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Plot: before the show starts, here some intermission numbers to introduce the show


Commercial 1: Intermission

Niku: now, we'll have a special number from our Sanzo-Ikkou. So today's topic: Math subtraction. Let's see how their brains respond to mathematical questions.

Niku: Sixteen minus two

Goku: twelve

Niku: Wrong! Nine minus three?

Goku: Seven?

Niku: (sighs) What dummy! Ok final question, lighter minus cigarette?

Goku: What? A lighter but no cigarette, Sanzo will surely freak!



Niku: Sanzo just a quick question…

Sanzo: Shut up I told ya I'm busy!

Niku: Just a simple question, please

Sanzo: If I answer shut up. Ok?

Niku: Yep, Sanzo what is stomach minus brain?

Sanzo: For every stupid question comes a stupid answer: Goku


Niku: Hakkai, if there were ten people in a room and nine of them were ladies, how many guys are there?

Hakkai: I bet Gojyo would do anything to be that lucky guy.

Niku: Eh?


Niku: four members of Sanzo Ikkou in a speeding jeep: Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai as the driver and Sanzo as the leader.

Gojyo: I'm listening. Please continue.

Niku: One of them died of hunger, how many are left?"

Gojyo: none

Niku: "…"

Gojyo: In a speeding jeep? With Hakkai behind the wheels? I don't think anyone could have survived that.

Niku: Oh I see…(sighs)


Niku: Ok that's what's inside our heroes' minds. We'll be back after the commercial break.

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