Chapter 2 (Final Chapter)

Sara and Grissom left Warrick's house. He hadn't released her hand the since pulling out of his driveway.

"Let's go walk the strip, Sara. Let's talk." He glanced over at her. "Not changing my mind, Sara. I just don't want you to think that we have to go home and have sex. We aren't about that."

"We've got plenty of time." She said squeezing his hand.

He smiled softly at her and pulled into a parking garage. Once he found a space, he opened her door and helped her out. "Thank you." She blushed. He kissed her hand.

"Let's get ice cream. I know this great little place." Grissom said as he lead her toward the sidewalk.

They were standing outside Cassie's Ice Cream Shoppe. "I go here all the time." Sara said as he held the door for her.

"Me too. Best ice cream in Vegas." He said taking in the sight of her under the fluorescent lights.

They stood at the counter and the teenager behind the counter didn't even look up she said, "What can I get you?"

"A double scoop of Mint chocolate chip." they said at the same time, looking at each other and laughing.

Grissom replied easily. "One cone." Sara was a little disturbed at this. "We are going to share." He said as he kissed her nose. The girl behind the counter rolled her eyes and dipped their cone.

They walked from the store arm in arm and laughing. They looked up just in time to see Brass walking toward them with a woman on his arm. "Will you look at that?" Grissom whispered in Sara's ear as she took a lick from the cone that he held.

Brass looked away from the red head just in time to see Grissom kiss Sara full on the mouth.

"Now that is what I like to see." He said as Sara blushed.

"She had chocolate on her lip." He stammered.

"Yeah. I'll let that slide for now." He said turning to the woman on his arm. "Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle, I would like you to meet Onyx Black. Onyx, these are the crazy friends I keep telling you about." He winked at her.

Onyx griped Sara's hand like they were about to arm wrestle her and said, "What's up chica? Nice to meet ya." Without pausing to take a breath she turned to Grissom. "Grissom, it's nice to meet you. Sara, I envy you - the man is totally gorgeous!"

"Well, it was nice running into you, but we have to be going. We have a room at the Bellagio." Brass said as he started to lead her away.

"That you are supposed to keep to yourself." Grissom said as he clapped Brass on the back.

Sara laughed and linked her arm through Grissom's again. She took another lick from the cone. "Good to see him smiling."

"Sure is, but forgive me when I say I don't want to talk about Brass and his latest fling." Grissom said taking a lick himself.

Just then Sara spotted one of those machines you put a few dollars in and get your pictures made. She dragged him toward it. "Come on, Grissom. We have got to do this."

After a lot of pleading, Sara convinced Grissom to get inside with her. They ended up spending thirty dollars just making funny faces into the camera. Well, all except one set of pictures where Grissom said sweetly in her ear that he loved her and she turned to smile at him. The last picture on that card was a long, deep kiss.

They emerged from the picture booth laughing. They walked a little farther down and found an arcade. Teenagers were everywhere. Grissom's eyebrows knitted together. "I haven't played Ms. Pacman in ages. You game?"

"Thought you'd never ask." She said as they made their way to an empty game. "Winner picks next thing we get to do. You game?"

"I'll take that bet and raise you a massage to boot." He said nibbling her ear.

She slid her quarter in the slot and made it to round 4 before killing all her Ms. Pacmans. "Beat that, Gilbert Isaiah Grissom."

"How do you know my whole name?" He said as he slid his quarter in.

"I'm not telling." She made like she was zipping her lips.

He made it to round 3. He looked up at her and smiled. "I guess I owe you a massage."

"And you, dear Grissom, are taking me roller skating."

A look of fear crossed his face and she laughed. "Come on, Grissom. It will be fun." She said kissing his ear.

He let her lead him to the outdoor roller rink. He slipped off his shoes and laced up his rentals just as Sara skated expertly toward him. He looked at her feet.

"Those aren't rentals." He said taking the in black skates with the neon green laces.

"I keep a locker here. Good exercise." She took his hand and pulled him up. He wobbled a bit. "Just hang on to me."

He let her hand go to step cautiously to the floor. Once he made contact he skated easily around the ring. She stared at him as he came to halt in front of her and grabbed her waist. "Just what else do you know how to do?"

"Lot's of things." He arched his eyebrows at her. He pulled her onto the floor and held her hand as they skated around the ring.

