Chapter one: Dreams to contemplate

Inuyasha's dream:

"Kagome!" He looked down at her with such admiration of her beauty. Her long wavy hair was hanging down by her sides. When she turned to look at him he could feel himself being consumed with her sparkling brown eyes and rosy lips. "I have made my choice."

Kagome gulped hard, tears started to fill her eyes almost absorbing the brown and changing them in to a deep gray. She licked her lips, "What have you decided?"

Inuyasha took a step forward and grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her close to him. When he closed the gap between the two of them, he put his hands around her waist and held her tight. "I want you to know this has been a very hard decision, but… I cannot live without you, I need you!"

She started to tremble in his arms as he spoke these words to her. He looked down into her eyes. "I have chosen you… Say you'll stay with me!" Before she could respond he crashed his lips down on hers. His heart started pounded in his chest and the heat in his body lit up like a fire, burning deep in his soul." He deepened the kiss opening his mouth to take her in.

She started to moan, "Oh Inuysha!" Her voice was deep with desire. He started to open his eyes to meet hers.

In his arms was not Kagome but Kikyo, smiling. "I knew you would always choose me! Your heart is mine and hers!."

"You're right, my love…my Kikyo!" He crashed his mouth down hard against his long lost love.

Inuyasha woke abruptly and began rubbing the sweat from his brow, 'God! I can't even get them strait in my dream.' He shook his head like a crazy man. He looked over to Kagome who was asleep in her sleeping bag. 'She really is an angel!' Inuyasha sighed as he closed his eyes to get some more sleep.

Once again, Kagome is being visited by a wise priestess named Lady Chihoko in her dreams. When Kagome gets frustrated with life, this priestess from many years past comes to aid Kagome with guidance through her dreams.

Kagome's dream:

"Lady Chihoko, I do not know what to do! We are closing in on Naraku. He has the last of the jewel shards. When we destroy him, which we will, I will need to make a wish, I do not know what to wish for. There are so many things unsettled. What will Inuyasha choose? Uugh, I am so frustrated! Inuyasha says he needs me and then runs off to Kikyo. I am going to pull my hair out!"

"What is it you want in your heart?" the priestess asked.

"I want Inuyasha to choose me, to look at me and tell me he loves me for me, take me in his arms and…"she blushed.

"Oh, child… do not be embarrassed, you are in love."

"That obvious, huh?" Kagome let her head fall, looking at the ground.

The priestess looked at her very seriously. "Kagome, you are right my child, the time is near, and you will have to make a decision as to what to wish for when the jewel is complete. Take heed though, the wish must be pure and selfless in order for it to work."

"I know! I can't wish for Inuyasha to choose me."

"Would you if you could?"

Kagome exhaled and blew her bangs out of her face. "No, I wouldn't!"

"Hmm, just what I expected." said Lady Chihoko.

"So all wise one, do you have any ideas as to how I should handle this?"

"Kagome, think hard and look around you to those you love, listen to your heart. As for Inuyasha, there is an old saying, If you love someone let them go, if they love you, they will find their way back to you!"

Kagome crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, "Lady Chihoko, when you're right, you are right! So you think I should take a step back and give him time?"

A smile came across the old priestess face. She had long white hair and beautiful skin that would glow in the moon light. "Oh child, this decision is going to be hard on you, but it will also be hard on Inuyasha; and I am afraid he is not strong enough to make this decision with both you and Kikyo standing before him. I think it would be wise to step back and give him time. You also could use some time to reflect on all the things you have learned on this journey."

Kagome dropped her arms to her side, and looked up at the miko. Water started to fill her eyes, "Lady Chihoko, I think I understand, Thank You!"

"I am always here for you Kagome!" With that Lady Chihoko raised her arms out to hold Kagome.

Kagome welcomed her hug and threw her arms around her. She always felt more clear when she had these talks with her mentor. Kagome hugged her tight, and woke to hugging her pillow.

Her hand came up to wipe the tears from her eyes. She rolled over and looked up into the tree. There Inuyasha was sleeping with his mouth open, and drooling on himself. 'Ugh, hard to believe I love this guy.' Kagome closed her eyes trying to get some more sleep before the sun came up. She knew she had some tuff decisions to make. Her head was already starting to hurt. Not but a minute later, sleep came to her.

