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They wouldn't believe you

Chapter 1: Wishes, dreams and fantasies

For everyone, there is a point were you just can't take any more; you loose your patience, and snap!

"No! You stupid… kill 'im! Kill 'im! …Ahhrr! No, stop that! Leave me alone! Back off!"

The Reaver practically roared as its foes fell before it; each death fuelled its power and its hunger. Unfortunately, each soul that the blade devoured meant one less opportunity for Raziel to feed and it took the Reaver one step closer to turning on him.

"Right, that's enough of you…"

Quickly dropping out of the fighting stance, Raziel leaped high over the heads of the remaining Sarafan, dashed to one of their fallen comrades and grabbing his abandoned sword he spun to face the remainder of the patrol. The first Sarafan, who had already been injured, tried a forward thrust which was easily sidestepped and countered with a triple swing, a kick to the legs and an uppercut before he was out for the count. The next suicidal tinman then seemed to opt for a more strategic approach as he circled round Raziel as if sizing him up. Any hopes for a more interesting fight were quickly dashed however, as the fool opted for the exact same starter move as his predecessor, with as much (or little) success. Raziel, in turn, countered with an uppercut, a vicious downward slash, followed up by a low kick and…

"Hay! Damn it, you're not supposed to jump!"

Brianne Aisling McCarthy, or Anne to her friends, bashed angrily at the control as Raziel swung at the Sarafan on the screen in front of her. It had been a long and lonely day for her and she had been venting her frustrations on the game for some time now. She loved the power in games like this, to take on the role of something so strong, a creature a few steps removed from humanity. It was safe, a fantasy in which you could kill, pillage and plunder, take on the role of a vicious predator without actually hurting anyone. Along with the others in the series it was by far one of the most addictive games she owned.

"Come on, come on…" She urged under her breath as her fingers flew across the keys. She was sitting cross legged on her bed, leaning attentively towards the screen at the end of it. She was wearing the mismatched T-shirt and baggy trousers that she slept in. Scattered around her were some of many varied books in her collection, from 'Anatomy for the Artist' and 'Skills for Life; Confidence and Assertiveness' to 'How to See and Read Auras' and 'Natures Magic: a Beginner's Guide', not to mention the vast horde of fantasy and sci-fi books she was collecting.

On screen one of the Sarafan managed to slip past Raziels defences and knock him to the ground.

"Ooh! Bastard!"

"Brianne! Would you please keep it down in there; some of us are trying to work!" Came the bellow of a female voice from downstairs. Embarrassed and more than a little annoyed Brianne paused the game with only two out of six Sarafan left and let out a controlled breath. Typical!

"Alright mom!" She called back, keeping the sarcasm out of her voice.

"And besides, it's getting late; you should have turned that thing off over an hour ago. For crying out loud girl, you're going out tomorrow, or had you forgotten?" the voice snapped.

Brianne glanced at the clock and winced. 11:51pm. she was supposed to have switched the game off at ten… well, in theory anyway. Oh well.

She looked at the frozen screen wistfully; I wish I could have a chance at something like that, something great, heroic, instead of being the one who has to take a back seat, the one who is ignored. At least they can say that they have done something, that they have lived... Even if they are undead.

She was about to start to play again but paused, reconsidering. It was getting late considering she did have a lot to do tomorrow and she had only saved between five to ten minuets ago and since she so enjoyed killing Sarafan… She shrugged and hit the power button and cleared away her books before climbing into bed.

Sleep was unusually quick to settle that night.

Racing up a rough hewn rock tunnel Brianne could hear her foot steps eco around her, sounding far too loud and yet distant. She felt a strange, calm urgency, like when the clock is ticking but you know you will make it so long as you hurry. Looking around she could see metallic threads weaving in and out of the chipped stone on every surface that seemed to glow and pulse with energy. Everywhere the threads would twist and bend to form numbers and letters, most were in English, others she could not read yet they were still strangely familiar. The passage was lit by an eerie white glow that emanated from up ahead giving the impression that the tunnel opened up into wintry daylight just round the next bend but it was never so.

Running, running, on and on, round countless twists and turns, the path rising constantly yet she felt as though she might as well have been racing in circles for all it mattered.

