Last Goodbye, New Beginning

Author: aynat
Description: A funeral, a baby and a new beginning. To start over Lorelai needs to say goodbye..
Spoilers: ONE MAJOR ONE FROM SEASON SIX (well... season five finale on)
Disclaimer: I don't own the Gilmore Girls characters, though I would kindly pay for Luke. I make no money from this, it's purely for fun!

Dear Lorelai,

I owe you more thanks than I have ever been capable of expressing. You have shown me more love than any person ever has, and it's because of you that my life has been perfect. But I have to say goodbye now, evidently, but I do it with a heavy heart. I have never wanted to let you go, ever, but time and time again fate has failed to bring us together. Now it is too late and the chance is gone.

You have shown me what a true soul mate is. Because of you I am the person I am. I listen to my heart and I follow it. It was never easy, but in the end it has always been worth it.

I already miss you, and I will everyday for the rest of forever. But we're not meant to be, not now. Back then yes, of course we were, because we have Rory now. I have never viewed that as a mistake. And it was Gigi who showed me that our being apart was meant to be as well.

As I write this letter I don't know if you'll recieve it, that depends on whether you adopt Gigi or not. However, if you do than I can not begin to explain the amount of gratitude I will feel. I will always watch over my girls, and I want to know they're safe. Rory is, Rory always was. That's why I have asked that you be given custody of Gigi.

I know you will raise her as you did Rory, and I know she will become the best person she can be. You won't see her as disabled, you will simply teach her it's an obstacle she'll have to learn to overcome. I know you, you will want her to have everything life has to offer, because in the end it's not whether she's seen it or not that matters, just knowing she did.

I feel it's important you know why I asked you to take Gigi, and I wish I could tell you myself, but it is three in the morning and tomorrow I will die. It's hard to explain how I know, but I know. I think God, yes, God, has given me this insight to make sure I have everything straightened out for my daughters. I want Gigi with you because something deep inside me tells me that you can provide the family she needs and deserves. Rory has always been a wonderful sister to her, and over time I'm sure the two will become close. Rory will feel what Gigi feels and Gigi will see what Rory sees. I know it.

You will be the mother Gigi has always deserved, the one she needs. You will teach her right from wrong, how big the world is, and I am sure how necessary coffee is. She will grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, witty woman. She will, because she will grow up to be like you.

Finally the most important piece of the puzzle. Luke will be the dad she needs. I'm her father, and I know you'll make sure she always knows, but I'll be gone and she deserves to have someone there. I know Luke will be. You two are meant to be together, just as you and I were meant to be at one time. That's just how it is, and I accept that. He was a step-father to Rory before either of you even realized it, and I know Rory is partly who she is today because of that. I want that for Gigi, because she deserves it.

I love you Lorelai Gilmore, I always have and always will.

Lorelai looked into Gigi's room to see the child awake. The tears burned her eyes as she read the note over again. She was partly right, Christopher had asked that she raise Gigi because he felt she was the right one to do it. He wanted Gigi to have what Rory had growing up. She just never dreamed that meant Luke. Christopher wanted Luke in Gigi's life. He knew, he knew Luke would be there even when she didn't. Looking upwards she smiled. "I love you too Christopher," she whispered. "And I'll see you again someday,"

Looking at Gigi again she smiled. She didn't have to say goodbye to Christopher, because part of him was right before her.