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Inuyasha: Vincent

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Miroku: Barret

Yuffie: Miroku

Cait Sith: Red XIII

Red XIII: Kagome

Barret: Tifa

Cid: Shippo

Tifa: Sango

Shippo: Cait Sith

Cloud: Yuffie

The switch will go on for…erm…-starts counting written chapters- about 2.5 chapters. Counting chapter 7. This chapter is mostly…erm…well, mostly junk. But some of the stuff's important, so I guess it's not completely junk. There will also be some short monster battles and things like that. -dances- I love Costa Del Sol, I love Costa Del Sol. I love the Mythril Mines even more, and I love the Gold Saucer the most! Or…at least I think I do. The story will probably be…let's see, if there's an important battle scene in one chapter, then in the next chapter or two, there'll be just fun. Well, no important battles for two chapters in a row, anyway. I shouldn't say any more here, or I might just spoil it all for you guys. I'll try to get chapters typed up quicker, but I'm pretty busy here with this typing to do, homework, updating my website, making graphics, and since I've ended an avatar contest at my website, making the prizes. And more stuff. -sweatdrop-

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Chapter 8 - Costa Del Sol

He surfaced, coughing up water. Barret looked around. He was wading near the shore of the river where his friends were waiting for him. He was here. He had done it. He had swum across the river!

"Hey. You did it," Cloud said, grinning and giving Barret the thumbs up. Yuffie rolled her eyes.

"Took you long enough, slowpoke." Barret wrung out his (or Tifa's) long hair.

"…Corel Desert is gone," Vincent murmured. "It has been moved elsewhere…"

"Costa Del Sol's nearer now. It's just over there!" Tifa pointed at a port that was on a large beach.

"This is SO COOL!" Yuffie squealed (as best as she could). "We're gonna go to Costa Del Sol!"

"Yeah! We're finally gonna have some damned fun!" Cid exclaimed, momentarily forgetting his bitterness at being in Shippo's body. AVALANCHE and the Inuyasha-tachi walked under the bridge and into the town. It was the same as ever.

"Welcome to Costa Del Sol!" the lady in the booth said. Cloud walked up to the table.

"Yeah, hi. We'd like to book three nights in the villa." The lady calculated the cost.

"That will be 22, 500 gil." Cloud hesitated.

"Um…can you hold it for us? We'll be right back; I just remembered some business we had to take care of." The lady nodded and scribbled into a notebook. Cloud turned back to the others and walked towards a shop. The others followed. "We need to sell some stuff," he said.

"Oh yeah!" Tifa pulled out her Metal Knuckles. She frowned for a moment, searching. Her face brightened as she found her Power Souls. "I can sell these!" Cloud pulled out his Mythril Sword, a power source, and a mind source. Cait Sith produced his White M-phone. Vincent paused…then took out the Peacemaker. Cloud went up to the fat shopkeeper.

"Softs! Get your softs here!" the shopkeeper was calling. He spotted Cloud. "Would you

like to buy some softs young lady?" the shopkeeper asked Cloud eagerly. Cloud stopped, blinking confusedly. Young lady? Comprehension dawned on Cloud's face. Oh yeah, he was in Yuffie's body.

"Um, no. I would like to sell these things." Cloud showed the fat man the weapon and items. The shopkeeper peered at the things. He smiled.

"Yes, yes, alright. How much would you like for each of those?" Cloud grinned.

"700 gil for each of the sources and 1000 for the sword." The shopkeeper thought for a while. He nodded.

"Accepted." They exchanged items and gil.

"Great! I have 2400 gil!" Cloud thought, satisfied.

Tifa looked at her weapons. They wouldn't bring much…but she had to try. She walked

up to a clerk that was organizing his items. He looked up at her arrival.

"Oh, hello." He noticed the weapons she was holding. "Selling?" Tifa nodded. "How much?"

"Um…1000 gil for the Metal Knuckles and 2000 gil for the Power Souls?" The clerk frowned.

"What? No way! That's quite a lot. Uh…how about 400 for the Metal Knuckles and 700 for the Power Souls?"

