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Fading Into Darkness Ch.5

The group followed Neji up the stairs quietly. They were not quite sure what to expect when they got to Naruto's apartment, but they knew it couldn't be good. Just as they were about to turn onto the next stairwell leading to the third floor, a swirl of smoke and cherry blossoms appeared in front of them.

"Yo! Hokage sent us after you." Sakura gave a wave to everyone then glanced around the area.

"The intruder is in Naruto's apartment, there is only one. We need to move quickly, I'm afraid Naruto won't be able to fend for himself this time." Neji was about to walk around the pair, after telling them what was going on but Kakashi stopped him. Pale eyes glared at the Copy Nin it question.

"We should all teleport in, catch this intruder by surprise." After a moment of thought the rest of the group voiced their agreement and got themselves ready.

"Naruto…I" Sasuke had been trying to say something but he was so damn nervous. His hands were shaking and his heart was beating so hard, he though it would break through his ribcage. With a sigh, he tangled long pale fingers into his kitsune's bright blonde locks and tugged the boy forward. Naruto gave another warm smile while slipping his muscular, tanned arms around Sasuke's slender waist. They inched closer together until their lips were barley brushing.

"I've missed you, Naruto." Before the blonde could respond, Sasuke had captured his lips in soul searing kiss. It was a gentle kiss; the sweetest Sasuke had ever given him he was sure. Naruto let a small sob escape as he crushed the other boy to himself, deepening the kiss. Sasuke parted his lips for the blonde to enter. Their tongues connected and twined together causing pleasurable sparks to rampage through both bodies. Sasuke straddled Naruto's waist, never breaking the kiss. He slowly untangled his hands from golden locks and slipped his hands into the blondes, intertwining their fingers.

"Alright let's go everyone!" Sakura was getting anxious, even though it had only been a few moments. She wanted to get in there and help Naruto NOW and everyone was taking their sweet time. The rest of the group readied their hands to make the needed signs, and in a poof of petals, leaves, and smoke the entire group disappeared.

They reappeared in Naruto's bedroom and Sakura flipped on the light switch. Jaws dropped and eyes bugged out at the sight before them. There on Naruto's bed was Uchiha Sasuke, who was supposed to be dead, kissing the daylights out of Uzumaki Naruto, and Grinding against him.

"S-Sasuke-kun is it really you?" At the sound of Sakura's voice, both boys froze and slowly pulled apart. Naruto looked on wide eyed at all the people who had just seen their intimate display. When they were younger, they had kept their relationship a secret, thinking it was best not to have rabid fan girls trying to kill Naruto to get their precious Sasuke-kun back. But now, oh boy they had no explanation for this. Who knows how long the group had been there, how much they had seen. The boys were far to preoccupied to notice them at all. Everyone remained silent, just staring at the boy. Naruto was about to ask what they were staring at when he noticed Sasuke was still sitting on top of him. Gripping the boy's waist, he slid him off to sit on the bed next to him. Sasuke glanced his way then glanced around at all the familiar faces.

"Sasuke, we thought you were dead." Leave it to Kakashi to break the silence. Sasuke smirked at his former sensei.

"Hn." Sakura let out a happy laugh at the familiar answer while Kakashi's visible eye curved into a happy grin. What happened next however, shocked everyone into a stupor. Sasuke leaned against Naruto and gave them a smile, a real smile. Sakura thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He knew they were staring, perhaps thinking he'd gone crazy, but he couldn't help it. He was just so happy to be back with his kitsune. Asuma stepped forward, clearing his throat.

"Uchiha Sasuke, You are a missing Nin, I have to take you into custody." The smile dropped from the Uchiha's face and he glanced at Naruto. He knew this was coming, but it didn't make it any easier. He was just glad he got the chance to see the blonde before he was detained. The look on Naruto's face caused everyone to take a step back. Sakura and Kakashi knew this had to be devastating for him. He had waited five years, always telling everyone that Sasuke would come back, and then he thought the boy was killed and now when they finally reunite the Uchiha is being taken from him again.

"Dobe look at me." Sasuke grabbed the blonde's chin and turned his face so that he could look into his eyes. Those blue eyes welled with tears that broke Sasuke's heart. He hated that his kitsune had been hurt so much because of him. It seemed all he ever did was cause Naruto pain. Sasuke clutched the blonde to him in a fierce embrace, desperately trying to keep his own tears at bay.

Naruto had no luck at holding his own back as harsh sobs racked his body. It wasn't fair, just when he got him back, they were taking him away. He buried his face into the Uchiha's neck as Sasuke rocked him back and forth trying his best to comfort the distraught boy as well as himself.

"I love you Sasuke." The blonde barley managed to choke out as he clutched the dark haired boy even tighter. That's all it took for the dam to break within the Uchiha. With a pained moan his tears broke free leaking down his pale face. He grabbed Naruto's shoulders and pushed him back a bit so that he could see his face.

"All my love, all my life Naruto." He pulled him in for one last kiss filled with all of the emotion he felt for the blonde. They pulled apart slowly and Sasuke rose to leave, but Naruto grabbed his hand, looking at him pleadingly. He squeezed the tan hand with his own slim finger and gave Naruto a sad smile.

"I'm sorry, I have to go." Asuma stepped forward and grabbed Sasuke's shoulder, preparing to teleport to the Hokage's office, but Naruto refused to let go. Kakashi came up and pried Naruto's hand off of Sasuke's and held him back as the Uchiha Said goodbye. With a swirl of smoke the two vanished.

"SASUKE!" It took Kakashi, Gai and Neji to hold the blonde down so he wouldn't follow after the Uchiha. Sakura looked on sadly before making her way to the blonde and grabbing him in a tight embrace.

"It'll be ok Naruto, you'll see him again."

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