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Chapter 17 – Found


Ron is in a mystical realm talking to Toshimu (Spirit of the Lotus Blade) and Kumatsu (Spirit of the Band of the Blade). He is in a glade at the foot of a mountain.

The story continues…

- - - Ron - - -

After Toshimu's introductions he folds his legs beneath him and sits on the grass while motioning for Ron to sit also. Kumatsu however does not sit; he stands behind Toshimu at his right shoulder. Toshimu waits for Ron to be seated before he again speaks.

Toshimu: "You have progressed far for one so slight of years young Master. That is promising for the future but it is the present of which we must speak.That is why I have summoned you here today."

Ron: "Well okay… Where exactly am I?"

Toshimu: "Do you not recognize Mount Yamanochi? It is as I remember it before the school was carved from its peak."

Ron: Looks up at the imposing sight of the mountain "Oh yea. It looks a lot different now but I can see it now."

Toshimu: "It will not remain as you now see it young Master. Now that your spirit has joined us you will have great influence on what you now see."

Ron: "Whoa, what do you mean my spirit has joined you, I'm not dead or anything am I?"

Toshimu: "No young Master. But the Blade has now decided to accept you fully as its Master and as the Blade becomes part of you so also do you become part of the Blade. Part of you will forever reside here young Master and your spirit will add to this realm."

Kumatsu: "Master. It is time."

Toshimu: Looks up at Kumatsu and smiles "Yes Kumatsu. I feel it also. We will speak again after our tasks are completed."

Kumatsu places his hand on Toshimu's shoulder and, turning toward Ron, bows and says "We will meet again young Master." Kumatsu then turned and walked back toward the mountain.

Toshimu: "Kumatsu has his own duties to perform young Master. But you will meet again in time. I feel that the two of you will become great friends. You are alike in so many ways."

Toshimu turns and watches as Kumatsu walks into the trees at the edge of the glade, as he disappears from view Toshimu returns his gaze to Ron.

Toshimu: "Now we must talk young Master. Is not the small one with you? For he too must be included in what I am about to say."

Ron: "Small one?" Just as Ron says this his pocket flips open and Rufus looks up at Ron and says "Un Huh"

Toshimu: "Please small one, join us"

Rufus scrambles out of Ron's pocket and after bowing to Toshimu sat lotus fashion on the grass next to Ron. Toshimu looks at Rufus closely the closes his eyes for a moment. After he opens his eyes again he looks back at Ron.

Toshimu: "It is as Kumatsu thought young Master. While your small companion has a strong connection to the power and is strong in your heart, he is not the one the Band seeks."

Ron: "The Band? You mean this ……" As he started speaking Ron had raised his right arm to display the Band on his wrist. He had stopped talking when he noticed that the Band was no longer there.

Toshimu: "You no longer have need of the Band young Master so it has gone to seek the other."

Ron: "The other? I'm sorry Toshimu, I don't understand"

Toshimu: "The Lotus Blade and the Band are not separate. Each is merely a part of the whole and each part has its own destiny to fulfill. The Blade and the Band were not meant to be entrusted to a single being they are meant to have separate, but linked Masters. It was required that you be the sole possessor of both for a time but that time is now past. "

Ron: "Sooo, now that I don't need it anymore the Band has just gone back to where it came from?"

Toshimu: "Not so young Master. Now that you are truly Master of the Blade and one part of the whole the Band must now complete the whole by seeking out, and linking with, its own Master. Only when to two parts are once again joined will the true power of the unity be released. You and your chosen life companion will forever be linked as Kumatsu and I are linked."

Ron: "You mean that a band of metal is going to pick out my 'life companion' for me? Don't I get a say in this?"

Toshimu: "Fear not young Master. The Band will make a wise choice."

Ron: "Oh man! This is just great."

Suddenly a wind started blowing through the glade and a glow formed in the air between Ron and Toshimu. The glow solidified into the Lotus Blade and as the two Masters stared at the Blade a small section of the hilt separated itself from the Blade and drifted toward the small pink form seated beside Ron. As it neared Rufus it changed its shape into what at first appeared to be another Band. But as the softly glowing band reached Rufus it flowed around his neck and formed a small collar complete with the name "RUFUS" inscribed on its surface.

The Lotus Blade vanished with a small 'POP' as soon as the collar was in place.

Toshimu seemed shaken for a moment but then bowed to Rufus while saying to Ron "It appears a new legend has been born young Master. Where there were two there are now three."

