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A promise is a promise. A vow you make with a loved one, a friend or someone close to you. Despite their importance in the world, promises can be very fragile. A soldier can promise his girl that he'll come back after the war and they can live their happily ever after, and to tell her to wait for him, only to have the woman waiting for years on end before dying of a broken heart. I'm not saying all promises are bad. It's just that...some promises might be too difficult to keep...


"All right, let's do this! HAAAAAAAAH!" Laharl lunged forward and jumped into the air to avoid getting hit by Yamino's hand. He landed on its hand and stabbed it with his sword. The Wraith roared and shook Laharl off.

Ash dashed forward and began to slash at the Wraith multiple times and jumped back in time to avoid getting swiped aside by its hand. "Ground breaker!" The blue-haired chroma jumped into the air and landed, as the force from his sword connecting with the earth made a powerful come towards Yamino.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group was getting rid of the Summons. Etna proceeded to turn a few into shiskabobs and Flonne lent a hand by shooting them down with a Saint Ray attack. Raz and Kisho were double-teaming against a group of summons, their weapons and bodies becoming covered with purple blood.

"Omega Thunder!" Mint shouted as a large and powerful bolt of purple lightning shot down from the sky and toasted a large amount of summons. Asagi aimed her bazooka and took down the remaining demons. Bella kept powering them up with a few spells that made them stronger and tougher.

Scarlet stayed in front of Marona. "Stay behind me, Marona." The pink-haired knight began to glow with a demonic aura before pointing a finger to the air. "Terra Thunder!" An incredibly powerful bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and turned the approaching summons into ash.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Said Marona in awe. "Now it's my turn!" She jumped into the air and started to gather energy. Spears of fire gathered around the chroma. "Eat this! Spear Storm!" She threw her spear and the fire-spears followed in suit.


Marona landed next to Scarlet, who was in awe. "M-marona? How did you?"

"Hee-hee. I'm not as defenseless as I look!" Marona winked.

Ash got knocked aside by Yamino, who was just about to send some dark energy towards him. (I can't die again!)

"Eat this!" Laharl lunged forward and slashed Yamino in the back. The demon reacted by using some dark force to push Laharl back.

"Looks like the prince is in trouble." Said Adel. The Rogue jumped into the air and aimed at the Terror Demon-copy. "Totenkruz!" He shot a gigantic beam of flame at Yamino that soon turned into a gigantic flaming cross. A didn't cause a lot of damage to the demon. "Eh! What the hell!"

"Try this on for size!" Mint grinned evilly. "Omega Fire!" An incredibly powerful fire overtook the Wraith, giving it several burns.

"Holy Arrows!" Flonne jumped up into the air and shot several feather-like arrows at the demon, followed by Scarlet who casted Terra Thunder again, giving Yamino a ton of damage.

"Rising Dragon!" Ash uppercutted Yamino into the air. He powered up, a light blue aura surrounding him, before jumping into the air and kicking it back down into the earth, landing on its back. The blue-haired chroma jumped back to allow Laharl to attack. "You're up!"

Laharl smiled evilly and started to charge up, a red aura emitting from his body. Demonic orbs of energy appeared overhead. "BITE THE DUST!" As he lowered his arms, the orbs came crashing down onto Yamino.


As the dust, cleared, Yamino was on the ground and it started to fade away.

"We won!" Flonne and Marona cheered happily.

Laharl folded his arms across his chest. "Hmph! Was there any doubt in your mind? No demon can defeat Overlord Laharl!" The demon prince said proudly. "Haaaahahahaha! If this is what a copy of Sulphur is, I wanna see the real thing in action!"

"You have to be joking!" Ash said in exasperation. "Sulphur's a killing machine. The least you can do is take this all seriously!"

Laharl turned to Ash and smirked evilly. "I AM serious! I seriously want to fight Sulphur!"

Ash sweatdropped. "That's not what I meant..." (But, maybe we can do this. Maybe we can beat Sulphur for good--without having to sacrifice anyone.)

"So, I take it you're not afraid, prince?" Said Etna. "I mean, Sulphur does sound like nasty guy. How do we know we won't get our asses handed to us?"

"I'LL be the one handing out the assess! Let's go! I can't wait any longer!"


Meanwhile, in some dark, unknown location, a certain oracle is having a conversation with someone.

"So, I take it you've told them?" Said the person.