As she ran, a slight detail in the silver threads, in their letters and numbers, kept nagging at the edge of her perception, drawing her eyes away from the glow up ahead. Looking down, she noticed the letters first. She watched the floor in front of her as she ran; for a few steps the only recognisable letter was 'A' then the 'A's stopped and there were only 'B's, then 'C's, then 'D's then back to 'A' and so on. The numbers were following the same pattern, first '9' then '8' then '7' and back to '9'. Although she could not read them, she could see that the other alphabet was also following the same repetitive pattern.

Hours seemed to pass and still she ran straining to reach a seemingly impossible goal…

Everything grew brighter, the tunnel more distant as new sound filtered through to her unconscious mind. Her vision blurred then went dark as the new sounds grew stronger, replacing the old. So, as there was little else to do, she turned her bleary, wavering attention to the new sounds… a voice…

"…up…Anne…awake yet? ...Hay Brianne!"

"Wha? Mom? Wha'timeisit?"

"About 10:15.Your lucky you don't have to go to collage today, you're usually at least half awake by now but you were out like a light!"

"Oh err, funny dream… what were you saying?" She asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and stubbornly trying to do the same to her mind.

"It's Halloween, remember; your party…" She prompted sounding a little annoyed about something, probably work again, Brianne thought with a mental sigh.

"Oh… Oh yeah! The… party… right…" Brianne mumbled back, trying to fight a yawn. Her mother just shook her head and flung the curtains aside, ignoring Brianne's protests.

"Oh come on, you're not a vampire, despite all rumour and evidence to the contrary. Up!" With that last comment she left the room, muttering to herself.

Smirking a little about the vampire comment, Brianne grabbed the clothes that she had set aside the night before and headed for the bathroom. All the wile she thought about that dream and the strange, eerie feeling that had followed it - And where on earth had she seen those strange symbols before?

The rest of the morning passed quickly as Brianne double checked her list of what to take to the party, even though it had all been sorted the night before. Her mother, who had just finished putting the final touches on her report walked in just as Brianne was packing the last of the things that she would be taking. "What do you think you are doing with those? Last I heard you didn't take computer games to parties, its unsociable." she scolded, pausing momentarily to glance at the last of the things her daughter was packing.

"Well, Terri is a fan of the game, but hasn't had time to play lately and there are usually an hour or so free before evening. She's only seen the Soul Reaver 2 ending once and when I told her how far through the game I was she asked that I bring it so she could watch too. Besides Halloween and vampires do kinda go well together." She explained, keeping her voice even and neutral as she stashed the last game amidst a protective woolly jumper alongside the rest of her Legacy of Kain stash.

"Forget it then." Her mother said, no longer paying any real attention to her daughter as grabbed some papers off the cupboard. Brianne simply continued with the task at hand. "Well any way," her mother said as she clipped up her briefcase "I just wanted to say goodbye; I'm going out now and I won't be back before you leave. I'm headed over to London to speak to some of our officials so I'll see you later this week."

"Oh, right, well see you then." Brianne replied as she made certain her 'horde' was well padded and secure as her mother breezed past and out the door. Without so much as a final good bye her mother left, taking her hefty looking briefcase with her. She watched as she pulled out of the drive taking their respectable little car with her, grateful she was going to be getting a lift later.

Eleven am was the pre arranged time when Terri, Brianne's friend, would be round to take them both to Terri's grandmother's home where the party was being held and she was already almost three quarters of an hour late. By this time Brianne had long since settled herself down with her art folder and was happily finishing a sketch of a certain white hared vampire king. It was soothing, the repetitive yet varied way the pencil strokes could be used to fill in shadows and give the illusion of texture to flat paper. Finishing the last of the detail on his face she thought, 'He's lucky. I wish I cold experience the kind of adventure he has. He is among the most powerful warriors his world has ever seen, he has ruled over an entire empire and despite the forces stacked against him he has the courage and the strength to fight them.' She had gotten so engrossed in her work and her own thoughts that she did not notice when Terri's car pulled on to the drive or even hear when the car door was shut. She did hear the doorbell however, which was enough to make her jump.

