Kate sat on the beach looking out blankly towards the ocean. She was so engulfed in her thoughts that she didn't notice Jack, the island doctor sit down next to her.

"Kate?" he said, with a look of concern on his face. "are you okay?". He had never seen Kate looking so depressed before, and it worried him.

Kate jumped at the sound of his voice, "what?" she said, her heart still beating a thousand miles an hour from the initial shock of seeing him there next to her.

" are you okay?" Jack repeated looking into her gorgeous eyes, and seeing nothing but sorrow. "yeah im fine Jack" Kate finally replied, after what seemed like an eternity, although she was far from fine.

Kate stood up and readied herself to leave, but just as she went to turn and walk off, jack gently reached up and grabbed her arm, and looked up at her, sending a shiver through her entire body.

"What's wrong Kate?" he asked again, with a low, but understanding voice. "I want to help." She looked back at him, her expression unreadable, "there's no point, it wont help me now, what's done is done, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that."

She said, with a single tear running down her face.

She hated showing weakness, but no matter how hard she tried, at this moment, it seemed she had absolutely no control over her emotions.

She tried to leave again, but jack wouldn't let go of her arm. " Let-go-of-me" she said breathing deeply, but jack just looked at her.

What happened was the last thing that she intended to do, but sub-consciously, she knew it was the only way to get Jack to let go of her, so with on last glare at him, she lifted her leg, and kicked him in the groin.

Pain shot through Jacks body, and he let go of Kate and lay on the ground, moaning. Kate took her chance and ran off into the jungle, not even turning back to see if jack was alright. All she could think about was running.

After a good 3 hours of walking around aimlessly, Kate decided she should probably set up camp for the night. She looked around until she found a small cave, just big enough for one. As she made her way up the rocks, toward the cave, a good 5 mitres up, a small moss covered rock slipped out from under her foot, and she went tumbling towards the ground, where she lay, unconscious.

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