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Yet To Emerge

The darkness gathered like a mist fallen from the clouds of the twilit sky. The wind howled like bells of a funeral as nightmares took crude forms. There was darkness here—a lingering emptiness untouched, yet loathing everything. A history of more than a thousand years buried here, with thoughts of revenge with a non-existent mind. There was a mirror—a dark reflection that showed nothing, and suddenly a green mist began to leak from its corners. Hatred, loneliness, loathing—all were here as Ganondorf stepped forward to the veil of greenish fog. He gazed up toward the dark mirror with his yellow eyes and moved his cloak back with a slow hand.

"I call upon the void that was sent from the Goddesses."

A faint image of a green skull appeared on the mirror before an eerie light had flushed it out and more clouds began to leak from its glass. Whispers fell into the air, surrounding Ganondorf and sending his cloak softly drifting in the air. He looked up again and there was the void before him and he stared into the deep darkness that wailed,

"Wi-ng-ed Da-rk-ness…" The voices suddenly faded into one, and when it spoke it would fade into a whisper and then a shriek, "You call me from the void? The souls you give me allow some existence, but it is not enough…"

Ganondorf bowed, "I have found something that might interest you…"

"And what is it that you call me from my prison? It's hard enough to emerge… I feel I am already fading." The voice wailed in a hoarse tone as it dragged seemingly in pain.

"I have found the Divine One." Ganondorf quickly stated, "And he carries your star."

There was a sudden pause, and more whispers emerged into the air, calling in desperation. They rose in volume, intensifying until they merged into one once again this time bellowing loudly.

"Then why is he not in your possession?"

"My minions are after him—I assure you—"

"Remember that I have many others that could take your place… Find him quickly… Or I shall find another in your stead—and he will take the blessing of my star and you will rot without it."

"I am aware of my fate." Ganondorf replied, "I swear I will find and take care of him quickly, and retrieve the star."

The whispers rose once again and faded, uttering and murmuring less and less as the green mist began to disappear. The eerie light was dispelled back into the faded image of the green skull, and then there was nothing at all—only darkness and a dead trail of mist. And Ganondorf slowly turned, his cape sweeping the air behind him, and slowly paced away with cold and solemn steps, clutching onto his deformed arm.


The chieftain of the Rito Tribe glanced at Zelda when the door had closed after Link's departure. It was a moment of utter silence—with the sudden click of the door closing hushed away any sort of sound in the lingering air. Zelda was looking away from the door and toward the floor, still standing as an unmoved statue, with her hands draped at her side. Komali's father stepped in front of Zelda—face-to-face.

"I know of your secret as well…" He began in a dark tone, "There is a special barrier around this place that keeps you from changing."

"Only under the moon…"

"He will eventually have to know your secret as well as his own," Komali's father turned away, "You cannot keep the secret of your true form forever."

At that moment, when Zelda raised her chin, something had flashed in her eyes. In a mere moment, her eyes that were the blue sea glazed over with a yellow storm. In a mere moment, when her mouth opened, fangs hung from the roof of her mouth. In a mere moment, Komali's father was suddenly struck with fear from the presence of the fallen angel. The air rose a little afterward as the tension tightened and the shock lingered on to a tingling on the back of the neck.

"He might fall into fear just as I have," The chieftain trembled after stepping back, "And something that is becoming precious to him might be broken."

"Something that is becoming precious to him…" Zelda echoed.

Komali's father turned away as he spoke, "Yes… It's beginning to come forth and yet he hasn't realized it yet." He breathed deeply, ceasing his trembling, "And yet it is something that will be as beautiful as a rose in spring. And yet—it still stands on the edge of winter… you must be careful of it."

Zelda quickly turned and climbed the stairs to the door. She then stopped a moment—resting her hand on the banister, "I shall leave now, highness." And with that, she opened the door.

As it moaned, she peered into the darkness just as her mind. Swallowed by confusion, the door closed behind her. She though of Link and did not understand. Her thoughts lingered with the shadows lurking in the corners as the emptiness enclosed around her. And the more she thought of Link, the more her mind became strained—and then suddenly a painful shock pierced her through the heart as if bidding her to stop. Zelda's thoughts ceased and were once again covered in blackness, matching the shadows covered by the walls.

She walked on as if nothing had happened, drifting like a wind gracefully down the hallways of the Rito haven. However, as if fate was toying with her, as she passed a balcony, there in the corner of her eye she saw Link standing out there, staring into the starry night. Of course she stopped, and of course she turned her head toward him. She did not walk to him though, staying covered from the night's eyes.