"700 for the Metal Knuckles and 1400 for the Power Souls."

"600 for the Metal Knuckles and…hmm…1000 for the Power Souls."

"Ok!" Tifa smiled and handed the weapons to the shopkeeper as he gave her the money. Tifa walked away, looking at the bag of gil. "1600...not too bad."

Vincent took Cait Sith's White M-phone and the Peacemaker to a stall. The owner saw him and frowned slightly, looking at the dog ears on his head. He looked at the weapons.

"I'll give you 1600 gil for the gun and 1500 gil for the Black M-phone."

"2000 and 1900."

"What? That's…no. 1700 and 1600."

"…1900 and 1700." Vincent's flat tone left no room for argument. The clerk also conveniently saw the longs claws on Vincent's (or Inuyasha's) fingers. He looked nervously at the gunman and nodded quickly.

"I have…3300," Vincent thought. He shook his head and headed back to the group. Everyone met up at the entrance to the town.

"I have 2400 gil!" Cloud announced.

"Um…I've got 1600 gil," Tifa said.

"…3300," Vincent murmured.

"That's…um…7300 gil!" Red exclaimed. "Great!"

"We'll have to pay 15200 more gil from our savings," Tifa said. She sighed. "Oh well…" Cloud calculated quickly.

"That means that we'll still have 16097 gil left. That's ok, I suppose."

"Wait! What about the fight'n?" Barret interrupted. "I mean, we can still fight normal monsters. They ain't strong or powerful." Cloud blinked.

"Oh yeah…" He looked around at everybody. "Well…we can use the time to get to know each other's moves, or just…practice."

"Yeah," Kagome agreed. Everyone went outside. They instantly collided with an huge egg. Well, not an egg. A…shell thing. And another shell thing. And another. Three eggs/shell things stood in front of them. One of the eggs/shell things sent out a blade that cut Cloud's left arm. The young man (or female teenager) winced.

"Ow…that hurt." He glared at the egg/shell thing. Cloud leapt forward, swinging his sword, and chopped the shell. It broke into two smaller ones. Cloud groaned. "Aww…not those things again!"

"Now you sound more like Yuffie," Tifa commented, smiling.

"Brat," Barret added. He kicked one of the smaller shells. Yuffie threw her Magic Shruiken at a big egg, but it also divided into two smaller ones. Vincent shot at the third big shell, which broke into two more. Kagome stared at Vincent for a moment, then started giggling (which was really disturbing, seeing as she was giggling in Cid's voice). It was really weird seeing Inuyasha (well, Inuyasha's body) holding a gun and shooting at enemies with such accuracy when he didn't even know what a fork was. Yuffie glanced at her, a little frightened.

"Um, Ci- I mean, Kagome? Can you stop…erm…giggling? It's really, really scary." Kagome stopped. She smiled. "Thanks," Yuffie said as she threw her shruiken and cut two more shells. Inuyasha flexed the golden claws on his left hand.

"Time to test out my new claws." He leapt forward. "IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!" He slashed six shells. They broke up into even smaller ones. He growled in frustration. "ARRRRRGH! They just keep dividing and getting smaller! Damn!"

"Don't worry!" Tifa called over all the ruckus. "They'll disappear once they're down to the smallest size!" Miroku looked at the enemies. Each shell was but a normal-sized egg now. How small could they get?

"Inu- I mean, Vincent! Use the Wind Scar to wipe them all out!" Sango sliced an egg and it vanished. She whipped around.

"Good idea Miroku! Do it now Vincent! Use the Wind Scar!" Inuyasha was giving Vincent the death glare. Vincent frowned slightly and looked down at the sword. If it wiped out all the shells…he could save some bullets. Which would be sensible. He drew the Tessaiga. Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. With one sweep of his arm, Vincent used the Wind Scar. The dust died down, and the shells were gone. A sack of 900 gil was on the ground, with a potion lying beside it. Cloud picked up the stuff.

"Pretty good. We should go back now…what if the villa management couldn't hold the villa for us in time?" Tifa nodded. They all headed back into town. Cloud plunked two sacks of gill down on the table. The lady smiled.

