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It had been two years now since their wedding. Inuyasha and Kagome together worked to form the nation that stood before them today. China was stronger and more united and the citizens bowed to their king and queen with respect.

Just a few months ago, Kagome had given birth to a young and healthy baby boy. Inuyasha was holding him now; the baby wailing in his arms.

Miroku sat across from him on the blanket that Sango and Kagome had laid out for them. The two couples were going to take a day off and have a relaxing picnic.

"I don't understand why he cries so much," Inuyasha was shifting the child back and forth in his arms to get to stop crying.

"You just aren't holding him right," Miroku said, looking affectionately at his own daughter in his arms. His daughter was fast asleep in his arms; she was born on the same exact date as Inuyasha's and Kagome's son.

The baby prince of China kept on wailing in his father's arms. "Kagome, did you switch our child of Miroku's? Because if you did, I would rather have our daughter back," Inuyasha told his wife half in frustration and half in amusement.

Kagome looked up from the sandwich that she was making and stared daggers at him, but then a smile formed among her lips. "Inuyasha," she said playfully. She went over and took the child from him and the baby stopped crying instantly. "I would never do that to my child." And she kissed the baby on the head and he giggled.

"I'm glad that you can do past everything now, Kagome," Inuyasha spoke knowledgably. He wrapped his arm around his wife and son. Kagome placed her head on his chest. A sense of security filled her and put her heart at ease.

"There are things that I will never be able to look past, Inuyasha, but I can always learn from them," she said quietly.

They stood silent and Inuyasha touched his finger on the baby's cheek. "Our son will become the greatest emperor known to China."

"Better than you?" Kagome asked him with a smile.

"Well, maybe just as good as his father."

Kagome broke away from Inuyasha and the two families sat on the blanket to have a nice relaxing picnic. They wouldn't worry about anything; they just talked and laughed and never wanted the day to end.


Soon after their wedding, it was announced that Miroku and Sango both passed the examinations. They were rewarded with high official ranks in the Forbidden Palace and helped Inuyasha run the government's affairs. Sango had proved that she was able to be as intelligent as any man in China by passing the exam. However, the other reason in which she took the exam to prove to her parents that she didn't need Miroku vanished.

Suga, losing both his wife and daughter, devoted all his time to the empire. At first Suga's and Inuyasha's relationship was stressed. Neither one knew how to act, and they became distant and almost acted like strangers. Within a few months they returned back to their normal relationship and soon it grew to be so much more. Suga acted as a true father to Inuyasha- a guiding light and a helping hand.

The queen, after learning the truth, spent an entire year at the temple. She prayed constantly for forgiveness and lived in pain every single day. Kagome visited her at the temple and got her to return to the palace in the end. The queen and Kagome tried to see beyond the past and Kagome's heart finally made room for the queen again. The queen, her mother, changed from a cruel woman into a caring mother.

Ximong, Sesshomaru, and Naraku were all sent south to work on the farms. Inuyasha insisted that they great power should not be wasted in the confinement of the prisons, but rather they should work hard each and everyday as punishment for the acts they committed.

Kouga reminded at the city for no evidence was found for a crime could be put against him. He served for Yang as a messenger and wouldn't dare again to commit treason against the emperor.

Yang returned to his position as judge even gained Ximong's position in the city. He worked with Inuyasha and the other cities to form a more united empire of China.

Kagome never grew used to the life in the palace and kept cooking her own food and never had servants around her. Inuyasha, knowing that the throne rightfully belonged to Kagome, gave her even more power than he held in the decisions that were to be made.

Kagome was forced to become educated and Inuyasha taught her how to read and write during the nights.

China, under Inuyasha's rule, became even stronger than it was ever before in history. Inuyasha's navy was the strongest in all of the seas, and it collected millions of yen of revenue of the empire. He reduced the taxes and thus lowered the poverty levels. The Great Wall of China was finished and it stood as a barrier to all outsiders. The cities worked coordinately with the palace and the people of China merged into a single unit.

It was a single empire. It was a feared and respected nation. It was the nation that Inuyasha and Kagome built. An empire of love, of compassion, of strength, and of perseverance.

Inuyasha and Kagome stepped out onto her balcony after a long day. The sun was flaming red as it set. They could almost see the entire country from where they were standing.

"This is your nation," Kagome said warmly as she took his hand in hers.

"This is our nation." And Inuyasha pulled her close to him, so they could share this beautiful moment.

They both watched the sun as it slowly slid below the horizon. A single day had just ended but a new day was right on its way.

The End

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