Warning! Slight Advent Children Spoilers!

This is a very short oneshot, taking place during Advent Children. This is just before Cloud destroys Bahumet (if I spelled that wrong, shame on me) One sided Cloud/Vincent,it's just a short little drabble. Got this idea during class, I thought it would work. It's not that great, but I tried. Please review!

My cape flaps wildly behind me as a rush of air almost knocks me backwards. I look up to the gigantic beast that flew up past me, my heart sinking upon seeing the blue glow around it's head, and the red glint in it's eyes. I look down, seeing a flash of metal as the blonde swordsman below advances up in the air. A familiar young ninja jumps after him and heaves him up by the foot with her connected hands, sending him up faster. He races upward, coming closer to me, and to the powerful summon that had flown past. I can see the determination in his intense blue eyes, although he is still far from me.

Sword in hand, he intends to destroy the monster. Once again he is called on to be the hero, when he is the one who needs saving. I feel an ache inside me, one that has been hurting me for a long time. The ache that started when I heard about his illness.

When I heard he was dying.

Seeing him come closer, I wish I could take his place. I wish I could be the one racing towards the monster, the one plagued with intense pain throughout my body. I also wish I could tell him not to let his sins destroy him, as he and the others had taught me two years ago. I can now see the pain in his eyes, hidden, but at the same time so obvious. He is hurting in body and soul. I can feel the presence of unspilled tears in him. He is dying, does he care anymore?

I care. I care more than anyone. He does not know how much I care, how much I worry.

How much I love him.

He reaches his hand up, awaiting more aid as his ascend upwards starts to slow. He is reaching for my hand. Part of me wishes for it to be under any other circumstance, another part pains to see him slow. I look up at the beast again and back down before jumping from the metal beam from which I was perched. I fall towards him, he rises towards me. I extend my human hand to him.

You have always had my hand to reach for. I will pull you up. I will help you fly.

Our hands connect for a split second, but it feels like several minutes. Our eyes meet very briefly, but I read everything in them. Hopefully he can read everything in mine. The concern, the want to help, the love. I send him my strength and flip my body to throw him upwards. In that moment, I want to say everything to him, just in case this is my last chance. I wish I can spill my heart, but there is no time. In the middle of sending him up, I say the only thing I know can sum up everything I feel.


Our hands slip away from each other. My cape flaps violently around me as I fall, looking up at the ascending swordsman with stinging red eyes. I will fall, he will rise. If that is what it will take, then I am happy to let it happen. He will take my strength and use it to help him in his struggle to fly. I had given him invisible wings, and renewed strength. Too many times I had seen him descend. Now I will take the fall for him. I will land on my feet, and make sure he does as well.

Fly, my fallen angel. Fly up into the skies and fight the physical and personal demons that attack you. Feel free from the chains of sin and spread your wings. Fly up out of the pits of oblivion and see what you are blind too. Fly high, I will catch you if you happen to fall again.