Author's Note before we start: This is my first Alex/Izzie fic and my first fanfic in many years so I just wanted to pass that on. Hope you guys like it!

Spoiler warning: This may or may not contain a spoiler depending on if the spoiler I read this past summer was true or not. But if you do not want to be spoiled then please do not read this fic until after this Sunday's episode.

What the Truth May Lead To

"I'm not talking to you." Izzie's parting words before entering a patient's room are more cutting than Alex expected.

He stands in the hall staring at the doorway that Izzie just passed through. Making a bet with George about sleeping with Izzie seemed like a stroke of genius, knowing that Georgie boy would go running to tell Izzie about what the "Evil Spawn" has done now. But seeing the hurt in her eyes was something Alex didn't expect to see. Anger, maybe hatred yes, but not hurt. He never wanted to hurt her, just make her stay away.

Alex sighs as he makes his way over to the nurse's station. He flicks through files looking for someone whom he thinks would need a surgery that he can get in on. Alex pauses as he wonders whether or not he can still get in on surgeries. Yes he is still considered an M.D. but he doesn't feel like a doctor any longer. Alex absently flips through a file and laughs at the irony. Here months ago he made fun of Izzie thinking she was just some girl who slept or bought her way into being a doctor, not believing she could actually cut it. He smirks. Not that he feels too bad about it. It did get her to offer up a striptease. It's just now he finally realizes how much she sacrificed and how hard she worked to be where she is and how good at her job she is. How can he even attempt anything with her if he doesn't know whether or not he'll still be here in the next four months. Cringing at how sappy his thoughts have become Alex pulls out one of the potential surgeries and heads off to the patient's room.

'Finally a break' Izzie thinks as she sits on the stretcher in the empty hallway. She knows she better get her lunch and head outside before the others wonder where is she, but Izzie just doesn't feel like being around people today. She hasn't felt like being around people ever since George told her what an ass Alex truly is. Izzie feels like an idiot thinking that she saw something good in Alex.

"Shows how stupid I am" she mumbles to herself while pulling her knees up to her chest. Izzie can't help but think of all of the men who have come in and out of her life. She hates how they are all the same. Guys who want nothing more than a quick lay with someone who they think is some dumb blonde that they can just use and then get rid of. She thought Alex was different, that he was someone worth getting to know better.

"Hey Izzie. Ready for lunch?" Meredith's voice enters Izzie's mind jerking her thoughts away from asshole men.

"Hey Meredith. I'm just gonna stay here today. I have a patient in 4115 who I want to keep an eye on and I'd rather be close by ya know?"

"Understandable. See ya later on." With one last curious look at the younger woman Meredith heads outside to where George and Christina have sat down.

"Do you guys know what's wrong with Izzie?" Christina shakes her head as George looks around the patio before ducking his head down.

"George?" Meredith prods as she looks around finally spotting Alex sitting at a table by himself looking morose. A look that was what Meredith thought impossible for Alex who was more self-centered and egotistical than anyone she had ever met.

"What about Alex? Anyone know what's up with him?"

"Probably pissed that I ruined his bet." George muttered before realizing it came out of his mouth. When he does his eyes go wide and he looks at Meredith and Christina hoping neither heard him.

"What bet?" Christina demands.

"Nothing. Forget I said anything."

"Now George you know you can't say something like that and not tell us the rest." Meredith comments.

"Spill it George!" Christina snaps wanting any gossip that will show that someone has a life as messed up as hers is at the moment.

"Alex bet that he would sleep with Izzie and I told her."

"That's it?" Christina asks.

"Yea." "That's nothing. I was expecting him to have some bastard child or a hidden wife out there. Sorry Meredith." Christina adds as she looks at Meredith.

"How did Izzie take the news? I know that she is friends with him now." Meredith asks.

"She took it okay I guess. Just kind of looked at me for a second and then walked away. She didn't say anything about it."

"I saw her in the hall on my way out here, but she didn't even mention it."

"Maybe she's embarrassed? Ya know thinking that she saw something good in the Evil Spawn." Christina comments taking a bite of her salad.

"Or maybe she thinks we'll tease her about it or something. Which I would of course. But still she could think better of us."


"What? I'm just saying what you're all thinking."

"We are not thinking that!"

"Yes you are. You're just too wimpy to say it out loud. At least now we don't have to pretend to be nice to him anymore. Not that I would." The three finish their lunch in silence and gather up their stuff to head back in. They pass Alex's table without a word or look in his direction.

Alex sits back after the three have returned inside. Part of him is happy that they'll stay far away from him, while the other feels like he lost something that he hadn't truly understood he had. 'Screw it' he thinks as he walks over to the trash and throws away the rest of his lunch. He walks down the deserted hallway by the locker-room and spots Izzie sitting by herself on the stretcher. Alex ducks back around the corner before Izzie can see him.

"Izzie?" Meredith calls out before entering the hall from the opposite side.

"I just heard about the bet. Are you okay?" She sits down on the stretcher near Izzie.

"Damn George just had to spill about it huh. Probably getting back at me for blabbing about his crush. So what, does everyone know that Izzie Stevens thought Alex being sweet was a reality just to find it out was to win some bet? Well I'm just fine. It's not the first time and it won't be the last right? Everyone looks at me and sees some dumb blonde who would be an easy lay, especially because I used to be a model. I thought an M.D. behind my name would change that, but I guess it's not enough right?"

"Welcome to the club. Penises are evil things. Christina tries to blame hormones, but it's the penises. They cause all of our troubles." Izzie gives a short laugh. "Come on. Bailey's gonna be looking for you soon and I'd rather not hear her screaming all afternoon ya know?"

"Yea I know. Let's go."

The rest of the day of Seattle Grace is as uneventful as a major hospital can be. George and Meredith scrub in on a thoracotomy for some life-long smoker. Izzie's patient in 4115 is being kept overnight for observation to see if he's strong enough for surgery in the morning. More than ready to make her way home and get some baking done Izzie returns to the locker-room to get her stuff. After getting changed and gathering up her stuff, Izzie hears the door behind her open up.