Title: Jade Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Fandom: Harry Potter

Stars: Usual cast, with Jade Potter instead of Harry Potter

Summary: The second story in my Girl-Who-Lived series.

Author: Queen Serenity

Disclaimer: Anyone you recognize doesn't belong to me. This version of Lisa Turpin is mine, as well as Jade Potter (even the idea of a girl Harry named 'Jade' is mine, as far as I'm concerned, as none of the other girl-who-lived stories featured a Jade Potter when I first posted this). Solluna is mine, as well as certain of her powers which are not exactly like the werecats in the Eragon series, which inspired her. Any other unfamiliar stuff is mine. MINE! Don't make me sic my parrot on you. I'll do it, I tell you! :)

Title: Jade Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author: Queen Serenity

Fandom: Harry Potter

Chapter: One – New Rules

When Jade had first gotten home with her family, she had been thrilled to see them. Absolutely thrilled.

But this soon changed.

The first thing Jade was told when she got home was that, as soon as she had taken her stuff up to her room, she was to come down into the family room and have a discussion with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

Curious as to what they want to talk about, Jade had hurried up with getting her stuff up the stairs while her werecat companion, Solluna, watched, amused.

It was about ten minutes later that she had seated herself in a chair across from the couch where her aunt and uncle sat.

"Yes?" she asked. "What did you guys want to talk to me about?"

Uncle Vernon was the one who answered. "Jade," he began, "when you were at… at that school… we did some thinking. Some very important thinking."


"And we decided that, although we shall allow you to go learn… magic… and buy you stuff that can help you with it, there are to be some rules in this house when you are home."

"Meaning?" Jade had a bad feeling about her Uncle's tone. Why, oh why did she have such a bad feeling?

"Meaning that while you are in this house, you are not to speak of magic unless necessary, or do anything dealing with it while in this house. Your… owl… will be kept in a cage, and not let out at all. I'd hate what the neighbors would think, seeing that thing around our house. Your school trunk shall be locked in the cupboard under the stairs, along with your wand and schoolbooks, and they will not be brought out or even asked for until the day before you leave once more."

About halfway through the conversation the pleasant smile on Jade's face had disappeared. Now, the look on her face was completely cold, as was her voice. Steady, but frigid. "Fine. If you do not wish to hear about what happens at my school, then you won't hear about it. If you want me to edit anything related to magic out of my conversations with you, I will. If you don't want me to do any magic in your house, I can handle that, too. However, that is where I draw the line. My owl, Athena, will be allowed out, but don't worry, it'll only be at night when she won't be seen. She has to eat. My trunk will be kept in my room. I do, after all, have to study. Not that you'd care, but I'm one of the two smartest girls in my year."

Both her Aunt and Uncle seemed stunned for a moment, mouths gaping open and closed like fishes for a few seconds. Uncle Vernon was very red in the face, and seemed as though he couldn't speak. It was Aunt Petunia who spoke next.

"You seem to forget that we are the adults. What if we don't agree to your terms, Jade? What if we decide that all of what your Uncle said will be followed?"

Jade smiled sweetly, but it definitely didn't come across as sweet. "Then I'll simply lock myself in my room, only coming out to get food and use the toiletries, and not talk to either of you one bit until it's time for me to go back to school. I wouldn't like doing that, since I was looking forward to spending time with my family, but I could handle it. Could you? You guys think about that. When you have an answer, you'll know where I am."

And with that, Jade had returned to her room.

A bit later, after some muffled arguing downstairs, someone had entered Jade's room. Currently, she lay on her belly, typing up an e-mail to Hermione on her laptop (which she had been oh-so-happy to see. Computercomputercomputer oh how she had missed it!). Solluna lay to her right side. Someone sat tentatively on the bed beside her, on the side opposite Solluna. Jade looked up to see that it was her aunt, actually looking a bit… nervous?

Aunt Petunia spoke, her voice quiet. "So… did you make any friends?"

