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The faint sounds of explosions still rang through the air as the members of Mutant X pushed themselves away from the Dominion.

They were exhausted, broken, and lost -both without a place to go and someone to guide them to the next step.

They argued. Stranded without hope, a place to call home or even a place to seek refuge from the retaliation they were sure to receive from what was left of Dominion only added to the tension thick atmosphere.

Pausing to catch their breath while they still had the cover of night, they grew silent, each contemplating what they thought they should do. After a few moments of this silence it was broken by the soft observation of the shorter man with long wavy hair.

"We have no home. No money. We have nothing left..." He paused before he exploded, "And no goddamn idea how to save Adam!" The others were startled by the sudden outburst, momentarily losing their trains of thought. They watched as he stomped over to a walk, frustration and anger laced with complete desperation.

He placed his hand against it while trying to calm himself down. One of the women moved for the first time since they stopped but her approach was halted by the shake of the darker man's head. The message was clear: give him some time. Reluctantly she stayed put while the other molecular regained his composure.

Again it was silent save for the deep breathing of the blonde haired man. A few moments more and he straightened up, facing the rest of the team. Lexa stood across from him, watching him with concerned eyes. Brennan was staring off toward the plume of smoke that showed them just how far away Dominion was. Shalimar just stared at the ground, still lost in thought.

The short man sighed. Someone had to lead. It might as well be him.

"We need a plan." No one besides Lexa seemed to pay him any sort of mind. His jaw clenched before he continued. "We need to think. Get ourselves back together." Shalimar just glanced at him while Brennan just tilted his head sideways to get Jesse in his peripheral view. "There is no way we can help Adam if we don't pull ourselves together." All eyes were on him now.

"So what do you suppose we do?" Shalimar asked absently.

"I don't know..." Jesse's shoulders slumped slightly. Silence weighed heavy on them before Brennan spoke up.

"What can we do? You're right. We have nothing. And there's nothing we can do until that changes." They looked at him startled -both at how defeated he sounded and at the fact that he had a point. Shal stood up and looked at him with a weary expression.

"What... What are you saying Bren?" She forced out hesitantly, afraid to hear his answer.

He gave her an apologetic look before speaking. "I'm saying that until we're ready, maybe we'd be safer if we split up." Shalimar's face held a look of betrayal before she exploded at him.

"How could you even suggest that! I thought that after... I thought we'd be together!"

"And what about Adam? Are we just supposed to leave him with them?" Jesse demanded of Brennan. Lexa remained silent for a momentbut nodded in agreement.

"Jesse... Brennan's right." Her face became pained at the thought of not seeing Jesse -or any of them for that matter -again for possibly years. "If we go in now or even soon, we'll be captured, experimented on and eventually killed. We wouldn't stand a chance."

Shalimar looked up with a resolved look on her face. "Then why are we just standing around? If we're going to run from them we might as well start now." She turned to go but Jesse's cry of, "Wait!" stopped her. She looked at him expectantly.

"Let's make it official then. We all go our own ways. We don't speak, we don't meet, hell we don't even think of each other until we're ready to save Adam and be a team again. Agreed?" He shoved his hand out in front of him. After a few silent moments Brennan stepped up and put his hand on Jesse's.

"Agreed...," he whispered sadly.

"Agreed," Lexa said with a faraway look in her eyes.

They all turned to Shalimar who still stood away from them.

"C'mon Shal. You know it's for the best...," Lexa pleaded with her. Locking eyes with her Shalimar stepped forward and placed her hand on theirs.

"Agreed." They looked at their hands for a moment before dropping them simultaneously and turning away from Dominion once again. At the first city they found they said their goodbyes -howevershort and awkwardthey were -and walked away, all aware that they may never be able to see the others again.