Title: Jealousy

Summery: Spoilers for 'Skin' Dean was awake when the creature talked to Sam about him.

Dean blinked a few times, he saw dark. At first he thought he was blind, but then he realized he was covered by something…and tied down.

'What the hell?' he thought

Then it all came back, the skinwalker, the Chinese guy, the crowbar…

He was about to call out, but then he heard voices.

"Where is he? Where's Dean?"

"I wouldn't be worried about him. I'd be worried about you."

It was Sam!…And…him?

"Where is he?" His brother persisted

"You don't really wanna know."

What was he talking about? He was right here! Dean wanted to call out but, curiosity crept inside of him and he decided to hear what they would say.

"I swear, the more I learn about you and your family…I thought I came from a bad backaround."

"What do you mean learn?"

There was a pause.

"He's sure got issues with you…you got to go to collage, he had to stay home. I mean I had to stay home. With dad."

Dean froze, what was this thing saying about him? He wasn't him! Dean was him! Dean wanted to scream…but he couldn't.

"You don't think I had dreams of my own? But dad needed me. Where the hell were you?"

"Where. Is. My. Brother." Sam spoke slowly

"I am your brother."

There was silence.

Dean couldn't breath.

This…this thing knew all about him. His thoughts, his dreams…oh god…

Now Sam knew too…

But…but maybe Sam wouldn't think it was true? Huh? Maybe…maybe, maybe, maybe…

Oh who was Dean kidding? It was the truth; all the truth and Sam probably knew it.

Oh god…ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod…

Dean wanted to cry.

But he never cried.

And he wasn't about to know.

This was bullshit. Pure bullshit.

And Dean hated it.

Then he heard Sam whisper


Dean decided to speak

"That-" he coughed "that better be you Sam and not that freak!"

"Dean!" he heard his brother call, relief in his voice.

The 2 went off talking about what they thought this thing was.

Dean broke free of his bonds and ran to Sam.

Dean looked at Sam…

And just with that one look, Dean knew that Sam knew.

Sam knew it was all true. Ever last bit of it.

Dean was waiting for the comment about it.

But Sam said nothing.

He didn't mention one word of it.

And Dean knew he was doing it purposely.

Dean couldn't have been more thankful for that.

The two ran down the sewer tunnels…

Like none of that had just happened, like this was some regular gig.

But it wasn't.

The truth had been reveled.

And they both knew it.


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