"Thank you," she said automatically. "The villa is already prepared. Please enjoy your stay." Everyone nodded and trooped into the villa. Shippo blinked.

"…wow," he said, awed at the fine villa.

"It's pretty small," Red said after a few seconds.

"Well, at least it's bigger than the hotel rooms! And much nicer," Yuffie said cheerfully.

"Oh, how will everyone fit?" Tifa mused. "There are only two big beds…and two sofas…or was that three? Oh no…"

"I can sleep on the floor," Cait said helpfully.

"We should have two women and two men on the beds," Sango suggested.

"I'm going to sleep on the this big white thing…the moogle, so…" Shippo shrugged. Cid


"I'll sleep on the big cat, whatshername? Oh yeah, Kirara."

"So…" Yuffie stared. "That leaves ten people." Miroku smiled.

"I will sleep on the ground. I have a…bag to sleep in." Kagome giggled, but stopped at the look on everyone's face.

"It's called a sleeping bag Miroku."

"Oh. Yes, I have a sleeping bag to sleep in."

"So will I," Sango decided quickly. Yuffie looked dejectedly at the beds.

"I'm guessing I'm not gonna get a bed…so I call a sofa!" she yelled.

"Since I can't sleep on the ground…" Red blinked. "I'll sleep on a sofa too."

"…I do not need a bed. I shall also-"

"No way!" Barret interrupted. "I ain't sleep's with spiky ass! Or the brat he is."

"Hey!" Cloud and Yuffie both glared at the form of Tifa. Vincent's long gaze settled on Barret.

"…and you think that I would like to sleep with him?" Barret glared at Vincent.

"Well, if you stick your ass on the sofa and go to sleep, I'm gonna lift you up and chuck you right onta spiky ass!" Cloud looked from Barret to Vincent. He blinked.

"Wow…I didn't know that I'm that hated." Tifa smiled at him.

"You're not hated Cloud. The guys just…don't want to sleep with you in the same bed." She smiled slyly at him. "Or would you prefer them to want to sleep with you?" Cloud looked repulsed.

"Ugh! Of course not!" Inuyasha watched them, bored.

"Whatever. I'm sleeping on the ground." Barret smiled at Cloud smugly.

"Well Cloud, it looks like you're stuck with Vince here." Cloud glanced apprehensively at

Vincent, who's eyes were boring into the opposite wall. Cloud looked at Tifa.



"How about…er…you sleep with me?" Tifa looked quite shocked.

"What? Sleep with you?"

"Yeah. You know, as in, the same bed? That way it'll be…uh…two 'guys' and two 'girls' in a bed."

"Um…okay." Kagome goggled at the pair.

"But…does this mean I have to sleep with Vincent!" Cloud looked uncomfortable.

"Well…if you don't mind too much…" Kagome sighed inwardly.

"It's okay. I don't mind."

"WHAT!" Inuyasha bounded over to Kagome, looking furiously at all of them. "There is NO WAY Kagome is sleeping with HIM!" Kagome frowned.

"Well, there isn't anywhere else to sleep Inuyasha, and it's all right." Inuyasha stared at

her incredulously.

"W-what? It's ALL RIGHT!"

"INUYASHA! It's only for a few days! In fact, it's only 3 nights, all right?"


"Stop." Everyone turned to look at Vincent. The sniper turned to Inuyasha.

"…no one has asked my opinion on this. I am not thrilled to be sleeping with her. I barely know her."


"What are you so afraid of?" Inuyasha blinked…then turned red.

"W-what! I'm not afraid…of…argh…yeah!" he spluttered. Vincent raised an eyebrow.

"…if you are so worried, I will sleep on the ground."

"Uh…" Inuyasha digested the information. "Yeah! That's gr-"

"No!" Kagome said loudly. Everyone focused on her. She looked directly at Inuyasha, determined and angry. "You know, it wouldn't be right if Vincent had to sleep on the ground just cause you don't like him sleeping in the same bed as me. It's just a bed! Why are you objecting? This is MY decision, you know! You don't really have a say in where I sleep!" Inuyasha looked outraged. Vincent did nothing. Inuyasha couldn't take it anymore. She had gone too far.