"Damn it!" She did a quick check to make certain that her precious picture had not been damaged or spoiled, which it wasn't, thankfully. Setting it aside she went to let her friend in.

Terri was all smiles and enthusiastic greetings as soon as the door was opened. "Oh Anne, how are you? Sorry I'm late I was talking to a friend on the phone and just got completely carried away. It's great to see you again, how you been? You all packed and ready?" She said as she peered over Brianne's shoulder to look at the couple of bags that were lining the hallway.

"Yes, I'm ready. No need to fuss." Brianne said, barely able to finish her sentence before Terri quickly began a rapid fire monologue of everything that had happened since the last time they talked, from family bickering to potential boyfriends, gaming progress to new finds in magazines as Brianne's bags were loaded into her car. Brianne's heart wasn't really into listening to her however and they had barely pulled on to the main road when an unusual fatigue overcame her and she drifted into a restless sleep.

The dream… she was there again. It was the same rough tunnel with its glowing silver threads that snaked their way over every surface and twisted themselves into letters and numbers of two different languages. She was still running, up and up towards that strange, cold light. Everything was just as it was last time; except for the patterns that the threads formed. Instead of 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' there was 'E', 'F', 'G' and 'H'. And instead of '9', '8' and '7' there was '6', '5', and '4'. The symbols from the other alphabet had also changed. She noticed that there were now equal amounts of the English and the unknown letters and numbers. She ran harder this time, there was something that she was looking for, that she really wanted to find, but honestly had no idea what it was.

The car lurched slightly and Brianne jerked awake. The memory of the dream did not fade.

"Isn't that a sight for sore eyes eh, Anne?" Terri asked as Brianne tried to gather her wits and refocus her eyes. They had arrived at Terri's Grandmothers home.

"What? Oh! Um, yes, been too long." She muttered as they got out of the car. Brianne glanced up the drive to see an older woman of medium height and build wearing a long dark skirt and a purple wool jumper. Her hair was a bob of silver on her head that almost looked like a silver halo. It was Terri's grandmother. Terri jogged over to meet her elderly relative leaving Brianne to gather her things on her own.

Taking her bags from the back seat of the car Brianne turned toward Terri's grandmother or Annabel to her friends, and to her house looming beyond.

Though in all honesty, you could only use the term 'house' lightly when referring to Grandma Annabel's home, Brianne mused; a mansion would be a much better term for it. With (among other things) about ten bedrooms in total, an enormous dining room, a reception, study, two full sized bathrooms and another two separate loos and not to mention the rooms with on suites and a cool and kind of creepy cellar of mind boggling proportions (not even Terri had explored all of it), this was no mere house. Annabel was, of course not the only resident there. Terri's Aunt Janet (Jan for short) was a permanent resident, as was one of Annabel's life long friends Julie, other family members often paid regular visits so it was rare for there to be less than four people living in the house at once not including the people who rented rooms and the few staff employed from the village.

Bags in hand, she made her way down the tidy but not too 'posh' gravel drive up to the main entrance. There she were greeted by Annabel, Terri had already gone inside. She had a kindly 'wise woman' look about her.

"Ah, Brianne it's about time, Terri didn't hold you up too long did she? Good to see you. Were have you been all this time? That boy of yours been keeping you too busy to come and visit your old friend, eh?" She said a smile in her eyes.

"Sorry Annabel, but you know, collage and all. As for Mick, well I'm not seeing him any more, or ever again if I have anything to say about it."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, not too sorry though,"she smiled fully now, " I always said you were too good for him. Still it wouldn't kill you to visit once in a wile, it's not like I don't have the room you know." this was accompanied by a gentle poke to the arm that made Brianne grin.

"Well perhaps in the holidays or when I have finished my collage corse."

"Hmm… Ah well. So what have you been doing these last couple of months, how have you been?"…

The conversation continued like this as Annabel lead her through the house to her room. More than once Brianne's mind wondered back to the dream in the car and the similar one that morning, as a curious fog loomed at the edge of her mind. It was like something was trying to lull her into a trance. Every time she pulled herself back out of it she caught Annabel looking at her, some times directly and some times just out of the corner of her eye.

