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Warnings: Contains (eventually) slash love (Star/Rae), adult-adult lactation play, masturbation, and lime-style sex scenes (nothing deserving an NC-17 in my opinion)

Robin's debriefing of the Titans ended, all of them having discussed the various victories and failures during their recent combat with Plasmus. Raven had only been halfway paying attention, as Starfire had spoken to her just previous to the debriefing, telling her to come alone to Starfire's room afterwards. Raven considered Starfire a friend, but Starfire had an odd tone in her voice when she had requested it, and it was unusual for Starfire to be so secretive.

Raven slowly walked through the hallway. She had waited a few minutes in her own room, letting Starfire get back to hers, so that they could meet there more discretely. Raven assumed that Starfire simply wanted to talk about Robin, on whom her crush had been getting stronger recently. Raven found Robin overly devoted to his work, and sometimes borderline insane over it, but Starfire had adored him since she met him, and Raven occasionally had to listen to Starfire talk about this crush. Raven by no means relished the time spent this way, but she sacrificed the time due to her friendship with Starfire.

Raven finally reached the door, and pressed the small button to open it. The door beeped, signifying that it was locked. That was odd, Starfire never locked her door. Beastboy had even walked in on her dressing at one point, simply because Starfire had thought it inappropriate to lock the door even that long. Raven only had a few seconds to think about it, however, as the door was opened from the other side by a nervously smiling Starfire.

"Hello friend. You have come alone as I requested?" Starfire's voice was happy, as usual, but there was still a hint of apprehension in it. Raven tried to ignore the strange manner the girl was acting in.

"Yes, Starfire. I'm alone." Raven stepped into Starfire's room as Starfire stepped aside. Raven noted with interest that Starfire locked the door again as it closed. Raven stood in the center of Starfire's room, waiting for an explaination. Starfire looked at Raven a moment, opened her mouth, then closed it, blushing. She seemed very unsure of herself, which was uncommon for the confident alien.

"Starfire, what did you need me for? You are acting strangely." Raven tried to be patient and not sound too irritated. To be truthful, however, it was difficult to understand this seeming waste of time.

"Raven, do you know the word 'Grebnaxlorg'?" Starfire shuffled slightly, as if the question was embarrassing.

Raven shook her head. "It sounds Tamaranian. I don't know that language, Starfire. Don't you know it?"

Starfire nodded. "Yes, I do. I don't know the word in English. 'Grebnax' means... these." Starfire lightly touched her breasts, blushing still.

Raven nodded. "'Breasts' would be the English word. What does 'lorg' mean?"

Starfire thought for a moment. "I think that the word 'drink' is close. It means something more like 'to make eat'."

Raven narrowed her eyes slightly. "I would guess that grebnaxlorg means 'breastfeed' then. A mother can breastfeed children, she produces milk and they drink from her breasts."

"Yes! That is correct! I am unsure, but human girls only produce milk when they have a baby, yes?"

Raven nodded slowly, unsure of this strange conversation. "Yes... usually. Why are you asking about all this, Starfire?"

Starfire smiled weakly. "Raven, do you remember when we switched bodies? You commented on how strange it was to have two heartbeats?"

Raven nodded. "Yes, it was strange. That was a long time ago, however. What is your point?"

"Tamaranians are different from humans, Raven. Do you also remember my transformation a year ago?"

"Yes, Starfire. What about it?"

Starfire walked over and sat down on the edge of her bed, obviously embarrassed. "Tamaranian girls... begin to produce milk shortly after their transformation. I began a week ago, and I have no one to perform the grebnaxlorg ritual with me. My greb-... my breasts are beginning to swell, and to hurt, and I need help."

Raven cautiously sat down next to Starfire, not wanting to see her friend in pain. "What ritual? Normally babies feed for a year or two, then the mother stops producing. I don't know the Tamaranian rituals, Starfire."

Starfire nodded. "On Tamaran, grebnaxlorg is considered a gift from X'hal. Girls produce milk for three months, then stop for six. The three months are usually used for feeding children, if the girl has them. However, since most girls begin producing before they have children, normally a sister or a mother will feed, as gifts from X'hal are not to be wasted. I drank from my sister many times, before I came to Earth."

Raven couldn't help feeling a little disgusted by this. "You drank Blackfire's breast milk? I know you are from a different culture, Starfire, but that seems really horrible."

Starfire smiled. "No, it is not horrible. It usually draws siblings together, but Blackfire was often cruel. Also, her milk was often sour or distasteful, she was not a nice sister, and grebnaxlorg drove us apart more than brought us together. However, she is in exile and my mother is gone, and I have no one to drink from me."

Raven was uncertain what to say, as she was getting the distinct impression that Starfire was about to ask her to do something completely repulsive.

Starfire looked at Raven, her bright green eyes full of desperation and worry. "Raven, in times where a family member is not available, normally a female friend is to perform grebnaxlorg. You are my only friend on this planet, Raven. Please, will you perform this for me?"

Raven stood up, backing away quickly. "Starfire, I know you are my friend and I value our friendship deeply, but I can't breastfeed from you. It's too weird. Can't you just... I don't know... buy a pump and just drain it yourself?"

Starfire looked crushed. "Raven, I cannot waste X'hal's precious gift. If you will not do this for me, I must return to Tamaran and ask a royal courtesan to perform it. I would much prefer a trusted friend such as you. Did I not help you when your Father was trying to destroy the world?"

