Title: Friendship Lay in the Hands of Nature 2/2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Nautika and Manon.

Rating: K+

Warning: Angst/Humor? OOC in case.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien, I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Expect the unexpected. Aragorn and Legolas have weaknesses that might destroy their friendship for good…

Note: The fic was written for Teitho for theme – Un-happy for happy end, and Happy for un-happy end.

Note2: Estel's age is 6, and Legolas's age is 6 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.


At night…

Thranduil paid a lot of attention to his son. He had not seen him sleep or eat properly, and the king was worried.

He walked to his son's room and opened the door, only to find the room empty. With hope he walked to Aragorn's room, only to find the boy with tears falling down his face. Thranduil felt sorry for Aragorn, and stepped forward to comfort him and to give him words of love.

"Please, do not take it personally. It has happened to every elf in my kingdom though, I admit, there was no death involved… but he will forgive you as he has a large heart… trust me." Thranduil comforted him, and embraced him before laying the child on his bed and covering him with the blankets.

Before the king left the room, Aragorn called, "Hannon-le."

Thranduil only nodded and smiled at him before leaving.

After he left Aragorn's room, he continued to search for his missing elfling, and found him in Elrond's room. Now it was also being used as a special healing room for Legolas' bird.

He had opened the door, only to find them busy, with Elrond trying to convince his son of something.


"Ada?" Legolas asked. His sight was blurring, and he it seemed that the room was spinning around him.

"Iôn-nin, have you eaten something or slept?" Thranduil asked and came towards his son, worried for him.

Legolas shook his head. He had not touched the food or slept, and Thranduil could see the dark shadows under his son's eyes.

"Iôn, if you continue to act like this, you would soon be in bed for several days, and I will forbid you to play with the nature. Is that what you want?" Thranduil asked, staring deeply into his son's face.

Legolas lowered his head; no, he did not wish it, he loved the nature with all of his heart, but he also understood that he should not sacrifice his health.

"I understand, ada. I just wanted some company so I could walk safely to the kitchen or to my room," Legolas answered, his eyes pleading.

"What about Aragorn?" Elrond jumped at the suggestion and asked the elfling who was standing in front of him.

Legolas turned his eyes from his father over to the healer, and answered with a sharp voice, "No way. Not until he respects my friends, as they respect him."

Elrond and Thranduil exchanged glances between them, knowing it would be hard.

"Come iôn, I will take you to your bed, and you will be having a large meal in the morning." Thranduil lifted his son in his arms and left the room.

He walked to his son's room and laid Legolas upon his beloved bed, covered by a blanket that was interwoven with leaves, green and gray. Legolas loved the soft feel of it.

"Sleep iôn, I will wake you in the morning." Thranduil tucked his son in, and gave him one last look before he left the room.

Thranduil walked back to Elrond's room and reported to him about his son, and they talked about the bird's health.

"The bird is alive; only the wing is broken, but it will live," Elrond answered.

"It is good to hear it mellon-nin. I just hope that it did not affect their friendship," Thranduil wished to himself.

In the morning…

Thranduil woke his son, but did not tell him the news as he first wanted his son to eat properly. Legolas looked pale and thin to his eyes, and he almost could pass for a tree.

Legolas ate plate after plate, and Thranduil began to wonder if his son ever ate regularly or properly.

After Legolas finished eating, he glared at his son and told him the news.

Aragorn came into the kitchen just at that moment, and burst in with a question. "What?"

Thranduil turned his head towards the child and answered softly, confirming what Aragorn had heard. "Yes, the bird is alive, though one of her wings is broken."

Aragorn sighed in relief.

Legolas noticed the change on the boy's face and angrily turned to him. Thranduil could still hear the accusation in his son's voice, "But my bird is broken because of you… you broke my bird…"

Thranduil clasped his son's shoulders and reprimanded him. "Legolas, that is enough. You have to stop it at once!"

Elrond entered in the kitchen and noticed the tears on the princeling's face. He also noticed the angry look that was on the face of his son.

He walked over to his son, who was quiet, and embraced him.

"What could we do to see you both smile and play together?" Elrond asked, for he wished them to be friends again, they way they were before the incident.

Aragorn and Legolas found themselves staring at each other, but Legolas lowered his head first.

"Is there something?" Thranduil asked and glared at both of them.

"There is something that I think can do it," Legolas answered, though he did not give them any hint.

"What? I will do anything…" Aragorn asked with pleading eyes.

"Really?" Legolas asked. Seeing the nod that Aragorn gave him, he asked, "What would you do for the Nature?"

The End… for now… Sequel will be soon...