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Raven opened her eyes, and smiled as she found herself once again greeted with Starfire's beautiful face. Starfire was still sleeping peacefully, her breathing slow and even. Raven could see out of the window, into the night outside. Raven snuggled closer to Starfire, feeling her naked body pressed against her love's.

Raven stopped a moment, thinking about what she'd just called Starfire, in her mind. It hadn't been that long since Raven had finally admitted to herself that she was a lesbian, and here she was calling Starfire her 'love'. Did she love her?

She looked at Starfire's face, her slight smile as she slept, the errant strands of red hair that always seemed to fall across her beautiful skin as she slept, and smiled. Maybe... maybe it was love already. Raven found that she felt good admitting it. She reached up, gently pulling the few strands of hair back, and admiring the alien's face again. She was so beautiful, and Raven couldn't imagine ever being parted from her. Raven let her fingertips slowly trace Starfire's soft lips, and then moved slowly, leaning in and kissing her delicately.

Raven smiled, as Starfire continued sleeping. She wanted to speak with her, however, and so Raven put her hand on Starfire's hip, gently rocking her back and forth. Though Raven wasn't rough, Starfire awoke quickly, and smiled brightly when she saw Raven next to her. "Hello, my Raven."

"Good morning, Starfire." Raven put her arms around Starfire, hugging her close and kissing her once more. Starfire seemed to melt into the kiss, and the girls didn't separate themselves for a long time. Finally, Raven felt Starfire push her just a bit, and so broke the kiss, smiling at her.

Starfire smiled back, but seemed a bit nervous. "Raven, I must speak with you about what you did before we slept."

Raven nodded, though unsure of what Rave was about to say. "Of course, what about it?"

Starfire blushed slightly as she spoke. "You are the first person, besides myself, to enter that place, Raven. I do not regret that. Before you do so again though..." Starfire faltered a moment. "You... I need to know... I do not want it to be just this that you want."

Raven smiled. "Starfire..."


Raven reached up with her hand, gently caressing Starfire's beautiful face. Starfire leaned into her hand slightly, adoring the touch. "Starfire... Of course sex isn't the only thing I want. I want you, Starfire. I want everything about you. I want to be with you through the days, and through the nights. I want to wake up to your beautiful face every morning, and feel your soft lips every night. You are everything to me, Starfire, and I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone."

Starfire's eyes were moist as she hugged Raven tightly, and then kissed her lovingly. "Oh! I love you as well, Raven! You are the most wonderful friend and love that I have ever had!"

The girls kissed passionately, both of them feeling more free now that the words had been said. Starfire moved, straddling Raven's hips and kissing her from above. Raven could feel Starfire's hair brushing her own hair below, and her already strong arousal grew even stronger.

Starfire sat up straight, looking down at Raven with a slightly mischievous grin on her face. Raven couldn't help but admit to herself that she liked feeling Starfire's weight on top of her, and enjoyed being on her back, with Starfire over her. Starfire angled herself slightly, and moved her hips a little, smiling more as Raven reacted to the sensation.

Starfire hesitated just a moment, and then leaned down once more, kissing Raven's right nipple, before drawing it into her mouth. Raven could do little but grasp the bedsheets in her hands and bite her lip as Starfire began gently suckling, while using her tongue to play and tease Raven's hardened nipple. Starfire lavished attention on Raven's breasts for several minutes, while Raven tried her best to keep from screaming out loud enough to wake the entire tower. She could feel her body dripping from the intense pleasure, and screaming for release, but Starfire seemed to be wholly content to tease her for the moment.

"Star... Starfire... please... I need..." Raven's breath came in gasps, and she couldn't get the words out.

Starfire looked up at Raven, smiling knowingly. "You wish for me to complete what I have begun?"

Raven nodded, desperate for orgasm. "Please... please, I need it so badly..."

Starfire smiled, and moved along Raven's body, kissing her stomach every inch or so, finally stopping just above the little tuft of hair. Starfire paused, and blew cool air over Raven's dripping body. Raven gasped at the cold sensation, feeling her hands clutch the sheets even tighter, her body raging with anticipation. Starfire's fingers gently parted Raven's lips, every touch making Raven moan quietly. Starfire gently pressed her finger to Raven's opening, slick with arousal.

Raven gasped, and instinctively arched her back slightly, as she felt Starfire's finger slip into her. She heard a muted giggle from Starfire at her reaction, but couldn't focus on that at the moment. Starfire's finger moved into her, pressing deeper, slowing, and then moving outwards again. Raven's body was screaming that this is what it needed, this was exactly what would make her happy.

