Note: This is the last chapter of the story. A semi-sequel, "Exciting Times Ahead", will come soon. Watch for it!

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Chapter 7: Homecoming

Two weeks later, most of Planera and Izzardville were busying along in their usual lives. Even most of the members of the SBAM League were doing nothing in particular, besides drinking Mog's drinks, playing Bust-a-Move, and ruining a couple pieces of furniture. Mog and Catch, however, had their eyes fixed to the stars, as the Hyoniid meteor shower occured that day.

"I still hope Mr. At comes back," Mog sighed as she viewed the meteors streak across the sky.

"Me too, but sometimes it takes a long time to find who created you," Catch responded. He was currently in the form of a large telescope, so he could observe the meteors more closely.

As Catch counted the meteors that streaked through the sky, he soon became surprised. "105…106…107…108. 108?" he counted, then ended in a note of astonishment. He looked down to check his astronomy book, then reported, "This book's the most reliable I could get, and it says that the Hyoniid meteor shower only has 35-105 meteors an hour. And this book has a margin of error of 0. Well, either they need to update the book or you are right, Mog."

Mog ignored Catch's last words, because she was interested in what was going on, too. "These ones are flaring up," Mog observed, and pointed to four streaks in the sky. "I wonder if they're going to land…"

"I hope they don't land with a bang," Catch replied.

Some minutes later, those same four meteors continued to flare up. By then, Catch could distinguish their features.

"You're right, Mog," Catch muttered as he continued to inspect the meteors. "One of them is Mr. At, I'm sure of that. Then again, I'm not sure why he brought friends. Also, one of them does look like a real meteor, so they might be in danger…"

"I hope it doesn't strike them," Mog commented worriedly after she heard Catch's remark.

Some minutes later, the four suspect meteors touched down, though not all at the same time. The first one Mog and Catch noticed was the true meteorite, as that landed about half an hour before the others did.

"It's tiny," Mog declared when she looked at it.

"If it were any bigger, it would have destroyed your house," Catch remarked. He had shifted back into his normal form so he could greet Mr. At more easily.

"At least it didn't hit them," Mog continued.

A couple of minutes later, Mog could also see that Mr. At was among them. Both she and Catch preferred to wait until everyone landed before they talked, though.

"Hey, good to see you, Mr. At!" Catch greeted.

"I missed you so much!" Mog followed.

"I wanted to see you, too!" Mr. At replied.

"Who are these guys?" Blackup muttered.

"So, who are these guys with you?" Catch asked as he saw Katze open the door of his spaceship.

"This one's Blackup," Mr. At presented, then whispered to Blackup, "Do you want to introduce yourself?"

"Er…yes…as he's confirmed, I'm Blackup, and I'd like to know your names," Blackup hastily introduced.

"I'm Mog," Mog replied.

"And I'm Catch," Catch also responded.

Katze soon came onto the scene, accompanied by Fungila and Fungilo as they bounded out of the spaceship door.

When Mr. At saw Katze and his gang arrive (which was soon after everyone introduced themselves), he said, "You'll probably have to introduce yourselves again, sorry."

"Who…are…you?" Katze stumbled over his meagre knowledge of English.

Mog and Catch had to go over their introduction speeches again, and after Katze introduced himself, Mr. At followed up, "These ones are Fungila and Fungilo. They can't really learn English, so you'll have to trust their body language. Also, the purple one is Fungila, and she's female. The other one is Fungilo, and he's male."

Fungila barked as if to prove what Mr. At had said, while Fungilo just stayed silent.

Blackup then asked, "So where will we be staying?"

Mog cheerfully replied, "Oh, I almost forgot to show you the house! You'll be staying there, unless you want to stay at Catch's or someplace."

They all headed for the house, leaving the orange spaceship in the nearby field. When they arrived, Bubblun had an enthusiastic greeting.

"Welcome, everyone!" Bubblun exclaimed. "Are you just here to visit, or are you joining our league?"

"He's always saying this if he's at the door," Catch remarked as they went in.

Mr. At stayed behind with Blackup and the others. He told Bubblun, "We're just visiting, unless you say anything different—" At the word "you", Mr. At nudged Blackup slightly.

"What's this league?" Blackup asked.

Mr. At told a speech about the SBAM League and what they played, and Katze immediately replied, "Sounds like what I play back in Kazera! Of course I'll join."

"By that, he means yes," Mr. At translated to Bubblun.

"I'll also join," Blackup accepted with better English than Katze.

By then, the two Fungiloids were barking "Raaaa!" at the tops of their voices.

"That means yes," Katze translated.

"That also means yes for both of them," Mr. At translated further.

"All right, I'll register all of you," Bubblun declared. "Evaluation is tomorrow. Want some food?"

"I hope I don't have conflicts," Katze responded in Kazean.

"Anything for interplanetary visitors like us?" Mr. At asked.

"Oh yes, back when Catch came here…yes, we do have such food, and it's over there," Bubblun responded, and led them all to the living room.

In the living room, the whole SBAM League was assembled, playing Bust-a-Move and eating finger foods. The showcased game was with Winky against Pink T, and Winky was, of course, losing.

"The food's over here," Bubblun stated, and Katze tentatively picked up some food. Fungilo immediately leaped at a slab of raw meat Moga left by the sink.

"No, you can't have that, Moga's going to cook it," Bubblun disciplined. "But we can give you some if the others want to."

When the crew came to the main body, Wolo greeted, "Hey, Mr. At, good to see you back!"

"Mr. At's back?" Green Wolo, who was nearby, asked in surprise.

"He's right here," Wolo quickly responded.

"Good to see you!" Mr. At replied back.

Thus, Mr. At found his creator and convinced him to come to Planera. Planera received more aliens that day, and Mog and Catch were reunited with their friend. More excitement was soon to come, with Mr. At's return and the coming of new members…

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