Rufus returned Toshimu's bow then looked up toward Ron. When Ron was looking directly into the small black eyes of his friend he heard a voice in his head. It was a little squeaky but very clearly said "Hi Ron. Can we eat now?" Ron fainted.

- - - Kim - Shego - - -

After a very quiet dinner Kim helped her mother load the dishwasher and then excused herself. She went to her room grabbed up Panda-Roo and sat on her bed just staring at the wall in front of her. "This is turning out to be one weird day" she thought. "First Sensi shows up and says all that stuff about soul mates and Ron being some kind of Master or something then Felix tells me that Ron left because he came up with some stupid plan to protect me and then that stuff in the garage. I wonder if I'm just dreaming all of this."

Kim sat deep in thought for quite some time before she finally stretched out on her bed and fell into a thankfully dreamless sleep.

In the very early hours of the morning a small black and green jet hovered for a moment and then landed in a stand of trees at Middleton Park. A small athletic form with long sleek black hair dressed in a green and black jumpsuit climbed out of the cockpit of the plane and looked around approvingly. A small smile crossed her slightly green tinted face as she thought. "Perfect, I knew all that time we spent keeping track of the princess would pay off someday." She then looked at the clock on the dashboard of the plane "If she keeps her schedule she should be jogging right down that path in about 45 minutes." Shego then sat on the wing of the plane to wait looking back at the clock every 5 minutes.

Kim awoke at 5:45 AM fifteen minutes before her alarm was set to go off. After about 45 seconds of staring at the ceiling she decided that she wasn't going to sleep any more and rolled out of bed. For a second she wondered why she was still dressed in the clothes she had on yesterday but as her mind filled with yesterday's events she remembered. "Well I'll try to think through this on my morning jog" she thought and proceeded to strip out of her wrinkled clothes and replace them with her normal jogging outfit of cutoffs and a sports bra. As she left the house heading for the park she was thinking "Nothing could happen that could top yesterday" She was wrong.

Shego was getting impatient with waiting and stood upright on the wing of the aircraft to get a better view of the path that meandered through the park. She was rewarded a few moments later when she spotted a red haired lone figure jogging up the path. "Alright princess its time for a little exercise." she thought as she jumped up, caught a low hanging branch and swung into the concealing foliage of the tree above her to await the arrival of her intended victim.

As Kim was jogging along she was still deep in thought and not paying a lot of attention to her surroundings. So it was not surprising that when a green and black figure suddenly dropped seemingly from the sky and landed directly in front of her she ran head on onto it and bounced back landing on her back in the middle of the path.

As she looked up to see what she had run into she saw that the obstacle was standing and starting down on her with an ominous look in her green eyes.

Shego had been prepared for the shock so remained standing, with a small growl she looked down on Kim and said. "Okay princess. I want some answers. And I hope I have to beat them out of you."

As soon as Kim recognized Shego she began to look around for Drakken and was surprised that she could not see him anywhere. Shego noticed Kim scanning the area and as a small chuckle crept into her voice she said "Don't bother Kimmie. It's just you and me this time. No Drakken, no sidekick, just the two of us. This time it's over princess, one way or another it's over."

Kim rolled quickly to her side and sprung to her feet going into a defensive stance as she did so. "Shego, What would Dr. D. say about you breaking the super villain code like this." Kim said trying to goad Shego into making a mistake. But Shego just glared at her and said "You shouldn't be worrying about him princess. You should be worrying about yourself." And with that her hands erupted into glowing green plasma and without any other further warning she threw one hand forward releasing a glowing ball of plasma directly at Kim's chest.

Being used to more banter prior to the actual fight Kim was caught off guard. And could do nothing other than raise her hands in front of her in a seemingly useless attempt to block the green glowing orb as it raced toward her. As soon as her hands were raised a luminous wall of blue energy formed a shield in front of her and when the green orb struck it bounced off and blasted a hole in the tree directly behind Shego and dislodging several branches that fell around the two antagonists.

Shego paused for only a moment before continuing the attack. She was so focused on pounding Kim into submission that she seemed to ignore the strange blue shield. Seeing that her long distance attack was fated for failure she ran forward to bring the fight to a personal hand-to hand battle.