Eventually they reached Brianne's rooms, passing by Terri's room on route. Terri was inside and so was a local lad, Frederic, who helped to clean the house on weekends. Terri only afforded them a momentary greeting before returning her attention and overly exaggerated charms on the helpless boy she had verbally pinned down like a butterfly.

Brianne's room was the same one she had used every time she had slept over at Grandma Annabel's house. Brianne liked it because it had such a cosy feel to it and its traditional cottage stile appealed to her romantic side, not to mention that the view of the grounds belonging to the house and country side beyond was breathtaking. Also it was one of the rooms with an on suite bathroom which made it ideal to share with one or more of the other girls at these parties. Brianne usually shared with a girl called Mel, one of Terri's aunts who was only five or six years older than Terri herself. Dumping her things on one of the two beds currently set up in the room she turned back to Annabel who was still standing in the door. Brianne gestured to the second bed. "Isn't Mel here yet? I thought she was usually one of the first to arrive."

"No and I don't think she will be able to make it this year. Poor girl phoned this morning saying she's come down with flu and was in no state to drive. She sounded like it too. Paul won't be able to come either as he's volunteered to look after her, he said it didn't look too serious though, so no need to worry." Annabel voice was normal enough when she said this but Brianne knew her well enough to see the shadow that flickered in her eyes.

"Oh that's good, pity they won't be able to make it. I'm missing Mel's fruit crumble already." Brianne added with a smile in an attempt to lighten the mood a little; Annabel's late husband had died of flu. Annabel chuckled and shook her head before pining Brianne with a searching, calculating look.

"And speaking of not feeling well are you sleeping alright dear? You look tired and you weren't entirely with us back there were you?" Annabel was using the classic 'concerned elderly relative' voice, guaranteed to make Brianne talk when it wasn't overdone, even though she and brianne weren't related.

"Um, not exactly…" Brianne mumbled, her eyes fixing on the floor in front of her. " I don't know. I had a strange dream this morning and when I woke I wasn't quite feeling myself. I fell asleep on the way here too and had the same dream again. Almost." She said her forehead knotting in a frown. She began playing with her hands in her lap, twiddling her thumbs and knotting her fingers.

"A dream? What happened?" Annabel asked, interested. She moved to sit on the bed next to Brianne.

"Well, I...I was running in this tunnel. The tunnel was sloping up into this light and there are silver threads on every surface that look like letters and numbers that keep repeating themselves as I run. And I felt like I was looking for something but I didn't know what, it was like that feeling when you know you have forgotten something but can't think of it."

"Yes I know the feeling only too well. Hmm. You said they were almost the same, what was different?"

Brianne explained the difference in the silver threads to Annabel, about the different languages and the change in letters and numbers, her voice and expression becoming more distant as she remembered.

"You know, it almost sounds like some kind of count down." Annabel said, only half joking.

"Count down?"

"Hmm, that other language you mentioned, did you recognise it?"

"It was kinda familiar, but I can't remember where I have seen it before." Her mind had still not come up with anything even after half an hour of pondering on that dream.

"Well, I suggest you think seriously about that one, especially on a night like this." She laughed. "Halloween is more than just a good excuse to dress up and have a party you know."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks." Brianne replied with a smile though it didn't reach her eyes which still had more of a frown about them.

"Well anyway if you have another dream like that or you figure out that language you let me know ok dear?" Annabel said as she got up, reaching across to put a steadying hand on Brianne's still fidgeting ones. Brianne just smiled.

When Annabel reached the door she turned round. "You take care of yourself ok?"


Annabel smiled kindly before closing the door behind her.

Brianne fell back onto the bed her eyes closed, bringing her hand up to massage her temples. Her mind was racing but going nowhere, just like her dreams. She remembered Annabel talking to her about of all the major holidays and in this instance about the history of Halloween. She remembered Annabel saying that originally it was the pagan festival of the dead, a day when the boundaries between worlds was particularly thin and deceased loved ones could come back and feast with their living friends and relatives at the banquet held on that night. But what on earth has that got to do with those dreams?

