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EPILOGUE Five years later "Hello Harry."

Harry grinned widely at the two men that Apparated into his mansion.

He hugged Severus, and accepted a friendly pat on his back from Albus.

"How is Ginny?"

"Couldn't be better."

Two four year olds came running into the room

"Uncle Severus! Grandpa Albus!"

Severus caught the little boy while Albus sat down to allow the girl to climb on his lap.

"Hello James," Severus said, "how are you?"

"Great, Uncle Severus! I can read a whole chapter of 'Charlie and the Dragons' on my own now!"

"That is adequate, James, I am pleased with your progress."

The boy, used to his Uncle's formal style of speech, grinned widely and traded places with his sister to receive his share of his Grandpa's lemon drops.

"Uncle Severus, I accidentally made Daddy's broom sing," the girl confessed.

Severus stroked the black hair. "At your age, such incidents of accidental magic are normal, Lily. I'm sure your father could reverse your charm without overexerting himself."

"Yes, but he was on it, playing with Fred and George," Lily said, a mischievous grin on the small face.

Harry snorted. "Accidental my…" he quickly checked his language, "Sometimes I think they know exactly what they are doing when they have these incidents," he tickled his daughter, who squirmed, and raised one eyebrow. Something she learned from her Uncle Severus.

"And now you have three little Marauders running around," Severus said, smirking.

Harry beamed. "Yes, although the little one won't be running around yet. Do you want to go up to see them?"

Both men nodded.

Harry and Ginny had married soon after the fall of Voldemort, and the twins were born barely a year later. James and Lily had their father's green eyes, but James inherited his mothers red hair, while Lily had the jet black hair of her father.

And now, four years after the twins, Ginny had given birth to a second son.

Albus and Severus entered the bedroom with Harry, a bit nervous.

"Oh come on. Surely you're not more afraid of a little baby then you were of Voldemort," Harry said, pushing them forward. Albus beamed at Ginny, who was sitting in bed with the baby in her arms, and Severus awkwardly kissed her cheek.

"He is lovely, children," Albus said, touching the baby's head, "what's his name?"

"Sirius, I bet," Severus said, smiling slightly.

It had taken him a lot of time, and eventually some professional help, to work through his past, but he was now able to utter the names of his one time school nemeses without sneering, also for the sake of Harry's children, who were named after their grandparents.

He still shared a mansion with Albus, who had managed to write several well received books over the past years, but was now clearly getting on in years. Still powerful, he felt old age beginning to take it's toll. At about the same time as the twins were born, he had named Severus his son and heir, after considerable protest of the heir himself, who at that point still felt unworthy of any kindness bestowed upon him.

Neville and Severus' business arrangements had proven very profitable, and Severus had finally found his place in life, as well as, eventually, his peace of mind.

"Has Draco been by yet? Or couldn't he leave his potions classes?"

"No, you two are the first to see him, after Arthur who came by before work this morning. But his name is not Sirius," Harry said, smiling nervously. Ginny nodded at him encouragingly.

"I loved my godfather, but I can't inflict another James and Sirius duo on Hogwarts," he joked. "No. We decided to name him after our best friend. His name is Severus. Severus Arthur Potter."

Severus' eyes widened in surprise and his mouth fell open.

He turned around for a second to hide the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes entirely without his approval.

Albus patted his back.

"Do you want to hold him?" Ginny asked.

Nodding mutely, Severus carefully took the baby in his arms. Black hair covered the head, and a tiny hand took a surprisingly strong hold of his finger.

He stared at the baby.

"Thank…thank you, Harry," he said hoarsely, "and you, Ginny."

The man who had prided himself in never engaging in sentimental actions, pressed a gently kiss on the baby's soft head, and whispered, "Welcome, to a long and happy life…Severus."