Kim was still trying to figure out what just happened. She was shaken out of her stupor when she realized that Shego was there in front of her throwing swift kicks and punches with her blazing hands with a fury and rage that Kim had never seen before. It took a moment for Kim to realize that she was blocking each attack effortlessly and without thought. She also noticed that when blocking Shego's green fury with her unprotected forearms she felt none of the burning intensity of contact she was used to feeling.

Shego knew she was attacking with a half crazed fury and seeing her vicious attacks being so easily blocked did nothing but fuel her rage. This pushed her attacks into deadly assaults. After swinging a particularly vicious strike she realized that Kim was no longer in front of her. In her fury Shego failed to notice when Kim had jumped straight up and doing a somersault and half twist had landed directly behind her facing her unprotected back. Kim unleashed a palm forward thrust that caught Shego in the center of her upper back which sent Shego flying through the air for about ten feet before she landed face down and stunned in the dirt.

Kim was instantly standing above Shego and after roughly rolling her over had grabbed the front of her jump suit had effortlessly lifted her off the ground. As Shego came back to her senses she looked down and saw her feet dangling several inches above ground while Kim held her, one-handed, by the front of her uniform. When she looked into Kim's eyes she was startled to see that the green eyes looking back at her had a strange blue glow. This, more that anything, brought Shego out of her rage. Instead of feeling anger and fury Shego now felt fear creep into her.

Shego then heard a voice deep with anger say "Alright Shego. We've had out little fun. Now I want to know what this was all about." Shego knew without a doubt that the Kim Possible now holding her was not the goody-two-shoes she thought she knew and understood. This Kim Possible was dangerous.

When Shego replied it was with a false bravado that tried to cover a shaking voice. "Hey princess I just came to find out what the deal was with you and your stupid sidekick that's all. I mean why pretend you aren't a team anymore when he's obviously still there."

This comment took some of the anger out of Kim and she slowly lowered Shego to the ground but maintained her grip on Shego's jumpsuit. Kim knew needed to keep Shego off balance so she pulled Shego an inch closer as she replied "I'm going to guess that you mean Ron. I'd start calling him by name if I were you; I don't think he would like being called a 'stupid sidekick' it might make him mad, and I don't think you'd like that. Oh, by the way you better let Drakken know that 'buffoon' won't go over too big either."

Shego was still trying to put up a false front but even she could see that it was a waste of time so she simply said "Okay, Ron then. Why the missing 'Ron' routine if you two are still working together?" Kim was more than a little confused by this question. Why a villain or a bunch of villains would be concerned about whether or not Ron and she were working as a team was lost on her. She decided to keep Shego and others if there were any, off balance and answered "Why Ron and I do what we do is none of your business Shego. In the future maybe you should keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong unless you want it permanently rearranged."

Kim then released Shego and stepped back a step. "I'm in a good mood today so I think I'll just let you go back to Drakken. I've got my morning jog to finish." Kim turned around and started jogging up the path again as if nothing had happened. After about ten feet she turned and while continuing to run backward yelled out "Oh, and Shego. Don't forget to let Drakken know about the buffoon comments okay." Then she turned forward again and put on a burst of speed that soon put her out of Shego's sight.

As Shego limped back to her jet she was thinking "If that's Kimmie in a good mood maybe I'll just let the syntho-drones take her on from now on." Five minutes later she was back in the air heading for Mexico wondering what had just happened.

- - - Kim - - -

Shego wasn't the only one wondering what had happened. The confusion Kim had felt earlier in the day had just grown to epic proportions. She finally decided that there was only one way to get to the bottom of whatever was happening. "Wade!" she thought "Wade has to know something, I've been ignoring it for a while, but that self satisfied smile on his face whenever I called in a successful mission is a dead giveaway. Why didn't I see that before?"

Kim ran straight back to her house and kept running until she was back in her room. She needed time to think about what to ask Wade so she could get the answers she needed so she took a long hot shower and changed in jeans and a sweatshirt. By the time she was tying her shoes she thought she was ready and grabbed up the Kimmunicator pressing the button that would connect her to Wade.

When Kim's face appeared on the screen in front of him, Wade knew he was in trouble by the look on her face. "Well" he thought "I knew it was only a matter of time. After Felix called last night and explained that dumb plan of Ron's and that he had told Kim I'm surprised it took her this long to call." But Wade felt it was better to play dumb just in case and said "Uh, Hi Kim. What's up?"

Kim just glared at the image on the small screen as she replied "Look Wade, I've had enough. I know you know where Ron is and you better tell me. And I mean RIGHT NOW!" Wade had given this moment a lot of thought. How could he get around his promise to Ron? The talk with Felix last night convinced him that what Ron had done was just plain stupid. So he had come up with a backdoor that should just work.

