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The next morning, Sam and Dean headed away from the town.

"You know, it's funny," Sam said presently.

"What?" Dean asked.

"I never really thought you were afraid of anything. I mean, you're always acting like you're hardcore," Sam responded.

"I'm afraid of a lot of things, Sam. Buckuss just managed to find what scared me the most," Dean told him. They fell silent. "So...are you going to tell me what that was all about?" he queried after a while.

"What?" Sam asked in a voice that indicated that he had spaced.

"That vampire...Cassie. What was that all about?" Dean prodded. Sam let out a shaky sigh. Dean looked at his younger brother in concern.

"A couple of years before I went off to college, Dad and I were on a hunt," Sam began. "This town was being terrorized by a group of vampires," he continued. He stopped and swallowed nervously. "I-uh---I ended up getting ambushed and kidnapped. I was held for three days," he stated.

"And she drained and raped you," Dean finished. Sam looked out the window for a while, then turned around so that he was facing his older brother.

"Yes," he confessed thickly. "It---uh---that's---that's why I gave up hunting," he continued.

"And why you hate being called "Sammy"," Dean realized.

"It just reminds me of her," Sam confirmed.

"Well, you're safe with me, and nothing like that's ever gonna happen again," Dean promised. Sam watched the scenery. As they drove by, Sam saw a blonde woman in a white dress standing next to a tree. Sam did a double take. Jessica? He looked at her, trying to determine whether it was her or not, but when they passed the tree, she had disappeared. Dean looked at Sam in confusion and mild concern. Was he okay? Sam caught the gaze and nodded reassuringly. The rest of the ride was driven in silence.



Okay, so I got the ending from "Bloody Mary". What can I say? I liked it? And that's my Halloween story. I hoped you all enjoyed it. Catch ya on the flip side.