I wanted to shell out a Halloween story and I figured what better category than Supernatural? Takes place after "Skins", though with my luck it'll probably still be in progress by next Tuesday. I've been wondering just why Sam swore off hunting. Sure he wanted a normal life, but what if it had been something else as well? I'm also going off the conversation between Sam and Dean in "Bloody Mary" about how mirrors revealed a person's secrets and lies, as well as why Sam hates being called "Sammy". Supernatural and anything else you recognize belongs to the WB.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" the two teenagers screamed as the skeleton lunged out at them. It gave out a booming laugh, and then went back to its spot on the wall.

"Way to go, Leslie. You got psyched by a fake skeleton," a boy teased.

"Oh, I feel so stupid," Leslie said sheepishly.

"Come on. Let's go!" her boyfriend urged. Laughing, the group strolled through the haunted house. Their walk was occasionally filled with shrieks and laughter.

"Hey, come on! Let's go to the hall of mirrors!" Leslie enthused.

"Yeah!" her friends agreed. They hurried to the spot. Several seconds later, there was a group of screams.