Starfire leaned in closer, and Raven felt her body tighten as she realized what Starfire was about to do. Raven felt a gentle kiss on her clitoris, and then the most amazing touch, as the alien's tongue moved across her most sensitive place. Raven couldn't suppress a loud moan of pleasure as her body came to the very brink of orgasm. Starfire's tongue moved slowly, but it was already enough that Raven felt herself moving over the edge. "Star... I'm... I'm about to..."

Starfire moved her free hand, gently holding Raven's waist, and then her tongue continued, but moving quickly now, as well as the finger inside of Raven. Raven gripped the sheets tightly as the waves of orgasm suddenly started washing over her. She could feel her hips bucking as they always did, but Starfire's strong hand was keeping her close, and Starfire's tongue would not allow her orgasm to end. Raven's body was too sensitive to stop orgasming, as Starfire's tongue and finger continued to pleasure her. As Starfire finally seemed satisfied and stopped licking, using her finger to bring Raven down, Raven had lost track of how long she'd been moaning loudly into the night.

Raven lay flat on her back, exhausted by the powerful and amazing orgasm, as Starfire crawled towards her face, and kissed her deeply. Raven moved her sore arms, holding Starfire close, and kissing her lovingly, over and over, as she tasted herself on Starfire's lips and tongue. Raven's entire body was exhausted from the extensive pleasure, and she could barely even keep her arms locked around her lover.

Starfire finally pulled her lips away, smiling down at Raven. "Tell me, did I do well, my love Raven?"

Raven nodded weakly. "Yes, Starfire, it was amazing. I've... I've never had... it was..."

Starfire kissed Raven gently. "I know what you mean. It is hard to continue by yourself, when you have begun to finish."

Raven looked down, seeing that Starfire was pleasuring herself, wetness glistening on her fingers. Starfire smiled as Raven noticed this. "I am sorry, but I was uncertain that you would want to do this for me after you were done. You seemed exhausted."

Raven shook her head. "I'm not too exhausted to do that, it's just that..." Raven didn't know how to phrase it. She found that she was enjoying being on the bed too much, that she wanted Starfire to be in control during this. "I... I like being... down here."

Starfire smiled gently. "Very well. Perhaps if I move like this." Starfire turned herself around, moving so that her dripping body was positioned just above Raven's lips, while her mouth was down towards Raven's labia once more. Seemingly unable to resist, Starfire leaned down and licked some of the remaining wetness from Raven, giggling slightly as Raven jumped.

"Please, no more. Let me... Let me taste you." Raven's voice came out in a pleading whisper, and she surprised herself at her desperation.

Starfire lowered herself slightly, and Raven reached up, putting her hands on Starfire's hips, and pulling her face closer. Starfire's labia were beautiful, a slightly deeper shade of orange than the rest of her skin, and so wet that Raven felt a drop fall and land on her chin. Raven could feel the amazing heat that showed how much her lover enjoyed pleasing her. Raven tentatively parted her lips and licked gently around the entrance of her beautiful girlfriend.

Raven felt Starfire's body both tense and relax as the contact was made. Raven moved her tongue instinctively, licking gently at first, moving over Starfire's small clitoris Starfire made a slight gasp, and then a slow, loving moan, as Raven increased the pressure and the speed. Raven pressed her lips around Starfire's clitoris, and gently suckled, pressing against it with her tongue as she did so. Starfire's hands gripped Raven's legs, and Raven heard her cry out in pleasure.

Raven continued the gentle suction, gently flicking her tongue over the bump, while moving one hand from Starfire's hips down to her entrance, despite the difficult positioning. With her lips around Starfire's clitoris, she didn't have much room to use her fingers, but did the best she could, wanting to have her fingers inside the girl she loved.

Starfire was moaning and panting loudly, seemingly either unknowing of her volume, or uncaring. Raven felt Starfire's grip on her legs tighten. "Rae... Raven... I'm going to..."

Raven sped up her actions, wanting to feel Starfire's orgasm pulse through her. She held Starfire's hips tightly, pressing her lips and tongue hard against the girl. Suddenly, Starfire cried out in pleasure, and Raven felt the girl's entire body tense up, and the wetness from her dripping over Raven's face. The alien seemed as if she generated more of this than humans, and Raven found herself loving it, as the juices dripped over her face. Raven licked and thrusted with her fingers quickly and constantly, feeling Starfire continue her pleasure.

Raven stopped after a few moments, her tongue and hand exhausted. Starfire immediately pulled away, moving around again and kissing Raven deeply and lovingly. Raven tasted both herself and Starfire on the kiss, and it was a wonderful combination. Neither girl wanted to stop kissing, and they continued for a long time, until finally Starfire pulled away, smiling.

