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To the village Hidden in the Leaves, the destruction of one of, if not the strongest clans they had a claim on was utterly shocking.

That it was done by the eldest son of the head of the clan was worse.

That it was done by the village's prize ninja was absolutely crushing.

No one knew why the eldest Uchiha decided to snap.

Really, they probably should have paid a bit more attention.

The day the Bane of the Uchiha clan was born was a moonless, starless night.

The baby didn't whisper, didn't whine, didn't cry. When he entered the world, he entered it with Sharingan eyes and a cold glare.

The nurse cooed, the mother beamed, the father looked on with pride.

No one who was in that room ever lived to reminisce about Uchiha Itachi.

At the age of one he was walking on his own, and anyone who dared hold his hand received the deadliest glare from a being that was already five steps away from human.

At the age of two he was well within capable of killing a full grown man. Father's have such wonderful knowledge to pass on, especially in a ninja village.

The story went on, the genius who became ninja at seven, who never lost a fight, who never even blinked in danger.

People praised Itachi, calling him the next Hokage, the bravest ninja in the village, the most die-hard, the best, the best, the best.

What no one got about him, was that Itachi wasn't determined or brave. People like to place others on pedestals. But Itachi was far from a hero. Hell, he was far from human, if they cared to look deeper.

What made him different wasn't any sort of redeeming, sparkling quality.

He simply had nothing to fear. There was no arrogance there.

Just belief. Conviction that there was nothing to oppose him.

Itachi Uchiha believed in one thing.

It wasn't God.

It wasn't Power.

It wasn't Humanity.

It was Itachi Uchiha.

So great was his belief, was that no one could stop him, no one could match him.

In fact, he was about as good as God in this world.

Soon, Itachi grew bored with this ninja lifestyle, with helping diplomats, assassination, protection. Even killing was less of a thrill.

What he wanted was more.

And what he despised was being controlled. He despised the way his father crowed and boasted, thinking that he had anything to do with Itachi's power, skill, or even beliefs. He despised the way his mother tried to fawn over him, use him to impress her friends.

So, one day, he killed them. It wasn't planned.

He just decided to.

After all, who has the right to judge the actions of the divine?

Killed his father first, let the blood flow across his fingers, let the smell of Death reign free. The old man hadn't even felt the blow coming.

And felt the changes.

His mother fell next, screaming and sobbing without any understanding.

A pitiful woman, Itachi thought in a detached sort of way as he ripped her heart out.

Faces of people who he'd known and never cared to, faces of people he'd grown up with and loathed, they all melded together in a swirl of crimson.

And then... and then he could see.

So it was when he turned towards Sasuke, little Sasuke who looked so much up to his older, better, superior brother, that he chose not to strike.

There was no mercy in Uchiha Itachi's heart.

He wanted to test this power.

Wanted to know what it could do.

And when the time came that he could truly use it, and his brother could use it, then...

Then he would have a challenge. Then he would see if there was anything higher than this.

After all, who would defy his whims, if not his brother?

Even gods need something amusing to play with.

So he left the task of vengeance to a boy whose life, whose dreams, whose belief's had been shattered in one night.

No one would ever say that Uchiha Itachi never gave his brother a thing.