Summary: The Doctor and Rose land in an Arthurian landscape where there is more to the forest than meets the eye. They encounter a clash of knights, damsels in distress and doomed quests for forsaken grails, in a land that is plagued by dragons…

This fic was partly inspired by Aerosmith's Kings and Queens song, and the fact that I wanted to create a fic based on a romantic Arthurian land. Enjoy!

Black Knight

Chapter One: Costumes and then some?

Rose emerged from the changing rooms, or the costume room, as she liked to call it and did a double take in the mirror.

"Wow, this dress is amazing! The evil supreme underwater queen look is really in at the moment!" She twirled around, enjoying the feel of the blue satin like material against her skin. The colours of the dress shifted and changed, glittering like the ocean. A flash of silver caught the light, and for a moment she could almost imagine brandishing her trident or whatever it was that stick was called whilst riding on a dolphin.

Her dirty blonde hair was in waves, and she'd been overjoyed when she'd found a matching silver tiara deep in the back of the changing room. It must've been an artefact of some sort, something about the way the deep azure jewels sparkled suggested that one day long ago they'd wielded powers unimaginable. She'd have to ask the Doctor about this.

This is just like playing dress-ups as a kid! She thought as she bounded down the corridors.

The Doctor was dozing in his favourite armchair, with a copy of The TARDIS' Guide to the Galaxy lying on his lap when he was rudely awakened.

"Oi, who revived the Queen of the Aquarians?" He groaned blearily on opening his eyes. "Dammit, where's Jack's blaster?" Suddenly he shot up and cried a stream of profanities in various languages whilst groping wildly for a suitable weapon.

"Relax Doctor, it's only me," Rose laughed, eyes glittering.

"Oh." The Doctor put on a serious face and straightened his back. "Still playing dress-ups? Well, no threat to galactic peace there then."

Rose looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

"Only that no stupid ape could wield the third reigning power of the Aquarians and expect to know how to use it, could they?" He grinned and ducked, avoiding a blow from Rose.

"Hey!" He cried as she pushed him off his chair and perched herself on it.

"I'm interested now, Doctor. Will you tell me what happened to the last blah blah blah?"

"Aquarians," the Doctor corrected, picking himself up. He dusted his jacket deliberately and did up the buttons.

Rose snorted. He probably liked that jacket more than he did her. Finally he looked up and on catching her eye, feigned a look of surprise. "What? You were talking to me?"

"Yes, silly!" Rose giggled and threw another cushion at him.

"Look," he held up both hands in defeat, "it's a really long story, so I'll have to tell you some other time."

"Fine." Slightly downcast, she perked up again with an idea. "Hey Doctor, can we go on an adventure?"

"A random adventure? What about Jack?"

"That's it really. Ever since Jack took off to catch the guy with the power accelerator we haven't done anything! He knows where to find us," she said pleadingly.

The Doctor thought for a moment. "Oh alright then. Where?"

Rose's eyes sparkled. "Why don't we let the TARDIS choose?"

This time the Doctor's eyes lit up too. "Race you there!" Rose sighed as he bounded off. OK, time for a readjust. Rolling her eyes, she decided that maybe he loved the TARDIS even more than he did the jacket or her. No, make that a dead cert.


On arriving in the central chamber Rose found the Doctor running around yanking and pumping a lot of switches, dials and pumps.

"OK, the TARDIS has brought up a screen full of anomalies that have arisen in the last week," the Doctor explained quickly to Rose as he pulled up a screen. "And if you see here…holy…"

"See," Rose said smugly as fifty flashing lights popped up randomly across the screen. "I really don't think Jack would've minded if we'd saved the world a few times without him."

"Yeah yeah, OK, you made your point," the Doctor said hurriedly. "Pick somewhere. Anywhere."

"Erm…eeny meeny miny moe…here!" Rose closed her eyes and jabbed at the screen.

The Doctor looked impressed. "Nice shot, slap bang on one hot spot." He twisted a few more dials before calling to Rose, "You have exactly three minutes and ninety seven Aquarian nodes to get changed before touch down!"