"Yup." Pram nodded. "At this moment, Laharl and his vassals should be close to Sulphur." Her tone got a bit more serious. "But I did forget to add in one other thing..."

"Don't tell me--"

The oracle nodded again. "Yup. I didn't tell them what'll happen in the end." She shook her head. "They probably wouldn't believe me."


"Look. Whatsoever happens I know things shall turn out fine." Plum folded her arms across her chest. "I AM an oracle after all. -Giggle-"


Laharl and his demon vassals marched forward, the young Overlord ecstatic about the challenge from the Terror Demon known as Sulphur. Unfortunately, his vassals were less than thrilled.

"Hey, uh, I just remembered--I left the oven on at my house!" Adel lied. "If you'll just excuse me..." He turned around, only to walk right into the arms of Raz. "Ack! Lemme go!"

"Oh no, you don't!" Raz smirked. "You were with us in the beginning, and you'll stick with us until the end. I mean, you can't go against the Overlord's orders...unless you wanna DIE."

Adel sweatdropped. "N-no! He can't do that!"

"You'd be surprised what Overlords can do." Kisho added.

"You're just trying to scare me into staying aren't you!" Shouted the rogue. (And it's working!)

"Stop playing with the child." Bella spoke calmly. "It's obvious that he's afraid of Sulphur."

"I'm not afraid!" Adel shouted. "And I'm not a child! I happen to be 1543 years old!"

"Oh, c'mon kid! We know you're afraid!" Raz grinned. "But don't worry, we can take on whatever Sulphur dares to throw at us!"

"...You're afraid too, huh?"

"You bet."

"Well, gee, I feel safe." Said the rogue sarcastically.

"We do not have to worry. The powers of love and friendship shall give us the strength to defeat Sulphur!" Said Flonne with fire burning in her eyes.

"You honestly believe that, don't you?" Asagi and Ash said together as they sweatdropped.

"Of course! They've never let us down before!"

"Yeah, Flonne. Just keep living in your fantasy world." Etna told the Fallen Angel.

Suddenly, some demons appeared in front of the group. They three ronins and two ninjas, each one holding a powerful, Dark weapon. Their eyes were blank and emotionless as a dark aura emanated from them.

"More possessed demons..." Marona whispered.

"This looks like trouble." Said Asagi.

"No, really?" Etna said sarcastically as she pulled out her spear. "Oh well. Let's get to work!"

One ninja leaped forward and appeared before the pink-haired vassal with such amazing speed that she didn't have time to block the kick to her stomach. The force of the attack sent her crashing into Mint.

"HAAAAAAH!" Ash took a swipe at the ninja with his sword. The ninja ducked and tried to sweep-kick Ash off his feet, but the blue-haired demon jumped into the air and brought his sword down on the ninja's arm. The ninja jumped back and gripped his bleeding wound. Ash took the opportunity to dash forward and sliced the ninja in half.

The second ninja jumped forward, followed by two ronins, one with an axe, and the other with a katana. The third ronin, whom held a bow, stayed behind as distant supporters.

A magic circle appeared before Flonne. "Holy Arrows!" With a wave of her staff, a barrage of feather-like arrows shot towards the approaching demons. But, Flonne had temporarily forgot about Ninja and Samurai demons fast speed and agility. Needless to say, they dodged to attack and the ronin with the katana struck Flonne in the stomach.

"Flonne!" Shouted Laharl. He ducked just in time to avoid being punched in the face by the ninja demon. The Overlord swung his sword, and the ninja jumped back and attacked with a jump kick. Laharl back flipped into the air and started to charge his power. "Winged Slayer!" He came speeding back down to earth and slashed the ninja in half, a loud explosion following.

Meanwhile, the guys still had a problem with the ronins. "Take this!" Raz began to punch rapidly at the axe-wielding samurai demon, but despite the weight of the weapon she carried, the ronin dodged the attack easily. She swung her axe at Raz, but the warrior jumped back just in tome to only get a slight tear on the front of his shirt.

"Hah!" The samurai swung her axe at the demon warrior. Raz ducked just in time to avoid being beheaded.

"A little help here!" Raz shouted out as he avoided some much quicker slices from the ronin's axe.

Adel heard and came running towards the warrior. "Never fear, da Rogue is here!" Of course, you know that rogues are number one when it comes to stealing. So, add Adel who always uses his five-fingered discount with an Axe wielding ronin and you've got...a dead ronin!