"Look Kim, just so you know Ron has gone to great steps to make sure I don't know where he is." Wade saw that Kim was about to explode so he quickly continued "But I do know someone that might be able to give you the answers you need." Wade saw Kim take a deep breath and let it out slowly before she said "Who Wade. And how do get hold of this person?" Ron had put the name and phone number of Alan Roberts in the phone book and that made it open season as far as Wade was concerned. Wade was glad the tap he had put on the computer of the guy that had helped Ron change his identity had paid off. Now he was able to say to Kim "The guy's name is Alan Roberts. He lives in Go City and his home phone number is in the phone book. I think talking to him will answer your questions."

"This better pay off Wade, or you and I are going to meet in person again, and soon." Knowing exactly what Kim meant Wade closed the connection but instead of being worried about Kim's last remark he simply sat back in his chair and sipped his soda with a very large smile on his face.

Kim logged onto her computer immediately and connected with the Go City phone directory. She quickly had the address and phone number of a Mr. Alan Roberts, thankfully there was only one in Go City. As an afterthought she did a quick search for the name Stoppable thinking that if Alan Roberts lived in Go City then Ron may also. When her search turned up nothing she angrily logged of the website and looked at the number and address she had written on the pad next to the computer. Picking up the phone she dialed the number carefully.

Kim heard the phone ringing on the other end of the line. On the third ring it was answered by a female voice that had a slightly oriental accent "Roberts Residence" the voice said. Kim quickly replied "Uh Yes. I'd like to speak to Alan Roberts please." There was a definite pause at the Roberts end of the line before the female voice said "Uh.. Okay. I'll see if he's available please hold on" and Kim heard the sound of a handset being placed on a table top. As she waited she thought to herself "Strange, I swear I know that voice. But from where?"

Yori had recognized the voice on the phone as soon as she heard it and as she hurried through the house in search of Ron she was smiling so widely her face started to hurt. She found Ron in the kitchen (where else) stirring a pot on the stove. She quickly wiped the smile off her face and got Ron's attention by saying loudly "Alan, you have a phone call, it's on the phone in the sitting room" Whenever another person was in the house or a phone line was open he had insisted that he be referred to as Alan not Ron. Ron looked up from the stove and said "Okay, would you mind stirring this for me, I won't be long"

Yori walked over and took the spoon from Ron and stared mimicking his stirring movements but as soon as Ron left the kitchen she reached down and shut off the heat under the pot. She knew that he would be longer than he thought. She slowly crept out of the kitchen following Ron. She knew she couldn't miss this; it was going to be good.

When he entered the sitting room Ron picked up the receiver and said "Alan Roberts here, can I help you?" all he heard was silence from the other end of the line. After a few seconds he said "Hello? Is anyone there?" he was about to hang up a few seconds later when he heard "Ron? Ron is that you?" He recognized Kim's voice immediately. After all he had dreamed about here every night since that day in the Bueno-nacho. After a moment of silence he finally said "Hi KP. I didn't expect to hear from you."

"RON! Don't you dare go anywhere. I'm on my way over." After this short statement Ron heard a 'CLICK' and the line went dead in his hand. A million thoughts and emotions rippled through Ron over the next few seconds. He wanted to cry BOO-YAA for the first time in a long time, he wanted to hide under his bed, he wanted to move to Tibet and become a monk. In short he wanted to do anything rather that face the woman he loved and had, to his mind, betrayed.

He felt the guilt about what he had done wash over him as if it had been yesterday. He knew that he had to stay and face her to atone for his actions by letting her take all of the anger she was undoubtedly feeling out on him. After all he deserved it didn't he? Besides, he would get to look at her one more time, her auburn red hair that flipped just so, her amazing eye's that could be sparkling with laughter or glazing with anger but still be deep green pools of beauty, the lips that were so soft and amazing to kiss but could be turned against him in a moment with the puppy-dog pout he could never resist, the softly curved lean muscled body that….. Suddenly he stopped and thought "Get your mind together Stoppable. You're about to die." And he sat down in an overstuffed chair to await his fate.