"So, what's it to be then?" The Doctor called as he heard the patter of Rose's feet.

"Looks like something like this!" She emerged in a flourish of satin.

"Your standard fairytale princess or damsel in distress," the Doctor nodded at her. "Must be somewhere medieval or a few constellations south of the Pleiades then."

She twirled in her new pink dress. "Must be a day for dresses. By the way Doctor, I've always wanted to know what this hat thingy is." She lifted a long pointed cone like hat thingy off her head and felt the flowing material that cascaded from the tip.

This time the Doctor looked really confused. "Last time I checked, it was just a hat."

There was a bump, and the TARDIS reached touchdown. Striding to the door, the Doctor opened it and peered out.

A blast of sunshine almost blew his retinas out. When his vision had cleared, he found he was looking at a remarkable landscape. Rolling green hills rose and fell against a clear blue sky, and in the distance he could make out a castle surrounded by a cluster of loyal buildings. A path marched from the forest, past the TARDIS and all the way up to the castle. A fanfare of trumpets carried faintly over the breeze, and to his left lay an emerald forest.

"Well?" Rose asked hesitantly.

"See for yourself," the Doctor said. "It's fantastic!"


They'd left the TARDIS for the moment and were making their way delicately through the forest. Birdsong filtered through the canopy of lush leaves and twigs cracked underfoot. They could smell the fresh earth, and ahead of them, a babbling brook trickled through the forest, as it searched on it's never ending quest to go downwards. It was like a scene from Bambi.

Rose marvelled at how Earth-like the place was.

"Are you sure we're not still on Earth?" She asked.

"To be honest, I'm not sure," the Doctor answered. "But I wouldn't be surprised if we weren't. This could be a branch off an Earth world, like-"

"Doctor!" Rose suddenly hissed.

The Doctor stopped abruptly. He could hear people approaching, the sounds getting closer and closer. He had no idea whether they were friendly or not. "Quick Rose, get off the path!"

With that, he grabbed a low-lying branch from above and hefted himself vertically up in a matter of seconds- and in a manner so as to suggest that he'd done this many times before. Rose gaped, and a sharp whack to the head from above reminded her to hide. She made a mental note to get the Doctor back for this as she ran behind a giant rock. And just in time too.

From out of the blue a band of figures in shining armour huffed as they jogged down the path. Two figures on horseback brought up the rear, bearing blue banners that ruffled in the breeze. Peering from the rock, Rose could make out a coat of arms. One of the figures on foot lifted his visor to wipe away sweat, and glanced in Rose's direction.

"Hup two, hup two, keep it moving!"

Shoot! She whipped back, not knowing whether she'd been seen or not. She didn't know how long she'd been holding her breath and worse, she'd scratched her foot on a low thorny bush.

"Oi, princess! You can come out now," the Doctor called.

"About time too," Rose huffed as she came back onto the path, daintily lifting her skirts.

She was just like a little kid really, the Doctor thought, gazing at her fondly. But yet, much more complicated. She was often emotional and full of surprises, but had never fainted at the sight of a monster yet. He had to give her that much credit at least.

"Oi!" Rose whacked him, eyes sparkling. "What are you staring at?"

Snapping back to reality, the Doctor shook his head. "Oh, you know, having deep meaningful philosophical thoughts that a simple human mind like your couldn't even begin to comprehend."

"It's at times like these, that you actually sound like one of the bad guys we have to fight." She glanced at him sideways. "You know, the devious, conniving-"

"-monologuing," the Doctor chipped in helpfully.

"Yeah, that too," she nodded.

From the distance, the blast of a fanfare carried over the treetops. Rose thought it was maybe a celebration of some kind; after all, what were random fanfares made for? She had much more important things on mind, like trying to get the Doctor to tango or just having plain fun, but if she'd paid more attention to the trumpets then maybe she wouldn't be in the mess she was in now…

Well, hope that was IC. I actually wrote this ages ago, but never posted it up for some reason. Oh yeah, a note to readers of my other fic Spider's Web, I'm putting that on hold until I can get the inspiration I need to finish it.

So, how was this?