"Name," the man in the said darkly. "Apollus Brutus Severillus."

His partner raised his own tinted glasses, trying his best to see the file. "Severillus? What sort of name is that?"

"Beats me. But he comes highly recommended."

A cough echoed throughout the dingy office. "So we've already had him sighted."

The first man pulled out another envelope and poured its contents onto the desktop. Photographs, almost a hundred photographs, minute with detail.

The second man picked them up. "Are you saying…?"

"Look at the weapons skills. And the language. Have you ever seen anyone with so many perfect dialogue skills? I mean, I listen for that language barrier, but it's completely fluent."

The second man nodded. "I understand. Location?"



"The people you can find in such places."

"He'll require training."

"They all do."

The second man sighed and closely examined one of the photos. "All right, then. If you're sure. But we do need the best for this particular mission. Apollus Brutus Severillus is in for a very big surprise."

To Be Continued…