Two hours later

Kagome woke to Sango yelling at Miroku…

"I know what you were trying to do! You think you are so sly!" screamed Sango. She was walking through camp with her towel wrapped around her. Her face was red and anger apparent on her face.

Miroku was running behind her. "Sango, I was looking for firewood!"

"By the hot springs? Oh really?" Sango was now gritting her teeth as she turned to Miroku and put her finger in his face. "Miroku" She cut him off. "Think of your words wisely. I will hurt you in places where the future of baring children will be a thought of the past!"

Miroku was starting to sweat and his face turned a ruby red. "Have I told you that you are beautiful when you are angry?"

Sango turned and kneed him in the groin before stomping off! Miroku dropped to the ground into the fetal position."

"Feh!" Inuyasha spat out. "Miroku, when will you ever learn? I hope it was worth it!"

With a high pitched voice, Miroku said. "It was! Oh dear god, It was!"

Kagome unzipped her sleeping bag and got up. She knew her friend was upset and probably could use an ear to vent in. She made her way down the path to find Sango. Just outside camp she could here Sango cursing.

"You stupid… horny… son of a bitch!" Sango yelled out, hoping the lecher could still hear her.

Kagome walked up to the bushes the curses were coming from. "Miroku, if that is you, I am going to make that gap between your legs permanent!" She heard Sango threaten.

Kagome smiled. "No, it is just me…. Kagome!"

"Oh! I thought it might be Miroku. God that guy is going to drive me crazy?" I can't get a moments peace without a hand on my ass or a bath without him staring at me."

"Awe, he can't help it. You are very beautiful. I just wish Inuyasha looked at me that way!" Kagome said as she crossed her arms.

"What are you talking about Kagome, Inuyasha loves you." Sango came out behind the bush, fully dressed now. She looked at Kagome who was apparently in deep though about something. "Kagome, what is it?"

"We are going to fight Naraku soon." Kagome said looking down at her feet.

Sango's eyebrows came together in a look of deep concern for Kagome. "Yeah I know. But this is what we have all been waiting for. What is really bothering you? What are you thinking about?"

Kagome began to kick the dirt. "I will need to make a decision when the jewel is complete and I do not think Inuyasha has made a choice between Kikyo and I yet."

"Oh is that it? Kagome, he loves you! Kikyo is nothing but a walking corpse." Sango said with a reassuring smile.

Kagome felt tears coming to her eyes. She looked back over her shoulder over at Inuyasha who was starting a fire for their breakfast. She looked back at Sango with absolute heartbreak in her eyes. "I know she is a corpse! So what does that say about me? I have been competing this whole time with a dead woman." Kagome sighed. "I think I am going to have to let him go."

Sango gasped at the words coming out of Kagome's mouth. "You are twice the woman Kikyo is and if that dumb dog over there doesn't know it then he doesn't deserve you!"

Kagome looked at her with a smile. "Do you think you can get breakfast together for me? I want to go to the hot springs and take a bath, I need to think."

Sango's heart sank. She reached out and put her hands on Kagome's shoulders and leaned her head down on Kagome's forehead. They were now eye to eye, forehead to forehead, "Of course, do you want me to tag along with you?"

"No, I think I need time to myself to sort this out alone!"

Sango lifted her arms and wrapped them around Kagome in a tight embrace. "You are my best friend and the sister I never had! I know you will make the right decision."

Kagome smiled. "I love you too Sango!" Kagome wrapped her arms around Sango returning her hug. They turned began their trek back to camp together.

"Kagome, I will keep an eye on those perverts to make sure you are not disturbed." Sango said as shook her finger at the monk and hanyou.

"Thanks, Sango you are the best!" Kagome grabbed her backpack and flung it over her shoulder.

Inuyasha looked at her with curiosity. "Where do you think you are going? We are hungry?"

Kagome turned to look at Inuyasha and said, "Sango will make your breakfast, I am going to bathe!"

"Hey, Sango can't cook, she burns water! Plus you don't need to bathe, its not like you have anyone to impress!" Inuyasha spat.

She turned to Inuyasha feeling frustrated already, "Inuyasha, don't make me S.I.T you."

"Feh! Like I am scared of ..."

"Sit boy!" Inuyasha hit the ground hard and Kagome turned around and continued on her journey to the hot springs!

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