An hour later, they were walking the strip again. "I want to take you somewhere, Sara." Grissom licked his lips as he walked toward another parking garage. "You wait right here and I'll be back in ten minutes." He kissed her mouth quickly and took off toward the garage's security booth.

Sara was waiting on the curb when a baby blue 67 Mustang pulled to a stop in front of her. She looked up in surprise as the driver got out. "Grissom?"

"That's me." He said as he walked around the front of the classic car. "Your chariot." He held her door for her as she climbed in.

He was a little agitated as the pulled out onto the strip. "Grissom, what is the matter with you?"

"I got hit on back at the garage." He said matter of factly.

"That's okay. I'm sure she didn't know that you were involved." Sara said trying to squash the jealousy rising in her.

"It would be fine if it were a SHE." He said more to himself than to her.

"Gil Grissom did you get macked on by a guy?" Sara teased.

"I knew I shouldn't have said anything." He said as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, you can always prove it to me that you aren't gay." She said softly.

"I intend to. I just need to show you something first." He drove them out of the city.

The car ride was silent so Sara flipped on the radio. All she could find were stations with either news or commercials. She flipped it off, and the last thing that came through the speakers was, "Oh My-lanta!"

"Relax, Sara. Not too much farther now." He said as he turned down a road and headed out to the dessert. He pulled the car to a stop and Sara got out before he could ask her to stay put.

He shrugged and placed a CD into the CD player. He stepped from the car then. "I come here when I want to think or just star gaze." He said sitting on the hood of the car. "You know there is a story about an old house that used to be out here."

She turned to him and smiled. "Tell me a story."

He motioned for her to come to him. She stopped in front of him and put her hands on his upper legs. "Well, I don't know the whole story. I just know that a Mexican family moved her long ago, built a house. Her husband went to find work and was killed in a shoot out. The young lady grieved herself to death. They say that sometimes when the weather is right, you can see her walking the dessert looking for him."

Sara shivered. "You cold?" He asked pulling her tighter against him. She shook her head. He took the remote from his pocket and pushed play. Slow music started drifting through the speakers. He turned her around and pulled her between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder as George Strait began to sing.

You're the only, one and only

My heart's beating for

I love you, need I say more

Now and ever, we'll be together

Of that you can be sure

I love you, need I say more?

I don't know just what it is

That you're needing to hear me say

The way that I'm feeling

Is more than mere words can describe

All this discussion could never

Do justice to something so heavenly-made

I'd rather tell you

With touches how I feel inside.

Let me hold you, let me show you

What true love's all about

In these arms of mine, I know you will find

You won't do without anymore

I'll love you forever, need I say more?

"I love you, Sara." He whispered as the music softly played.

I don't know just what it is

That you're needing to hear me say

The way that I'm feeling

Is more than mere words can describe

All this discussion could never

Do justice to something so heavenly-made

I'd rather tell you

With touches how I feel inside.

Let me hold you, let me show you

What true love's all about

In these arms of mine, I know you will find

You won't do without anymore

I'll love you forever, need I say more?

I'll love you forever need I say more...?

The song ended and Sara turned in his arms and kissed him deeply. "Take me home and show me. I need you."

Hours later after they'd taken pleasure in each other's bodies, Sara lay curled up against Grissom's side stroking his stomach. "I've never gotten to see your spider, Grissom."

He smiled softly and kissed her head. "I'll go get her." Grissom returned with a small aquarium. "She's a little scared."

"That makes two of us." Sara admitted as Grissom popped the top off the cage. He reached in and let the spider climb onto his hand. "No sudden moves, Sara."

He pulled her slowly from the cage. "Her name is Sidney. Want to hold her?"

"No." She said quickly.

"It's okay, Sara." He held the spider away so not to scare either of them. He leaned in to kiss her. They got wrapped in each other's kisses and no one seen or felt the spider crawl from his hand to the bed.

When Sara pulled back from the kiss, she looked horrified. "What's the matter?"

"Get it off me now." She said as calmly as she could as her body trembled. "Please get her."

It took Grissom a bit to remember the spider. He lifted the cover gently and the spider was walking across Sara's leg. He chuckled softly as he lifted her up and quietly put her back in her cage. Sara was still shaking when he returned. He wrapped her in his arms and she seemed to relax.

"So, Stiletto, what should we do now?" His hand slowly ran the link of her long legs toward her inner thighs.

"I think you've are on the right track." She kissed him and pulled him on top of her.