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Chapter Four: Through a Dragon's Eyes

It was all true. Every myth, every fable she'd ever heard as a child. She pinched herself, but inside she already knew that this wasn't a dream. And if the pile of gold wasn't enough, here she was face to face with the eyes of a dragon!

Blowing a long plume of smoke out of it's nostrils, it snorted, causing Rose's heart to skip a beat. She could only see it's long snout and bulbous eyes- the ledge she was resting on went into the wall, and there was an overhang that obscured her view of the rest of the cave so she had no idea how big the beast actually was.

Her attention went back to the dragon. It seemed to be watching her, waiting for her to do something.

What? Speak? But that was silly. Surely it couldn't understand?

"H-hi?" She managed timidly, the high pitch in her voice catching her by surprise. Imagine what the Doctor would say now if he was here? No, he wouldn't be saying anything because he'd be the one trying to get us out!

The dragon grunted inarticulately.

"Erm…sorry?" Fed up of the tension, and probably realising that if the beast had wanted to kill her it would've already done so, Rose stood up, hands on hips.

"I'm sorry, what was that? You know, thanks to you I've had an awful night and I'm really not in a good mood, what with you kidnapping me and all that, and you know what? You probably don't even understand what I'm going on about, so what I don't get is why you haven't eaten me or fried me or-"

"I understand your tongue."

It took a moment for Rose to register. The voice of the dragon- though grating as if it hadn't been used in a while- had a silky undertone to it once you got past the jarring. It also had this commanding tone, as if it was…

"What is the meaning of this 'hi'?"

This time the voice sounded more fluid.

"Erm…" Rose began, looking around wildly for support, "well, 'hi' means, um, well 'hello'. You know, greetings, aloha, bon jour, good day, that kind of thing."

"Very well." The dragon seemed to have inclined it's head. There was a masculine quality about it, the way it addressed her.

"Are you…?"

"Yes, you are correct, I am of the male order." The eyes seemed to be boring into her, becoming more fluid.

"H-how did you…know?" Rose said with great difficulty. The eyes were taking up her whole vision, filling up her mind.

"How do I know you wanted to ask that question? Simple, because I am all powerful and all knowing." It blew a puff of smoke.

Great. Not only a dangerous dragon, a vain one too.

"Can you read my mind?"

"I would prefer not to answer that question," the dragon replied in a tone all too lofty for Rose's liking, but she didn't say anything. Here she was, at the mercy of this beast.

"Erm…right. So, then, what's um, your name?" She gabbled, grasping wildly for straws.

The dragon thought for a moment. It had a slightly puzzled look on it's face which cleared suddenly. "My name is of little importance."

Rose homed in on the dragon's uncertainty. "What? Why won't you tell me it? Everyone that's somebody has a name."

"I have already told you, my name is of no importance," the dragon said in a more annoyed tone.

"Fine then, find something else to talk about."

Rose sat in silence for a while; the dragon merely continued to gaze at her.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She asked, annoyed.

"Well, I am feeling rather peckish so I might just treat myself to a few villagers and sheep from your nearby town."

She sat bolt upright. "No! Don't!" There was a hollow look in her eyes. Wasn't the Doctor still there?

"Who is this Doctor?" The dragon enquired, interested.

Dammit! The beast could read her mind!

"No one."

"I see. Then you won't mind describing this no one to me then."

"No." She tried to clear her mind of the Doctor- think about something else, anything! Suddenly she remembered something.

"The jewel!"

"I see you have finally remembered. Is this what you are looking for?" The dragon brought up a sharp curved talon; on it rested the very same cerulean jewel Rose had dropped the previous night.

"Hey, that's mine!" She cried. "Give it back!" She reached out to grab the jewel, but the beast withdrew his talon swiftly.

"Ah, so you are acquainted with it. In that case I see you won't mind telling me how to unlock it's vast powers then." The dragon scrutinised her.

Rose backed away, swallowing. "What? Powers? I've heard no such thing…"

"Oh I think you have."

"H-honestly, I don't know."

The dragon's voice suddenly seemed more soft, more crooning. "Why, you must know. You with your infinite wisdom from all your travels to foreign lands and your infinite beauty, infinitely more so than that of your namesake, Rose." He'd hit the nail on the can. How had he known?