The rest of the day passed as swiftly as Brianne had thought it would. Barely fifteen minuets had gone by after she had been shown her room when Terri's aunt Janet came knocking at her door asking that she help prepare some of the food for later, Brianne agreed as it was only fair since she was going to be eating some of it later that night. Two fruit pies, one joint of roast beef, five different dips and susses and one fruit cake later she was whisked off to help set up furniture and decorations in the back garden were the party was being held. She wasn't alone in this though, absolutely everyone who had already arrived ended up helping out in someway, even little Tessa, Terri's baby sister, helped by holding one end of the long ribbons her grandmother was using to decorate the main banister.

Brianne was finally released from duty approximately one hour before dark and soon after Terri joined her in her room to begin their prearranged Soul Reaver 2 session.

"So how far through are you now?" Terri asked as the game started up.

"The save before Janos Audron's retreat. Buckle up."

"Eesh, you couldn't have done that earlier? Then again, Janos Audron's scene… Play on! I can wait."

"Thought you would wana' see that."

The girls were staring at the TV attentively saying things like "go on, take him!" and "your going down!" when Annabel opened the door to Brianne's room.

"Alright, come on girls, pause that now. Everyone is here, we're about to start."

"What! You have to be kidding!" Brianne moaned while Terri just stared in blank horror for a moment before groaning and shaking her head.

On screen Raziel was now armed with the original blood Reaver and they had just taken out Sarafan Turel.

"Oh come on! Just ten more minuets, please Grandma." Terri pleaded.

"Absolutely not. Pause, now. You can come back to it after the main meal is done."

"But Grandma…"

"No 'buts'. I am the hostess am I not? My rules. Come, now." Annabel said in her best 'elderly-relative-that-isn't-going to-take-any-nonsense-from-you-youngun's' voice, while she valiantly fought to suppress a grin.

"Alright, alright, later then." Terri groaned, sagging a little.

"That's all I ask dear."

Very reluctantly the girls paused the game in the corridor before Raziel's confrontation with his former self and put the monitor on standby. With a regretful and almost longing backward glance at the dark TV screen the two were marched out of the room by their elderly hostess.

The sky was unusually clear, the stars were just beginning to show themselves as the twilight faded and everyone was wrapped up warm for a cold but beautiful night. The night progressed and the bonfire was lit, the tables lade almost to breaking point with food as the music started up. All about the grounds the trees swayed in a breeze not quite strong enough to be considered blustery, adding an eerie, surreal backing track to the music that played and tricked the eye into thinking it saw something when there was nothing there. No moon showed that night, though that only added to the brilliance of the stars, which, being so far from any city or town could be fully appreciated.

The night was truly a beautiful one, yet Brianne, who would usually have been quick to appreciate and enjoy the occasion found herself… distracted, tired yet alert, as though she was hovering on the edge of a trance. She ate her meal and laughed with friends who had dressed for the occasion as witches and vampires and monsters from across the globe. Yet more and more as the evening wore on her mind wondered and more that once caught herself completely ignoring the people and conversations around her. Every so often she would see Annabel looking at her though she averted her gaze if Brianne looked in her direction.

Terri was in full party mode, laughing and dancing with the best of them and gradually eating her way through a respectable amount of food. But even with the party in full swing she still noticed her friend's distracted mood and her grandmothers concern. By the time the main meal was being cleared and the deserts were being loaded onto the long suffering dinner table Terri was starting to get worried. She walked over to where her Grandmother was sitting under an arch way that was covered with climbing roses, honeysuckle and fairy lights. Annabel herself was slowly sipping her way through a glass of white wine, her thoughtful gaze fixed on Brianne.

"I'm worried about Anne; I think she might be coming down with something. I know she's normally a little withdrawn but this is ridiculous." Terri said in a low voice, her eyes darting to the girl in question.

"I'm not entirely certain if she is physically sick or not, did she tell you about the dreams she has been having?" Annabel asked in an equally low voice her eyes never leaving Brianne.

"You mean the one she had this morning and on the way here, the one in the tunnel? Yeah she told me about it after you kicked us off the playstation. Why do you ask? You don't think that's got anything to do with that do you?" Terri said, sceptical.

"I don't know." Annabel paused, her frown deepening as she looked at Brianne who had fallen into another trance. "Ever since she got here I have noticed an energy about her, like nothing I have seen or felt before… except perhaps… no, no that was different, familiar. This is… foreign, alien even. I don't understand it."

