Last Goodbye, New Beginning

Author: aynat (┬ęTanya Long)
Description: A funeral, a baby and a new beginning. To start over Lorelai needs to say goodbye.
Spoilers: One from the last eppy of season five on... in chapter four.
Disclaimer: I don't own the Gilmore Girls characters, though I would kindly pay for Luke. I make no money from this, it's purely for fun!

Author's Note: I like shorter chapters... so you'll notice this story will have more, shorter chapters.
Last Goodbye is a song by Miranda Lambert. Check out her cd Kerosene for this song and many other great ones!
We used to sit for hours
And listen to the rain
You'd hold me on the porch swing
While our troubles washed away
And daddy'd come and get me
Girl it's time to come inside
And I'd say just a few more minutes
Daddy please we need a little time
To say our last goodbye

Time flew by so quickly
And our love slowly died
We both knew that we had grown apart
Neither one knew why
You told me you'd come back when
You made up your mind
Now all those memories faded
All except the night
You said your last goodbye

I know you needed time to find yourself
But I can't keep my heart up on that shelf

Boy it's been a while now
Since I heard your voice
I didn't want to call you
But my heart left me no choice
I just called to tell you
That I'm really doing fine
That I been doing lots of thinking
And I finally decided it was time
To say my last goodbye
Oh, goodbye

Lorelai wiped a tear off her cheek as she looked at herself in the full length mirror on her closet door. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't seem to focus, the clothing that draped around her just blurred into a black aura. She'd gotten the call a week before and couldn't seem to see straight since. It didn't make sense, it just wasn't right. She liked how things were going, she liked the way things were. Why did it need to change?

She didn't turn around as she heard someone come into the room. Shaking softly she jumped when a hand reached out and squeezed her shoulder. A whisper that everything would be alright once this was over, she would move on. But she knew the truth, destiny was playing a cruel game with her heart.