"I don't know what's gotten into you Kagome!" he yelled. "Ever since we started traveling with these people, you've been acting different! Why don't you just make out with him while you two are sleeping in your nice, cozy bed or something!" He stormed out of the room. Kagome stared after him. Her face turned beet-red and her mouth hung open.

"…what?" she whispered. She looked mortified. The shocked friends looked at Vincent. He was looking at the ground. Although his face was expressionless, everyone could sense guilt radiating from him, as though it was all his fault (even if it wasn't). He started walking towards the door.

"…I will be in town," he murmured, barely audible, and exited the room, out the door.

"…well…um…" Tifa said awkwardly. "Uh…why don't we go out for dinner? At the bar or something? It's like evening already…"

"That guy has a #/$ temper," Cid observed. Kagome walked to the bathroom, head bowed. After a few seconds…

"STUPID INUYASHA!" they heard her scream. "YOU BAKA!" Sango went to the door of the bathroom, looking extremely concerned.

"Kagome…?" She heard the schoolgirl crying inside.

"D-don't Sango…" Kagome sobbed. "G-go…go a-a-away…" Shippo jumped over.

"Kagome? Are you okay?" Kagome let out a despairing wail.

"J-just leave m-me alone! Why c-can't everyone just l-leave me alone!" Shippo backed away from the door slowly, looking wary and frightened. Miroku frowned.

"We'd be best off not bothering her. She needs some time alone," he cautioned. Sango shook her head and went back to the front of the villa.

"Oh, Kagome," she sighed.

"It's all Inuyasha's fault!" Shippo said angrily.

"I think he overreacted," Red put in.

"Yes, he's very over-reactive," Sango replied. She felt sorry for her friend.

"Well…should we go to the bar for dinner?" Tifa asked.

"What about Kagome?" Shippo asked, wide-eyed.

"Forget about her," Cid said. "Look at her now; she's in her hellava big ? temper."

"Yeah, Kagome sure knows how to throw a big hissy-fit!" Cait added. Yuffie pursed her lips.

"I totally agree! I mean like, Vinnie's not that bad! Why does she care so much about Inuyasha's opinions anyway? It's not like she's in love or something." At these words, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara glanced at each knowingly.

"Just write a note for her when she stops that damned crying and comes out so she won't think we've abandoned her or something," Barret suggested. Miroku nodded.

"Right." Tifa handed him a pen and a piece of paper. He scribbled busily on it for a minute, then set the note on the table. Yuffie handed him some tape. "Er…what is this?" Miroku asked, confused. He looked at the piece of transparent paper that stuck to his finger. Yuffie sniggered.

"It's tape…um…something that's sticky…ya know, so you can stick pieces of paper and stuff together?" she explained sketchily. Miroku blinked…then shrugged and handed the tape and paper to Tifa, who stuck them on the door so that Kagome would surely see the note. Cloud smiled.

"Alright, let's go then."

°" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °" °"

Inuyasha stomped through the lively, cheerful resort. The sky was darkening, and lights were being lit everywhere. A plump man behind a table called out to Inuyasha, asking him if he wanted to buy a "soft", or whatever, but the hanyo ignored him. Stupid Kagome! He had never felt this angry at her…or this jealous before. It was just that…well, she seemed to take a lot of interest into Vincent. Even before, with Koga…she had never really seemed to "like" him in that way…or with that "Hojo" guy. Well, he had never really seen her alone with that guy because she was always with her friends when he was around…but she took (or seemed to take) a different interest with the sniper. And speaking of Vincent…

Inuyasha spotted him sitting in the dark shadow of a palm tree as the sky went black. Hidden away in the shadows, he was harder to spot. It was the white ears on his head that gave him out.

"Well, mine," Inuyasha thought ironically. Inuyasha tried to walk discretely into the shadows of another tree, but Vincent spotted him. The gunman got up slowly, then strode towards him. Inuyasha sat down, his back against a tree.

"What!" he said aggressively as Vincent approached. Vincent's face was carefully blank of any emotion as he spoke softy.