"What? Energy? You mean like auras and stuff?" Terri asked in a whisper, hesitant.

"More or less." Annabel replied not really paying much attention to her granddaughter.

Terri was doubtful. "Really? You really think you can see that kind of thing?"

"Yes, really." Annabel said, her found deepening.

"I've heard about people that believe in that kind of thing but grandma…"

"Terri," Annabel interrupted, sternly, "I think you should take Brianne up to her room before she falls asleep were she sits. Don't you?"

"What? Oh… uh, Ok."

Still somewhat bewildered by her grandmother, Terri made her way over to her friend who had just shaken herself out of her trance and was talking politely to one of Terri's cousins next to her. Still, Brianne only noticed that Terri was there when she was standing right next to her.

"Oh, hi Terri didn't see you."

"Uh huh, noticed." Terri said as she pulled Brianne to her feet and steered her inside.

"Hay, what? What are you doing?"

"Just wana talk without eavesdroppers." Terri said as they got inside. "You feeling ok Anne? You keep zoning out, you're just not with it. Grandma says you should go lie down, you look absolutely knackered!"

"Um, I don't know. I do feel kinda tired I guess. I'm just so out of it tonight and I don't know why." Brianne said with a fake laugh, her hand at her temples, feeling just as dazed as she probably looked.

"Perhaps you should head up, you really did look like you were falling asleep a minute ago." Terri said, discarding the 'other' part of the conversation with her grandmother.

"Yeah, perhaps you're right. No promises I won't be back down later, you can get rid of me that easily." Brianne said with a smile, if a somewhat half-hearted one.

"Oh I hope so. You want me to walk you up to your room?"

"Oh no, thanks. I know the way fine and I'm not going to pass out on the way there. I'm not that bad."

"Well, ok. See ya soon." Terri said edging her way back outside.

"Night." Brianne turned towards the stairs, shaking her head to try and clear it of the fog that seemed to be closing in on her. Terri watched her leave before turning back to the party.

Lying in bed later Brianne was staring at the ceiling, the feeling of being in some kind of trance back full force. Yet she couldn't sleep. Shaking her self out of her stupor she glanced at the glowing numbers of the clock; 11:46. Strangely the motion of doing this seemed to clear her mind more than it had been in hours. She sat up and looked down to the far side of the room at the TV and PS2 that had been set up. The game was still running and the loud humming from the consol was beginning to annoy her. Climbing out of bed she walked over to the game she was about to switch it off but hesitated remembering where it had been paused. With a slight groan she switched the TV on and picked up the controller, silently cursing the woman who came up with the idea for the game (but never meant any of it).

Un-pausing the game she guided the digital avatar of Raziel down the corridor to the door through which his earlier incarnation waited. As the cut scene played Brianne yawned and stretched when a slight pang of dizziness struck her, but only momentarily. It was over almost as soon as it began so she dismissed it as the final battle commenced.

The battle was slow going as Brianne's current state of mind meant that her reflexes and concentration were not what they should have been and she was thankful that wraith Raziel was now invincible. As she played she thought about one of the issues she sympathised with Raziel on; the past. She had things in her past that she did not like and wished she could just leave behind her, like every one does. But she couldn't let go as easily as other people could, especially considering that the things she wanted to leave behind had occurred though out ninety percent of her life, starting when her dad died, and despite what her mother would say she did remember him. 'How do you do it Raziel? How do you let go so easily? I wish you could show me, help me let go and find a new life, a new identity for myself. Ha! Just imagine what you would be like as someone's mentor, now that I would like to see. Almost ten minuets had passed when she finally defeated Raziel's counterpart and just as the final cut scene began another wave of dizziness struck her and this time it wasn't mild or passing.

Crying out in surprise Brianne fell forward as the world around her seemed to lose all notion of gravity and direction. Bracing her hands on the ground she desperately tried to still her spinning head, wile onscreen the cut scene continued to play. The sense of vertigo increased and without thinking she paused the game, dropped the controller and crawled back to her bed, hugging the ground. On screen the game had paused with both Raziel and his sire, Kain, in frame, at the point when Kain was trying to warn Raziel not to revive Janos as he had intended, before Raziel was forced back to the spectral realm. Pulling herself up Brianne dragged herself onto the bed but didn't bother with the cover as the world continued to spin and then darken.