Adel stole the axe from the ronin just in time. She had Raz on the ground and was about to deal the final blow when she suddenly felt no weight at all in her hands. She looked down and found it was because she had no weapon in her hands.

"Yoo-hoo!" Adel called from behind the ronin. "Looking for this? Heh-heh!" The ronin glared at the rogue.

"Ahem. Excuse me," Said Raz with a smirk as he was cracking his knuckles. "I believe we have a fight to finish." He began to punch the samurai demon rapidly multiple times. Adel lost count after the first two seconds. After the final attack, the ronin was standing there, looking like she was about to fall down. Raz delivered one final blow to the stomach that sent her flying. "Yeah!"

"That was awesome!" Adel grinned as he looked down at his new prize. "And, I got something outta the deal. Heh-heh."

The second ronin was tearing through the girls furiously. She had just knocked back Asagi and kneed Mint to the stomach and knocked her out. Etna lunged her spear at the black-haired samurai demon, but missed by a slight inch and got slashed in the stomach.

Flonne immediately casted a healing spell on her friends, but soon after, the ronin almost sliced Flonne in half, had it not been for Kisho coming in and pushing her out of the way. "Th-thank you!" The Fallen Angel stuttered as the samurai stood put her down.

"No problem."

Scarlet stepped up. "Do you think you can take me?" The knight spoke softly in a dark tone of voice. She drew her rapier. "Come on." She ran forward and began to exchange blows with the ronin. The sounds of their swords clashing and their cries of battle sounded through the air.

The ronin ducked a stabbing blow from Scarlet's sword and slashed at the knight's stomach. That, however, didn't seem to stop her. The ex-Overlord managed to lunge her rapier into the heart of the ronin. She pulled the sword out of the corpse.

"Well, that wasn't hard." Said Laharl. After being healed, his vassals gave the Overlord looks that said differently. "What?"

"Never mind." The demons said as they turned around and started to walk towards the next area.

"...Whatever." Laharl muttered as he walked after them.


"That's wrong, Plum. You should've told them you knew what ALL that was to happen."

"Aw, but where would all the fun be?" Plum giggled.


"Hey! Don't be like that. I told them that everything would turn out fine and it will. Besides, if it doesn't happen, then we're DEAD, FINISHED, KAPUT!"

"...But, still... There is a way to change what shall happen..."

Plum covered her ears with her hands. "NO! Anything but THAT!" She took her hands off her ears. "Anyways, it's forbidden."


"Nothing to say? I THOUGHT so."


Laharl and his group entered the final area. The moment they walked in, they felt a powerful, dark presence.

"W-whoa!" Etna exclaimed as she stopped walking. "Did you feel that big surge of power?"

"Well who wouldn't?" Said Laharl. "No one could miss THAT sort of power!" (It's so powerful...I can see why my old man had a problem beating this thing.) Thoughts of his father were instantly pushed out of his mind as he gave an arrogant smirk. (Hmph! I know I'll beat that monster since I'm more powerful than my father now!)

"Er, prince? Why are you smiling like that?" His pink-haired vassal arched an eyebrow.

Laharl turned to Etna. "What do you think? I'm anxious to fight Sulphur is all."

"You're also anxious for wanting to face death in the face." Said Ash.

"Oh, we've already met Death once or twice." Flonne said cheerfully, which caused Ash to sweatdrop.


"I'm gonna have fun with this fight! HAAAAAAHAHAHA!" The demon prince started to run towards the source of power.

Flonne, Marona and Ash panicked. "Laharl! Wait up! Stop!"

"It's no use. He'll probably be turned to ashes by the time we catch up." Etna concluded as she and the rest of the vassals ran after the young Overlord.


The group managed to catch up when they found the overlord standing before a crater. It glowed with the eerie aura of a powerful darkness that made Laharl excited.

(This power... This incredible power! If I beat something like this NO ONE in this cosmos would DARE challenge me!)

"Wh-what do you think you're doing Laharl!" Flonne said as they approached him. "If you encountered Sulphur all by yourself, you might've been killed--" The fallen angel stopped her lecture to stare at the crater. "Where did THAT come from?"

"Either a really big meteor crashed here or this is the mark of that Sulphur guy." Said Etna as she looked into the crater.

A large crash of thunder sounded through the sky. Lightning flashed as a tremendous bolt of lightning made its way down to the earth below. The demons covered their eyes so the immense light wouldn't blind them.

"Wh-what's happening?" Asagi stuttered as she clutched her gun with her free hand.

