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Movies, Prowl reflected, were both a good and bad thing.

Good, in that they provided the warriors with at least a couple of hours' worth of entertainment that did not result in property damage or visits to Ratchet.

Bad, in that they tended to give certain people ideas. 'Certain people' being a Porsche with too much energy to burn, two Lamborghinis, their semi-regular blue Datsun sidekick, and occasionally two nature loving accomplices. All of whom would of course, remain nameless.

There had been the time that someone managed to get both 'Dennis the Menace' and 'Home Alone' into the base as part of a comedy movie night. Henceforth, due to the aforementioned persons, all movies bearing either 'Dennis', 'Menace' or the phrase 'Home Alone' were declared contraband items, the possession of which would land one an extended and close up examination of the floor tiles of the Rec Room and Common Room. 'Fast and Furious' was also added to that list a few years later.

After the comedy night fall out had been what was now referred to as the 'JP2 Fiasco', an event that began after the Dinobots had taken it upon themselves to re-enact part of the movie and ended with Autobots scattered approximately 100 miles in every conceivable direction, including up, Hound dangling from a cliff, and Red Alert on the verge of a self induced seizure.

Of course, no one could forget the 'Monsters Inc. escapade'. A little ingenious thinking on the part of the Ark's unrepentant hooligans showed up in the form of small holographic projectors packed into almost every closet and cupboard, each one projecting a very realistic creature of some description, complete with sound effects. For at least two weeks not a day went by without a cry of fright and an accompanying weapons fire alert. Hoist was still reporting finding some of the devices on the lower levels.

But not all movies were bad.

'Ladder 49', for example, had struck a very deep chord with many of the Autobots, not even Sunstreaker could scrape up a snarky remark as the end credits rolled. Unfortunately, despite Jazz and Carly's best efforts, Prowl simply could not understand the philosophy behind 'Ever After', and he was forced to admit that 'Princess Bride' was wasted on him.

Still, Prowl mused as he tested the strength of the cords suspending him, despite how good the movie was claimed to be, when he found the person that had bought the DVD of 'Spiderman', they would be getting very well acquainted with the inside view of the brig.

As soon as someone cut him down, that is.