The dark city

A fanfic by Aren Neko


The wind blew though the cold night. The abandoned Twoleg nests were as silent as the grave. The only things visible in the alley were four cats. One was a male, a large black tom, along with a dark-brown queen holding a small black kit next to her. Across form them was a white muscular she-cat.

"You think you could escape from me? You're a bigger fool than I thought Sootfur." She meowed. Sootfur hissed at her and spat "Why would I want to be anywhere near a murder like you Moonstone?" She stared at him and said "Listen, why not make it easier on yourself and hand over the chosen kit? If you do I'll spare you and Barkfur."

Barkfur thought what would happen to the clans of the city should Inkkit fall into the hands of Moonstone's band of she-cat rouges. They would raise him to be a cold-hearted beast and use him to rule the city. Both she and Sootfur had fled seeking the lost forest to stop her for Inkkit was to journey there to learn how to take away Moonstone's infinite lives.

Just then Sootfur whispered to her "Run. Return to the camp and give him a new name until he is old enough to carry the prophecy out by himself. I'll hold them off." "But…" she broke off as more she cats appeared. She ran while holding Inkkit by his scruff.

"Fine," Moonstone began "have it your way. Kill him." As the cats started to surround him, Sootfur shouted "StarClan, I will not fail you!" Barkfur heard a loud yowl coming from the cluster of cats as they started to pile on Sootfur. After she had gotten away, she peered down at the kit that that held the fate of the entire city.

Moonstone checked Sootfur's body to make sure he was dead. Then one of her rogues came up to her and said to her "What about the others?" "Don't worry…" she said "He'll join us, or I will kill him."