"He's coming back!" Marona shouted over the sound of the thunder.

A flash of light occurred that covered everything in the area... When the light had faded standing there in the spot where the crater had once been was a large, demonic-looking, monster. It had no lower body to speak of, merely an upper which was made up of a chest, with something red in the center that was beating like a heart, and something that looked somewhat like a spine was floating behind it. It had hands, but no arms, so its hands merely floated in front of it.

"...Is that Sulphur?" Said Etna as she gazed upon it.

"He's huge!" Flonne panicked. "How are we going to beat something like THAT!"

Laharl drew his sword and smirked evilly. "The same way we beat every other demon!"

The terror demon didn't notice the Overlord, nor did he look at him. Instead, it looked down at Scarlet. "Scaaaarrrrllet..." It spoke slowly, as if pronouncing her name. In its eyes, looked exactly like the Brave that had defeated him thirty years ago.

The pink-haired knight looked taken aback. "H-how? ...How does it know my name?"

"Tch." (It probably thinks that Scarlet is the same Scarlet that fought him before and sent him away.) Ash thought. (Meaning...) "Scarlet, watch out!"

Scarlet blinked. "Huh?"

"It thinks you're another Scarlet. It may try to kill you!" Ash pulled down the sleeve of his jacket a bit before getting into his fighting stance. "You'll go no further. For her sake, I will not fail!" (I WILL protect Marona. Even if it costs me my life again!)

"HAAAAAAH!" Laharl jumped towards Sulphur and slashed at its chest. The terror demon growled in pain. The young Overlord began to stab at its chest rapidly, until Sulphur sent a tremendous force towards him that sent Laharl flying until he landed in front of his party.

Flonne raised her staff. "All right! Saint Ray!" The fallen angel cried as rays of holy light shone down from the heavens. The rays struck Sulphur and the terror demon moaned in pain.

"Omega Thunder!" Scarlet cried out. A tremendous bolt of purple thunder struck Sulphur, the magic didn't seem to do a lot against him though. "Ugh... It didn't work!"

Sulphur raised its hands. A powerful gust of wind blew at the demons, cutting and injuring them at the same time. When that was over, Laharl jumped up into the air and gathered energy. He came back down, speeding towards Sulphur like a bullet. "WINGED SLAYER!" He shouted as he slashed through the terror demon.


A huge explosion occurred. Laharl landed behind Sulphur and smirked. "That should do it..." The Overlord turned around and was surprised that when the dust cleared, Sulphur was still standing. "Wh-what!" (Damn! I shouldn't take this thing too lightly!)

"Whoa. Even after that powerful attack, it's still standing!" Raz said in awe.

"No doubt about it now. That thing is TOUGH." Etna stated.

"There is no way we can lose! A monster of such pure evil shall not win!" Flonne exclaimed, the fallen angel's eyes were blazing with fire. "If we lose, we'll lose our home AND our lives!"

"Well, when you put it that way..." Etna mused as she drew her spear. The demoness jumped into the air and began to gather energy. "Aaaahhh..." Spears of fire began to appear around Etna. The demoness smirked. "Take this! Spear Storm!" She threw her spears, and the fire spears followed it towards their target: Sulphur.


"Bull's-eye." Etna smirked as she landed back down. The dust from her attack still floated through the air.

Suddenly, a powerful burst of dark energy shot towards Etna and injured her gravely. The demoness fell down. Every inch of her body in burning pain.

"Omega Heal." Bella spoke as she raised her staff. A light blue light surrounded Etna and her injuries were gone in less than a minute.

Flonne jumped up into the air, a magic circle appearing before her. "Holy Arrows!" With a swing of her staff, a barrage of feather-like arrows was shot towards Sulphur. They went through the Terror Demon and caused it to howl in pain.

Sulphur began to glow with a dark aura. The light that was radiating from it blinded most of the demons and caused them to cover their eyes.

"Wh-what's going on? I'm scared!" Mint cried as she latched herself onto Raz.

"...What's happening?"

Sulphut shot a large beam of light towards the demon vassals. They all ducked in time to avoid being turned to ashes and heard something explode in the background.

"Is everyone all right?" Said Ash.

"If by 'all right' you mean 'in a pissed-off mood', then yeah!" Etna growled as her spiky pigtails spiked up a bit, her eyes glowing yellow. "What the hell was that!"

