Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. Specifically, Professor Snape is not mine.

Unforgivable Darkness

Darkness. Darkness everywhere. But it doesn't matter. The darkness is my protection. It has been for years. I've been at home in the shadows for a long time.

I keep running. Out into the darkness. Away from the place I once called home. Maybe they will follow me. Probably they will not. They have more important things to worry about. Like what I've done. They won't think to follow me. Not until it's too late.

Too late. It's already too late. Too late to do anything but ride out the tide of events. I've done what I had to do. I've played my part, in a much larger game than I'd imagined. Another failed, but I accomplished my role.

I should feel victory. Instead, all I feel is a rage of anger, hate, frustration. But while my feelings are confused, my mind is not. I did what I had to do. Victory is mine, whether I feel it now or not. Eventually, when I've had time to think, I will feel it.

So I keep running. No longer from somewhere. Or something. Or someone. Towards the end. Towards my destination. Towards victory.