Title: Friendship Lay in the Hands of Nature 1/2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta:Nautika and Manon.

Rating: K+

Warning: Angst/Humor? OOC in case.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien, I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Expect the unexpected. Aragorn and Legolas have weaknesses that might destroy their friendship for good…

Note: The fic was written for Teitho for theme – Un-happy for happy end, and Happy for un-happy end.

Note2: Estel's age is 6, and Legolas's age is 6 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.



The King and the Lord watched from the balcony as their children played together.

King Thranduil was glad at the sight of his elfling playing with the human, Elrond's adopted child. It seemed that somehow the child caused a huge change in his son's behavior. Before Elrond and the human came, Legolas was closed within his own walls, and it was difficult to draw him out. He did not like to going to his room. All he wanted was to be with outside, for he loved nature; to him they were his friends.

"What is your son's weakness, Your Highness?" Elrond asked in curiosity, hiding his smile.

"Nature. If something happens, and I do not mean in a natural way, he loses control and accuses everyone for destroying it."

"I see. So your son loves nature, as the nature is in his heart," Elrond said, though he thought, 'Poor Thranduil, I have no idea how you manage it, for your son must be stubborn, very stubborn.'

"So, what is the human's weakness, Elrond?" Thranduil asked as he smiled at him.

Elrond smiled back, and answered, "Weapons. He desires weapons; the shine from the blade, the whisper of the arrow before it hits the target. To conclude, everything that looks like a weapon."

Thranduil felt a little sad, for he wished that his son would learn how to use a weapon. But it seemed that Legolas did not want to as he feared that he would kill his best friends, his dearest friends, and he swore to his father that he would not touch any weapons.

"I wish my son would be like your son, mellon-nin…" Thranduil said what he truly felt.

Elrond moved his hand to Thranduil's shoulder and squeezed it, saying, "And I wish my son would have the sympathy and the grace that your son has."

"Those wishes would not come true, even if we begged to the Valar. Yet it is also good to have wishes, and dreams, mellon-nin, so let's rest and wait for their return," Thranduil suggested.

While in the forest…

"You killed my bird… you killed my beautiful bird… argh…"

Aragorn looked at his friend and tried to defend himself against Legolas' accusation. "I did not mean it, mellon-nin… I was shooting at the sun, it was meant to hit the sun…"

Aragorn tossed his bow away, unable to look at Legolas.

But it appeared that Legolas did not bother to listen to the human, and he walked away with the bird towards the palace, only to stop when he noticed his father was on the balcony.

Aragorn had hurried over to his friend, knowing that if his father and the king heard of it, it would be the death of him, because of a bird.

"Daro… mellon-nin, daro, saes…" Aragorn begged as he hurried after his friend.

He saw Legolas stop on the balcony, and as he came closer he noticed that his father was there, together with the king. He thought that he could heard Legolas crying, and made his way towards him.

"Who did this to you, iôn?" the King asked. Aragorn decided he would save his breath.

Legolas turned his head and stared at Aragorn. He was still angry and pointed over to the human, saying, "Him! He killed my bird…"

Elrond looked first at the princeling and then at his son. He felt that there was something amiss between them, and that it came about through the bird in Legolas' hands.

Elrond knelt by Legolas' side, and asked him gently, "Give me your bird… let me look at your bird…"

Legolas looked at the lord, knowing of his power to save those who were dying, and asked himself, 'Why should I give him my bird? He can only heal elves…'

"Let me look at your bird, princeling," Elrond said to him, before looking over to Thranduil, the princeling's adar. "Let me heal your bird, I will not harm your bird…" he continued.

Thranduil glanced at his son and stroked his cheek, saying softly, "He is healer of all. Not only does he heal elves, but also the sons and daughters of Mother Nature. Trust him, iôn…"

Legolas closed his eyes, and then opened them again to look at the lord. He asked, "But it is dead, how can you heal something that died by the hands of man?"

Elrond nodded, and answered, "Trust me. You have the word of a healer."

Legolas nodded, but as he handed Elrond his bird he could not stop the new tears from falling down.

Elvish translations:

Daro… mellon-nin, daro, saes… - Stop… my friend, stop, please…

Iôn? – Son?

End of Chapter 1.