The moonlight danced on Link's face when he felt that his solitude was broken, and he moved so he faced the open candle-lit hallway. The silhouette of Zelda came to his eyes with such sharpness that the same fluttering feeling swept over his body.

"Zelda…" He said coming off the balcony and toward her.

"What are you doing out here?" Zelda replied with an unchanged voice.

"I was… thinking."

"Ah, that's normal."

"It's strange… I was living such a solid life back at my village—it seemed nothing could ever change. And yet only one thing had to happen to shatter everything. All that was needed was Winged Darkness' interference. And so here I am now caught up in the story of an ancient power, doing things that I've never done before."

"Perhaps this was the life that you were meant to live. And you were meant to forget everything that happened in your life back there as it was shattered."

Link glanced at his hands, "Even if you say that… I can't just stop remembering that happened and live this new life as if I knew nothing happened. Even the thought of Vaati's death still follows me. The look of Grandma's face when I told her I had to leave. My little sister's voice as she begged me not to forget."

Zelda could hear Link's voice change as he started to reminisce. It became strained as he spoke the words of his memory. So many things were hidden within it, but the layers were so thick, that she couldn't see anything. Then a small combination of words caught her.

"You said that you once had a home, too, right? Don't its memories still follow you even now as you travel?"

Zelda was caught in Link's gaze for a moment and once again she let her thoughts linger. As she wandered she found the words to say within herself.

"I suppose once in a while. I ended up alone and having to leave, though."

She glanced at Link and saw a smile slowly creep onto his face. It was a half-smile, consumed by sympathy for her but somehow touched by a little comfort for himself.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Oh," Link turned away for a moment, "It's just that our stories are so similar. We may have been left behind, but that means we have each other now, right?"

"Feh, I still walk alone…"

Those words ran through Link like a sword and something cringed within him. Something nearly stung his eye as he looked at Zelda, whose cold face blankly looked off, still lit by the candle-light. Link couldn't control himself then—he lifted his arms and enclosed the distance between he and Zelda. He could not stop what happened… His hands stroked Zelda's back as he held her in his arms and pulled her in close. Her chin rested at his shoulder as he moved his lips to her ear. His breath brushed against her hair now. And though he continued to hold her, his own back remained cold—she did not lift her hands to him, but rather they remained firmly at her side. Link whispered gently with a tone he had never used toward her before.

"I'm here… isn't that enough?" He brought his face a little closer, "As long as I stand here next to you, you're not alone…"

Bathes by the candlelight he still held her as If nothing else existed. As his heart seemed to grow tenderer, Zelda finally said blankly,

"What are you doing?"

Gasping, Link finally released her and regained the distance they once had, "I'm sorry!"

Zelda turned away and vanishing into the shadows, she said, "I've been this way for so many years—why should it change now?"

Once again the solitude returned, and Link once again stepped backward onto the balcony, covered by the moonlight that fell from the sky like tears. He longed to reach out for Zelda again to comfort her, but his mind wouldn't allow it. The embrace kept returning to his mind and did not leave. He leaned against the wooden barrier that separated him from the cliff that fell forever. Breathing heavily, he shook his head. Why did he do that? He had never taken a young woman like Zelda into his arms before. Why did he start now?

Link placed a finger on his forehead and signed. He then looked up toward the sky and could see the moon was getting higher and higher. Exhaustion took him as he told himself that the night was getting late. Link convinced himself that a little sleep would rid himself of the thought of the embrace.

When he retired to bed, it did him little good, though.

Link stood in blackness. There was nothing else there except for the princess before him. Something overcame him and once again he reached out and took her into his arms. Pulling her in close, Link brought his hand to the back of Zelda's head, feeling her streaming hair. He brought his face closer to her and lowered his lips, gently closing his eyes. Just as the space between them was about to turn to nothing—

Link shot upright in his bed. Staring at the wall in front of him, he had to allow reality to retake its place. Once it did, Link covered his face with both his hands and rubbed his eyes. It was only a dream—and somehow he was relieved that it "only was". Link turned his head toward the window of the room and saw that the sky was still painted black with grey clouds floating below the stars. The night was not over, and so Link fell back onto his pillow and closed his eyes… he was still awake. Link turned over on his side and closed his eyes again… sleep still did not fall on him. Groaning, he shifted uncomfortably, laying on his back once again and setting his hand against his forehead. He waited—lying awake and waiting for his eyelids to get heavy again.

