Author's Note

So this is my first venture into writing a fanfiction for primetime. I've dabbled in Daytime. I love Jarah from GL. I guess that's obvious from my pen name. But I also absolutely love Catherine Willowsand WarrickBrownfrom CSI. Iam so much aYoblinger.If you couldn't tell this is about them. lol plus I added a bit of GSR for all those fans :) Anyway this story came to me after " Grave Danger "and" Bodies in Motion". This would be post Grave Danger. I didn't like the fact that Warrick married Tina so quick so I removed that and changed " Bodies in Motion ":) To the writers :That Sucked !I want my Yobling so I wrote my own take on it.Just a heads up there are references to a couple of CSI episodes in this : Grave Danger, Cross Jursidictions, Bodies in Motion, A Little Murder and Weeping Willows. I think that is all of them lol:)Warning there is a fair bit of fluff in this but if you know my writing that comes with the territory. If you don't want to be spoiled remember I gave you a heads up. I'll write the other warnings as needed. Enjoy reading and as always READ AND REVIEW. I love to hear what other people think. P.S. I don't own the " Live Now " song by Paul Brandt but it's awesome. If you get a chance take a look at his new cd " This Time Around " - Awesome Music. As always I don't own the characters CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer and Anthony Zuiker do. I just am borrowing them for a bit. O.k. Enough talking on my part. On with the story... Enjoy :) This is for all the Yoblingers out there.

Chapter 1

The blown up photo of the blood droplet spatter was starting to look blurry to Catherine's eyes. She had been trying to look closer at this one droplet. She looks back down at her transparency of where the droplets were. It had been a grizzly double homicide. It was situated over by the doorway facing away from it. She hadn't noticed it at first. It seemed different then the rest. She looks back to make sure that she has the right photo number. She feels the tension in her eyes. She places the magnifying glass down and rubs her eyes. Catherine feels the tense muscles in her neck. She tries to knead them out with her hands and winces at the pain. She moves her head side to side. No use. She looks over at the clock on the stark white wall. It was 11pm. It didn't seem that late but she had been working on this case constantly for the last 5 hours. She understood that she was supposed to be taking time off but there was something about this one particular blood droplet that was not right. The directional flow was different. She needed to blow up the photo to get a clearer look at it. The doctor warned her that she would have to cut back her hours soon. She understood that.

She feels a small series of kicks and rolls. She looks down at her stomach. She feels the baby move again as if to say hello. She smiles and touches her stomach. She flashes just for a point going there. He was with...Tina. They would probably be getting married soon. She loses her smile for a moment then feels the baby move again. She's happy that she's pregnant. Yes she was 40 years old and it was a high risk pregnancy. She got that. She would also be a single mother to two small children in a couple of months but Lindsey promised to help out. They were getting along much better now. Lindsay had been a real help with the baby. She even chose the colours for the nursery. She had been working on it in her spare time while Catherine was at work. She had surprised Catherine with the room a couple days ago. Catherine wondered how she had gotten the supplies for the room. Lindsey smiled Horatio had helped her out.

Horatio Caine had been a good friend to them since they had moved to Miami two months ago so she could take the day supervisor job at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. She had become friends with Horatio a couple of years back when a 7 year old girl had been kidnapped from Las Vegas after her father had been killed execution-style. It was a high profile case. The young girl had been spotted sitting near an access road in Miami. Catherine had gone down to work the case with...Warrick. The three of them had worked the case and found the suspect. Warrick and her had become close during that case. They would go out to dinner and talk about life in Vegas, Lindsey and what plans they had. Afterwards before she returned to Las Vegas Horatio had offered if she had ever wanted to join his squad or take over the day shift. She just had to call him. She needed to tell Horatio thank you for all his help. She couldn't help but wonder. Everything was perfect. Well almost. Only if...

Catherine stretches back in the chair trying to get a kink out of her back. She takes her hands and begins to knead out the tension in her neck. He still crept into her thoughts. His tall dark form haunted her thoughts. Smooth soft hands that could as soon punch out a suspect but could be so delicate when playing the piano or rubbing along her back. His smile and those eyes. Those eyes were still his best feature. Well she had thought that until...Catherine blushes. The distance between her and Vegas had not made a difference. Warrick had been on her mind more constantly the last couple of days. She tries to release the tension in her neck. She could feel how tight the tendons were. Ouch...she had been sitting there for too long. She feels a series of kicks as if the baby was telling her that it was time to go home. She laughs and smiles and places a hand on her stomach.

Just then she feels a pair of hands on her neck kneading the pressure points and feels the tension release. She groans. It felt so good. The long day seemed to melt away with the fingers kneading her flesh.

" God that feels so good. You always know when to show up Horatio. Oh I forgot to tell you thanks for helping Lindsey with the room. She was so happy showing it to me. And before you say it I know I know I should be heading home. I was going to talk to you about my leave tomorrow. The baby was telling me the same thing just a second ago but this blood droplet from the Alvarez case is bugging me. I hadn't really noticed it before. Do you see how the directional...? " She pointed down at the photo of the droplet that had occupied her attention for the last 5 hours.

" Baby ? " The voice was a whisper.

" Warrick..." Catherine's voice was almost a whisper.