The dream! She was back, running up the tunnel just as before. Quickly she turned her attention to the silver threads that still dominated the tunnel. The letter 'I' and the number '3' where displayed amidst the foreign alphabet but not many. Now the English characters were in minority and the alien alphabet dominated. Brianne was griped with a strange and sudden sense of excitement and she slowed her pace to a walk as though afraid that she might pass the object of her search right by. As she walked she kept her gaze off the light ahead and watched the threads instead. The 'I's became 'J's and soon after the '3's became '2's. Annabel said it sounded like a countdown. But a countdown to what? 'J's to 'K's. Glancing up ahead Brianne saw that there was no change to the light ahead. 'It's unimportant' she thought to herself and turned her attention back to the threads. 'K' to 'L' then the '2's to '1's. Brianne kept walking and watching as the 'L's changed to 'M' and as it did so the threads began to pulse with new energy and the tunnel became brighter. Then, simultaneously the 'M's became 'N's and the '1's became '0' and the threads that formed them glowed and pulsed so brightly it was as though the light and power of the stars flowed through them. Brianne stopped and gazed at them in wonder, 'is this it?'

Looking ahead as far as the twisting tunnel would allow she saw that the threads changed dramatically, the repetitive pattern of both alphabets stopping and giving way to simple random curves and lines. Yet all around her the light glowed and pulsed and she knew this was what she had been looking for. Reaching out to the wall next to her she lightly brushed her fingers over one of the threads that had twisted itself in to the shape to the letter 'N'. Suddenly the threads moved and seemed to take on a life of their own, twisting and writhing towards the spot she had just touched. Brianne stepped back hastily and watched as the threads pooled together like tiny streams of mercury into one solid mass on the wall. The mass grew as more of the threads joined it leaving bare walls in their wake. Brianne stepped forward hesitantly as the mass shaped itself into a orb embedded into the wall, its surface stilling and becoming mirror like in its colour and texture but it reflected neither Brianne nor the tunnel around her.

She moved closer, peering into the sphere. Like mist lifting in the morning sun the silver sheen drew back before her gaze revealing breathtaking images of snow toped mountains, endless seas of forest and desolate wasteland. Entranced Brianne slowly drew her hand up as mysterious swamp land and medieval villages came into view one after the other, the child in her wondering if she touched it than maybe she could make it real. Then just as her hand touched the surface of the shimmering sphere a final image came into view, one that she could have recognised anywhere. Her eyes widened as nine pristine white pillars that seemed to reach up forever rolled into view and then, just as soon as they had appeared she saw their destruction, saw their fall and decay. A brilliant white light exploded from the sphere engulfing her as one thought reverberated round her head in utter bewilderment...


Someone was calling to her and she recognised the voice, her memory however was either still asleep or refusing to cooperate since she couldn't remember who the voice belonged to. Slowly she opened her eyes hoping a visual cue might improve things. At first all she saw was blurred lights and shadows but eventually the blurriness receded and a face emerged. Brianne sighed with relief as her memory jump-started and recognition set in.

"Woah, hay Terri, what are you doing here? What time is it?" She mumbled, quickly noticing that the strange fogginess had finally lifted and her head was as clear as it had been more than a day ago.

Terri smiled, "About 9:30, how are you feeling? You look better."

"I feel a lot better, thanks. I think whatever it was is finally over." Brianne sat up and looked over to the TV at the other end of the room. The TV was off, she assumed Terri had switched it off when she had come in.

What on earth was that dream about, and since when did her dreams start drawing on game imagery like that?

"Oh by the way, " Terri said jerking her head towards the TV and game consol, "what happened to the game? When I came in to check on you this morning the TV was switched on to a blank channel and the PS2 had been switched off. What happened? You decide to do a little late night gaming and couldn't be bothered to turn off the TV?"

