It was a time of war, with kingdoms and knights, princes and princesses. Japan was in turmoil as humans and youkai alike were beat down as a new kingdom arose and demanded slavery with labor. Kingdoms were in constant war, trying to bring their country back into peace and to stop the madness that came. Rebels had made alliances against the rising kingdom that had brought about the chaos, some even rebelling to all kingdoms that stood. Many villages were put into plunder as all of Japan had been placed into disorder. Bandits stole from nearby towns leaving the ones living there hungry and homeless. Villages were mostly seen on fire and being destroyed. People without homes walked in groups to find another or were usually picked off one by one to death or to the kingdoms that needed more slaves or workers, some even becoming soldiers. Even palaces were burned down leaving the noble and royal in the level of peasants.

However, the rising of this new kingdom had been a rumor. No one knew where the kingdom existed or who the ruler was; though all kingdoms tried to ally each other with others to bring the chaotic kingdom down, doubt still plagued their minds that one of their own allies was the culprit to the mess. Kings and Queens rushed about trying to set themselves straight, defending their region that they were not the sinister kingdom that had started the mess. Deaths arose by the thousands and no one knew who the enemy was. The kingdom could lie in the forests or in the vast deserts, ruled by demons or even just humans, but they knew they had to stop the insanity before everything was destroyed.

The wars had started a little more than five years ago and wars between kingdoms have lasted a few months to one year until it was overrun. Rebels even took the opportunity to produce war on a region and use the palaces as bases if they triumphed.

One group of rebels however, had been laying low for quite sometime, strategizing on who the real kingdom was for all that had been happening and the deaths they had caused.

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