"…I would like to know of what you were implying back in the villa." Inuyasha blinked, trying to understand the formally complicated grammar.

"…uh…" Vincent looked slightly annoyed.

"…I would like to know of your reaction back in the villa." Inuyasha's expression cleared. Then he scowled.

"What about it?"

"…why were you so…violent?" Inuyasha snorted.

"Violent? I wasn't violent! I'm always like that!"

"Yet you made Kagome sad and angry. Do you always do that?" The hanyo looked at the ground.

"…no." Vincent studied him for a moment.

"You are jealous," he said flatly. Inuyasha instantly flamed up.


"Then why were you so angry at her sleeping in the same bed as I? Would you object if I

had been a female?" Inuyasha snorted again.

"Huh, that's gotta be the longest sentence you've ever said in your whole life."

"…would you?"

"Well…er…no." Vincent stared at Inuyasha's reddening face. He turned towards the sea, staring out across the waves.

"…if you love her so, tell her before she fades away…" Inuyasha spluttered angrily.

"Buzz off! What do you know about our relationship anyway!"

"…I know enough to see that she loves you and you…love her."

"What! How do you-!"

"If you did not love her, you would not have acted the way you did back in the Shinra Mansion."

"I-" Inuyasha started, but stopped. He looked at the ground. "Huh," he grumbled under his breath. Vincent glanced back at Inuyasha.

"…if you would like to keep her by your side, apologize. I would assume that she is still in the villa…" He turned and walked away. Inuyasha stared after him…then got up and headed back towards the villa.

Cloud laughed and held up his glass of wine.

"Another one!" he yelled. He, Barret, and Cid raised their glasses and clinked them

together. Throwing back their heads, they drained the wine. Barret hiccupped.

"This stuff's damned good!" He poured himself more wine. Cid held out his glass.

"Fill 'er up," he said, shaking his head to clear it. Barret filled Cid's and Cloud's glasses.

"Damned good stuff!" he yelled, pounding Cloud on the back and causing the blonde (or teenage girl) to choke. "Whoops. Sorry man." Cloud shook his head.

"No problem," he croaked. Yuffie was sitting at the end of the bar with Tifa. She giggled (which sounded really freaky, seeing as she was Miroku at the moment).

"Look at 'em all drunk Tifa! Ha ha, they look sooo weird." Tifa smiled. She looked at the group. She wondered if it was good of Cid to be drinking. He was Shippo, and Shippo was still a kid. With all the stuff Cloud was consuming, it would be strange if Yuffie's body didn't get addicted. And Barret…well, Barret was in her body. Because she used to work at a bar, she did drink, but not a lot. She hoped that what Barret was doing wasn't hurting her. But…well, the three men were indeed acting rather hilarious. Yuffie finished her can of root beer. She stared at her cup…then looked up at Tifa.

"Ooooh, Tifa, can I pleeeeease have some wine?" Tifa glanced at Yuffie. She was making those puppy eyes again.

"No, Yuffie," Tifa replied firmly. She downed her shrimp cocktail and called the barkeeper over. "One more shrimp cocktail and root beer please." The barkeeper nodded and went to prepare the drinks.

"Party crasher," Yuffie grumbled. Tifa looked sternly at her.

"Come on Yuffie, you're too young to be drinking beer or wine. The legal age is 18 and you're 16." Yuffie huffed.

"Well, you can buy it! You're 20!"

"That's not the point! You have to be 18 to drink it."

"Crap." The drinks arrived. Tifa pushed the root beer to Yuffie.

"There you go Yuffie." Yuffie stared sullenly at the can…then grinned.

"No can do!" she said cheerfully, and took a gulp. "Thanks Tifa!" The door of the bar swung open and closed. Tifa turned around. Vincent walked into the bar, looking as calm as ever. He didn't even seem slightly embarrassed by Inuyasha's previous outburst. Tifa waved.

"Hey Vincent!" Vincent turned her way. She gestured for him to come over. He came and sat next to her, against the wall.


"Oh, hey Vinnie!" Yuffie said, just noticing him. Tifa smiled at him.