"Yes, Starfire, but you didn't have to do anything like this for it." Raven stood several feet away, very uncomfortable with the entire situation.

Starfire smiled. "Yes, I only had to risk my life at the hands of an undefeatable interdimensional demon."

Even Raven couldn't help but smile slightly. "Ok... well... I understand that we are friends, and I don't want you to have to leave for Tamaran, but I'm not a lesbian, Starfire. I can't... I can't do that with you."

Starfire looked a bit confused. "Lesbian? I do not know that word."

Raven closed her eyes, trying to find the words. "A lesbian is someone... well, it's a girl who... finds other girls attractive."

"Then I am a lesbian. You are very shapely, Raven, and Terra was also very pretty, though perhaps a bit too thin." Starfire's smile suddenly faded slightly. "You think I am ugly? I am not attractive, since you are not a lesbian?"

Raven shook her head. "That's not exactly what I meant. Lesbians are women who seek romantic or sexual relationships with other women."

Starfire shook her head quickly. "Oh! No, I am not a lesbian. This is not a sexual ritual, Raven. As I have said, I've fed from Blackfire, and she is my sister. It is supposed to bring girls closer, but not that close, Raven."

Raven cautiously stepped forwards, sitting next to Starfire on the bed once more. It was hard to resist the innocent and sweet girl, despite the disturbing idea of feeding from her. Starfire was simply too nice to be denied anything, even by Raven.

"Starfire, I don't want you to have to leave Earth. I can't... promise that I can do it for long, but I will at least try to do what you ask. What do I have to do exactly?"

Starfire smiled brightly, obviously much relieved. "Thank you Raven! I am very happy that you are willing to do something you find distasteful for the sake of our friendship. I will sit here, on my bed, and you simply need to... feed from my breasts. You must swallow the milk, and promise that you will not... stop it from being digested. X'hal's gifts should not be wasted. There will be more today than normal, since I have been worried about asking you all week, and I am completely full. Oh, and please do not tell the others about this, I find it very embarrassing to be so different from the others."

Raven nodded, still unsure that she could do this. She watched as Starfire unhooked her metal neck guard, and then reached down and pulled her shirt over her head, from the bottom. Raven tried not to stare at Starfire's breasts, and instead watch as Starfire removed her shirt, hair following it upwards slightly before falling back down, cascading over her shoulders. Starfire smiled at Raven, blushing slightly.

"Ok... you may begin whenever you are ready. Please be gentle with your teeth; this is my first time doing this."

Raven nodded, reaching up and unhooking her cloak, letting it fall to the floor. She moved closer to Starfire, then lowered her head towards Starfire's breasts. She reached out, nervously taking Starfire's right breast in it, lifting the breast slightly. Raven leaned in, hesistated for a moment, then opened her lips and closed them again around Starfire's nipple. Starfire's skin was warm to the touch, and Raven felt Starfire's hands touch her waist, holding her steady. Raven moved her tongue instinctively, curling it gently around the nipple, providing a small channel for the milk. Raven then began to suckle gently, despite every part of her body screaming out that this was wrong, that she shouldn't be doing this.

Starfire smiled at Raven as she felt her friend begin sucking. Raven was trying desperately to be gentle, but was trying too hard. "Raven, you must do that harder, or no milk will come."

Raven sucked with slightly more pressure, and a few seconds passed with no results. Suddenly, however, Raven felt a warm liquid begin to flow from the nipple, filling her mouth with a flavor similar to milk, but sweeter, more wholesome. She felt Starfire's hands tighten on her waist, and knew that Starfire was enjoying the release of the milk. Raven forced herself to keep suckling, despite the nausea she felt from her mouth filling with breast milk. It was a pleasant taste, but drinking milk that her friend was producing was still too strange for Raven to deal with. Starfire's flow was strong, however, and soon Raven was forced to swallow. As she felt the first mouthful go down, she felt marginally better about the act, as if some barrier had now been broken, and began to suckle earnestly.

The ritual only lasted a few minutes, with Raven suckling and Starfire gently rubbing Raven's sides, while holding her steady. Before long, Starfire's breasts were once again empty, and Raven felt quite full. Raven pulled her lips from Starfire's left nipple, having switched as the right one had dried up. She looked up at Starfire, who was smiling down at her. "Is that all you needed done?"

Starfire nodded. "Yes Raven, that was all. Thank you, that was wonderful, and I am no longer in pain."

Raven wiped her mouth with her hand. "It was strange, but I got used to it quickly. It tasted... good. Did I hurt you with my teeth?"

Starfire shook her head. "No, I was not hurt. I am glad that you like the taste. Will you do this every day? I am sorry to impose on you, but I have no one else."

Raven nodded slowly, amazed that she was agreeing to this. "Yes, Starfire, I will."

Starfire smiled happily. "Thank you Raven. Tomorrow before lunch is a good time, yes?"

Raven nodded, donning her cloak once more. She walked across the room, stopping by the door. "Yes, Starfire. I'll be back tomorrow at lunch. Thank you... for trusting me with this."

Starfire smiled. "Thank you for performing it."

Raven pressed the switch to open the door, and then stepped out into the hallway.

Author's Note:

This is a weird story, I know. Still, I wanted to write it after it popped up in my head. Feel free to flame me or whatever, I'll just ignore it. I've written more, but I will wait a few days at least between chapters, if I even decide to post them at all. Hope you enjoyed reading!