"Thank goodness..." Marona sighed. "If we hadn't ducked, we may have--"

"Become dust in the wind." Kisho finished.

"We can't just give up!" Asagi claimed as she stood up and pulled out her bazooka. "Take this, Sulphur!" She pulled on the trigger and shot a rocket towards the Terror Demon.

"Is that gonna work?" Said Adel.


...Asagi's face became filled with fear. Sulphur was still standing, unfazed by the mechanic's attack. "N-no..." She dropped to her knees. "We're...gonna..."

Ash balled his hand into a fist. The blue-haired demon dashed forward, and uppercutted Sulphur into the air. Ash jumped up into the air to follow the Terror Demon.

"What is he doing? He may wind up getting himself killed!" Scarlet exclaimed.

"..." (Ash...) Marona thought sadly.

Once in the air, Ash punched Sulphur in the chest -- in the red, glowing orb that may have been its heart. The force of the blow sent the Terror Demon hurtling down towards the earth. It hit the ground with a loud crash. the impact creating a crater.

"Whoa..." Said Etna, eyes widened in surprised.

"Indeed..." Flonne said in awe.

Ash landed back on the ground gracefully and stared at the crater. (Is it over?)

"Ash!" Marona began to run towards her guardian.

The blue-haired chroma looked over his shoulder. "Marona?"

"How beautiful! A true friendship never dies!" Flonne cried as tears that looked like waterfalls trailed down her face.

"Oh brother..." Laharl rolled his eyes as he walked towards the group.

Etna gave the Overlord a cat-like smirk. "My, I bet you're feeling jealous, huh, Prince?"

He arched an eyebrow at his right-hand vassal. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I mean, Ash dealt the final blow and you DIDN'T. Now you CAN'T say that YOU defeated Sulphur."

Laharl's eyes widened a bit. "..."

Suddenly, a low rumbling sound was heard. "Hm?" Ash looked at the crater and saw Sulphur quickly rising from the hole. "What!" He drew his sword, but the Terror Demon shot a beam of energy towards him. Ash jumped up into the sky to avoid it but...

Time just seemed to freeze in that moment. The vassals' shocked and surprised faces, Laharl's anger in his eyes as he gritted his teeth, Ash's eyes widened in horror, Marona's body on the ground, lying in a forming puddle of her blood.

"Ah! MARONAAAAAA!" Ash shouted as he landed and rushed towards the young girl's body. He knelt down besides her, and looked into her blank amber-red eyes. "...Marona... You can't..." Tears started to form in his eyes. (I've failed you... Haze...Jasmine... I let your only child get killed. I broke my vow and now...Marona...)

Laharl clenched his fist. "Grrr...! Bastard!" He growled. (Stupid chroma, getting herself killed by that damn Terror Demon! She survived once as a human, but I guess luck wasn't with her.) He bowed his head slightly.

"No..." Scarlet whispered as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Marona..."

"WAAAAAAAHHHH! MARONA!" Mint wailed as she cried into Raz's chest. The warrior didn't try to stop her, as tears were streaming down his face.

"It can't be..." Etna and Flonne whispered.

Scarlet turned to Bella. "You're a healer! Fix her! Bring her back, now!" The knight cried, as tears continued to stream down her face.

"...I don't--" Bella stopped herself in mid-sentence as she spotted Ash walking towards the group with Marona in his arms.

"Help her." He said, his voice monotonous. The healer could only nod as Ash laid the chroma's body on the ground. Ash spun around to look at Sulphur, giving it a glare. "Damn bastard!" The usually calm, blue-haired chroma was now furious. "For what you've done...I'll KILL you!"

Laharl stepped up next to him. "Oh no, you don't! I said I would damned demon and I will! However, you can help, but I will not accept you sacrificing your life. ...Imagine how Marona would feel if you did that again?"

"...Fine." Ash drew his sword. "Let's finish this."

Laharl smiled evilly. "Alright, Sulphur! You think you can just come into MY Netherworld and take it over?" He drew his Diabolic Sword. "Prepare to feel the wrath of Overlord Laharl!" With that, he jumped into the air and sliced down Sulphur's chest.

The Terror Demon reacted by punching the Overlord away. Ash dashed forward and pierced through the palm of its hand, causing it to howl in pain. Laharl jumped back up and lifted his hands to the air. Orbs of demonic energy appeared in the sky.

"Eat THIS! OVERLORD'S WRATH!" As Laharl let his arms fall, the orbs shot towards Sulphur and exploded on contact.


