Hiding your clear feelings beneath those spines

The beautiful flower is the real you

- Fuji Shuusuke ( "Treasure - The Scenery on My Window -")


Little Cactus


"Fuji-senpai, this is a botanical shop. I don't think we'll find the tennis equipment Oishi-senpai listed for the club in here."

"Maa maa, there's just something that I wanted to take a look at. I promise, I won't take long, all right?"


"Ah! Here they are. Awww…"

"I should've known. Ne, Fuji-senpai, why do you like cacti so much?"

"'Why', you ask… Don't you think they're cute?"

"Hmmm… But they have spines."

"True. But even so, I still can't help but like them. I find them quite adorable."

"Have you ever been pricked by the spines? Didn't it hurt?"

"The spines are part of the cacti that I love, so I have to accept it too, right?"


"Ne, Echizen, look at this little one. It stands proud and tall, but just like you said, people tend to stay away from it because of its thorns. But there are others who'd look past the thorns and see it's actually more delicate than it appears."

"Eh? Really?"

"Mm-hm. For example, if you're not careful with how much sun you let it get exposed to, and if you water it too much or too little, it'll whither. And perhaps… die. But only few people know this. And fewer still know of the beautiful flower that blossoms when it's taken good care of."

"Heehh… so they grow flowers too?"

A chuckle. "See? You didn't even know."

A pout. "Che."

"Ne, Echizen."


"There's this little cactus that I really like."

"Why don't you buy it then?"

"It's not something I could just buy. Besides, even if I had all the money in the world, it probably wouldn't matter."

"Ha? Is it special?"

"Very special, I'm afraid. I have to win a love game to get it. But the opponent I'll have to face is strong, stubborn and unyielding. I'd probably have a chance but… it'll be a tough fight."

"Fuji-senpai. You're a Seigaku Regular aren't you?"


"How do Seigaku Regulars play tennis?"

"We don't give up until the last point is decided… I see. I guess you're right."

"Besides, if it's you, a Love-Game won't be impossible." A smirk. "Unless it's me who's on the other side of the court."

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Of course. Mada mada da—mmph!"


Disclaimer: Tennis no Oujisama belongs to Konomi Takeshi-sama

Translation of Fuji's song credited to chibiwings-sama :D