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"I'm so glad you're ok," Satoshi said, mixing the whipped cream with the vanilla milkshake. The whip cream sure does bring back memories... He took a small sip and daintily wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Daisuke smiled and snatched the napkin, reaching to wipe the whipped cream from the corner of Satoshi's mouth. Satoshi moved away and growled, wiping with the back of his hand, no longer worried of his manners.

Daisuke only grinned. Satoshi could be so cute sometimes. He pulled a fresh cookie out of the paper bag and broke it in half. He munched on one end and paused for a moment to speak.

"Yeah, I can't believe it was months ago I almost got killed," Daisuke continued as if nothing happened.

"I'm so glad that you didn't though," Satoshi said, leaning to kiss his lover. It was almost apologetic and teasing at the same time. Daisuke returned this kiss passionately. When they were done, Daisuke licked his lips.

"Mmmm, you taste like milkshake."

Satoshi pouted. "I don't want to taste like milkshake."

Daisuke frowned. "Why?"

"I want to taste like myself."

"Well, too bad. You taste like a milkshake anyways," Daisuke teased him with the end of a straw that had been in his water.

Satoshi pawed the straw like a cat and pounced on Daisuke, knocking the table over. They wrestled on the ground for a few moments. Then, Satoshi bit Daisuke on the shoulder.


A few people glanced their way with indifference. It was nothing new. They had been seeing it for months and now, it was just a routine.

"There they go at it again."


"I think that it's kinda cute though."

"Those two ought to get a room."

"Satoshi! That hurt!" Daisuke said sharply, tears coming from his eyes.

Satoshi nipped his ear smartly and whispered, "I don't care."

Daisuke pouted, "This time, your paying for the damages."

"Don't I always?"

After that incident, they walked across the park, hand in hand. They reached a bench and sat down, admiring the patterns the sun made through the leaves. Daisuke leaned over and rested his head upon Satoshi's shoulder. Satoshi kissed Daisuke's forehead and ran his finger through the scarlet strands, intrigued at each live flame.



"I've got good news."


"I've been offered the best business anyone could ever have."

"Oh? What is the job?"

"Well, I was offered to be the boss of The Awakamura company. The previous boss decided to retire and thought me best for the job since I'm good with the arts."

"You mean our company?" Satoshi looked at Daisuke in amazement.

"Yes, our company. But then I would have to go away for most of the day. I will be back for you though and we will have the most wonderful time together…in bed."

Satoshi's face flushed. He was flipped backwards onto the bench and…


"Satoshi! You okay?"

"I think so…you sure can push hard."


"When are you leaving anyhow?" Satoshi stood up and brushed off his shirt and pants.

"Tomorrow. But don't worry, I'll stay until breakfast."

"You better."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!"


"Satoshi…tell me." Daisuke crossed his arms, looking quite annoyed.

"I don't want to tell you," Satoshi teased as he leapt away. Daisuke stood up swiftly and chased after him.

For most of the afternoon, they played tag. Daisuke tried to keep up as much he could but ended up stopping, panting from the hard run.

"Oi! You sure are a spry one!" he exclaimed.

Satoshi stuck out his tongue and yelped as Daisuke made a final sprint, crashing into Satoshi's chest. The tumbled over in a heap and Daisuke triumphantly pinned Satoshi.


"Ha! Got you! Now what do you say?" Daisuke said, looking pleased with himself.

Satoshi growled deep in his throat trying to throw him off but couldn't; Daisuke was straddling his legs, preventing him from escaping his own hands grasping Satoshi's wrists above his head.

"What are you, a dog?" Daisuke asked mockingly.

This only made Satoshi growl louder. Daisuke smirked and leaning forward began to relish Satoshi's neck. Satoshi let out a small moan and Daisuke nibbled at his earlobe.

"Mommy, what are those two doing?" Daisuke, jumped and looked up. He and Satoshi stared at the little girl, who was pointing at them curiously. The mother looked terrified.

"It's…it's them again! Run!"

Satoshi and Daisuke stared as the mother ran away with her child. Daisuke got off and sat up straight on the grass, embarrassed. Satoshi blushed, too. The couple finally noticed that the sky had turned dark and the sun was showing its last rays of the day over the peaks of the mountain.

Satoshi cleared his throat nervously. "Er…shall we go home?"

It was morning and the light was shining relentlessly through the curtains. It threw its light upon Satoshi's face causing his closed eyes to twitch. He cracked open an eye, which was stupid for the minute he did open his eye, the light temporarily blinded him. Groaning, he rolled to the side. No good. The light reflected on the mirror, causing it to bounce back.

Annoyed, Satoshi tried to sit up but was unable to for his lover's arms were wrapped around his waist. Satoshi thought for a minute and leaning, whispered in Daisuke's ear, "Daisuke, let go."

"Nnn…five more minutes."