Meanwhile, Bella was trying very hard to use every inch of her knowledge of healing magic to find a way to bring Marona back. "...I can' anything." She whispered.

"What do you mean!" Raz exclaimed. "Just use a Revival spell or something, I know you can do this!"

"I can't!" Bella weeped as she buried her face into her hands. "I don't know why...but I can't revive Marona. It's like...some sort of force is repelling all my magic."


"You cannot be serious." Plum frowned told the woman in front of her. She had long turquoise colored hair and eyes and wore a robe that was mainly red and black that hid her feet.

"You didn't warn them. Now you must FIX IT." The woman said, a bit of anger in her voice.

"B-but... It's against the rules!" Plum smirked. "You can't break the rules, Faith."

The woman, Faith, folded her arms across her chest. "So is looking ahead of the Tome to see if your prediction are true." Plum sweatdropped at mention of that incident. "Just because your alternate self did it, doesn't mean YOU have a right to."

"Ah well. It was fun while it lasted..."

Faith held out her hand and a book appeared floating above it. The book was white with yellow bindings and had the words "Sacred Tome" written in gold in demon language.

"Now, you know what you have to do..."


The dust from Laharl's attack faded and Sulphur seemed to have sustained much damage. "Aha! It looks like its not so tough after all!" Suddenly, a powerful, invisible force that sent him back a few feet away struck him.

"HAAAAAAH!" Ash started to glow with a light blue aura. He soon divided into six Ash copies. "Sword Dance!" The Ashes began to slice through Sulphur multiple times. When they finished, the copies disappeared and the original Ash was left standing behind Sulphur.

Sulphur raised its hand and struck Ash in the back. Laharl sat up and rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh... Ow. Grrrrr...! That does it!" Laharl stood up and began to glow with a demonic red aura. "I have it up to here, this fight ends NOW!" He pointed a finger up to the sky and a small ball of red energy appeared floating above it. "Bite the dust!" The ball flew up into the sky as Laharl began to laugh. "HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!"

As usual, what followed was a red star shining up in the sky, that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger... Until it was revealed that it was a meteor and NOT a star, and that it was hurtling towards its target: the Terror Demon.


As the dust from Laharl's attack cleared, it was shown that the terror demon was gone. And of course, Laharl did what he usually did when he won a fight.

"HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I knew I'd win! HAHAHA!" He gloated.

"I can't believe it's actually gone." Ash sighed. (Is it really gone, or is it just...) Suddenly, his thoughts turned onto the young girl he had guarded for eight years. "...Marona!" He got up and ran towards the group.

Bella no longer had her face in her hands, but seemed to be doing the normal Cleric thing of closing her eyes. " sorry. I was unable to...I couldn't bring her back."

Ash's eyes widened. "...! ...W-what?" This couldn't be true. The little girl he had protected, the girl who had been so close to him that he could call her his little sister...was gone? "This...can't be true..." He whispered.

"What the hell do you mean she can't be revived!" Shouted Etna. "You're supposed to be a Cleric, a Healer. That's your job!"

"'s not Miss Bella's fault." Flonne placed a hand on the demoness' shoulder. "It's all right."

"..." Laharl stared down at Marona -- or her body, so to speak. (...Damn chroma...) He almost thought he felt something wet forming in his eyes, but quickly wiped them away so no one would see. (What? Why am I crying? A demon isn't supposed to cry! ...Damn chroma! You're trying to make me soft, just like Flonne...!)

Suddenly, a white flash of light engulfed Marona's body. The group stopped crying to witness the event.

"What's happening?" Scarlet gasped.

An incredible flash of light filled the Stellar Graveyard, and covered all of the area the demons were standing. The light faded, and Marona's body was free of any wounds or injuries.

The entire group seemed surprised. Everyone's eyes were wide, even Laharl's. Raz looked at Bella.

"Um... Was that you?" He asked the priestess.

Bella shook her head. "No. I did nothing." Her voice had hints of shock in it.

Marona started to move a bit. The rest of the group stepped back. "Huh? She's moving..." Asagi said in awe. Marona started to blink her eyes, then opened them. She sat up straight.

"Huh? Where am I? The last thing I remember is feeling warm and cold at the same time..." Marona said. She looked around and noticed the rest of the group watching her. "What's everyone looking at?" The green-haired chroma looked at her guardian. "Ash? What's going on?"