Jade smiled slightly. It was apparent which choice had been made. She thought for a moment, thinking of how to describe her friends without mentioning magic.

"Yes, actually. I made several. Of all types."

"All types?"

"Yes. Umm… to explain some of this, I'll need to refer to some stuff. Tell you what; I'll just call people that are like you, Uncle Vernon, and Dudley Leopards, and I'll call people like what it turns out I am Panthers. K? (Here, Petunia nodded) First of all, there is Hermione Granger. Remember when I told you I was one of the two smartest girls in our year? She's the other one. She's… ummm… She's like Mom was. Leopard-born. She's really clever.

"There's Lisa Turpin. Her parents were both Panthers. She was raised in America, and is really nice. She's not quite as into studying as Hermione and I, but she still makes good grades.

"There's Ron Weasley. He has such bright red hair. His family is sometimes looked down on by other Panthers, simply because of the fact that they don't have much money. He tries to brave, and he's protective of his friends, but he's really close-minded and stubborn sometimes, and can make an idiot of himself when he gets mad, you know?

"The other important friend I made is Draco Malfoy. His family is one of the richest ones in the Panther world, and they have a lot of influence. He's kind of like a prince, if you know what I mean. In more ways than one. There's not a drop of Jaguar blood in his family, they're completely Jaguars. Draco's not really nice to a lot of people, so he's rather disliked by a lot of students because he can sometimes be cruel, but he's nice to me. Although, he is really really arrogant. He and Ron really hate each other. Literally."

Aunt Petunia smiled. "It sounds like you've made a lot of interesting friends."

Jade nodded. "It's true. I did. Speaking of which, hehe," she laughed, admittedly a bit nervous. "That friend of mine, Draco? If his family agrees to it, he's coming to visit for a night."

Aunt Petunia frowned. "You know Vernon won't like that."

Jade frowned right back. "Look, he's not going to do any magic. The reason I'm having him over is I want to show him some stuff about our world."

Aunt Petunia chewed on her bottom lip for a minute. "Your Uncle's still mad, but I'll see what I can do. He has to leave town for the weekend for a business deal the weekend after next… maybe you should see if your friend can come then?"

Jade nodded. "Fine."

Queen Serenity: I know this is short for a first chapter, but as you can tell, it's almost entirely original, which made it harder. Don't think I've forgotten about Dobby, because I haven't. I really, really haven't.

You may notice that everything wasn't as sticky-sweet as usual with the Dursleys. I decided that, even if they care about Jade, they still loathe magic. I decided Vernon hates it more than Petunia. And I decided that Petunia loves Jade like a daughter, so she'll be the one still trying to keep things together. Understand? I'm telling you now, don't be surprised if Jade starts growing away from her family bit by bit throughout the stories.

Next chapter will be Draco's visit. Oh, boy, I'm gonna have fun with that. Any suggestions?

But this story will be a little more slow-going than the first one, because I have to figure out how to handle certain plot discrepancies. Here's the big one I currently have to figure out… Maybe you guys can help me.


I have decided that Jade won't be blocked at the barrier. For specific reasons, I really want her to be on that train. You know, certain interactions. Here's the problem, though, which I have not figured out is a problem until recently…

Later, in the book when Harry and Ron faced off against the Acromantula and his children, they ended up being saved by the wild Ford Anglia. You know, the car which was used to transport them to the school when they missed the train.

So you can see my problem. When Jade faces off against those stupid spiders, I need to figure out how she'll come out of it alive. Remember, she's a LOT smarter than Harry. She's pretty much on Hermione's level. So maybe she might know ahead of time a spell to use, or she could figure out a tactic, or something like that. Also, Solluna is around. So maybe Solluna could go for help, but you have to take into account that if a teacher were fetched, Jade would be in trouble, and lose points.

One other thing is that I plan to put Jade into Quidditch this year. Should I have Cho not be in Quidditch at all, since she is normally the Ravenclaw Seeker, or should I have her get another position since she lost out in the Seeker position? What do you all think?