"Raven, that was... it was wonderful. I am very happy that we have become loves."

Raven smiled as well, feeling strange laying with Starfire in post-coital bliss, but not wanting to ever be parted from her. "I know. We can do this every night now, if we want to."

Starfire kissed Raven's lips gently. "We must do so. I cannot live without this, now that I have felt it."

The girls kissed once more, and soon fell asleep, holding one another tightly.

Raven woke in the early morning, still feeling tired and very sore from the previous night. She smiled as she saw Starfire watching her. Starfire kissed her forehead softly. "Good morning, Raven."

Raven cuddled up against Starfire, feeling wonderful waking up next to the girl she loved once more. "mmm... Morning Star."

The girls lay together in the morning light for a few minutes, just enjoying one another's touch. Finally, Raven moved her hands, gently feeling Starfire's breasts. "Starfire, you are full."

Starfire nodded. "It is from last night. I am hoping that doing that makes you hungry, as it makes me very full."

"I am always hungry for you, Starfire." Raven smiled at her love.

Starfire moved again, pushing back the blankets so that her body was visible to Raven, then straddling Raven's hips once more, knowing how she enjoyed it. Starfire leaned over, offering her nipple to Raven's eager lips. Raven wasted no time, suckling immediately, and tasting the warm sweet milk.

Starfire supported herself with one hand, while her other sought Raven's small tuft of hair, and began gently pleasuring her as she fed. Raven moaned around Starfire's nipple, but kept suckling, needing the milk more than anything.

The feeding was long as well as passionate, as Starfire was very full, and she was careful not to push Raven into orgasm with her hand. When Starfire was finally drained, Raven pulled her into a passionate kiss, sharing the taste of the milk with her, and also trying to appease her own raging arousal.

Starfire broke the kiss after a moment, smiling. "Raven, we should shower and become ready for the day. We do not wish to miss my sister's departure."

Raven smiled at the thought, feeling almost chipper this morning. The girls quickly got out of bed, and amidst kisses and touches, moved to the shower. They washed each other lovingly, rinsing the results of the previous night's pleasures away. After the shower, they left the room together, sensing no one outside in the hallway.

They entered the operations room similarly, seeing the other Titans all enjoying breakfast. Starfire was in an overly bright and sunny mood. "Friends! How are you this glorious morning?"

"Doin' fine, Star. You want some eggs? I got plenty extra!" Cyborg was at the frying pan, as usual.

"Most certainly! I am quite hungry this morning." Starfire busied herself with getting her meal arranged.

Beastboy was leaning backwards in his chair, looking bored. "You guys are up late. Did Starfire have to come wake you up, Raven?"

Raven nodded. "She woke me, yes. You aren't eating breakfast?"

Beastboy shrugged. "I already ate, tofu doesn't take as long to make."

Starfire sat down with her large plate of eggs and bacon. "Please, where is my sister? I believe she was going to tell us something important today."

"She hasn't come out of her room yet. Beastboy, since you're done, go get her." Robin's voice was authoritarian, and Beastboy shrugged again, walking off towards Terra's old room.

Beastboy yawned widely as he reached Terra's room, where Blackfire had been staying. Knocking on the door, he spoke loudly enough to be heard inside. "Yo, Blackfire, come out. It's late already."

Her voice came from inside, a little bit low and flirtatious. "Beastboy? Are you alone?"

"Yeah, why?"

The door opened quickly, revealing Blackfire standing there topless, her breasts completely uncovered to Beastboy's eyes. Before he could even react, she reached out, grabbed the front of his costume, and pulled him into the room and into a kiss, pressing her tongue into his mouth quickly. Beastboy heard the door close and lock behind him, as he tried to react to the aggressive kiss, touching the alien girl's tongue with his own. She pushed him back, breaking the kiss, after just a moment, however.

Blackfire quickly pressed him back against the door, her height placing his lips nearly at her breasts. Lifting one nipple with her hand, she pressed it to his lips. Beastboy saw her other hand glow a pinkish violet with energy. Her voice was low and commanding. "Suck."

Not needing any encouragement at all, Beastboy closed his lips around Blackfire, and sucked as instructed. A sourish taste like old milk filled his mouth, but he didn't really see a way out of doing this, with the angry girl so seemingly ready to kill him. After a few moments of this, Blackfire switched nipples, and Beastboy drained the second. Finally, she pulled away, smirking at him. "Like it?"

Beastboy coughed a bit, but didn't want to offend. "Uh, I just had breakfast, so I wasn't hungry, but... uh... what was that for?"