As soon as Kim hung up the phone she called Wade. Go City was several hours away by any normal means of transportation and Kim didn't want to wait. It was time to call in favor for personal reasons, something she swore she would never do. As Wade appeared on the screen she didn't have time to say anything, Wade started talking immediately. "Your ride will be there in a minute Kim. Watch for a jet in front of your house. You should be in Go City in about 10 minutes. I've already given them the address so don't worry." Kim just smiled at Wade's image and said "Wade I haven't told you this in a while but Wade you really rock!" With a large smile on his face Wade cut the connection.

Kim came bounding down the stairs from her room four at a time. As she raced by the living room where her family was watching a TV she called "Mom, Dad, I found Ron. I hope I won't be too late but …. Bye." Mr. Dr. P. just looked up and said "Okay Kimmie-Cub, don't forget to tell him about your wedding present." But he said it to a door that had already been slammed shut. Anna just smiled, first at the door and then at her husband. Jim looked over at Tim and said Bikka Bikka Boo and help up his hand, Tim looked at Jim and said Boo-Shawww and high fived his brother.

Ten minutes later a jet was landing in the driveway of a house on the outskirts of Go City. As Kim jumped out of the jet and raced for the front doors she couldn't help but notice the size of the house. It was simply huge by normal standards. But that was Ron wasn't it, never be normal, if you're going to do something do it big. The large double doors opened before her just as she was about to burst through them, breaking them down if she had to. When she looked to see who had opened them for her she expected to see Ron but was surprised when she recognized Yori standing there.

Very quickly her mind went through several changes. Yori was here. Yori who, last she knew, had a crush on Ron was here in his house with him. Why was she here? Why were THEY here together? She was about to voice some of this to Yori, at first with her voice and probably then with her fists when she stopped suddenly, all thoughts being driven from her mind at what she saw.

On the wall directly across from the doors was a huge portrait. The subject of the beautiful painting was a red haired woman with dazzling green eyes and a smile on her slightly parted lips. She was dressed in a light blue formal dress that appeared to be charred along the bottom hem. Kim almost started crying right there but instead looked at Yori and croaked out "Ron?" Yori smiled as she pointed to a room off to the right of the entry hall Kim turned and slowly made her way to the room looking again at the portrait on the wall and trying to hold in the tears.

When Kim entered the room she saw a much larger Ron Stoppable with brown hair seated in a chair with the receiver end of a phone clutched in his hand and his eyes closed. Kim walked slowly over to the figure in the chair and gently removing the receiver from his hand placed it on the cradle on the phone. A startled Ron jumped up quickly as he had been oblivious to everything around him since he had heard Kim's voice on the phone. As soon as Ron recognized Kim he turned his eyes to the floor even though he wanted nothing more than to look into her eyes once more. Kim heard a quivering voice as Ron started talking "KP. I know that I've hurt you. I can never expect you to forgive me for that. I deserve anything you care to say or do to me and more but for what it's worth, I'm sorry"

On the ride here Kim had thought about what she wanted to do. She knew that the first thing she should do was slap him across the face for what he did but looking up into his down-turned face with tears falling from his closed eyes she knew that she couldn't. She realized that standing before her was the man that she loved with all her heart and soul. The man that had given up family, his friends even their love in his misguided attempt to protect her from harm. So she slowly reached up and after brushing the tears from his face softly caressed his cheek and quietly said "You goofball". She then moved her hand to the back of his neck and brought his face down to hers. As their lips touched they kissed, tentatively at first, but as several months of passion built in the two of them the kiss deepened and it was several minutes later when they forced themselves to break the kiss.

Still clinging to each other Kim smiled up into Ron's chocolate brown eyes and said "Just promise me you'll never do anything like this again without talking to me first okay?" Ron was about to answer her when two things happened. Rufus ran into the room and almost knocked Kim down when he jumped into her arms. Kim would swear later that through the jumble of emotions in her mind she clearly heard "KIM! You don't know how happy I am to see you again" Just before Rufus collided with her. The next thing to happen Kim didn't see. Behind her back a shimmering blue band suddenly appeared floating in the air. As Ron reached around her to grab the band out of the air he said "Uh KP? Even though I wasn't really expecting you it seems I have a gift for you." Just as Ron placed the Band of the Blade on Kim's right wrist a sound erupted from Kim's pocket.


Kim reached into her pocket and retrieved the Kimmunicator as she pushed the connect button and Wade's Face appeared on the screen she said "Hey Wade. What's the sitch" Wade's face just broke out in a huge smile and he said "Nothing, nothing at all. Oh and Kim… Welcome back"

The end (for now)

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