm acting like that!"

Sango frowned.

"Well, you have to!" Cid snorted.

"I won't!"

"Cid, quit acting like a baby," Yuffie said. Cid flamed.

"I'M NOT FRICKEN #$& ACTING LIKE BABY!" Cloud shook his head.

"Cid…just do it." Cid glared at him. Then he glared at everyone else. Everyone glared back. Another stream of foul words escaped Cid's mouth.

"FINE. But I'm only doing this cause of…ya'll gangin up on me." Kagome smiled.

"Alright! So try it Cid!" Cid's right eye twitched.

"Hey, Kagomeeeeee?" He made a disgusted noise.

"Perfect!" Kagome exclaimed. "Minus the noise, that is."

"This is damn embarrassing and a hellava lot harder than it should be!"

"I don't swear," Shippo reminded him.

"I wasn't swearing!"

"CID." Tifa glared at him again.

"Try it again," Cloud told him. Cid looked outraged.


"CID!" Everyone shouted. He quieted and stared at them all with a look that promised death.

"Grrr…fine." Cid sighed. "Look at that guy Kirara, he looks so meeean."

"Great!" Sango smiled.

"To act like Kagome," Miroku explained to Red, "just act nice, caring, strong-willed, concerned for your friends, and responsible."

"Aww, Miroku!" Kagome blushed.

"And selfish," Inuyasha added. Kagome glared at him. Red nodded.

"To act like Sango, be fierce, curious, nice, and horrible to demons," Inuyasha told Tifa. Sango stared at Inuyasha.

"I won't say that was completely wrong…but…horrible to demons?"

"Well…mean then."

"…um…okay…" Tifa smiled.

"Got it!"

"To act like Miroku," Sango began, "just-"

"Feel up girls," Yuffie interrupted. "Got it!" Miroku made a face.

"I cannot believe that you would think of me like that Yuffie!" Sango giggled.

"It's not just that Yuffie. You have to act wise, kind, serious, and alert. And try not to do any perverted things since I think you'd be revolted anyway."


"Finally, to act like Inuyasha," Kagome began.

"Be obnoxious," Sango said.

"Be arrogant," Miroku added.

"Be over reactive," Shippo supplied.

"And be rude. Basically, be a jerk," Kagome finished.

"That is SO NOT-!" Inuyasha yelled indignantly, but was cut off by the rest.


"You also care about your friends a lot," Kagome said as an afterthought. "Anyway, say something." Everyone turned to look at Vincent.


"Come on, try it."

"…" Cid scowled.

"I had to do. Now you do, vamp!"


"Yeah, try it Vincent," the others urged. Vincent sighed inwardly.

"Say 'you all suck'," Yuffie suggested.

"…you all suck," Vincent said emotionlessly.

"More emotion! And say it forcefully," Sango advised.

"…you all suck."

"Come on! Louder!"

"…you all suck."

"We gotta make him angry guys," Yuffie told them. She turned to Vincent. "Vinnie vinnie vinniiiiiiie!" she sang in a nagging voice. Vincent's left eye twitched slightly. Yuffie pointed. "See!" Everyone, inspired by Yuffie, started yelling at Vincent.

"Hey vamp, over here!" Cid shouted.

"Yo! Old man!"

"Vinnie vinnie VINNIIIIIIIIE!"

"Yada yada yada yada yada!"

"CooKOO! CooKOO! CooKOO! CooKOO!"

"La la la la la la lalalalala!" Shippo sang as he danced and twirled in front of Vincent's face. Vincent closed his eyes. His left eye was twitching madly now. Yuffie threw grass on his head. Vincent's eyes flew open.

"…ALL RIGHT! I'LL DO IT! JUST STOP BOTHERING ME WITH YOUR IDIOTIC ACTIONS!" Everybody quieted. Yuffie gulped and brushed off some grass from Vincent's shoulder. His eyes snapped to her. She squeaked and leapt backwards, tripping over Cait Sith.

"Um…" Miroku ventured. Vincent stared at him, eyes flashing. Miroku backed up.

"You all suck."

"Louder," Kagome told him.

"You all suck…!"

"Angrily," Shippo said. Vincent's right eye started twitching, though his left eye had stopped. Miroku decided (stupidly) to throw more grass on Vincent's head. Vincent twirled around to face him and shouted into his face.

"YOU ALL SUCK!" Miroku also squeaked and jumped backwards.

"Hm…now you actually sound like me," Inuyasha said. "Yeah…"

"You know, I just remembered…Inuyasha says 'hell', 'damn', and 'bastard' a lot," Kagome said thoughtfully.


"We should also refer to each other like we are each other. I mean, like…you guys should call me Yuffie, not Cloud," Cloud suggested. "That way, we'll get used to it for a short time…at least, I hope we will."