Blackfire smiled. "Because you are just so hot. I wanted to give you a present before I left."

"You're leaving? Dude, when you were going to tell us?"

Blackfire looked Beastboy up and down, grinning a bit. "Hey, wow. That suit is pretty tight, huh?"

Beastboy covered himself. "Hey, come on, what do you expect after that?"

Blackfire picked up a DVD from her bed, and handed it to Beastboy. "Here, I made this video just for you. It has these and more." Blackfire gestured towards her breasts.

Taking the DVD, Beastboy looked at her, uncertain. "Why are you suddenly so into me?"

Blackfire stepped closer to Beastboy, pressing her body against him. "Does it really matter? Wouldn't you want me, even if you could only have me this one time?"

Trying to keep a confident demeanor, despite feeling her hands undoing his belt, Beastboy nodded. "Uh... I mean... yes, of course, but you're... I mean you're Star's sister."

Blackfire moved her lips down Beastboy's body, as he felt her hand pull him out of his uniform. "You'll keep the DVD secret, right? I don't want anyone to know until I'm at least out of the star system."

"Yeah, of course! I mean, I'll keep it in my room, and nooo.. no oonee... ahhh." Beastboy found himself unable to talk as Blackfire's mouth closed around him.

The door to Operations opened, revealing a somewhat flushed looking Beastboy, and Blackfire walking beside him. Blackfire exuded confidence, as always. "Hey kids, hope you don't mind me having one more meal before I go."

Blackfire didn't really wait for an answer, getting a plate of eggs for herself anyway. Beastboy walked over to his chair and sat down, happy everyone was too focused on Blackfire to notice his odd walk. Her mouth had left him sore.

"You're leaving? What prompted that?" Robin's tone was friendly, but a little suspicious.

"My dearest sister doesn't want me around anymore. You know how it is with family, I'm sure." Blackfire didn't waste time with manners, downing the eggs in a traditional Tamaranian style.

"Uh, not really."

Blackfire stood, her eggs finished. "I will leave from the rooftop. I assume you don't mind if I take the communicator you gave me?"

Robin shook his head. "Of course not, but you can't use it from space, it's not that powerful."

The Titans and Blackfire walked quickly through the tower, towards the roof. Raven and Starfire were on edge, uncertain about the older Tamaranian, and expecting betrayal at any time. However, she seemed sincere, not attacking them, or sharing secrets, or any other such thing.

The morning sunlight was bright on the rooftop as they all walked out. Blackfire immediately took flight, hovering a few feet above the rooftop. She turned towards the Titans. "Well, this is goodbye for now. I'll be on the moons of Drenthax IV if you need me, Sister. But who knows? Maybe I'll come back again someday. I have to admit that your 'Justice League' seems interesting."

Blackfire, seemingly not wanting to waste time on goodbyes, simply waved her hand and flew off into the sky. They watched until she was nothing more than a speck in the blue, and then turned to go back inside, talking about their strange guest.

No one seemed to notice Beastboy as he went straight to his room after Blackfire left. He closed the door behind him and locked it as well. Picking up the DVD from where he'd left it on his dresser, he put it into his player, not sure what to expect from Blackfire, after her extremely odd behavior this morning. He wasn't stupid; he knew that there was no way Blackfire did what she did out of attraction to him so suddenly. There had to be some plan behind it.

The DVD player started, and ran the video straight out. The screen flashed, and then showed Blackfire's breasts, uncovered, in Terra's old room. "Got your attention? Good."

Blackfire stepped back from the camera, showing her face and upper torso. "Now, I'm sure you felt lucky this morning. By the time you have this and are actually watching it, I'm probably gliding past the Lyrae system, and far away from my Sister and her little puppet witch. I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about though... do you?"

Beastboy shook his head, despite the fact that no one could see him.

Blackfire smiled on the video. "Well, You don't have to keep it secret anymore, now that I'm far away. Go ahead and let everyone watch, I think they'd enjoy it."

The video cut to an exterior view of the tower, at night. The camera moved quickly, presumably held by Blackfire. Beastboy watched, uncertain of where this was going. Blackfire flew up to a window, and angled the camera to show inside. The picture was dark, but visible. It looked like Raven's room. Beastboy fooled with the brightness and contrast on his TV, trying to get a better picture. The sound on the video changed suddenly, as Blackfire plugged a microphone into the camera.

"--love you as well, Raven! You are the most wonderful friend and love that I have ever had!"

Beastboy got the picture fixed finally, and his eyes widened as he saw Starfire and Raven laying naked in bed together, kissing. The next hour of video completely surpassed even Blackfire's "Going away present".