The morning eventually came, but it came slowly thanks to the cruelness of time—moving fast when one wants to savor a moment and moving slow when one longs for a day to end. The night was stretched and long for Link, like a scroll spreading for ages. He had managed to sleep here and there after his dream, but only for brief moments. Sleep was definitely something he longed for now. However, when he tried to close his eyes once again, the sounds of the curtain to his room being brushed back shattered everything.

"Your clothes have been washed and mended."

Link groaned and rubbed the brow of his head, brushing back any strands of hair in his hand's way. He sat up, lines vividly below his eyes and the curse of a sleepless night lingering behind his head.

"Forgive me for the sudden intrusion," The servant Rito bowed hi head, "But Zelda awaits you—you shall be leaving soon, apparently."

"She wishes to leave?"

"Before, the Chieftain will speak to both of you." And with that, the servant left the room.

Link was left alone, and how he longed to keep the covers spread over his chest and allow himself to sink into the depths of his mind, filling himself with dreams. However he thought of Zelda barging into his room and forcing out of bed came—it would probably happen too, knowing her. And Zelda was the last person Link wanted to see at the moment. He wondered with dread what words would echo from her mouth after last night.

Link swung himself out of bed, fearing the consequences, and went strait to his feet. He glanced around the room until his eye caught the sight of his green tunic and cloak with his travel pouches set on top with his sword, quiver, and bow that were all laid on a chair. After dressing himself in familiar garments, he slipped on his dusty boots and tapped hi toes on the ground.

Trying his best to remember the way to the chieftain's room, Link cautiously made his way through the hallways. It had taken him a while the night before to find the right way to his room. No—Link suddenly forced himself to stop thinking of the night before. Fortunately for him, he found himself in a familiar hallway. The large double doors to the right… he thought. Finding the exact doors, Link set his hands on them and pushed them open. The same moan flowed through his ears as the elegant and large room came into sight.

"Finally, there you are."

Link looked down to find Prince Komali seated at a desk with his father standing next to him. And alone in the corner of the room was Zelda leaning against the wall with one foot against it while folding her arms. It was relieving for Link to see her in her traditional garb rather than a dress; however he was still a bit hesitant from the sight of her.

"Come closer now…" Komali called from below.

Link found himself stepping forward, but silently. Slowly and unconsciously he turned his gaze toward lea and found that he could not lift it. The longer she stared out the window, the longer he stared at her porcelain face touched with the finger of sunlight gently rising out of the white mist of the morning. When she finally turned toward him, Link jerked his head away, avoiding eye contact with her.

"So now that Link is here, perhaps you should tell us the secret of the Forest of Twilight." Zelda coolly said.

The chieftain stepped forward as he spoke, "There is a song passed down through the royal family of the Rito Tribe…" And softly, he began to sing in a deep voice,

Life touched by a falling star,

Hear the voice of the lost kingdom.

Echo on the wind's breath,

And awaken at the falling sun,

When sun and moon collide…

Banish the lifeless air,

And cleanse the distant past.

Arise from the darkness of heart,

And rise to everlasting light.

Awaken the sleep with wings…

There were many more verses to the song, but as Link neared the window, a wind pushed against the back of his head. He suddenly felt his heart stop beating, but he did not fall to the ground. Instead he lost the touch in the tips of his fingers and his mind became a void of nothingness. Link found himself snapping back to reality when the chieftain began to speak once again.

"This song tells of the Forest of Twilight and the Pool of Purification."

"I'm hardly interested in old songs, Sire." Zelda interrupted, stepping forward with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"You will show your respect!" Komali added, standing up from his seat.

"She has given me plenty of respect already, my son." The chieftain held the palm of his hand in front of Komali, "But this song does more or less tell how to reveal the Forest of Twilight.

"As you know, I'm sure, or otherwise you would not have come here, the Forest of Twilight is shrouded by a veil, covering it from the eyes of this world. However, only at sunset can it be revealed… and only as the moon rises into the air."

"That is too simple…" Zelda interrupted.

"It's not—this place is a sacred place among the Goddesses, they would not permit anyone to enter unless they had a sensible reason for entering." The Chieftain continued, "However, Link's reason is very much good enough for entering…

"When you come to a place where the grass flows on endless hills, and there are mountains from opposite ends almost touching on the horizon, wait until sunset, and when the moon appears in the sky, give some of your essence to the earth, and the Forest of Twilight will form."

"The giving of your essence allows the Goddesses to peer into your soul." Added Komali.

Zelda glanced at Link for a moment, and folded her arms, "Sunset, hm…?"

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