"..." Ash hugged the girl upon instinct. "Marona..."

Marona blushed then pulled herself back from him. "Ash? What happened?"

"Don't you remember?" When she shook her head, Ash sighed. "Well, it's a long story..."

"Sulphur tried to attack Ash, but he dodged it and it hit you instead." Laharl interrupted.

"Laharl!" Said Flonne. "It's rude to interrupt!"

"Screw that! I just don't wanna drag this out for TOO LONG!"

Marona stood up and walked over to Laharl and looked him in the face. "..."

"Eh?" Laharl arched an eyebrow. "What's wrong now?" He panicked when Marona leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek.

"EEEEEEWWWW! GROSS!" Mint stuck her tongue out. "Who would want to kiss Laharl!"

"I bet Flonne knows..." Said Etna with a cat-like grin. Flonne's eyes reduced to mere dots.

"Wh-what! Etna!"

"What the HELL was that for!" Laharl shouted as turned away from the group, to hide the slight blush on his face.

"That's for helping Ash." Marona smiled cheerfully. "...Laharl?"

"What is it NOW?"

"...I really do like you. I just wanted you to know that."

"Ooohhh, Laharl and Marona sittin' in a tree!" Mint started to sing.

"Say the rest and I WILL kill you!" Laharl growled. The Witch immediately stopped singing. He turned to Marona. "Hmph. Like I care what you think of me."

Marona sweatdropped. (Flonne was right. It IS hard to get Laharl to admit his feelings...)

"...Well. Since that little problem's been taken care of, let's go home." Laharl folded his arms across his chest.

The rest of the group smiled and nodded.

(Home... The Netherworld is my new home now.) Marona thought as they began to leave the Stellar Graveyard. (Dad, Mom. I hope I haven't disappointed you, since I'm a demon now... I hope, that you're up in heaven, or Celestia, and that we can see each other again...!)

"Hey! Marona, pick up the pace!" Laharl shouted at the chroma. "You wanna be left behind!"

"All right, I'm coming!" The little chroma ran towards her new family and smiled. "Right! Let's go home now!"


"There. Are you HAPPY now?" Plum asked Faith as she held up the tome for the older oracle to see. "I rewrote the part about Marona dying. ...Won't we get in trouble?"

Faith shook her head. "No. Apparently, the Seraph sent a messenger and asked if we could change something in the tome."

"...EH? Why the HELL would he do THAT?"

"Apparently, when two Celestians were worried about their daughter's safety..."

Plum paused for a moment to think. "...Oh... I get it."

Faith nodded. "Good then. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have business to take care of." And with that, the oracle disappeared.

"...Excellent. Heh-heh" Plum laughed quietly to herself as she opened the Sacred Tome again. "Hm... Lemme see... Ah! Here it is! I KNEW my prediction was right. 'King Laharl marries...' Hee-hee. I knew it would turn out like that..." And with that, Plum closed the book and disappeared.

The End...?


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Etna: At least until your kingdom is invaded, and then destroyed, by another, way-more-powerful-than-you Overlord came.

Flonne: That doesn't sound very good.

Laharl: Damn right it doesn't!

Etna: Lucky for us, we managed to escape just in time in a nearby nexus, that leads to God-knows where.

Flonne: Oh, my. At least we landed on top of something soft.

Ash & Marona: Yeah us!

Flonne: -Gasp!- A human girl!

Etna: And a sexy, tall, Laharl-look-alike!

Marona: Um, I'll take it from here. My name is Marona and I was born on Demon Isle, a place that's said to lead to the Netherworld. Being born here in its odd atmosphere, I harbor the ability to summon up demon souls and reincarnate them.

Ash: And I'm Ash. I was a chroma with Marona's parents. But I got killed by some demons and got turned into a phantom. But, Marona turned me into a demon (Can't say I like it, though) and now, I'm her guardian.

Laharl: So we're in another world! Excellent! I'll conquer it!

Etna: With what, exactly? Most of our army's been destroyed except us.

Laharl: Feh, so we're stuck here!

Flonne: This should be nice! A little vacation to an Island paradise.

Prinny Squad: Dood! Beach fun awaits!

Laharl: Ack! You idiots are still alive? (I hoped you died in the explosion)

Prinny: Nope. Still kickin'.

Marona: So that settles it! You're staying here!

Flonne & the Prinny Squad: ALL RIGHT!

Etna: Whatever.

Ash: This may turn out bad.

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