As Raven and Starfire fell asleep again, Blackfire flew away from the window, and the video cut back to her in Terra's room. "Like it? I knew you would. Show it to the other boys also, I'm sure they'd like to know about it. If you do it right, maybe when I come back, I'll give you another little present."

The video cut off as Blackfire winked at the camera.

Beastboy gently picked up the DVD off of the tray, as the player ejected it, the playing done. Acting as if the disc was a priceless treasure, he carried it over to his old and mostly disused computer. Two full copies later, he pulled the disc out again. He left one copy on his computer desk, and hid the other in the bottom bunk of his bed, under piles of clothes.

Raven opened her door at the sound of knocking, revealing Beastboy beyond. Beastboy looked through her door as best he could, but didn't see anyone else in there. Raven looked irritated, so he spoke quickly. "Uh, Hi Raven. I need to give you this thing."

Raven took the DVD from the green teenager, looking at it. "What is this?"

Beastboy suddenly turned nearly brown from blush. He hadn't really thought that he'd have to tell her. "Uh, well, Blackfire gave it to me before she left. It's a video of.. uh... you and Starfire."

"WHAT!?" Raven's eyes glowed white, and her body was immediately encased in dangerous looking black flames.

Beastboy jumped backwards, holding up his hands defensively. "Hey! Hey, that's why I'm giving it to you! I mean, I saw it, but I'm not going to do what she said and show it to everyone!"

Raven stepped forwards, still livid. "You saw it? You watched it?"

Beastboy nodded. "I'm sorry! But it's not like you can blame me! I mean, who would be able to stop watching it?"

The DVD lifted into the air a few inches, then shattered under Raven's powers. "Give me the copy you made."

Beastboy went pale. "Copy?"

Raven glared at him dangerously. "I'm not stupid, Beastboy. I know how guys are with lesbians. Give me the copy you made, or I'll tear you apart and find it myself."

"Ok ok! It's on my computer desk!" Beastboy cowered away from Raven.

Raven disappeared. Beastboy waited a few seconds, and then Raven reappeared, looking much calmer. "Ok, I destroyed it. Beastboy, I'm sorry for reacting like that. I just don't want anyone to see such a private thing."

Beastboy stood up again, nodding nervously. "Yeah, I mean, sorry that I watched it, but it was..."

"It was hot. I know. I was there." Raven had a somewhat dreamy look in her eyes. "The others already know that Starfire and I are dating. Don't be the only one that freaks out because of it."

Nodding, Beastboy smiled a bit. "Hey, it's fine. Trust me, I won't complain even if you do that on the couch while we are all in there."

"That's not going to happen. Look, let's keep this a secret, ok? Starfire would probably run off and try to go attack Blackfire if she knew, so let's keep this between us."

Beastboy nodded. "Sure, ok. Anyway, I'm sure you have stuff to do, so I'll go. Thanks for... uh... not killing me when you found out."

"You're welcome." The door closed quickly.

Beastboy went back to the operations room, where Robin and Cyborg were washing dishes. "Hey guys, Raven just told me that you two already know about her and Star, right?"

"Yeah, we know. They are kind of embarrassed about it, so don't make a big deal, ok?" Cyborg was acting all mature, as normal.

"Ok. But you should still see something I have in my room later." Beastboy grinned, thinking of the second copy hidden in his bed. He felt like he owed Blackfire at least that much, after all she'd done for him today.

An hour or two later, Raven opened her door again, this time being happy to see Starfire outside it. Starfire came in, smiling happily, and Raven closed the door behind them, before being pulled into another loving kiss. After a moment, Starfire pulled away, and smiled. "Oh, I am most happy that my sister is gone, and that we can now be together without constraint!"

Raven smiled as well. "I'm happy too, Star. By the way, she did tell Beastboy that we are dating before she left. He knows, but he's not crazy about it like we thought he'd be."

Starfire nodded. "Then I am not angry at her for that. Please, let us talk no more of her. I am still tired from last night, and desire a nap with you."

Raven smiled, and phased through her costume immediately. "Ok Starfire, I would love one. It made me tired also."

After Starfire undressed, the girls climbed into bed, holding each other close and kissing softly. Starfire quickly fell into sleep, and Raven watched her for a moment.

Everything in her life had seemed fine before Grebnaxlorg had begun, but now she realized how lonely she'd been. Laying here with Starfire, loving her as she did, and knowing that Starfire loved her as well... Raven couldn't imagine going back to being alone. Everything was perfect now, and she knew that things would somehow just keep getting better.

Raven snuggled up to her lover, and allowed herself to fall asleep in warm contentment.

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