"Where were you?" she asked curiously. Vincent shrugged.

"…the beach."

"Oh. It must be so pretty…" Yuffie reached over and tapped the gunman on the shoulder.

"Vinnieeeeeee, can you pleeeeeeeease get me a glass of wine? I really wanna try some."




"Awww, pleeeeeeease be nice for once?"


"Come on, pleeeeeease?"


"Awww, come on!"


"Dammit!" Yuffie sulked. Cloud looked around.

"Hey, Vincent! Over here!" Vincent got up and strode over to Cloud, Barret, and Cid. Cloud poured wine into an empty glass and pushed it into Vincent's right hand. "Drink with us!" he urged him. Cloud, Cid, and Barret all raised their glasses for a toast.

"To…er…um…victory!" they cheered, and emptied the glasses into their open mouths. Yuffie watched them. She watched Cloud, looking at her body. She wondered why nobody told Cloud not to drink, since he was practically 16. An idea suddenly stuck her. She wondered why she didn't think of it before.

"Oh, Tifa?" Tifa looked up.


"Actually…I can drink wine." Tifa cocked an eyebrow.

"Why?" Yuffie smiled slightly. She was such a genius.

"Well…I am in a man's body after all…" Tifa stared at her exasperatedly for a moment…then gave in.

"All right." She was about to call the barkeeper over when Vincent came and handed Yuffie his glass of wine. Yuffie looked surprised.

"Oh cool, thanks Vinnie!"

"…" Cloud had tried to get Vincent to drink with him and the others, but he had no interest in wine. Or…social contact. It was better to give his glass to Yuffie, seeing as she had a point.

"EW! GROSSNESS!" Yuffie spat out the wine. "What is this! It tastes so horrible! Gawd!" Tifa cocked an eyebrow.

"You wanted the booze, and now you're telling me you don't like it?" She leaned back and squinted past Cloud at the bottles of wine littering the table. "Um…I think that label says 'Vodka'…"


"Well…Barret, Cid, and occasionally Cloud tend to go for the hard stuff…" Yuffie turned to Vincent.

"Vinnie? That…that isn't Vodka, right?" she asked nervously. "Please say no," she begged. Vincent glanced at the bottles dismissively.

"…that is correct."

"It's not Vodka?" the ninja asked eagerly.

"…no, it is Vodka."

"CRAP! DAD IS SO GONNA SUE ME!" Tifa quirked an eyebrow at her.

"How will he know?" Yuffie sighed tragically.

"He'll just know. Trust me…he has these psychic powers or something." Tifa smiled, shaking her head amusedly.

"Whatever you say Yuffie." Yuffie suddenly sprang up. A look of absolute terror was on her face and she stood as still as a statue.

"Oh no…" Tifa looked up concernedly.

"What is it Yuffie?"

"Ohmygawd. Oh my gawd. Oh. My. Gawd. OH MY GAWD!"

"Yuffie! What's wrong?"

"Oh no…ohnononononononononono…oh fricken NO!" Tifa stood up, looking extremely concerned and worried.

"Yuffie! What's the matter? What happened?" Yuffie stared at her wildly.


There we go! Cliffhanger! You can all guess what's going to happen next…but…well, I'm not going to say it here, or else it's not a cliffhanger. Lol. Ok, so, for anyone who's wondering this now: THIS FANFICTION WILL NOT, IN ANY WAY, HAVE ANY SORT OF LOVE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN KAGOME AND VINCENT. If any of you actually read my profile, it states clearly that I HATE Kagome. And my most favorite male character is Vincent. Why would I pair up my most favorite male character with my most hated female character (or most hated character, in general)? Kagome just kinda curious about him and has a sorta…crush, I suppose, on him. That's all. Vincent doesn't like her at all. And if you guys are wondering about who Kagome's going to be "paired up" with, well, you can sorta guess. I think the legal drinking age is 21, but I'm just going to make it 18 in this fanfiction. And yes, the barkeeper is very confused and disapproves of Cloud and Cid drinking cause they're technically teenagers/kids, right? Yeah…

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