Satoshi patiently waited for ten minutes and tried again. Daisuke only gave the same answer. Satoshi tried to pry his limbs off but he only gripped tighter. Satoshi gave up and laid there, tormented by the bright sunshine. He finally decided to cover the blanket over his head. He did so and under the sheets, he saw something that made his heart beat faster. It was not like what happened years ago but, it was in a good way.

Daisuke's lips were parted, glistening slightly. Satoshi was tempted to kiss those plump lips but fought against the raging beast inside himself. He nudged Daisuke on the shoulder fighting the urge to take him in his sleep. They already did enough last night (ahem). The fact that the were both nude didn't help to lessen his increasing desire.

"Aren't you supposed to go to work today?"


"Aren't you supposed to go to work today?" Satoshi repeated the question, trying to keep his eyes above Daisuke's waist.

Daisuke's head shot up. His eyes were wide open. "Crap!" He leaped out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Satoshi's brow rose as something red streaked past into the closet. After a minute or two, Daisuke was rushing for the open door.

"I guess we had too much fun last night, huh?" Satoshi asked aloud.

Daisuke looked flustered. "Oh shut up!" He grabbed his socks and began to shove them on. He finally managed to pull on his sock and tried to put the other on, but realized it was a different color.

"Wait, Daisuke. You have an hour before you actually have to leave."

Daisuke froze and then glanced at the kitchen clock. Exasperated, he slumped to the ground.

"Satoshi! You scared me!"

"I only asked if you were supposed to go to work today. Is that a crime?"


"Funny, I swear I didn't see it anywhere in the law book."


"Well you wouldn't let me go. Besides, you need a decent breakfast before you go. And dress up properly, you look like you walked into a tornado," Satoshi stated.

Daisuke nodded and walked back inside the bedroom muttering under his breath. Satoshi chuckled and went in the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Daisuke can be so amusing sometimes.

Satoshi walked Daisuke to the car and gave him a good-bye kiss. A rather long one. Daisuke actually had to tug himself free from Satoshi's grasp. Satoshi let go halfheartedly.

"Promise you'll be safe?" Satoshi asked anxiously.

"Yes," Daisuke answered, opening the car door and getting in. He closed the door and rolled down the window.

"I will come back. Don't worry." Daisuke gave a cheeky wink.

"Love you."

"Love you, too. I'll see you this evening." With that, Daisuke rolled up the car window.

Satoshi looked at the window, seeing the mirrored world and his own reflection for a split second. Then, his eyes looked past the slick glass and saw Daisuke give him one last loving look.

The car pulled out of the parking space and it drove down the street. Satoshi smiled and turned on his heel, walking up the steps when suddenly, he crumpled to the floor, clasping his chest in agony. His heart was pounding furiously. A sudden panic came over him.

No! Not Daisuke!

He ran back down the steps and raced after the car. He ran as fast as he could, even though his lungs burned. He must have been a sight, rushing after a car like that. Everyone pointed at him as he passed but he didn't care. He didn't want to lose the one he loved.



Daisuke rubbed his head feeling slightly bored. He turned on the radio and listened to the music that came on, tapping his fingers on the wheel. When the song ended and his favorite song turned on, he turned up the volume and began to sing along.

His phone began to vibrate, but he didn't hear it or see it at all…


"Damn!" Satoshi cursed. Daisuke was not answering the phone. He couldn't run like this forever. His legs were aching and he longed to rest, but he ignored it. Daisuke was about to be killed and he needed to put a stop to it.

Finally, he noticed that there was a red light ahead. Daisuke's Mustang finally slowed down to a stop and Satoshi rushed to the front before the light could change. He pounded his hand on the windshield yelling. Daisuke finally noticed, shock written on his face. He pushed the door open roughly and leaped out.

"Are you okay!"

Satoshi's body started shaking. He wrapped his arms around Daisuke, crying softly into his shoulder.

"I was so afraid…I thought you would…," he hiccupped.

"Shh, I'm fine. See?" Daisuke patted the back of Satoshi's head soothingly.

Cars honked angrily behind them. Daisuke gave a small kiss on Satoshi's forehead and whispered, "I'm alright now so you go on home. I think these cars will run me over if you stay here any longer."

Satoshi couldn't help but laugh. Nodding, he reluctantly let go and stepped back…

…right into the path of a speeding car.

The car collided hard against him and he bounced off, falling down onto the pavement on his back. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth and the back of his head, staining his blue hair. He vaguely heard anything. It was like a dream.

"SATOSHI!" He distinctly heard Daisuke shout. Satoshi could feel Daisuke fall down beside him and shake his shoulders.

"Don't die on me Satoshi. Don't die," Daisuke sobbed. He hugged Satoshi's bleeding body crying.

Satoshi was in a daze.

How did I…?

He rewinded his memory back to where he was saying goodbye to Daisuke who sat in the car. Daisuke rolled up the car window and…what? He slowed it down and saw that he had been looking at his reflection before his heart went mad inside his chest.

Oh…that's how? Well, I think it's better this way…I won't have to worry about it…anymore.


Satoshi's body went limp.

His chest no longer moved.

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