"Right," said Barret. "Yo. I'm…Tifa. No, that doesn't sound right. Hi, I'm Tifa.."

"I'm Yuff-I mean, Miroku!"

"Vincent," Inuyasha said grudgingly.

"I'm Kagome," Red said.

"Um…yo, I'm Barret," Miroku tried.

"Cid, at your service!" Kagome cried enthusiastically. Cid stared at her.

"Er…oooookay…uh…hi! I'm Shippo."

"Sango here." Tifa smiled.

"Erm…I'm Cait Sith!" Shippo jumped up and down.

"Hey. I'm Cloud," Sango said cheerfully.

"I am Red," Cait Sith said solemnly.

"…Inuyasha," Vincent deadpanned. The continued walking.

"How much longer until we get there?" Inuyasha started complaining.

"Quite a while," Red answered. Inuyasha growled.

"Can't we just run? Then we'll get there faster."

"Well, running will tire us all out," Tifa said. "And I said that it was going to be a pretty long walk."

"Ugh. I'm bored." Inuyasha grumbled and muttered under his breath. Yuffie sighed.

"Argh, Inuyasha, you're annoying." Inuyasha spun around to face her.


"Inuyasha, come on, be a good sport," Kagome begged.

"A good…what?"

"Sport…whatever, just stop complaining, will you?" Inuyasha looked at her pleading eyes, though they didn't have much effect on him since they were actually Cid's pleading eyes.

"Grrr…fine." Kagome smiled.

"Thanks Inuyasha."

"I still wish I had the Tessaiga." Inuyasha glared at Vincent. "Demon."


"Oh, shut up!"

"…I was not saying anything."

"I know you weren't. I was just annoyed."



"Inuyasha, calm down!" Kagome yelled, holding Inuyasha's right arm. She blinked. "Wait…was I supposed to call you Vincent?" She sighed. "This is so bothersome and confusing." She looked up at Inuyasha. "Okay, so I meant…uh…Vincent, calm down! Wow, it feels weird calling you Vincent, cause you're acting so un-Vincent-ish, but then it's not so weird cause you actually are Vincent in a sense, but you sure don't act like him, so I suppose it's really weird…yeah…" Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at her.


"Never mind."

"You know…actually, I think we should just talk to each other normally. I mean, if I'm talking to Cloud, I'll just call him Cloud instead of Yuffie. We can call each other the names of the people we are now when we meet someone we know," Tifa suggested. "After all…I can never remember to call Cloud Yuffie or Red Kagome or…yeah." Everyone nodded.

"Look, there's Cosmo Canyon!" Cait Sith nodded towards a collection of buildings atop the canyons. "Hey, we've already passed Gongaga. Weird, I didn't see it." Cait Sith looked back. "Whoa, it's not there!" Everyone else looked back.

"Hm…that is strange," Red observed.

"What's Gongaga?" Shippo asked.

"A ruined town," Cid answered.

"At least we're at Cosmo Canyon," Yuffie sighed.

"Great! Now we just have to go past the Gold Saucer, around Corel Desert, around Mt. Corel, and we're there!" Cloud said cheerfully.

"…was that meant to be sarcastic?" Yuffie asked.



"Look," Cid said flatly. "A fricken river. Guess we're gonna hafta swim." Barret groaned.

"I can't swim!" Cloud strapped his sword to his back and jumped into the water. Tifa did the same and Red followed. Cid grumbled.

"I feel stupid asking this, but…damn…Shippo, can I ride on big whitey too?" Shippo looked slightly surprised, but nodded. He moved over. Cid jumped onto the moogle. "Thanks kiddo."

"No problem," Shippo replied as the white moogle hopped into the water and started swimming. Miroku stared down doubtfully at the heavy body he was in.

"I hope this holds me…" He leapt into the water. Sango followed him. Yuffie whistled.

"Here goes nothing! CANNONBALL!" Cait Sith stared at the water.

"This should be easy, seeing as I have four paws now…hm…but then, I always did have four paws. Ah well. Whee!" He ran straight into the river and started moving quickly. Inuyasha glared at all the people in the river. Kagome stepped into the water and started swimming freestyle. Inuyasha glared at all the people in the river.

"Just leave me behind, will ya?" He ran into the river. "Wait! Kagome!" Barret sighed.

"Well, it's just you and me, Vi-" He turned around, just in time to see Vincent flip neatly and dive into the water. He preformed perfect strokes as he swam. Barret goggled at him for a minute, then shouted, "Hey! Hold on, what about me? Ya'll ain't leaving me behind, are ya? Stop Vince! How am I supposed to catch up? Ya swim like a flippin fish!" Barret stared at the water. There was no choice.

"I'm going on a suicide mission here." He took a deep breath and plunged into the water.

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