Blu: (Singing) La-lala-lala-laaaa!

Laharl: (O-o) What the hell is wrong with her?

Ash: She's just happy.

Flonne: Why?

Ash: Because she finally popped Phantom Brave and she's going to play the extra maps now. She totally wants Laharl--

Laharl: WHAT!

Ash: In her party! She wants you in her party since she already has Flonne and Etna. Plus, this Phantom Brave story.

Laharl: Whatever. She better not make me look bad!


Laharl: Gaah! (Drops dead) X-X

Blu: That's THAT! Now, on with the fic! The chappie is short, so, sorry!

Summary: Ash is the one who was sacrificed so Sulphur would be sealed. Marona kills herself from sadness and unfortunatelyends up in the Netherworld and becomes a vassal to Prince Laharl.

Disclaimer: I don't own Phantom Brave or Disgaea Hour of Darkness or Makai Kingdom. I do own the Phantom Brave game and though.


There are many universes. . . And many Netherworlds. Each of these Netherworlds has an Overlord which rules. A few notable Overlords would be Zetta, the proclaimed bad-ass of them all, Pram the Oracle, and Alexander, the God of Destruction.

Besides the Netherworld, there are many worlds out there. One of which is a small one called Earth in which humans are at the top of the food-chain. But, let's face it: they and their planet are as insignificant as a speck of dust.

But our story does not focus on the puny humans and their little blue marble of a homeworld. No, our story begins in the world of Ivoire...


A young girl is sitting on the edge of her bed. She had lime-green hair with eyes to match, wearing a white dress. Her eyes were red from crying. A dagger in her small hands. Her name was Marona and she was a Chroma. However, unlike other Chroma's, Marona had the ability to talk to Phantoms. This made her an outcast, until today.

When the young girl and her friends defeated Sulphur, everyone started to treat her differently. No longer was she called "The Posessed". She was now recognized and praised by everyone as a hero. She should've been happy...but she wasn't.

After the great evil, the battle was still not won. Sulphur remained. Ash volunteered that he'd take Sulphur to the Netherworld with him, so they could seal the portal.

When he said that, Marona cried. She sobbed and told him that he couldn't go and how she still needed him. But he said that she didn't him anymore and went ahead with it.

Now Marona had lost all of her family. Her mother and father...and now, Ash was somewhere in the Netherworld, where she could never go, and she could never see him again, human or phantom.

(Why'd he do it?) The chroma clutched the hilt of the dagger tightly in her hands. (Why'd he have to leave?) She raised it above her chest as a few more tears came out of her eyes. (I still need him...) The pain was too much for her to take. As she plunged it into her chest and fell off her bed, a smile, of all things, appeared on her face.

"I'll see you soon...Ash..." (I'll be a Phantom...and I'll be with you...)

Suicide. The act of killing one's self. It is one of the greatest sins a person can make. Usually, those who commit suicide go to the Netherworld. But our little Chroma didn't know that.

Her plan was to kill herself, become a Phantom, and find a way to the Netherworld and be with Ash again. Too bad. Poor human, you feel sorry for the poor little Chroma. Who knows what shall await our young friend. Who knows what fate has in store for her...



Etna: Hm? What's this? A new evil appears in the Netherworld and her name...Marona!

Marona: What! I'm not evil!

Etna: Oh-ho! So she's planning on using Phantoms to become Overlord, huh? Too bad, cuz that's my job!

Laharl: Excuse me? I'm the Overlord! NOT YOU!

Etna: Prepare yourself, evil Chroma! Feel the wrath of Warrior Mistress Etna! Hiya!

Ash: Does she do this all the time?

Flonne & Laharl: You have no idea...

Etna: Next time on Chronicles of the Netherworld Princess, Episode 2: Princess vs. Chroma!

Etna: Another chapter unfolds in the history of the Netherworld!

Marona: She's creeping me out...

Flonne: Don't worry, you'll get used to it.