With a look of horror, Rose realised that she was falling under the spell of the dragon's eyes. She felt that warm pleasant feeling, a feeling of sinking, of forgetting, whilst the soft green light filled up every corner of her vision. She was sinking, falling, losing herself. And worst thing of all was- there was nothing she could do. No matter how hard she tried to fight this, it was impossible to win against something that was everywhere, something that had invaded her very soul.

She remembered something she'd heard from a long time ago- that dragons could hypnotise, but what use was such knowledge now?

"I h-hate you," she murmured sleepily, struggling to sit up.

The light glinted dangerously off his emerald green scales as he questioned her again.

"Tell me, if you do not know how to unlock the powers of the jewel, then who does?"

"Go to hell," she muttered, fists clenched.

The dragon inclined his head, hurt. "There was no need for that." More politely. "Surely you know the answer, for I really must seek out this knowledge. Please? For a poor deluded dragon, I implore you." Head still down, he peered at Rose.

Wow, he was being way more polite than before, even gentlemanly like, if she could say so herself. Surely it couldn't do her that much harm to tell him, maybe even then he'd let her go, and she could be safe on her way back to the town and they could get out of here and find Jack from whatever mission it was he was on. And it would all be better if she just told the dragon what he wanted to know, that she did in fact know who could help him.

"…I mean, honestly, what harm can it be? The Doctor's probably not gonna tell him anyway, on account of it's 'unimaginable destructive powers beyond the comprehension of your feeble human brain', but of course he isn't human is he, so…"

With a look of horror, Rose realised she'd spoken her thoughts out loud. The dragon roared in triumph, letting blast a wall of searing hot air.

"Ho hum, there is only one place where humans reside in the near vicinity, so I wonder…I will be back." And with a beat of his magnificent wings, the dragon took off, leaving Rose alone, confused and shaking.


The cave she was in was enormous, but it seemed the dragon had filled up most of the space. His sleek green wings had reflected the light like a thousand mirrors. A thousand mirrors reflecting her own infernal prison, not one of them showed a flicker of escape.

Men would kill for these jewels, Rose thought. And how pretty they are too. She gazed at the mountains of splendour to her left and right, letting her fingers run across the precious stones. But at this moment in time, all I want to do is to get out of here.

She'd climbed down the ledge precariously, and had found that sliding down a gigantic pile of gold really was as fun as it looked…not that she'd ever seen anyone do that of course. But now her present situation had caught up with her.

Tired, hungry, and in desperate need of a mirror, Rose ignored the growing pangs in her stomach as she made her way towards the entrance of the cave. She couldn't imagine what she looked like right now, she really didn't want to. My hair…

Since her new life as a time traveller, she'd taken care to eat meals more frequently, now the one laughing at girls starving themselves to look pretty than being one of the anorexics. She really needed something to eat…

The tunnel opened out onto the entrance; she was met with a blast of natural sunshine that blinded her for a second. When her vision cleared, she sunk to the ground in bitter dismay. She was gazing at the lush green treetops of a forest below, the rock ledge ending sharply a few feet away. There was no way she could get down that hill without putting herself in danger of becoming extinct, and no she didn't plan on going that way.

But what would the Doctor have said if he were here?

"Useless humans, couldn't even find water if they fell into the sea!" She laughed hysterically before her face clouded.

"Damn, I'm talking to myself," she muttered, clutching her head. "Hah, talking to myself? What could I possibly say that I already haven't thought of?"

She laughed again.

What had the dragon done to her? She felt slightly more woozy than normal, but fought this feeling with every single cell in her body.

No way was she going to be here when that dragon came back. Stumbling backwards, she made her way back into the cave.

There must be another way out, she thought. Another natural opening. Long forgotten geography lessons had taught her that the structure of this particular cave she was in dictated that there must be another exit, how else could the hollow have eroded so greatly? And the ledge she'd slept on didn't correspond to the angle of erosion that would've occurred, provided the only direction of the erosion had come from the big entrance.

Whether it was from shock, or she was tapping into some hidden brainpower in a desperate urge for survival, these wisps in her mind crystallized into concrete memories, giving her a new found hope.

"That's it, just wait til the Doctor sees me now, eh?" She said happily to the air. "Stupid ape my foot."

And with that she collapsed.

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