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Commercial 2: Intermission

Niku: now, we'll have a special number from our Sanzo-Ikkou. So today's topic: Science, the world around us and a little math (sighs). Let's see how their brains respond to the next set of questions.

Niku: Okay, let's start with a "no-wrong-answers" question. if you were to be an astraunaut, where would you go on your first flight mission?

Goku: uhm, whats a flight mission?

Niku: let me restate (geez, who picks the people?) if you're an astraunaut where would you wanna go?

Goku: The Sun!

Niku: "?"

Goku: The sun is bright. I would want to reach the sun.

Niku: Uhm, I don't think it's possible to get there without burning up

Awkward silence…

Goku: So I should schedule my trip at night huh.

Niku: (totally stunned) you know what, let's forget the "no wrong answers" questions


Niku: goin' back to the monkey, eh uhm child…Goku, what would you do to help alleviate poverty in the country

Goku: As a proud scholar and an aspiring scientist, my best way of contributing to the country is my using my skills and creativity for new innovations and improvements

Niku: Whoa, are you still Goku or are you a clone?

Goku: Nah, I just got that from a brochure

Niku: I thought so, anyways, any invention in mind? (moving on...)

Goku: As a matter of fact, I have a list

My inventions

The water-proof towel
Glow in the dark sunglasses
Solar powered flashlights
A book on how to read
Inflatable dart boards
A dictionary index
Powdered water
Pedal powered wheel chairs
Water proof tea bags
Reusable ice cubes
Do it yourself roadmap…

Niku: ugh! Forget I asked! (scoffs away)


Niku: Now let's witness the first time Goku learns to count (What can I do, I'm being paid to interview)

Gojyo: Monkey, use your empty brain once and count my coins

Goku: Empty? I'll show you…One Two Three…

Sanzo: Can he even count?

Hakkai: I suppose so

Gojyo: nah he can't

Hakkai: just wait and see

Goku: Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King!

…Awkward silence…

Gojyo: Told you so!

Hakkai: I take back whatever I said


Niku: name an animal with four legs

Gojyo: two chickens

Niku: name 5 things that has/contains milk

Goku: butter and cheese and ice cream and 2 cows

Niku: where did humans evolve from?

Gojyo: Hakkai told me that humans evolved from Goku

Niku: Is it impossible to fill your stomach with gallons of food?

Hakkai: at first I thought it was but when I met Goku…

Niku: what are the basic needs of a typical man

Gojyo: cigarettes, women, cards, beer….

Niku: What is death?

Gojyo: A monk with a gun and a monkey without a limiter and hakkai behind the wheels.

Niku: favorite catch phrases

Goku: I'm hungry

Sanzo: shut up!

Gojyo: stupid monkey

Hakkai: Oh my,

Niku: Are you actually going to arrive to their destination? Also, how can the Kougaji-ikko manage to meet up with the Sanzo-ikko on several occasions and back, but the Sanzo-ikko never seem to get any closer?

Sanzo: Hakkai, I think we should let Kougaiji's dragons train Hakyuryu to fly


Niku: this time we see our zeoes, uhm I mean heroes, eating dinner…Let's witness their marvelous discussion on the world of insects?

Goku: By the way, Are caterpillars good eat?

Sanzo: Haven't I told you a hundred times not to mention your despicable gross ideas in mealtimes? It spoils my appetite

Hakkai: You shouldn't have asked that, Goku. Why the heck would you suddenly ask about a caterpillar?

Goku: It's just that…

Sanzo: That what?

Goku: "I saw one in Sanzo's lettuce but now it's gone"

Niku: Is it impolite to laugh so badly?


Niku: Ok that's what's inside our heroes' minds. Sorry we have to cut this short since Sanzo' is still barfing in the bathroom…see ya again!

END of Story

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Just so you know, i'm not trying to insult the characters here, I'm just closing up to their funniy side. I don't think that Goku is really that dumb as most people might think and he's my favorite character because of his innocence and unique way of thinking. He should get more appreciation for the great things he has done. As for the other members, their own unique personality gives the group their dynamic quality. Their individual eccentricity together on how they react to each other, makes the anime fun and entertaining.