Eragon sat on his bed waiting for the call. He knew Nasuada would call for a meeting. Saphira, too, was waiting, but she gazed at Eragon and said, Little one, have some rest.

Ha! How can I rest knowing what I know? Eragon said, Morzan is my birth father and Murtagh is my brother. Worst of all, another egg hatched in favor of Galbatorix!

Saphira snorted a puff of smoke onto his face. Do not worry Eragon. Think of the good things that have happened. Murtagh and Roran are at least alive. And you know Murtagh and his dragon would never willingly serve Galbatorix. There is another egg and we will have a chance to take it. Galbatorix will not have us dead; if we are captured, we will be kept alive.

I would rather die than have you captured by him, Eragon said.

Saphira snorted on him again. Do not worry about me. The girl, Elva, is here. She is with Angela and Solembum. Did you forget your promise?

I have not.

Eragon stood when he saw the small black-haired child. She bowed and said, "I have come to see you fulfill the promise you have made, Shadeslayer. Or have you forgotten?"

"I have not," Eragon said again kneeling down in front of her. Angela stood besides Elva and said, "I, too, have come to see you do what you said you can." The werecat meowed in agreement.

"I said I would do my best," Eragon said without taking his eyes of the girl.

"Close your eyes," Eragon softly directed the child. She did as she was told, shivering with excitement and allowed Eragon to lay his hands on her face.

Saphira, he said.

I am with you, Eragon, she replied. Eragon felt her jaw touch his head and the magic surging through her to him.

In the ancient language he said, "I will do my best, Elva, to right this wrong, and hope you will truly forgive me for this curse."

Elva nodded her head and said, "Please, Eragon Shadeslayer."

Eragon felt wet tears against his hands and whispered, "I will do my best."

He reached for the magic in his mind and said, "Waise heill fra onr cuisik! Atra gulia un ilian tauthr ono un atro ono waise skolirotra rauther." Be healed from your curse! Let luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune.

Saphira brushed her snout over the girl's original mark. The star-shape patch shone for a while then dulled.

The girl looked up. There were tears in her eyes. "They are gone," she whispered, "The urges. They have disappeared!" The small child buried her head in Eragon's chest. "Thank you Shadeslayer! Thank you!"

Eragon was surprised, but than returned the embrace. Angela smiled, her hands clasped on her chest. Solembum purred.

"You haven't forgotten than," Angela whispered as she left the room.