Brianne frowned. What? She remembered playing the game and pausing it during the cut scene when the dizziness had hit and not subsided - she didn't switch it off. She told Terri as much and both assumed that someone else had come in to look at the PS2, probably little Tessa.

"Oh well," Terri sighed as she got up "I'll have a word with her later. And since you're feeling better I'll leave you to get ready by your self." She said as she headed to the door. "I've got work to do downstairs anyway."

"Excuses." Brianne teased with a mock glare. Terri just laughed.

"No, really. Later." She replied as she went through the door.

"See you later." Brianne sent back. The door clicked shut behind Terri and Brianne took a deep breath where she sat on the bed and looked at the shelf were her games had been stacked. Those had defiantly been the pillars of Nosgoth in her dream and the 'countdown' had ended on 'N', N for Nosgoth. She had a hunch that the foreign alphabet was Nosgothian too. Climbing out of bed she walked over to her 'stash' and randomly picked a game from the series to try and find an example of the alphabet used in the games.

The game she chose crashed to the ground moments after she had picked it up and a startled, disbelieving cry escaped her lips. The game she had picked was Soul Reaver 2 but only the briefest of glances was needed to show that something was wrong with the box.

The image of Raziel was gone.

Not cut out, there was no black, white or any other colour Raziel shaped hole. He was just gone. It was as though it had been printed that way, with the pillars shown in all their detail and the moon glowing in the background. Brianne was drawn back away from the game, her hands over her mouth to keep herself from crying out, her eyes wide. 'No, this can't be right, it's a trick, and I know someone came in here last night. It's just a joke.' Trembling she reached for the box and picked it up. It did look genuine, or a very good copy at least. Turning it over in her hands she looked at the back of the box and her eyes widened even more. Every singly picture of Raziel had been erased, and not just him- Kain's image was also gone.

'No it can't be, it's a fake.'

Opening the box with shaking hands she nearly dropped it again when she saw that the image on the book was in very much the same state as the cover of the box. There was a picture of the pillars with a slightly yellow cast, done in exquisite detail, but no Raziel. And the book, the paper, felt real. Shaking so badly now she feared she might collapse, she slowly, carefully sank to the ground, book and box in hand. Setting the box aside she opened the book only to find more of the same, every single image of Raziel and Kain were just… gone. Suddenly an idea struck. She had made notes in the back of the book, if it was a fake the notes would be gone and if, somehow it was real…

Her hands shaking so badly she was afraid she would tear it, she flipped to the back of the book. When she saw what was there she let go of the book, clamping her hands over her mouth as she stared at the accusing words written there in blue, black and red biro, in her hand writing. 'Impossible!' It was like something snapped inside her and even as she reached for her other games she new what to expect. Defiance was the next in the series to come of the shelf. Gone, they were both gone, the cover was practically blank. The back of the box and the book inside were both the same. Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and Blood Omen 2 all yielded the same results. Kain and Raziel had both been erased from the very games they starred in.

Brianne was close to hyperventilating now, her body racked with involuntary tremors as the shock took its toll on her system. She just sat there, surrounded by the discarded, impossible games and their manuals not quite knowing what to make of it all.

Her mouth had gone bone dry so, still in shock and not knowing what on earth she could do with or about the games anyway, she decided to get a drink. After a moment of uncertainty as she stood up she dazedly made her way to the on suite bathroom. The door had been closed and she couldn't remember closing it. 'Probably my visitor from last night.' She thought dimly. She put her hand on the handle and pushed the door open but did not move afterward.

Brianne just stared, bug eyed and slack jawed at the white haired tower of menacing muscle, claws and yellow eyes that loomed in front of her. 'wha'!'

"Brianne." When he spoke she could not have attempted to make out his tone of voice or his mood if she had wanted to. He had spoken. And after everything that had happened, from the dream, the games and finding him standing plain as day in her bathroom, this was just one step too far.

As if in slow motion she felt her knees give way, saw the world rush up and away from her and saw Kain… 'It can't be him, can it?'…she saw him move forward as though to catch her. And, just before the world decided to go dark on her for the second time in 12 hours, she caught a glimpse of scarred blue flesh and brilliantly glowing white eyes… 'Raziel?'… If unconsciousness hadn't claimed her but a moment later she would have laughed.


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