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This is my first FanFic, actually this is my first attempt at any sort of writing other than during school (a long, long time ago), so please be gentle with me. I now have a lot more respect for authors as this endeavor has shown me the kind of work that goes into a creation of fiction. Please read and review, I'm mostly interested in constructive reviews as I am experimenting with several different styles. I hope the read is an enjoyable for you as the write has been for me. Fear not, it will all work out in the end.

PS: I'm a dyed in the wool KR fan.

Prolog - The Plan

Sitting in the tree house that was built by the Possible and Stoppable families as a joint project many years ago, was a thin 17 year old Ron Stoppable, his unkempt blond hair still slightly dusty from his most recent mission, still wearing the black semi-turtleneck pullover and grey cargo pants that made up his mission clothes. Ron was deep in thought, not thinking about the mission itself but of something that had happened during the mission. Ron was talking to Rufus, the small pink Naked Mole Rat that most people thought of as his pet, but to Ron (and those close to him) Rufus was more family than pet, like a small pink brother who was forever at Ron's side, or more to point of fact, in Ron's pocket. Rufus sat next to Ron listening intently, Rufus knew there was something different this time, something terribly wrong. Ron had not stopped at Bueno-Nacho like he always did after a mission, he had come directly to the tree house, the tree house where he and his lifelong friend 17 year old Kim Possible had spent many hours just enjoying each others company, making no demands expecting nothing in return except the happiness they found in each others company.

"Well Rufus", Ron said "I've done it again haven't I, This was supposed to be a routine mission. I mean no super villains or anything, some simple bank robbery with guys who didn't even know enough to disable the alarm system before breaking into the place. Yet there I was tripping over my own stupid feet and letting that one guy grab me. Kim had to stop and come to help me and that gave the other guy a chance to pull a gun from his pocket and he shot at Kim, thank goodness he was a bad shot and missed. But what if he hadn't Rufus ol' Buddy, he wouldn't have even had time to pull the gun if it wasn't for me, I know Kim was able to throw that bag coins and knock the gun from his hand and then it was no contest, Kim knocked out the guy that was holding me and then took care of the other guy while I opened the door for the police, but if Kim had gotten hurt, or worse, it would have been my fault, my fault as usual." As Rufus looked up at his friend he very clearly squeaked "Oh.Oh no good" Ron, seemed not to hear him and sat deep in thought for quite some time.

As the Sun started rising brightening the tree house with the rainbowed rays of morning Ron had apparently come to a decision. "Rufus, I can't let her get hurt trying to protect me anymore, I'm giving up the world saving stuff and letting Kim, who knows what she's doing, handle it without having to worry about some stupid bumbling sidekick getting in the way. But I've gotta do it so Kim thinks it was her idea other wise she'll blame herself"

Rufus knew trouble was brewing, Kim and Ron were the best friends he had, he had been watching them as they grew closer over the years until finally, during the Bueno-Nacho / Diablo mission they had realized what Rufus had known for some time, that yes, they cared for each other as friends, but also as more than friends, much, much more. Rufus remembered that night as the night he had gotten more than just two very close and dear friends; he had gotten to become part of a very, very special family.

The last three months had been the happiest in Ron's life, his lifelong dream come true. He and Kim were more than just best friends; they were now boyfriend and girlfriend, with all of the hand holding, kissing, walking together in the park, going to movies together kinda stuff that goes along with it. Ron could not see Kim asking him to leave the team and still continuing to be his girlfriend, so he had decided to give it all up, the entire relationship even if it meant the friendship they had shared since Pre-K. But, he reasoned, however wrongly, it would help keep Kim safe and that was worth more than anything to him, even his own happiness, even more than his own life.

As Ron looked up, his chocolate brown eye's brimming with tears he began to form the plan in his mind. Rufus, also with moisture in his small black eye's, just looked up at his friend / brother / father with a worried look on his small pink furless face.